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Cthulhu Saves the World has an unofficial Linux port available

Monday 19th of August 2019 02:54:14 PM

Tags: Retro, RPG, Steam

The comedic retro-inspired RPG has been brought to Linux thanks to porter Ethan Lee and FNA. You can now aid the horrifying Cthulhu in his quest to save the world in order to ruin it properly later.

In response to an announcement to a sequel to Cthulhu Saves the World, Ethan Lee AKA flibitijibibo has made a unofficial port for the original and a few other previously Windows-only games. As a quick reminder FNA is a reimplementation of the proprietary XNA API created by Micrsosoft and quite a few games were made with that technology. We’ve gotten several ports thanks to FNA over the years though Ethan himself has mostly moved on to other projects like working on FAudio and Steam Play.

To get your copy of Cthulhu Saves the World working on Linux you’ll need to follow the instructions and download the files posted by Ethan here. The steps are fairly simple:

  1. Extract the version for your OS

  2. Copy 'CSTW.exe', 'CSTW.pdb', and 'Content' from the Windows version to the executable directory. On Linux it's the 'CSTW/' folder, on macOS it's ''.

  3. Get the md5sum of 'Content/Movies/CSTW_intro2.wmv'.

  4. Extract, merging the Content folder with the one that already exists from copying the original game. The password is the md5sum from step 3!

  5. The game should now run! Run ./CSTW on Linux, open on macOS.


I got it working without much fuss and played some of the heroic Cthulhu’s quest. The game itself is a few years old and is directly inspired by the RPGs of an earlier era. That said, there’s a few twists that set it apart from its inspirations. Battles are generally faster and have a very Cthulhu-esque twist as inflicting insanity upon enemies has both up and downsides. It doesn’t require much of a grind either; battles in areas become optional after a number of encounters. This coupled with the ability to save anywhere and health restoring between battles makes players able to take the game at their own pace.

As you might also expect, the game has a very tongue-in-cheek tone. The story is silly and Cthulhu only wants to become a hero to unseal his powers and then destroy the world. The cast of characters you encounter and join your party are also odd—you have to have a few screws loose to join up with Cthulhu, after all. Enemies also have creative short descriptions and varied abilities and if you’re into the parody aspects then it’s a fun and engaging ride.

I reached out to the developers of Cthulhu Saves the World, Zeboyd games, to see if there was any chance of making this and Breath of Death VII ported officially and distributed. I have not heard back from them as of the time of publishing this article.

Still, it’s an impressive port and one that underscores just how important it is to have quality cross-platform tools available. It’s good to see Ethan Lee back to porting titles and hopefully he’ll work on more official ports in the future.

If you need a copy of Cthulhu Saves the World to play the unofficial port you can get one on Steam.

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Don't Starve Together has a big free update adding in boats and a strange island

Monday 19th of August 2019 02:29:17 PM

Tags: Steam, Indie Game, Update, Survival

Klei Entertainment have given the gift of new features to their co-op survival game Don't Starve Together, with the Turn of Tides update now available.

Taking a little inspiration from the Shipwrecked DLC available for the single-player version Don't Starve, this new free update enables you to build a boat to carry you and other survivors across the sea. Turn of Tides is the first part of a larger update chain they're calling Return of Them, so I'm excited to see what else is going to come to DST.

Given what they said back in May, things are going to get weird. Well, weirder anyway, Don't Starve Together is already pretty strange. Something about a mysterious entity in the sky?

New feature Highlight:

  • New Boat Mechanics: Don’t sink together! Build and deck out a boat large enough to carry you and your fellow Survivors across the sea.
  • New Seafaring Crafting Menu: Craft everything you’ll need to hit the high seas.
  • The Lunar Island: Explore a strange lunar landscape filled with bizarre creatures.
  • New Lunar Island Biomes: Discover 3 new biomes loaded with valuable new resources, craftables, and fearsome enemies.
  • Enlightenment: See the world from a new perspective as your Sanity is replaced by an all-new Enlightenment meter.

