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SCS Software are doing a Breast Cancer charity event in Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator

Tuesday 1st of October 2019 10:35:03 AM

Tags: Game Event, Steam, Indie Game, Charity

This is pretty sweet to see. SCS Software are running an event from now until Sunday, October 20 at 23:59 UTC to raise funds for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Pink ribbons, and the colour pink in general, are most commonly seen during the (International) Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual health campaign organised by major breast cancer charities every October to increase awareness and raise funds to fight the disease.

Inspired by truck manufacturers and truckers from around the world, this October we are proud to be joining the Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness campaign! We’re asking the community to join us in supporting this great cause by delivering Pink Ribbon goods across Europe and the USA in our international Pink Ribbon Charity World of Trucks event.

The event is being run across both Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. In each game, they're going to be giving out rewards for Personal and Community goals. If you do 12 or more Pink Ribbon goods deliveries, you will get a unique pair of Pink-Ribbon embossed hanging Boxing Gloves as a Steam item. If the community manages 1,000,000 deliveries of Rink Ribbon goods (on top of the Personal goal) you will also get a pair of Pink-Ribbon-styled hanging Winning Dice as a Steam inventory item.

If you wish to do these, you need to have your game linked to a World of Trucks account and pick the jobs via the External Contracts in-game option. You need to have progressed a little bit to be able to, as you need your own trucking equipment. Full event details can be seen here.

SCS Software will also be livestreaming the event on Twitch today at 3PM UTC.

Don't own either game? You can find Euro Truck Simulator 2 on Humble Store and Steam, with American Truck Simulator also on Humble Store and Steam. You can also buy the Pink Ribbon Charity Pack, with 100% of the proceeds going to reputable Breast Cancer research and awareness charities for each game on Steam (DLC Links: ETS2 - ATS).

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Valve updates Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for French players to deal with loot boxes

Tuesday 1st of October 2019 09:15:05 AM

Tags: Valve, FPS, Free Game, Update, Steam

Rather than doing away with the loot boxes system, Valve are going with whatever loophole they can it seems. They've updated Counter-Strike: Global Offensive just for French players to include an X-ray Scanner.

It's no secret that many countries are looking into the issues surrounding loot box gambling, something I am happy about because it's a terrible system. Valve also have issues with France, especially considering the recent legal ruling about reselling your digital games.

So what have Valve done? If you play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in France you now have to buy the P250 | X-Ray non-tradable item. After that, you gain access to the crate scanning ability. However, once you scan a crate you're then stuck with that until you buy the item shown, even if you don't want it. On top of that, French players also cannot buy these crates from the Steam Market any more.

Here's a good video that shows it off:

Watch video on

Honestly, I hope Valve take some lessons being learned with Dota Underlords to apply to their older games like CS:GO. A Battle Pass system is a far nicer way to monetize a free game in my opinion. The most important thing being you know what you're going to get and when, which would make me personally more likely to give over my own monies. However, that would completely mess up their Steam Marketplace which they probably earn a fair bit from which is why they're not doing it. I'm sure there would be ways around it to still make it a thing though, there's a lot of smart people at Valve.

See the release notes here and find CS:GO free on Steam.

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New Steam Client Beta up with an updated Steam Linux Runtime and memory leak fixes

Tuesday 1st of October 2019 08:45:23 AM

Tags: Steam, Beta, Update

Have you been having issues with Steam recently since the new Library Beta? This latest Beta update should make it a much better experience.

The newer Library (and Friends UI) are a bit heavier on your PC, as a lot of people noticed. However, you can enable GPU acceleration to make everything quite a bit smoother. That came at a cost though, as there was an unfurtunate memory leak and it sucked away performance from gaming. Valve have made attempts to address these issues in the new Beta update out.

Now the Library should be prevented from doing stuff on the GPU when the Library window is covered up, a memory leak was fixed if GPU Acceleration was turned on, some Library animations don't run if the Steam window doesn't have focus, the Library failing to load if you have a lot of non-Steam games was fixed and they also adjusted the GPU Acceleration to default on for Linux and Mac.

However, there's still a few issues they need to solve. For me, updating to this version with GPU Acceleration turned on caused my Library to not even load at all. Steam just became unresponsive when I tried. Going onto the Store worked, Collections sort of worked but the Library Home wouldn't load. Reloading Steam again seemed to fix it though. Twitchy, but okay now? Seems someone else reported a bug on that.

