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Security: Mageia, Tizen, Equifax, Apple

  • Spectra-Meltdown mitigation update

    Since we released 4.14.18 yesterday, we now are in pretty good shape with the mitigations, especially on x86_64. We now have bits in place for Spectre v1, v2 and Meltdown.

    Of course over the coming weeks/months there will be more follow-up fixes upstream to cover corner cases, missed fixes and improvements for all of this…

    And we still need Intel and AMD to release microcodes so hardware vendors can release updated BIOS/EFI firmwares and to the public so we can provide microcode updates in case of vendors not providing new BIOS/EFI firmwares.

  • Samsung Tizen and Roku-powered Smart TVs Vulnerable to Hacking
  • Q&A: Why SMBs should heed lessons from Equifax breach and mitigate ‘open source’ risks [Ed: Equifax did not patch its software. This isn't about FOSS, but opportunists use that for self-promotion here.]
  • Apple AirPod began smoking in ear, blew apart, says man


    Suddenly, he said, he noticed smoke. It was coming from the area of his right ear. More specifically, the smoke was being emitted from one of his AirPods.

    He says that he immediately put both AirPods on a piece of workout equipment and walked away. By the time he came back, the smoking AirPod appeared to have completely burst apart.  

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