See more on the Steam page.

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GOG are celebrating their Community Wishlist feature with a big sale

Monday 19th of August 2019 01:36:24 PM

Tags: GOG, Game Sale

The DRM-free store GOG are currently doing a bit of patting themselves on the back with a sale celebrating their Community Wishlist feature.

Allowing gamers to suggest, discuss and vote on games they want to see come to GOG it's a pretty fun feature for a curated store to have. GOG say they have completed "over 2 million wishes" and they have "no plans on slowing down" with it. They of course can't fulfil every wish, but it's a good way for them to see what classics people want revived.

For Linux gamers, there's not a massive amount on sale but right now here's a few choice picks for you:

To see all Linux games on sale, tap this link here.

GOG's Games Come True Sale runs until August 26th, 1 PM UTC.

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Open-world vehicle-based survival game Project 5: Sightseer has been officially released

Monday 19th of August 2019 12:37:25 PM

Tags: Survival, Sandbox, Open World, Steam, New Release

Set on a huge procedurally generated world, Project 5: Sightseer from the developer of Windward is a sandbox open-world survival game where you pilot various vehicles.

Instead of running around as person like in other survival sims, Project 5: Sightseer is more about technology. Starting you off in a rather crap land vehicle, you eventually build up an outpost and research much better transportation including those that enable you to fly vast distances easily.

Watch video on

The start of the game is a little painful due to how slow it is, but if you do stick with it once you get some upgrades going it's quite relaxing. Seems like it's come quite a long way since I last played, with a reasonably good tutorial in place now too.

It's not really a game if you're into anything fast-paced. Project 5: Sightseer is more for those who enjoy exploration, mining for resources, building up a base and perhaps a little bit of combat here and there.

Our community has graciously provided a server for Linux fans to play with each other, look for GamingOnLinux in the server list.

You can find Project 5: Sightseer on Steam.

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System76 announce their own graphical Firmware Manager

Monday 19th of August 2019 11:42:31 AM

Tags: Distro News, Misc

System76, the company known for their Linux hardware and the Pop!_OS Linux distribution recently announced their new Firmware Manager.

Supporting their own Pop!_OS as well as other Debian-based distributions like Ubuntu, their firmware tooling is aimed at easing the update process for users. Developed due to a "lack of options for graphical frontends to firmware management services", since previous tools for LVFS (Linux Vendor Firmware Service) relied on GNOME Software or KDE Discover "which is not viable for Linux distributions which have their own application centers, or frontends to package managers".

They've created a GTK application for other distributions to use, as well as widget library with it integrated into GNOME Settings. They do say that the core of the framework is "toolkit-agnostic", enabling frontends to be written in any toolkit. System76 said their new Firmware Manager project supports updating from both LVFS and system76-firmware, along with being compatible with Wayland.

You can see the full blog post here.

Talking about it on Twitter, the System76 CEO Carl Richell said "This work continues our transition from a hardware company shipping a distro to a hardware company providing an integrated, holistic hardware and OS product. Still a lot of work ahead of us but manufacturing, open firmware, and Pop!_OS are pulling together.".

What are your thoughts? Seems pretty handy to me.

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Based on the classic FPS Warsow, the new Warfork is now live in Early Access

Monday 19th of August 2019 11:23:38 AM

Tags: FPS, Steam, Free Game, Open Source, Early Access, New Release

Fast-paced arena shooter Warsow has been forked, updated under the name of Warfork and it's now in Early Access on Steam.

If you're curious why they forked it and put it on Steam, according to the team behind Warfork the owner of Warsow is apparently opposed to a Steam release (see the additional notes below on that). Not just that, but until recently Warsow saw very little in the way of updates and seemed a bit dead overall. In addition, the developers of Warfork are planning lots of work to make Warfork more easily adjusted with mods.