Another issue I've seen, is that when I ALT+TAB with a traditional full-screen game running I can no longer seem to interact with the Library—that's a bit of a woops from Valve. I've reported this one.

Just for Linux, they also updated the Steam Runtime. It now disables the obsolete SSLv3 in libcurl which should fix a problem with libcurl on Arch Linux. They also disabled LDAP in libcurl and updated SDL 2.

Release notes can be found here.

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No Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation for Linux but Ashes II and future Stardock titles should be

Tuesday 1st of October 2019 08:17:52 AM

Tags: Steam, Misc, RTS, Vulkan

Good and bad news to share this Tuesday morning. Stardock Entertainment have given an update on the status of porting Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation to Vulkan and Linux.

It's been a long road! After Stardock CEO, Brad Wardell, opened a forum post on Steam asking to see Linux requests to bring Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation to Linux back in May 2017 we've been waiting to finally see the port. That ends now though, as the latest update has basically said it's not happening.

Why? Well, Wardell said the "performance is just not acceptable" and while they could fix it, it wouldn't make sense just for Linux. Sad to hear, but it does make sense when you consider this is a game from 2016 that doesn't really have a big player-base. It also makes even more sense with what they said next…

So what's the good news? Wardell said "Ashes II (and our other new titles) should, in theory, ship with Linux support off the bat thanks to this effort" with some comments about Stardock originally coming from "the OS/2 world" and so they're "very much motivated to make our games work on Linux too".

A shame we won't see this older title after waiting so long but if they do deliver on their future titles, that's pretty great. At least now they can continue polishing up their work on Vulkan for both Windows and Linux for their next titles, to then make a bigger splash with a new release.

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Start your week with a cheap game, a look over some sales going on right now

Monday 30th of September 2019 05:56:28 PM

Tags: Game Sale, Round-up

It's Monday, there's not enough caffeine in the office, it's raining outside but on the bright side there's plenty of games for Linux on sale right now.

First up on Steam we have a new week-long set of deals, you can find all of them for Linux using this link. Some highlights over there include:

GOG also just recently started their own weekly sale which does include some fine Linux gaming picks like:

Meanwhile over on the Humble Store they're doing a Kalypso Publisher Sale with some gems to find:

Humble also have the XCOM games on sale too so you can pick up both XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM 2 super cheap and they're absolutely worth it! XCOM 2 is one of my all-time favourite strategy games, especially with the War of the Chosen expansion (also on sale) it becomes such a massive game.

While not Linux gaming related, it's still a Linux thing - Humble just put up a Linux & UNIX book bundle that might interest some of our readers.

Finally, Fanatical have a great deal going on Tabletop Simulator with 60% off and it's only there for a limited time with around two days left or when they run out of keys. Looking around, it's the best deal it's ever had so if you've been on the fence now is a great time for it.

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Taking elements from XCOM and FTL, Galaxy Squad arrives on GOG with Linux support

Monday 30th of September 2019 05:03:03 PM

Tags: New Release, GOG, Strategy, DRM-Free, Indie Game

Inspired by two games I absolutely adore, Galaxy Squad takes the node-based exploration and random events from FTL and adds in some turn-based XCOM-like combat.

It just today arrived on the DRM-free store GOG, with a Linux version. Curiously, Steam only has it for Windows so GOG got it first this time around which doesn't happen often at all. The developer of Galaxy Squad was open to a Linux version when asked about it last year, so it's great to see it happen.

Watch video on

More about it:

Galaxy squad is turn-based tactical roguelike, in which you are leading a squad of mercenaries through randomly generated galaxy with different events.

The game combines node-based exploration with random events, similar to games like FTL or Renowned Explorers, with hardcore tactical battles, inspired by XCOM series. All your characters are randomly generated, and you can evolve them however you want, creating ultimate crew.

Feature Highlight:

  • Explore different planets and systems, fight huge amounts of enemies
  • Upgrade your ship and use it's system in events or in battles
  • Explore space stations, find quests
  • Powerful story campaign system, involving your characters and branching storylines
  • Upgrade your equipment with different modifications and find rare loot

Find Galaxy Squad on GOG now.

