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Linux 4.16-rc5

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  • Linux 4.16-rc5

    This continue to be pretty normal - this rc is slightly larger than
    rc4 was, but that looks like one of the normal fluctuations due to
    timing of pull requests, not due to anything distressing. In
    particular, this past week we had both a networking pull and a drm
    pull, which accounts for a fait chunk of it all.

    In addition to the networking updates (both drivers and core
    networking) and the drm stuff (mainly some amdgpu display handling
    updates), there's the usual arch fixes (mostly x86 this time -
    microcode handling and some syscall cleanups) and various random
    driver fixes (rdma, md, scsi, watchdog). Plus some misc stuff:
    filesystems (overlayfs, xfs) some core kernel code, and tooling
    (mainly perf and selftests).

    Nothing particular stands out, the appended shortlog gives a flavor of
    the details.


  • Linux 4.16-rc5 Kernel Released

    Development on the Linux 4.16 kernel continues moving along smoothly and tonight the 4.16-rc5 kernel is released.

  • The Big AMDKFD Change Set For Linux 4.17 Has Been Submitted

    Oded Gabbay sent in his pull request today of the AMDKFD driver updates targeting the Linux 4.17 kernel. Notably this includes the long-awaited dGPU support in inching AMD/GPUOpen ROCm compute support with OpenCL off a mainline kernel for select discrete GPUs.

    Most significant with this AMDKFD (AMD Kernel Fusion Driver) changes for Linux 4.17 is the discrete Radeon GPU support for initialization and queue handling. Unfortunately though it ended up being incomplete as the GPUVM support is still missing due to that code still being discussed by developers. Additionally, Vega compute support isn't yet ready for mainline AMDKFD.

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