Now that Warfork is up on Steam, they've outlined their current main objectives as:

- Modernize the engine
- Make the game mod-friendly and Steam Workshop friendly.
- Establish our own visual style in-game (weapons, models, sounds, music and textures).
- Give people a reason to come back with matchmaking and weekly events.
- Establish a friendly community of fellow AFPS lovers.

You can see a much longer list of all their plans here.

It's going to be interesting to follow this one, since it's free and open source (with no micro transactions) and it has Linux support right away which is something of a highlight of course. They said they won't be doing any real marketing until they're ready to leave Early Access, which is fair enough.

After checking it out myself, as expected the Linux version runs beautifully. I ran around and got instantly killed as soon as people saw me often—yep, that's a fast-paced arena FPS alright. I continue to be terrible at such games but they're still a huge amount of fun.

Find Warfork on Steam. Why not give it a try, since it's free you've got nothing to lose but time.

Just recently, Warsow itself has seen somewhat of a small resurgence in development with multiple beta releases starting from June this year. It's currently on Beta 2.5 you can find here, which seems to have a bunch of sound work, bots, user interface improvements and so on. As for a Steam release of Warsow, according to one of their team it is actually planned.

With both Warsow and Warfork now competing for your attention, what will you be picking?

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Planetary Annihilation: TITANS still seeing updates, Mesa issues on Linux being looked into

Monday 19th of August 2019 10:48:19 AM

Tags: RTS, Strategy, Steam, Update

Celebrating one year since Planetary Annihilation Inc took over development of Planetary Annihilation: TITANS from Uber Entertainment, the team have given an update.

The post goes over what they've been able to achieve and it is quite impressive. Before Planetary Annihilation Inc appeared, it did seem like the game was left on life support so they've given it a big boost. A fair amount of Planetary Annihilation: TITANS was getting old, so their first point of action was to upgrade the underlying tech to be more modern. Along with that they also upgraded the AI, put a fair amount of effort into their servers to improve performance, gave it more multi-threading and so on.

One lingering issue on Linux, is that it doesn't work right on AMD GPUs with Mesa and hasn't done for a long time. They're fully aware and it seems it hasn't been forgotten about, as they said "We are aware of the Linux Mesa issues so please hang tight, we’re working on it!".

They also just recently put out another small update which updates Naval units speed, since naval battles could end up far too slow along with even more AI improvements. They also noted that "It has been a great year and we look forward to an even better one to follow.", so it sounds like they have more fun stuff to come.

Additionally, they have a really interesting development timeline up that's worth a little look, giving a little history behind it all.

Really glad to see such effort being put into TITANS, as it remains a seriously fun grand-scale RTS. I've got a lot of hours in it personally and I come back to it often. There's just something incredible about hundreds of units flowing towards each other, explosions everywhere and just when you think you've won, another player crashes an entire moon into you—ouch.

You can find Planetary Annihilation: TITANS on Humble Store and Steam.

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Incredibly stylish twin-stick shooter Devader is launching next month

Monday 19th of August 2019 10:37:51 AM

Tags: Action, Twin-stick shooter, Steam, Indie Game, Upcoming, Demo

With some really wild enemy designs and action that just don't stop, Devader is a damn fun game and it's releasing officially next month.

Play this original arcade game and fight wave after wave of cruel, challenging and ever changing enemies. Wield powerful weapons as you strategize to find the best method to defeat the invaders while protecting the core. With many upgrade paths to choose from, various endings and secrets to unlock, Devader offers a wealth of possibilities and hours of game play.

Announced on Twitter, the developer mentioned September 2nd as the date. Exciting, since it's possibly one of the most interesting twin-stick shooters I've ever played. You're tasked with protecting the Core, against wave after wave of ever-changing enemies called the Krin. Some of the design work going on here is wild too, the bosses in particular are insane. I took it for a spin recently, check out the footage:

Watch video on

With thanks to the developer, I do have a full copy ready so I will hopefully have something up around the release date on September 2nd. I've already played a fair bit and it's looking good, incredibly fun too and I think you're going to love it.