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The promising action-adventure rogue-lite UnderMine just got a big update

Monday 30th of September 2019 04:23:58 PM

Tags: Indie Game, Steam, Update, Early Access, Action, Rogue-lite

UnderMine has you dig deep for riches, now with a little bit more of a purpose with the Collector update out now.

This update comes with two big new features! You can now unlock access to Griswold the Collector, if you manage to find a dusty tome in the UnderMine and bring it back. This allows you to unlock a bookcase behind the Archmage and discover Griswold hiding away. Griswold can give you hatchlings and when hatched they can become a new familiar.

You're also now not limited to your little Canary follower, as they've expanded the types of familiars you're able to get. Each of them also had three levels and they gain XP by performing actions and going deeper in the UnderMine.

Available familiars

  • Canary - The canary helps the peasant pick up gold and works well with resource strategies
  • Firebird - The Firebird fires large fireballs at enemies and helps support fire based builds
  • Thunderbird - The Thunderbird fires lighting at enemies and helps support lightning based builds
  • Sylph - The Sylph allows the peasant to pray more often and with reduced cost, supporting blessing based builds
  • Spirit - The Spirit lets the peasant carry more potions and helps with potion based builds
  • Nikko - Nikko, the flying monkey, pounds enemies in melee, and helps the peasant critical strike more often
  • Sol’s Phoenix - The Phoenix is a defensive familiar and will heal the peasant when they take damage
  • Djinn - The Djinn is crafty and will uncover secrets for the peasant

Additionally new language support has been added for French, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Japanase and Korean.

You can see some early thoughts of mine from the first release here. I've played quite a few more hours in it since then and again with this latest update and I'm still very much enjoying it. The relic system is really fun, much like Slay the Spire has with you gathering a list of them during a run. My favourite relics so far might be Crippling Poison together with Guidance, since you have a chance to poison enemies and when you throw your axe it ricochets around enemies and those two together make it pretty hilarious when there's a lot in a room.

This latest update to the game adds some other smaller additions too including a Big Chest you can open for three keys, a new rare relic the Cosmic Egg, a new potion, more encounters and new achievements.

UnderMine is a game where I end up finding something new every time I play and not just because of an update. Today for example, I came across a Mage and a Knight guarding a special room. I accidentally hit the Mage as there was a crate next to her I wanted to break—oh no, the doors close and I've accidentally made myself a target. Yeah I didn't last long there but it was an unexpectedly amusing encounter.

I also came across a minefield in another room today, that was an absolute highlight as I had also just extracted some Gold. Any time you do mine Gold, little green pilfers appear to steal it from you and—BOOM! Hah, they all got blown off the screen and it was a magnificent moment.

They do have an issue with performance suddenly dropping. Most of the time it's super smooth but certain rooms cut the FPS in half. I'm assuming it's a Vsync issue at this point, as there's no option to turn it off and when it does have the issue the performance quite literally goes from 60FPS to 30FPS exactly and you can feel it. I've emailed the developer some details on this to hopefully help solve it.

Other than that though, I'm excited to see how they expand UnderMine during Early Access. If this update is anything to go by, it's going to be fun.

You can find UnderMine on Steam now.

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The Atari VCS team is finally talking about games as they're partnering with Antstream Arcade

Monday 30th of September 2019 02:01:06 PM

Tags: Hardware

The team doing the Linux-powered Atari VCS gaming console are finally talking about games. After a lot of silence, they've announced a partnership with Antstream Arcade to bring tons of classics to it.

What is Antstream Arcade? It's a game streaming service that hosts quite a lot of licensed retro games from various platforms like the Amiga, Spectrum, Commodore 64, Atari 2600, Atari ST, Sega Mega Drive and so on. It has a dedicated application you stream the games through but it comes at a cost with a subscription. They said Antstream Arcade will be available for the VCS at launch (whenever that is…).

From the press emails they sent out:

“Antstream Arcade is a perfect partner for Atari and its fans,” said Atari CEO Frédéric Chesnais. “Anstream’s offering lets players instantly access a vast library of games, including many Atari titles that have not been available for streaming before now. This partnership further cements the Atari VCS as a highly versatile entertainment platform and multimedia streaming device, built to embrace the best of classic and modern gaming.”

