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Bradley M. Kuhn: What Debian Does For Me

I woke up early this morning, and those of you live above 45 parallel north or so are used to the “I'm wide awake but it's still dark as night” feeling in the winter. I usually don't turn on the lights, wander into my office, and just bring my computer out of hibernate; that takes a bit as my 100% Free-Software-only computer is old and slow, so I usually go to make coffee while that happens. As I came back in my office this morning I was a bit struck by both displays with the huge Debian screen lock image, and it got me thinking of how Debian has been my companion for so many years. I spoke about this at DebConf 15 a bit, and wrote about a similar concept years before. I realize that it's been almost nine years that I've been thinking rather deeply about my personal relationship with Debian and why it matters. Read more

KDE apps at the snap of your fingers

Are you a Plasma fan? And you want to develop KDE applications? This has just become easier and more fun than ever before. In early November, we hosted a Snapcraft Summit in our London offices, a forward-thinking software workshop attended by major software vendors and Snapcraft engineers working at every level of the stack. Together, we sat down and helped bootstrap snaps of some really amazing products. One of the participants was Harald Sitter, a longtime KDE developer and enthusiast. With more than one notch of experience on his snap belt, Harald joined us to think of innovative ways of making the publication of Qt and KDE applications easier and faster both for experienced developers as well as those just getting involved in this domain Read more Also: Debian Package Dependencies

Games: SC Controller, KeeperRL, Good Company, Getting Over it With Bennett Foddy and More

  • The excellent SC Controller gamepad tool has two fresh releases available
    Do not adjust your monitor, you did read the correctly. SC Controller, the excellent tool that started off just for configuring the Steam Controller has two new releases out.
  • KeeperRL had a pretty big release recently, adding in some modding support and lots more
    Alpha 26 added in basic modding support, a dungeon levelling system to replace mana, outside buildings, a new mummy minion which starts off pretty slow but they can be trained to a really high level, your keeper visuals are changed as your dungeon levels up. The tile efficiency system I wasn't too keen on has been removed, in favour of a luxury system. So now, a more luxurious environment will have effects on training, crafting, combat and more. Give them nice beds, surround them with shiny things and they will be more efficient. Additionally, there's a new team member who has been working on the graphics. With this release there's a bunch of new particle effects for various actions. This is exciting, as the game is about to get a lot more interesting visually with more being added over time. It didn't exactly look bad, but it didn't look overly interesting and so this is a great addition. There's also a new White Knight keeper character, with their own set of minions and enemies. Nice to see some more variety there, since each keeper plays a little differently.
  • Good Company, a very stylish looking tycoon sim will support Linux
    Good Company, a business management tycoon sim is a recent discovery and it will be coming to Linux. It looks stylish too, so hopefully it will be good.
  • Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy | Linux Gaming | Ubuntu 18.04 | Native
    Getting Over it With Bennett Foddy on Ubuntu Linux natively. A frustrating 2d platformer that could keep you going for hours, until the slightest mistakes...
  • Distance, the awesome racing platformer has a new mini-campaign out
    For those who've completed the main content of Distance you might want to grab your keys as it has a new mini-campaign out. In the last few days, it has been updated with a new mini-camaign named Nexus which includes five new tracks. To access it, you need to have finished the Lost to Echoes adventure.
  • Wipeout inspired anti-gravity racer BallisticNG has left Early Access
    For those who miss the glory days of Wipeout, take a look at BallisticNG which just left Early Access. Developed by Neognosis, it serves as their love-letter to Wipeout and I personally think they've done a really good job. Not just due to the style of the game, the controls and atmosphere feel very much like the original.

NVIDIA 415.22.01 Vulkan Linux Driver Adds New Improvements & Fixes

NVIDIA rolled out the 417.42 Windows driver and 415.22.01 Linux driver on Friday that feature their very latest Vulkan components. Improvements to their Vulkan driver with the new NVIDIA 415.22.01 (and 417.42) releases include now exposing two transfer queues for Pascal GPUs and newer, increasing the maximum point size to 2047, and increasing the maximum line width to 64. Read more Also: There's Certainly Much Interest In Linux On Intel's Future Discrete Graphics Cards