You don't have to play it alone either, as it has support for up to four people to play together in local co-op.

There's a demo on Steam so do check it out.

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wsPublish, an open source Steam Workshop Interop Library released

Monday 19th of August 2019 10:35:12 AM

Tags: Open Source, Steam, Game Dev, Toolkit

How about a little open source news to get your Monday flowing? Game porter Ethan Lee recently announced the release of wsPublish, an open source Steam Workshop Interop Library with a little history.

Give it to me straight, what's it supposed to do? In the wise words of Lee:

The main intention is to allow users to integrate wsPublish into their own tools to allow for built-in Workshop support, without the need for an additional program to manage their uploads.

Originally developed by Lee, under contract with General Arcade for Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition and Shadow Warrior Classic Redux. Lee said that while other tools exist and have been released in some form, "there isn't a portable, dependency-free, multiplatform tool yet".

After speaking to Gennadii Potapov, the co-founder and CEO of General Arcade, Lee has been allowed to release wsPublish for others to use. Find it on GitHub.

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Spacebase Startopia is the next title from Realmforge and Kalypso Media, coming to Linux

Monday 19th of August 2019 10:20:30 AM

Tags: Strategy, Simulation, Steam, Upcoming

Set Phasers to fun sci-fi fans, as Realmforge (Dungeons 3) and Kalypso Media just announced Spacebase Startopia and it's confirmed to be supporting Linux.

From the press release sent over by Kalypso Media, they confirmed it's "an all-new take on the 2001 cult classic" Startopia from Mucky Foot Productions. So they're going for the spiritual successor route by the sound of it.

In Spacebase Startopia, manage your very own space station, maintaining the three unique deck types, accommodating eight different alien races and defending against enemy invaders while also contending with the station’s sharp-witted and sarcastic narrator AI, VAL. Take on the final frontier by yourself as you strive to create the best trade and tourist destination in the galaxy in the challenging single player campaign and the versatile battle mode, or link up with up to four friends/frenemies in competitive and cooperative multiplayer modes.

They also sent along the announcement trailer:

Watch video on

Considering Dungeons 3 was pretty good and Realmforge did well with the Linux version, I'm pretty keen for this. I'm also a huge sci-fi fan, so this is exactly the kind of title I want to see.

Here's some screenshots Kalypso provided:

Interestingly, this is a title that Kalypso said is being "financially supported by the FFF Bayern", a company to promote media in Bavaria. Realmforge Studios are based in Germany, so it makes them a good match for it.

It's not due to release for some time though, as it's currently scheduled for Q3 2020. You can wishlist and follow it on the now live Steam page.

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The situation with Blood: Fresh Supply getting a Linux version is looking a little unclear

Monday 19th of August 2019 10:02:57 AM

Tags: FPS, Misc

Blood: Fresh Supply is the revamp of the classic 90's first-person shooter Blood, released by Nightdive Studios in May this year.

In the most recent update on Steam, the team mentioned "For future issues, we will have to recommend contacting Atari about them.". Their wording is interesting, which seems to indicate that Nightdive will not be making any further additions to Blood: Fresh Supply. Presumably then, this would mean the Linux version they previously confirmed back in May will not be happening either.

From what I understand about it, Atari contracted Nightdive Studios to make Blood: Fresh Supply and the contract is done. It's now completely down to Atari on what goes as far as updates and future ports are concerned.

That's not actually the end of the story though. Speaking in their Discord a day after the original announcement, their Producer actually mentioned that "Official things will still come", "I have stated that the game is not being abandoned" and "Atari still want us to do things with the game". I have reached out to Nightdive to see if they will comment about the Linux version, will update you if/when they reply.

Worth reminding readers that the open source NBlood project exists, which is based on EDuke32. Looks like NBlood is being updated to search for Blood: Fresh Supply data files too.

Hat tip to dreamer_ in our Discord Channel.

