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webon 1.9

Sun, 13/04/2014 - 7:22am
webon is a Web content management system. It provides an access log to check who has visited your site. It has a counter that lets anybody know the number of people who have visited your site.

Release Notes: This release adds a regex function of jQuery for username, email, zip code, and phone number.

Licenses: GPL

mhVTL 1.5-0

Sun, 13/04/2014 - 4:26am
mhvtl is a Linux-based virtual tape library. Supported tape emulations are IBM and HP LTO1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, Sony AIT4, STK T10000A, B, and C, and STK 9x40. It supports WORM, data, and cleaning media. Most applications work using STK L180/L700 library emulation. It has been successfully used with NetBackup, BackupExec, NetWorker, TSM, Oracle Secure Backup, and many other programs.

Release Notes: Support for tape library personality modules. Support for multiple library emulations.

Release Tags: 1.5-0_release

Tags: Utilities

Licenses: GPLv2

reposurgeon 3.9

Sun, 13/04/2014 - 3:28am
A tool for editing version-control repository history, reposurgeon enables risky operations that version-control systems don't want to let you do, such as editing past comments and metadata and removing commits. It works with any version control system that can export and import git fast-import streams, including git, hg, bzr, CVS, and RCS. It can also read Subversion dump files directly, and can thus be used to script production of very high-quality conversions from Subversion to any supported DVCS.

Release Notes: The attribution-parsing code handles odd characters in names better now. The filter command can operate on email addresses as well as names. There is a new 'stamp' command to report action stamps of commits. A new 'count' command reports selection-set counts. A new branchify_mapping option for renaming Subversion branches on analysis.

Tags: Development Tools, Version Control

Licenses: BSD Three-Clause

The Meson Build System 0.15.0

Sat, 12/04/2014 - 10:25pm
Meson aims to be the most usable and fast build system. It provides a simple yet powerful mostly declarative language for describing your build. It has native support for modern tools and frameworks, such as Qt5, code coverage, unit tests, precompiled headers, and others. It utilizes a host of optimization techniques to compile your code faster on both full and incremental builds.

Release Notes: This release adds experimental support for generating XCode project files. There has been extensive work on scalability, and Meson can now compile almost all of Qt Creator. This project of several thousand source files is configured in less than two seconds, and a no-op build takes less than 0.1 seconds.

Tags: build system

Licenses: Apache 2.0

Mutt Folder List 1.5.23-20140412

Sat, 12/04/2014 - 9:27pm
Mutt Folder List is a mutt patch that adds a sidebar showing all mail folders and the total and number of new messages each contains. It allows users to hide or display the sidebar with a single keystroke, and optionally highlights folders with new messages. Users can scroll up and down the list of folders and open the selected folder, and configure the sidebar width, colors, and key bindings.

Release Notes: The sidebar patch was updated for mutt 1.5.23.

Tags: Communications, Email, Email Clients (MUA)

Licenses: GPL

Immutable Collections for Java 1.6

Sat, 12/04/2014 - 9:26pm
Immutable Collections for Java is a library providing immutable/persistent collection classes for Java. While collections are immutable, they provide methods for adding and removing values by creating new modified copies of themselves. Each copy shares almost all of its structure with other copies, to minimize memory consumption. The library includes a singly-linked (cons/cddr style) list/stack, an integer tree-based indexed list, a 2-3 tree-based random access indexed list, a 2-3 tree-based map, a hash tree-based map, and hash- and tree-based sets. All collections provide immutable Cursor as well as standard Iterator classes for looping through all elements. A utility class provides functional style algorithmic processing of Cursors, including foldLeft, foldRight, collect, select, and reject. The 2-3 tree and integer tree classes are optimized for performance and can be used alongside java.util Collections when immutability is needed for safe data sharing.

Release Notes: This release improves performance and reduces the memory footprint of hash maps and sets. It also allows use of Cursors in foreach loops.

Release Tags: Stable, Major

Tags: Java, collections, immutable, functional

Licenses: BSD Revised

SRFirewall 2.0 Alpha 2

Sat, 12/04/2014 - 9:14pm
SRFirewall is an easy to use, but still quite capable firewall for Netfilter/iptables. It is a complete rewrite of Firewall/SOSDG, designed to make it easy for users to configure and protect their Linux servers, routers, and gateways.

