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KDE??? 3 11 years 41 weeks ago
by gryphen
11 years 41 weeks ago
by gryphen
How do you take screenshots with the menu showing? 5 11 years 36 weeks ago
by Wolven
11 years 3 weeks ago
by Tips
CMS? 1 10 years 41 weeks ago
by GreenLantern
10 years 41 weeks ago
by srlinuxx
A question about the letter "L" 0 10 years 35 weeks ago
by eco2geek
counter petition for microsoft Open XML standard fast track 0 10 years 24 weeks ago
by kamrananvaar
Dialup dilemma 0 9 years 16 weeks ago
by afs
Seen in a Sig 34 12 years 30 weeks ago
by srlinuxx
7 years 47 weeks ago
by Béranger
Is it too much to ask... 4 7 years 44 weeks ago
by bigbearomaha
7 years 27 weeks ago
by poodles
Distros to add 3 3 years 30 weeks ago
by Roy Schestowitz
3 years 21 weeks ago
by vtel57
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Qt 5.10 Alpha in testing for KDE neon

Qt 5.10 got an alpha release last week and rumours are there’s lots of interesting new stuff for Plasma developers and other parts of KDE. Packages are available in KDE neon but hidden away in the testing repository because there is inevitably some breakage. Random bits of QML such as the clock above and Kirigami seem to be unhappy. Please do test but expect breakage and fixes to be necessary. Read more

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