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Not quite time to wine down yet, with Wine 4.14 released to lift your spirits

Friday 16th of August 2019 10:42:00 PM

Tags: Wine, New Release, Open Source

Ah yes, one of my favourite days of the week. The day I get to unleash more glorious puns about Wine with another release now available for those of you wanting to run Windows games and applications on Linux.

Highlights of the 4.14 release:

  • New version of the Mono engine with upstream updates.
  • PE dlls no longer rely on the MinGW runtime.
  • Exception handling fixes on ARM64.
  • Various bug fixes.

As for bug fixes the usual applies: some are older bugs recently getting noticed and ticked off the list. Mentioned this time are 18 fixes in total including issues solved with World War Z, Star Citizen, Star Control Origins, The Sims and other miscellaneous bugs.

You can find the full release notes here.

The Wine team also recently announced the next WineConf, the Wine Project's annual conference. Taking place in Toronto, Canada between October 12th - 13th. You can see the full details on it here.

I heard through the grapevine that some people say I do a pour job at this pun business, I'll deal with such things on a case by case basis. *checks notes*, nope haven't used those before. I'll see myself out.

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Hunt down beasts, take their power and possibly save the world in Mable & The Wood, releasing soon

Friday 16th of August 2019 05:54:54 PM

Tags: Metroidvania, Steam, Indie Game, Upcoming, Action, Adventure

Mable & The Wood is a Metroidvania that's possibly nothing like any other. One with multiple endings and it's possible to do it without killing anything.

I've been excited about this game for so long, after discovering it a while ago and it was announced today that it's going to be releasing on August 23rd! It captured my interest due to the unusual heroine, who carries around a sword too big to swing and it's how you use the sword that makes it truly sweet. You stick it in the ground, then use your powers to recall it as it slices its way back to you.

Watch video on

When you take down various beasts, you're then able to take their shape and transform giving you some advantages. However, the developer said there are secret paths to complete the game without killing a single thing which makes me even more curious about it.

Feature Highlight:

  • Your choices matter - The cult wants you to kill everything, but it's up to you whether or not you listen to them or find your own path and unlock the multiple endings
  • A rich story with a diverse cast of characters who have their own take on this whole 'end of the world' thing
  • Combat is movement and movement is combat - Mable can't lift her magical sword, so she has to use it in unique ways to move through the world
  • A large and varied fantasy world, brought to life with state-of-the-art pixel technology and a beautiful original soundtrack
  • Multiple endings, different routes to take through the world and secrets to discover

You can wishlist/follow it on Steam.

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Twin-stick shooting combined with deck-building, ACardShooter is out now

Friday 16th of August 2019 02:56:31 PM

Tags: Action, Twin-stick shooter, Card Game, Steam, Indie Game, New Release, Deck-builder

Deck-building is all the rage and now it's come to twin-stick shooters too, with ACardShooter now available on Steam with Linux support. Note: Key provided by the developer to our Steam Curator.

It's certainly an interesting idea, we've seen a lot of twin-stick shooters and now a fair amount of turn-based deck-building strategy types but a fast-paced shooter like this is quite different. In ACardShooter, the cards aren't just your abilities as they're also tied directly to your health. Get hit? Lose a card. Heal up from a card? Gain a card slot back and have it filled if you have enough left in your deck.

Watch video on

Quite a lot to appreciate here. Graphically though, it's not great but thankfully it does make up for it with the great and challenging gameplay. Much like other deck-builders, it's a game based about repetition. You will often need to replay the same level, to build up your money to shop for a more powerful deck of abilities.

Something it could have used is a brief tutorial on the card system. It's not complicated at all, but the way it works could have used a simple introduction. I like how they did it though, enabling you to quickly tap a hotkey if you know exactly what the card is or use your scroll-wheel to highlight it and tap space bar to activate. A little frantic to begin with though while you don't know the cards.