“Antstream is thrilled to partner with Atari to deliver the magic of the Antstream Arcade service to Atari VCS users,” said Antstream CEO Steve Cottam. “Our exclusive Atari VCS edition of the Antstream Arcade app puts us one step closer to fulfilling our mission of making every classic game all the way back to Pong available for retro gaming fans with a modern twist.”

I also reached out to Antstream Arcade, to see what they had to say about supporting the traditional Linux desktop since they currently don't. When I last spoke to them it wasn't in their plans so I was curious to see what they say now, especially since the Atari VCS is a Linux box. Here's what they said: "With regards to Antstream support for Linux, it is on our road map, and is something that the Antstream team is working on, and if there is increased demand for Linux support we will consider accelerating development.".

As for the Atari VCS hardware which they still haven't finished, they showed off a picture of an "actual" Atari VCS pre-production board:

I hope the Atari VCS lives up the the hype they're attempting to generate with it. Although, they've not been doing a great job at it lately. They've missed basically every deadline on anything they've talked about so far. This is the first proper update they've given on it since July and while interesting, they still clearly have a long way to go for the unit itself if they've only just been able to show us a pre-production board. In their July post, they said we were supposed to get a look at more "modern gameplay examples" this Summer. Well, Summer obviously came and went without a mention of it again and here we are with a retro gaming announcement and a picture of an unfinished board…

Additionally it's not even clear if Rob Wyatt (a system architect for the original Xbox), who Atari made a big splash about joining them as a partner is even still involved. When asked on Reddit, they gave a suitably unclear answer that didn't actually say yes or no: "Hello! Unfortunately, this rumor is circulating on the web. Rob Wyatt and Tin Giant work on many different projects. Atari fans should be excited for the Gameboard, too!"—how very clear, right?

It gets a little worse, their team were even removed as moderators from the AtariVCS Reddit for going around deleting posts they didn't agree with so they went and made their own. What a great way to build trust.

The Atari VCS is due to ship in "early 2020", although I wouldn't exactly be surprised if that date gets pushed back.

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Songs of Syx, the pixel-art city-builder with an epic scale now has a Steam page and newer demo

Monday 30th of September 2019 11:05:27 AM

Tags: Steam,, Indie Game, Upcoming, Demo, City Builder

One that you need to firmly keep on your watch list is Songs of Syx, a city-builder that starts off tiny and allows you to grow into something huge.

Written about here on GamingOnLinux back in July, with a tech demo available to mess around with available on Shortly after writing that article, the developer actually put up a brand new demo with a ton of work going into it so it's worth taking another good look at. Not only that, they also now have a Steam store page for you to wishlist and follow along ready for the eventual Early Access release.

Watch video on

This certainly isn't your usual city-builder though! The developer has a clear vision for the game to include massive battles, trading, immigration systems, easy modding, a story mode, a seasons and weather system, a dynamic culture system and plenty more fun sounding features as the list just goes on for a while that should make it quite a big game.

Check out the updated demo on and wishlist now on Steam.

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Graveyard Keeper is getting a 'Stranger Sins' DLC that will let you build your own tavern

Monday 30th of September 2019 10:34:57 AM

Tags: DLC, Upcoming, Humble Store, GOG, Steam

Graveyard Keeper, the dark and humorous medieval cemetery management sim is about to expand with a new story DLC releasing October 29.

It's called Stranger Sins and it promises to be weird and crazier than the main game. Okay then. From what little they've said about it there will be around 4-8 hours extra to play through, the ability to build and run your own bar, new events, tons of new quests and apparently you will witness events that happened 200 years ago to find out what's really been going on.

Not surprising to see Lazy Bear Games return to add more into Graveyard Keeper, as they also released Swag and Sorcery earlier this year and it doesn't look to have done well with quite a lot of negative reviews. Comparatively, Graveyard Keeper is sat with a "Very Positive" user rating overall. Adding more to a well-received game seems like a sane business decision.

I still need to go back and actually finish the base game. It was pretty fun, delightfully weird and this DLC certainly sounds like it could be interesting enough to play through.

Graveyard Keeper - Stranger Sins will release on October 29. Not played the main game yet? You can pick up a copy of Graveyard Keeper on Humble Store, GOG and Steam.

