A brief look at a couple of new features in Firefox 2.0

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Firefox ver 2.0 was released a few days back and naturally it is loaded with a host of new features some of them prominent and many more rather subtle. I found this new version to be a huge improvement from the older 1.5.x version which is bundled with most Linux distributions. These are some of the new features in ver 2.0 of Firefox which I found really interesting.

New features in Firefox 2.0
A better theme - The new Firefox 2.0 theme and user interface has been subtly revamped to provide a better user experience. For example apart from the Bookmarks menu, you have got a History menu (previously named 'Go' menu) which lists not only the recently visited websites but also the recently closed tabs. You can also open your browsing history in a side bar using the 'Ctrl+H' hot key.

Built-in Phishing protection - Think of the last time you were confronted with an email supposedly from Paypal which provided a link which directed you to a seemingly valid webpage of paypal which was actually a spoof of the original page.

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Photos: Firefox crew celebrates release

All over the world, Firefox fans are celebrating the launch of Firefox 2. One such party, attended by some of the Mozilla staff, was held Thursday in San Mateo, Calif., only a couple of towns from Mozilla's Silicon Valley headquarters in Mountain View.

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