Each game of ACardShooter is based on waves, so you have a set amount of enemies that will appear on the small map each time. You also get a small breather between these waves, with the option to skip ahead if you wish. As for the action, it does become a bit of a bullet-hell at times and quite challenging in places with all sorts of enemies jumping around the screen throwing things at you.

One thing I didn't like at all was the constant screen-shake when shooting, it really messed with my eyes. Thankfully you can reduce it or turn it off entirely in the options so that made me quite happy. Other than that, it's pretty fun.

You can find ACardShooter on Steam.

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Cerulean Days, a Visual Novel following the internet being shut down after a biological attack

Friday 16th of August 2019 01:04:46 PM

Tags: Visual Novel, Crowdfunding, Indie Game

Cerulean Days certainly sounds like an intriguing Visual Novel. Set on a small modern island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, a deadly biological attack took place so the government shut the internet down, leaving the island disconnected from the world around it.

Following the lethal attack in 2018 which led to the internet being shut down, it's now 2020 and the government has been working to build their own state-controlled Internet.

Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, this is the third Visual Novel to be developed by Cascade of Leaves, who previously made Anomie and Winter's Symphonies. Unlike the first two, Cerulean Days will be available on Linux too.

Cerulean Days is set in 2020, and follows two outliers of society – mellow Michael and competent Séverine – as they discover the true effects of 2018. Amidst tragedy of lost friends and family bonds are grown, solace is found, feelings blossom, truth is discovered, and conspiracies are seemingly unraveled. 

Their goal is just under £10K and with 23 days to go they have about 28% of the funding they require.

If you're interested in trying it out, they do have a Linux demo available, looks like it was made with Ren'Py and it works quite well. Seems like it has some nice writing to it too along with some great artwork.

You can see more on Kickstarter.

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Dota Underlords changes ranking again to be more about skill and less about time

Friday 16th of August 2019 11:55:16 AM

Tags: Valve, Steam, Early Access, Strategy

While in Early Access, Dota Underlords is in a constant state of flux and Valve have again changed the ranking system.

For those good enough to be in the Lord of White Spire ranking, they're now using the well-known Elo rating system, so the number of points gained or lost now depends on the skill of your opponents. Why the switch? As Valve said, the Lords of White Spire leaderboard ended up being a list of who played the most instead of the best so they're hoping this will solve it and be a little more fair to those who don't play all the time.

Other ranks don't seem to be affected by this change, as Valve think they have a good enough balance for those ranked from Upstart through to Big Boss. You can see the main changelog here, with their explanation on the rank changes here.

Dota Underlords still seems to be doing very well on Steam. It's regularly hitting over fifty thousand players a day, although going by SteamDB graphs there's a clear decline over time. That said, it's pretty skewed due to the massive player influx at the start.

What is great, is to see a team at Valve keep in constant communication with the community, I imagine that has helped Underlords quite a lot.

Are you enjoying Underlords? What are you hoping they do with it next? Let everyone know in the comments.

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Solve cable-based puzzles in the fully narrated game Filament, coming to Linux next year

Friday 16th of August 2019 11:06:56 AM

Tags: Puzzle, Upcoming, Steam

Currently in development by Beard Envy with publishing from Kasedo Games, the puzzle game Filament has you exploring a seemingly abandoned spaceship while sorting out all the cables.

From what they said about it, it's a story-rich and full narrated puzzle game. One that's meant to be somewhat relaxing with you able to go at your own pace. Going by the official announcement, Linux support is confirmed for release sometime in Q1 next year.

Check out the first teaser trailer, could be good:

Watch video on

Sounds like it will have a lot to keep you occupied too, with "over 300" puzzles to solve and a lot of them can be done in a different order as you explore.

I'm certainly curious to find out more about the story as you will be in contact with Juniper, the sole surviving member of the spaceship crew. As you progress, Juniper will gradually open up and you will find out what happened.

You can wishlist/follow it on Steam now.

Hat tip to NuSuey in our Discord.

