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Who Is Marketing Linux?

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Seriously. While a great many people still maintain that Linux isn't quite readyfor the desktop (myself occasionally being one of them), it has struck me thatsomething is far more important than developers' ability to code, or the GUI'sability to imitate a seamless user experience. It's great marketing. Wads of cash certainly helps this, and ultimately, if 90% of your overinflated budget is pumped into marketing, your software is bound to succeed.

Just look at Microsoft. I know it hurts your eyes, but just look for a second.

They pump and pump and pump and pump and pump (you get the idea) money intomarketing their inferior products -- whether they be operating systems, orbloated office productivity suites, or game consoles, or anything else they wantto succeed. They convince OEM manufacturers to put little stickers on all thePCs they build that include little logos to prove that they are Windowscompatible or "built for Windows." They convince those same OEMs plus OEMs ofother peripheral devices to include words like "We recommend Windows XP" in alltheir ads. With Vista coming out -- not even out yet -- they are alreadyconvincing OEMs to include stickers that say "Vista Ready."

Do you see any "Linux 2.6.x Ready" stickers coming out anytime soon? Or "Ubuntu7 Ready"? No, and do you see any Linux distributors forcing OEMs to bundle Linuxregardless of whether the customers want it?

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