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Minecraft is set to get a huge update to the Nether with new mobs and biomes plus Bees

Monday 30th of September 2019 10:16:02 AM

Tags: Sandbox, Survival, Update

Mojang have announced some pretty huge additions coming to Minecraft during MINECON and some of it sounds quite exciting!

With the Nether, they've announced three entirely new biomes so it's about to get bigger and more interesting. You might even be able to actually live there now, not that you want to right? I mean, it's basically Minecraft Hell isn't it? Anyway, the three new biomes are: Soulsand Valley - An area full of blue fog and blue flames (a new block) and massive fossils everywhere, Netherwart Forest Red - a very dense forest designed to make you lose your sense of direction and the Netherwart Forest Blue - it's like the Red version but with a unique atmosphere and blocks including the new Nether Fungi covering the ground.

Mojang also announced the Piglin Beast mob that will be running around the nether. It's a hostile pig with tusks, which you can breed as a source of food if you really are determined to live in the Nether.

They also renamed the Zombie Pigmen to Zombified Piglins and they're adding another hostile mob with the Piglins who are native to the Nether and build little fortifications for you to come across. They're not as friendly as villagers but if you wear Gold armour they might be open to some trading.

On top of that a new block, the Target Block was also announced for fans of Redstone. It emits a Redstone signal when you shoot it with an arrow, with the signal being stronger the closer your arrow hits to the bullseye.

If you want to see a bit of them in action, during MINECON Live 2019 they were shown off a little starting with the Target Block, Soulsand Valley and shortly after you also get a glimpse of Netherwart Forest Red:

Watch video on

No date yet for the Nether update but it certainly sounds quite exciting!

Something that's coming perhaps a lot sooner is another update to Minecraft adding in Bees, Bee Nests and Hives, a Honey Bottle and a Honeycomb block which you can already find in their recently release snapshots.

Here's a quick shot I took earlier while playing with my new friends:

All that and more can be found in their official Minecon post.

I've actually started getting back into Minecraft myself, after burning out on it a few years ago due to playing far too much of it. A really great game to play with others and now my son is old enough to really appreciate it, having it supported on Linux and working well is awesome. Minecraft has changed so much over the years, it's actually a much nicer experience now. Glad to see Mojang still fully committed to the current cross-platform Java version.

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Zombie Soup, a peculiar action-packed shooting adventure coming to Linux next year

Monday 30th of September 2019 09:39:43 AM

Tags: Action, Adventure, Indie Game, RPG, Upcoming,, Steam, Demo, Unreal Engine

Zombie Soup from Aeonsparx Interactive recently popped up on Steam and I have to admit, after watching the trailer I do want to see a lot more from this.

Set in the 80's, the story seems pretty cliché with a young boy coming across a damsel in distress during some sort of Zombie apocalypse. You will need to shoot, loot and dodge your way through the hordes with a promise of reliving the "best time of pop culture".

Watch video on

They actually already have a Linux demo up on which I tried out and it is quite promising. I can't quite put my finger on why but I got an almost Nintendo-style vibe from this. Aeonsparx Interactive are based in Malaysia, so with English not being their first language the dialogue is quite rough and definitely in need of improvements. If they manage to clear that up, this could be a pretty good shoot and loot adventure.

From what I personally played it was certainly quite peculiar, with a very strange atmosphere to it. The action was pretty amusing though and a bit of a challenge in places, I will give it that. It's sort-of like a dungeon crawler in the layout, as you go from room to room dealing with all sorts of strange creatures, avoiding traps and so on while collecting money to unlock more varied weapons and character classes.

The first boss fight was pretty silly too, a Zombie fishmonger carrying a big fish they swing around at you. Delightfully odd.

You can follow it on Steam and try the Linux demo on

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A new teaser is up for the FPS 'TO4: Tactical Operations' with testing opening up soon

Monday 30th of September 2019 08:44:12 AM

Tags: Unreal Engine, Indie Game, FPS, Video, Teaser, Upcoming, Free Game

TO4: Tactical Operations, the upcoming free first-person shooter that's planning Linux support is gearing up for a release with a new teaser video.