Release Notes: This release adds some missing features such as automatic NAT helper module loading, more flexible (and complex) forwarding rules, actual installation instructions, and general bug fixes.

Release Tags: Major, Unstable

Tags: Firewall

Licenses: GPLv3

Text2GUI 0.2

Sat, 12/04/2014 - 8:51pm
Text2GUI generates Java GUIs from natural language using a custom algorithm in development.

Release Notes: This release features a central database of Java code that can be extended by any user. A first few GUI elements are available.

Tags: GUI, Natural Language

Licenses: Public Domain

filterunit 1.4.1

Sat, 12/04/2014 - 8:46pm
filterunit allows unit tests to be devised for command line programs that use files as input and output. Classic Unix filters are a typical example. filterunit runs the program under test with the specified input files and compares the actual results with the expected results.

Release Notes: The configuration option `pathDirectory` prepends executions paths to PATH.

Release Tags: Minor feature enhancements

Tags: Filter, Unit Testing

Licenses: GPLv2

libxmp 4.2.7

Sat, 12/04/2014 - 8:42pm
libxmp is a module player library which supports many mainstream and obscure module formats, including Protracker MOD, Scream Tracker III S3M, and Impulse Tracker IT. Possible applications for libxmp include standalone module players, module player plugins for other players, module information extractors, background music replayers for games and other applications, module-to-mp3 converters, etc.

Release Notes: This release adds support for ADPCM samples in XM files, and implements an OctaMED channel pan effect. It also fixes OctaMED MMD2 and MMD3 note and sample mapping, the XM channel pan effect, and a disabled pan in IT instruments.

Release Tags: Stable, Minor feature enhancements, Minor bugfixes

Tags: multimedia, Sound/Audio, Library, Development

Licenses: LGPL

cryptmount 5.0beta1

Sat, 12/04/2014 - 7:06pm
cryptmount is a utility for creating and managing secure filing systems on GNU/Linux systems. After initial setup, it allows any user to mount or unmount filesystems on demand, solely by providing the decryption password, with any system devices needed to access the filing system being configured automatically. A wide variety of encryption schemes (provided by the kernel dm-crypt system and the libgcrypt library) can be used to protect both the filesystem and the access key. The protected filing systems can reside in either ordinary files or disk partitions. The package also supports encrypted swap partitions, and automatic configuration on system boot-up.

Release Notes: This release ports all LUKS functionality to use libcryptsetup, adds a commandline option to query the encrypted filesystem status, and improves Doxygen documentation of the source code.

Release Tags: libcryptsetup, LUKS, Doxygen, Beta

Tags: Security, Cryptography, Systems Administration, Filesystems

termit 2.10.0

Sat, 12/04/2014 - 6:45pm
termit is a terminal emulator based on the vte library. It includes tabs, bookmarks, the ability to switch encodings, and Lua-scripting.

Release Notes: This release adds a new configuration option to show or hide GtkNotebook borders. The build system was fixed to check for incompatible versions of Gtk and Vte libraries. Compilation for OpenBSD was fixed. The commandline option "execute" now works nearly like in xterm.

Release Tags: Stable

Tags: Terminals, Terminal Emulators/X Terminals

Licenses: GPLv2

cdist 3.1.2

Sat, 12/04/2014 - 6:12pm
cdist is a usable configuration management system. It adheres to the KISS principle and is being used in both small and enterprise-grade environments. It is an alternative to other configuration management systems like cfengine, bcfg2, chef, and puppet.

Release Notes: This release documents missing environment variables, adds a type to manage Sheepdog images (__dog_vdi), includes a rewrite of the __key_value type, and enhances the __qemu_img type.

Release Tags: Documentation, QEMU, Sheepdog, Key Value

Tags: Configuration Management, shell, python 3.x

Licenses: GPLv3

j661 1.2 final

Sat, 12/04/2014 - 2:57pm
The j661 project provides a generic CDS (or ARINC 661 Server) in order to facilitate the understanding of the ARINC 661 standard, prototype ARINC 661 concepts and architectures, and facilitate the reuse of ARINC 661 specifications and artefacts between projects. The CDS architecture is designed to allow defining the Server behavior to be easily modified or extended. This is achieved by a modular plug-in architecture, allowing customization at runtime without changing anything in the Server core itself.

Release Notes: This release is a repackaging of 1.2 Beta 3 as 1.2. It works on Java versions greater than 8.

