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KDE: Hiding Neon LTS Edition and KMarkdownWebView 0.5.0

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  • Hiding Neon LTS Edition

    With the new Plasma LTS came an update to KDE neon LTS Edition and lots of people asking which edition to use and what the difference is.  This caused us to review the purpose of LTS and as a result we’ve just hidden LTS from the download page.  The only difference with the LTS edition is that it stays on Plasma’s LTS release but apps and libraries still get updates.  This doesn’t fit well with the main use cases of an LTS which is that it only gets bug fixes and no new features.  Further we test Neon LTS edition less than any other edition so it’s more likely we’ll miss some problem, which is the opposite of what most people would expect. There are distros whose release model fits better with the needs of Plasma LTS but the constant updates of Neon don’t fit too well.  We’ll keep the edition around and don’t expect to make any changes to the repositories or builds, they’re useful for devs testing Plasma LTS, but we’re not advertising it for download since it gives a different expectation of what to expect than fits into the release method of Neon.

  • KMarkdownWebView 0.5.0

    The KMarkdownWebView software is for the rendered display of Markdown documents, using web technologies. It implements a C++/Qt-based wrapper around a local webpage with a JavaScript library (“marked”) which creates HTML from the plain text in Markdown format passed in.

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