As a reminder, TO4: Tactical Operations is a game we wrote about back in August last year as they announced work towards a Linux version. Work has continued on since then and it's looking quite good and it will remain free too, check out their new teaser below:

Watch video on

From what one of their team told me over email, they will be handing out some testing keys in their Discord Channel in a few days time to help test it before it enters Early Access. I was also told "As soon as we open the game a Windows and a Linux version is available."—nice!

You can follow it along on Steam.

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D9VK 0.22 released fixing The Sims 2 and games complaining drivers are too old

Monday 30th of September 2019 08:31:36 AM

Tags: Wine, Vulkan, New Release

Joshua Ashton released a small tidying up version of D9VK yesterday, fixing a few issues to give you a better experience with this D3D9 to Vulkan layer.

It adds in support for SetSoftwareVertexProcessing and GetSoftwareVertexProcessing with the rest of D9VK 0.22 amounting to fixes for reported issues.

One such issue was found with The Sims 2, as it would "try to render shadows to a A8 texture and completely mess everything up" so that should now be solved. A regression was put to rest where "full constant uploads were happening all the time", some games moaned that drivers were too old which was solved and it will now return "D3DERR_INVALIDCALL when trying to create textures with unsupported formats".

See the release notes on GitHub.

If you've been testing D9VK directly with Wine or in Steam Play, do let us know in the comments what your experience has been.

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The Linux and gaming Sunday round-up paper

Sunday 29th of September 2019 11:55:52 AM

Tags: Misc, Round-up

Another week has passed already? There's simply not enough time in the week! Since we slow right down during the weekend to get a little downtime ready to be fresh for another week, here's some interesting bits for Sunday reading.

Missing pieces not covered during the week:

First up, Kickstarter is coming under fire as the CEO has gone hard on their anti-union stance with some details about the situation up on Current Affairs. This kind of behaviour is likely going to put a lot of people off pledging their money towards new games appearing on Kickstarter. Perhaps now it's time for more creators to use IndieGoGo again or maybe take a look at Fig.

Canonical have released the Ubuntu 19.10 beta versions, ready for more users to jump in and test to help make it a solid release. I enjoyed reading the blog post announcement Ubuntu MATE 19.10, written by Martin Wimpress that goes over all the little details they've been putting into making it a spectacular release.

More and more developers have been kicking up a fuss about changes to MacOS, with a lot across our Twitter feed mentioning they will no longer support it with their games in future. Here's an interesting post going over some of the reasons why and another here. Not Linux news, but since MacOS is a smaller platform like Linux, it's a reminder to be a great advocate for a niche gaming platform and when you report bugs be as useful as possible.

I was a guest again on the Linux For Everyone podcast for Episode 10, with a little bit about a fun Linux game.

Something we also didn't cover during the week was Richard Stallman announced his intentions to continue heading the GNU Project. Phoronix reported a short time later that a notice was put up on saying he was actually stepping down, which appears to have vanished. Checking an archive, it did indeed seem to have a statement from Stallman that read "I hereby step down as head of the GNU Project, effective immediately.".

Since I never pass up an opportunity to mention my favourite game; Rocket League now has some special Twitch Prime Content! If you link your Twitch account that has Prime with Rocket League and Steam, you can get some free stuff—nice!

This bit isn't Linux related but it does highlight an issue with developer/publisher relations in the gaming industry. Frogwares, developer of the Sherlock Holmes games and The Sinking City, have gone public calling out Focus Home Interactive due to the publisher removing their games for sale. According to Frogwares, the publisher has refused to transfer the "title IDs" (control of the store page) after the Publishing and Distribution Agreement expired. There's a lot of publishers out there with some really poor contracts, hopefully this won't keep happening to others.

Ending the little news roundup with something slightly amusing. Valve recently fixed a bug that affected Half-Life 2 (and the episodes) as well as Half-Life: Source, where NPCs would no longer blink. An issue that had been around for almost five years. Imagine not being able to blink for five years—the horror. It also fixes a few other little issues like missing sounds and a hitch when saving.

Some awesome games got updates recently:

  • Factorio, the complex yet inviting game about building massive production chains had a HUGE update recently. I honestly can't tear myself away from the brilliance of it.
  • Catch monsters, build up a fun team and go on an adventure in Monster Sanctuary with the recent update adding in more creatures, a female character option and more.
  • Fort Triumph continues expanding the fantasy XCOM-like combat with fun dynamic maps.

