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PCLinuxOS Magazine November 2006 Issue 3 Released

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It is my privilege to announce on behalf of the team members of the PCLinuxOS Magazine Project sponsored by, the November 2006 issue is available for download!  Our previous issues can also be downloaded.

We are simultaneously introducing the HTML Version of the Magazine with this issue as well for our low bandwidth users.  The HTML Site has undergone a facelift for easier reading and is W3C standards compliant for easy browsing.

With this issue, we've decided to focus on Community Projects inside the PCLinuxOS Community.  With so many different distros

out there using PCLinuxOS as a base you may find one or two projects inside the community that you'd like to try out or help out with. 

Some highlights include:

   1. Kid-Safe Live CD
   2. Gaming with SuperGamer
   3. Suggestions and Tips for Newbies
   4. Web Page Design (2nd Installment)
   5. Getting your browser to work with GMail

Please note that the magazine is released under the Creative Commons Atribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 license unless otherwise stated on the articles themselves.

re: PCLinuxOS

They might get more donations if they had a Paypal link. Who in the OpenSource/Linux world uses Snailmail to send in a donation?

Hopefully their magazine will get a bit more technical. Several pages devoted to writing static HTML code!? That would be helpful if it was still the 80's and I had a AOL account. What's next, the blink tag and how to add page counters?

The HTML version of the newsletter is nice.

I must say that I'm liking PCLOS more and more. I was never a Mandrake fan, so when I first tried PCLOS I just "knew" that it would suck. It's a rare event, but I was wrong. PCLOS is a very good desktop distro (even though they seem to be dragging their feet getting FF 2.0 pushed out).

re: PCLinuxOS

You say that you you're liking PCLOS more and more which indicates to me that you are using it. If you are, why haven't you been frequenting the forums where you would have learned that there have been some issues with Paypal and that an alternative is being pursued.

Also, if you are using PCLOS, you know that the concept behind its development is to make it a viable and stable distro for the ex-windows user who is somewhat computer savoy to be able to leave the MS bs behind and not lose useability of his computer. Therefore, the new PCLinuxOS Magazine, which is published completely by the community itself, reflects what is important to the community. And if you, as a PCLOS user, have anything to offer, such as more technical articles, you're welcome to do so. That would be much more constructive than complaints on another forum.

Finally, what sets PCLOS apart from the rest? In my opinion it's the fact that for the vast majority of folks, it just works right out of the box. Now the reason it does this is the dedication of the development team to thoroughly testing all of the 5000+ programs in the repositories to be sure that they all work well together and with the kernel. At this time, Firefox 2.0 is not stable. There are articles right here on this site documenting multiple problems with the software. I'm sure that as soon as Tex and the developers are satisfied that Mozilla has a stable product it will be included in the repositories for users to install.

PCLinuxOS Magazine

PCLinuxOS Magazine welcomes all submissions. As Editor in Chief, I have posted many requests for articles on our main forum. But we're not chauvinists there. If someone from "outside" wishes to see themself in print, we'd be happy to look at what they care to submit. Many of our readers are not technically savvy about HTML or a whole host of other technical subjects. There has, however, been interest in exactly the type of article we have published to date.

If you have expertise to write deep technical articles on topics that our readers will enjoy, please contact us and submit what you have.


Tim Robinson
Editor in Chief
PCLinuxOS Magazine

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