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Brewing machine hops to it with Linux

Friday 5th of December 2014 12:21:09 AM
At Indiegogo there’s a Linux-based automated beer brewing machine called the Brewie, with 20-liter capacity, plus touchscreen, RFID, and mobile app access. There appears to be a high correlation between tech hackers and home brewers. Yet, just because you know Java or Yocto, or can explain the difference between RS232 and RS485, doesn’t mean your […]

Linux/Android MIPS hacker SBC goes for $65

Thursday 4th of December 2014 07:13:03 PM
Imagination’s Linux/Android “Creator CI20″ hacker SBC, featuring a dual MIPS core Ingenic JZ4780 SoC, 4GB flash, WiFi, and BT 4.0, is now selling for $65. Imagination Technologies unveiled its MIPS Creator CI20 single board computer in August without pricing or availability information. The community-backed, MIPS-based hacker board was supplied free of charge to several hundred […]

Linux Foundation reveals 2015 lineup, adds new events

Wednesday 3rd of December 2014 05:25:08 PM
The LF released its 2015 schedule, with new storage and containers events, plus a “Drones, Things, and Automobiles” theme for the Embedded Linux Conference. The Linux Foundation (LF) has announced its 2015 conference dates, including the Android Builders Summit + Embedded Linux Conference North America, scheduled for March 23-25. The nonprofit group chartered with hosting […]

First Quark-based SMARC module runs Linux on 2W

Tuesday 2nd of December 2014 11:58:46 PM
Kontron unveiled the first SMARC COM for headless, industrial IoT devices based on Intel’s Quark X1000 CPU. The Linux-ready module runs on just 2 Watts. This has been a big week for Intel’s low-power, x86-compatible Quark processor. First The Wall Street Journal claimed that the struggling Google Glass wearable was moving from a Texas Instruments […]

Tiny mini-PC boasts quad-core Cortex-A15 SoC

Tuesday 2nd of December 2014 06:11:20 PM
CompuLab unveiled a second-gen Ubuntu and Android ready Utilite2 mini-PC based on a quad-core 1.7GHz Snapdragon 600, that shrinks to 3.4 x 3.4 x 1.1 inches. With its Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 APQ8064 system-on-chip, also known as the S4 Pro, the Utilite2 is twice as fast as last year’s Freescale i.MX6 based Utilite mini-PC, claims Israel-based […]

Tiny i.MX6 COM and dev kit offer triple camera inputs

Monday 1st of December 2014 07:13:29 PM
E-Con released a Linux-friendly i.MX6 based COM with optional eMMC, WiFi, BLE, Ethernet, and -40 to 85°C support, plus a dev kit with triple camera inputs. The eSOMiMX6 follows a long line of E-Con Systems eSOM computer-on-modules featuring Linux support. Their latest COM uses the relatively new, 70 x 45mm “μQseven” form-factor to expand upon […]

Rugged box-PC runs Linux on quad-core 2.1GHz Core i7

Saturday 29th of November 2014 12:10:39 AM
MPL unveiled a “PIP39″ industrial PC with a quad-core, 2.1GHz Core i7, ECC RAM, dual SATA bays, and protection against extreme temperatures, shock, and ESD. Most industrial computers are claimed to be rugged, but the PIP39 seems to go the extra kilometer, so to speak, even compared to MPL’s highly ruggedized CEC10. Entirely designed and […]

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Quadcopter drone packs first all-Linux APM autopilot

Erle Robotics launched a ROS-enabled, open source “Erle-brain” autopilot that runs APM directly on Linux. The device also powers an “Erle-copter” drone. Over the last year, Spanish firm Erle Robotics S.L. has been working with 3DRobotics to develop an open source BeaglePilot autopilot for drones that can run Linux on 3DR’s popular, Arduino-based APM (ArduPilot Mega) platform. The APM Linux port was developed by both companies, as well as several academic institutions. The BeagleBone-based “Erle-brain” autopilot is built into the $490-and-up Erle-copter quadcopter. Read more

Seven Tips To Get The Most From Your New Android Smartphone

With applications able to run in the background and sync as they see fit, Android can rapidly eat through your cellular data allowance if you are not careful. While it’s fine to let the data run free on wi-fi, you’ll want to restrict your data usage when out and about. Short of switching off mobile data (which defeats the purpose of a smartphone), look under the options in the Data Usage part of the settings. Here you’ll find my wallet’s favourite Android setting of ‘restrict background data’. Now when using cellular data, apps will only pull down data when they are in the foreground and you can see them doing so. If a smartphone is all about being in control, this is the option that gives you confidence. Read more

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Hands-on with PCLinuxOS: A terrific release

I had been thinking that a new PCLinuxOS release was due any time now, based on their quarterly release schedule. Sure enough, it has now arrived, just in time for Christmas - PCLinuxOS 2014.12. Read more Also: Santa Claus has Linux in his sack -- PCLinuxOS 2014.12 is here PCLinuxOS 2014.12 released