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Action RPG with mutating characters Din's Legacy to leave Early Access this month

Friday 16th of August 2019 10:48:22 AM

Tags: Action, RPG, Indie Game, Steam, Early Access, Upcoming

Din's Legacy from Soldak Entertainment is their latest action RPG, after being in Early Access for nearly a year it's getting ready to release in full.

Soldak Entertainment previously developed games like Zombasite, Drox Operative, Din's Curse and Depths of Peril with all of them supporting Linux too.

For the final release of Din's Legacy, they've set a date of August 28th (announced on Twitter) and since we already have a key, we should be taking a proper look.

Watch video on

Feature Highlight:

  • Experience your character mutating over time for good and bad
  • Guide your character's evolution (choosing/improving skills, suppressing unwanted mutations, etc)
  • Use mutation points to mutate your character towards another character or sub-class
  • Uniquely created worlds for every game, with different scenario, win/lose conditions, areas, monsters, items, and quests, give the player a new experience every time
  • Explore a dynamic, evolving, living world
  • Your choices truly impact the game
  • Co-op multiplayer to adventure with friends

You can find Din's Legacy on Steam.

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The team behind SUPERHOT are now helping to fund other indie games

Friday 16th of August 2019 10:36:31 AM

Tags: Misc, Game Dev

A nice story for a Friday morning as the SUPERHOT team have announced SUPERHOT PRESENTS, a fund to help other indie game developers who don't want or need a publisher.

SUPERHOT PRESENTS, a name they jokingly stole from Double Fine Productions (Double Fine Presents) aims to work with developers who need some "finishing (or starting) funds" and they will give some mentoring and advice. They said they just want to "enable a few more properly independent studios exist in the world" which is rather admirable.

With thousands of games releasing every year, times are tough for all developers and it's great to see those more successful reach out and help others. Their ending note was sweet:

We’re still a game development company, we’re working hard on our own games, we just think putting some money back into the industry so more cool things can be made is a nice idea.

The first titles announced are Knuckle Sandwich and The Haunted Island, a Frog Detective Game. If we hear any news about them coming to Linux, we will let you know.

You can see all the details here, just scroll down a bit.

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The first trailer for Commandos 2 - HD Remaster has been released

Friday 16th of August 2019 10:19:09 AM

Tags: Upcoming, Steam, Strategy, Stealth, Video

Commandos 2 - HD Remaster, announced with Linux support back in June now has a first gameplay trailer ahead of Gamescom.

Originally developed by Pyro Studios, it's now being handled by Yippee! Entertainment with Kalypso Media Digital acting as publisher since they acquired the rights back in 2018.

Here's the new footage:

Watch video on

Feature Reminder/Highlight:

  • Re-imagined in HD with reworked controls, modernized UI and an overhauled tutorial.
  • Interactive environments: steal enemy uniforms and weapons, climb poles, swing from cables, swim, utilize vehicles, and climb in/out of buildings, ships and planes.
  • Control nine unique commandos, each with different skills and specializations including green beret, sniper, demolition expert, diver, seductress and thief.
  • The Commandos series’ first appearance in a modern 3D Engine: rotate the environment 360 degrees, move seamlessly in and out of buildings, submarines, planes and underwater, and zoom in and out of the environment.
  • Authentic WWII scenarios: 10 missions spanning 9 different environments in night and day, with realistic weather effects.
  • The choice is yours: how you tackle each mission is up to you. Experiment with skills and weapons in a challenging “against the odds” gameplay style.
  • WWII vehicles and weapons, including jeeps, tanks, trucks, ships, bazookas and flame-throwers.

You can wishlist/follow it on Steam. It's due to release sometime in Q4 later this year.

Since I absolutely adored Commandos, I'm super happy that Commandos 2 HD is coming to Linux. Such a great game, hopefully Yippee! Entertainment will do it justice.

As a reminder, Praetorians HD Remaster (trailer) was also announced at the same time. While Kalypso Media Digital are publishing both, each game has a different developer and only Commandos 2 is coming to Linux.