We had some good software releases in the last week:

Weekend deals reminder:


September is coming to an end and we have tons planned for October! Plenty of interesting looking games are going to be releasing so it's going to be another extremely busy month. If you enjoy what we do here you can support us through many places like Patreon, Paypal, Liberapay, Flattr and Twitch.

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DXVK 1.4.1 is out fixing issues with Batman: Arkham City, Hitman 2 and Ni no Kuni Remastered

Friday 27th of September 2019 10:11:19 PM

Tags: Wine, Vulkan, New Release

The fresh releases just don't stop rolling off the production line recently. Developer Philip Rebohle announced the DXVK 1.4.1 update tonight to clear up some issues from the recent big release.

Here's what's new and improved:

  • Fixed some potential crashes in D3D10 code.
  • Fixed incorrect handling of UNDEFINED primitive topology.
  • Device loss errors will now be forwarded to the application so that it can react accordingly.
  • Batman: Arkham City: Fixed a regression causing the game to crash. (#1203)
  • Hitman 2: Reporting all GPUs as Nvidia GPUs to work around issues with the AMDAGS library introduced with a recent game update. (#1201)
  • Ni no Kuni Remastered: Implemented missing shader instructions to fix crashes and rendering issues. (#1200)

Release notes can be found here.

What is it again? Let's do a quick refresher for those clicking on GamingOnLinux for the first time.

DXVK when fused together with Wine translates calls from D3D11 and D3D10 into Vulkan. You can sort it all out manually or you can use them with applications like the game manager Lutris to easily manage many installs. DXVK and Wine are included in Proton for Steam Play, which Valve/CodeWeavers update every so often with new builds of both.

Hat tip to Xakep.

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Wine 4.17 is out with new Mono, support for DXTn compressed textures and more

Friday 27th of September 2019 09:26:22 PM

Tags: Wine, New Release

Another Friday another tasty Wine development release is out with Wine 4.17, no pun this week as the bottle has run dry. What's with that blanc look on your face? Ah screw it!

Usually every two weeks, the Wine hackers pull together the recent work done into a fresh development build for everyone to try. They come with new features, bug fixes and quite possibly regressions that need finding. Eventually, Valve and CodeWeavers also pull newer releases into Proton for Steam Play.

Here's the highlights of what's new in Wine 4.17:

  • New version of the Mono engine with upstream fixes.
  • Support for DXTn compressed textures.
  • Initial version of the Windows Script runtime library.
  • Support for XRandR device change notifications.
  • Support for generating RSA keys.
  • Stubless proxies support on ARM64.
  • Various bug fixes.

For the bugs they noted 14 solved this time and as usual some of them were fixed some time ago, only now being re-tested.

See the full release notes here.

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Chiaki, an open source PlayStation 4 Remote Play client is out and it works on Linux

Friday 27th of September 2019 08:38:27 PM

Tags: Game Streaming, Open Source, Apps

Streaming is all the rage now right? How about streaming your PlayStation 4 to your Linux box using Chiaki, a new open source Remote Play client. Note: To be clear, this is entirely a community effort and nothing to do with Sony.

This was actually announced last month, so I've no idea how we entirely missed it until today. Earlier this month it had another release, adding in some helpful features and bug fixes and it seems to be coming along very nicely.

Personally, my PS4 is constantly gathering dust. I much prefer everything about using my PC and my wonderful office compared to the cold and lonely living room. So to hear about Chiaki, well that's possibly the highlight of my month.

Pictured above, is my own desktop running on Manjaro Linux KDE and as you can see I have a window open with my PS4 being streamed to it. Something I thought would never, ever happen but it has.

Setup was ridiculously simple too!

Download the AppImage and open it, load up your PS4 and go into Settings -> Remote Play Connection Settings -> Add Device and then you will be able to get the PIN that Chiaki needs. Once entered, you're approved and you can go ahead and play. That's it.

A picture can only do so much though right? They say a picture is worth a thousand words, what's a video worth? You tell me, have a look below of it actually in action in a really quick test video I did:

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Yup, that's the PS4 exclusive Marvel's Spider-Man running on my Linux desktop being played with a simple Logitech F310 gamepad. Absolute madness.