Release Tags: Minor

Tags: ARINC661, Java, ARINC

Licenses: GPLv2

PHP Server Monitor 3.0.1

Sat, 12/04/2014 - 12:47pm
PHP Server Monitor is a script that checks whether the servers/Websites on your list are running. Each server has its own notification settings. Notifications are made via email or text messages. Using the Web-based interface, you can add servers and manage users for each server.

Release Notes: The minimum PHP version is now 5.3.7 (not 5.3.0). The server order on the users page now matches the order on servers page. The warning threshold is ignored for the notification trigger. Chinese, Italian, and Spanish translations have been added. Sphinx is now used for documentation.

Release Tags: Stable, 3.0, bugfix

Tags: Monitoring Tools, Monitor, Server

Licenses: GPLv3

pyAggr3g470r 4.7

Sat, 12/04/2014 - 12:24pm
pyAggr3g470r is a news aggregator with a Web interface. It features the use of a MongoDB database, article searching, e-mail notification, export of articles to HTML or raw text, favorite articles, sharing with Google +, Pinboard,, Digg, and reddit.

Release Notes: pyAggr3g470r can now be deployed on Heroku or on a traditional server. Moreover, several users can use an instance of pyAggr3g470r. A platform is managed by the administrator, a user with specific rights.

Release Tags: major changes

Tags: RSS, Python, feedreader, aggregator, aggregate, news, news aggregator

Licenses: GPLv3

audit daemon 2.3.6

Sat, 12/04/2014 - 11:58am
The audit package contains the user-space utilities for creating audit rules, as well as for storing, searching, and generating reports from the audit records generated by the audit subsystem in the Linux 2.6 kernel and higher. It has a real-time plugin interface for event analysis and remote logging of events.

Release Notes: Improved ARM and AARCH64 support, a new checkpoint feature in ausearch, an update of aulast to support recent LOGIN events in recent kernels, plus various cleanups, bugfixes, and documentation improvements.

Release Tags: Stable

Tags: Logging, Security, Monitoring

Licenses: GPLv2 or later

libre 0.4.8

Sat, 12/04/2014 - 10:23am
libre is a generic library for real-time communications with asynchronous I/O support. It is written in portable POSIX source code that conforms to the ANSI C89 and ISO C99 standards. It is robust and fast, with a low memory footprint. It also features RFC compliance and support for IPv4 and IPv6. Protocol implementations include SIP, SDP, RTP/RTCP, BFCP, DNS, and STUN/TURN/ICE.

Release Notes: This release adds support for an HTTP client and a complete WebSockets implementation (RFC 6455). It also adds an AES and HMAC wrapper to OpenSSL. Minor improvements have been made to the ICE, SDP, and SIPSESS modules.

Tags: SIP, RTP, STUN, ICE, voip, BFCP, turn, WebRTC, SDP, http, WebSocket

Licenses: BSD Revised

DRBL live-testing 2.2.2-16

Sat, 12/04/2014 - 8:21am
Diskless Remote Boot in Linux (DRBL) provides a diskless or systemless environment for client machines. It works on Debian, Mandriva, Red Hat, Fedora, and SuSE. Unlike LTSP, it uses distributed hardware resources and makes it possible for clients to fully access local hardware. It also includes Clonezilla, a partitioning and disk cloning utility similar to Symantec Ghost.

Release Notes: The underlying GNU/Linux operating system was upgraded. This release is based on the Debian Sid repository (as of 2014/Apr/05). The Linux kernel was updated to 3.13.7-1. drbl was updated to 2.8.8-drbl1, and clonezilla was updated to 3.10.1-drbl1. live-config was updated to 3.0.23-1.drbl6. An issue with "utc=no" was fixed. Grub was updated to 2.02~beta2-8.

Release Tags: Minor feature enhancements and bugs fixed

H2 Database Engine 1.4.177

Sat, 12/04/2014 - 7:30am
H2 is an SQL database engine written in Java that implements the JDBC API. Embedded, server, and clustering modes are available. A browser based console application is included. The database has strong security features. Disk based and in-memory databases and tables are supported.

Release Notes: This beta version uses a the new storage engine (MVStore) by default, which should be more robust and SSD-friendly.

Release Tags: beta ssd

Tags: Database, Database Engines/Servers, Java

Licenses: MPL