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  • Your Guide to the CPython Source Code

    Are there certain parts of Python that just seem magic? Like how are dictionaries so much faster than looping over a list to find an item. How does a generator remember the state of the variables each time it yields a value and why do you never have to allocate memory like other languages? It turns out, CPython, the most popular Python runtime is written in human-readable C and Python code. This tutorial will walk you through the CPython source code. You’ll cover all the concepts behind the internals of CPython, how they work and visual explanations as you go.

  • Python 3.8 support in PyCharm

    The release of Python 3.8 brought new features to the Python coding realm. The language is evolving according to its community’s needs by addressing cases where new syntax or logic become necessary. From new ways of assigning expressions to restriction of usage of function declarations, calls, and variable assignations, this latest release presents new options to code. Of course, PyCharm couldn’t get behind, so we now support some of the major features coming with this new version. This article will walk you through the features currently supported by our latest PyCharm release. To try them out, get the latest version of PyCharm and download the current beta release of Python 3.8 from here. From there you will just need to switch to Python 3.8 as your interpreter in PyCharm (if you’re not sure how to switch the interpreter, jump into our documentation for help).

  • Python Arrays in a Nutshell

    Python arrays are homogenous data structure. They are used to store multiple items but allow only the same type of data. They are available in Python by importing the array module. Lists, a built-in type in Python, are also capable of storing multiple values. But they are different from arrays because they are not bound to any specific type. So, to summarize, arrays are not fundamental type, but lists are internal to Python. An array accepts values of one kind while lists are independent of the data type.

Mozilla: WebAssembly Interface Type, Bryce and Brady, FPR16

  • WebAssembly Interface Types: Interoperate with All the Things!

    People are excited about running WebAssembly outside the browser. That excitement isn’t just about WebAssembly running in its own standalone runtime. People are also excited about running WebAssembly from languages like Python, Ruby, and Rust.

  • Support.Mozilla.Org: Introducing Bryce and Brady

    I’m thrilled to share this update with you today. Bryce and Brady have joined us last week and will be able to help out on Support for some of the new efforts Mozilla are working on towards creating a connected and integrated Firefox experience. They are going to be involved with new products, but also they won’t forget to put extra effort in providing support on forums and as well as serving as an escalation point for hard to solve issues.

  • FPR16 delays

    FPR16 was supposed to reach you in beta sometime tomorrow but I found a reproducible crash in the optimized build, probably due to one of my vain attempts to fix JavaScript bugs. I'm still investigating exactly which change(s) were responsible. We should still make the deadline (September 3) to be concurrent with the 60.9/68.1 ESRs, but there will not be much of a beta testing period and I don't anticipate it being available until probably at least Friday or Saturday. More later.

Games: Loria, Dota Underlords and Steam in China

  • Classic inspired RTS Loria is now available DRM-free on GOG

    If you're like me and you enjoy a good real-time strategy game, Loria is actually pretty good. It added Linux support on Steam earlier this year and now it's also available on GOG. While it's inspired by titles like Warcraft II, it's not just a retro RTS. There's a few RPG-like elements including hero units, item collection, quests and more.

  • The Underlords are actually coming to Dota Underlords, plus a new Duos mode

    Valve continue to push out changes rapidly to their auto-battler Dota Underlords, with some of their upcoming plans now being detailed in a fresh update. One big new feature planned to be available in a few weeks is a new Duos game mode. Valve say it's a new way to play cooperatively with a friend. You party up and battle against other teams and it will support both Casual and Ranked play. The actual Underlords are going to be making an appearance soon too. This feature Valve said they're "excited" about, as they're a "core part of the game". They haven't said how they will work but they will "add a layer of fun and strategy to every match" so I'm very curious to see what happens.

  • Steam for China Is Called 'Zhengpi Pingtai'

    The digital games service will be run almost entirely independent of Steam and by Valve's Chinese partner company Perfect World.