However, there's a few things the developer noted that is not currently implemented:

  • Congestion Control
  • H264 Error Concealment (FEC and active error recovery however are implemented)
  • Touchpad support (Triggering the Touchpad Button is currently possible by pressing "T" on the keyboard)
  • Rumble
  • Configurable Keybindings

Incredible stuff from Florian Märkl and anyone else contributing to it.

You can find Chiaki on GitHub.

Hat tip to Harri for the link.

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The absolutely crazy Streets of Rogue is now available on GOG

Friday 27th of September 2019 04:43:56 PM

Tags: DRM-Free, New Release, Indie Game, Pixel Graphics, Action, Rogue-lite

If you prefer to pick up your gaming fix from the DRM-free store GOG, you're in luck again. One of the best games all year, Streets of Rogue, is now available there too.

Streets of Rogue is a rogue-lite about player choice, freedom, and anarchic fun. The game takes inspiration from fast-paced top-down rogue-lites like Binding of Isaac and Nuclear Throne, and adds free-form, experimentation-driven, emergent gameplay elements of RPGs like Deus Ex.

Rather than taking place in a dungeon, the game is set in a functioning, procedurally generated city, where complex AI informs denizens from all walks of life, who are just trying to get by in their daily activities.

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Since this is just a news tip about it available on GOG, there's not a huge amount else to say that I haven't said before about it. The game is honestly brilliant, so much fun alone and complete chaos when you're playing with others.

Streets of Rogue is going to be expanding too, as we noted before about the developer mentioning a level editor is coming. Not only that but they are planning more characters, items and so on to add in over time. Like many games, it's "released" but they're not finished with it.

Grab Streets of Rogue on GOG where it's 10% off until October 4th or on Humble Store and Steam as before.

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Valve are expanding Steam Remote Play with defaults for popular games and a new API

Friday 27th of September 2019 04:01:21 PM

Tags: Steam, Game Streaming, Valve

Steam Remote Play (previously in-home streaming), the feature of Steam that allows you to stream a game from one PC to another device sure is handy and Valve are giving it a bit more of a push now.

While it's been a feature of Steam for quite some time, Valve never really seemed to do a whole lot with it. That was, until they renamed it and allowed you to stream to many more devices and outside the home too.

In a new blog post on Steam, Valve have announced they've given over 100 popular titles a default configuration. Valve said this has enabled them to learn more about how to build good touch controllers and they gave some examples. One of those is the Linux game Stardew Valley:

In this game the X button uses your farming tools. They're used rapidly and extremely often, so we enlarged the button to make it easy to press without looking. The arrow buttons cycle through your quick-bar items, and each of the sub menus have been given a helpful icon for quick access. The top center of the screen is sometimes used for dialog, so we moved the Steam button to the upper left. We also moved the keyboard button which is used for giving everything on your farm personalized names. The rest of the screen acts as a cursor trackpad for easily organizing the inventory.

After reading it, I decided to go and test it myself. I linked up my Android phone to Steam with the Steam Link application, went over the other side of the house and down a level to bring the wireless signal down and even then while playing Stardew Valley it's surprisingly brilliant. If I had a tablet with a slightly larger screen I could easily see myself playing more games like this from my Linux PC.

They also mention Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch which makes full use of the Steam Input API, with controls that change based on different game sections which sounds very cool. I really hope to see more developers make great use of this.

See the full post about it on Steam. As for finding games that are properly setup for it, Steam also now has different categories to easily find them including:

Thankfully, once you get properly into each of those lists you can narrow down by platform, while keeping it ticked for Remote Play features to easily find a Linux supported game with it. Quite a few show up too—nice!

For developers who want to make use of it and enable players to more easily play their games on other devices Valve have some documentation and a new API for device detection for games to adjust the resolution and UI as needed. Pretty sweet feature.

Steam Remote Play could be especially handy! No I'm not talking about doing a little farming while on the toilet (although the thought had crossed my mind…), perhaps more when you're sick and you don't want to sit at a desk with your PC? My laptop is pretty…pants (understatement) so streaming to my phone (or the laptop when it plays nice) might be something I will do more often if they keep doing handy updates like this to make the experience nicer overall.

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