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Updated: 2 hours 10 min ago

Under $40 quad-core Cortex-A9 SBC offers expansion shields

Thursday 17th of September 2015 09:46:20 PM
[Updated: Sept. 18] —’s “Sparky” SBC runs Linux or Android on a quad-core, Cortex-A9 SoC, and offers RPi compatible shields for amp, WiFi, eMMC, GbE, and LCD. Allo is a Canadian company established in Bangalore, India, where it manufactures VOIP hardware such as digital telephony cards, VOIP gateways, hybrid PBX systems, IP phones, ATAs, […]

Android media player features 4K video and optimized Kodi 15

Thursday 17th of September 2015 08:18:44 PM
Cloud Media’s “Open Hour Gecko” is an $89, quad-core Android media player with an optimized Kodi 15 app that supports HD audio passthrough and 4K H.264/265. Last month, Cloud Media tackled the higher end of the media player market with its $449, dual-boot Linux and Android Popcorn Hour A-500 Pro. The $89 Open Hour Gecko […]

Disney “Linux Light Bulb” home networking is not just for toys

Thursday 17th of September 2015 06:36:54 PM
Disney Research has demonstrated an LED-to-LED networking method whereby toys, wearables, mobile devices, and IoT gizmos could communicate with one another. Disney Research has demonstrated an LED-to-LED “Linux Light Bulb” networking technology that would let toys communicate with each other, thereby bringing us one step closer to the reality of Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story. Instead of […]

Rugged, secure SMARC COM runs Yocto on Tegra K1

Wednesday 16th of September 2015 10:49:45 PM
Calao claims its “SMC-NTKE1” is the first SMARC COM with a Tegra K1 SoC. The rugged module offers Yocto Linux, crypto and TPM security, and up to 64GB eMMC. Nvidia’s quad-core Tegra K1 SoC, which features a 192-core Kepler GPU, has appeared on Linux-ready computer-on-modules including Seco’s SECOMExp-TK1 COM Express Type 6 Compact COM and […]

Software defined radio module runs Linux on Zynq SoC

Wednesday 16th of September 2015 08:42:15 PM
Avnet released a 100 x 72mm “PicoZed SDR” COM and dev kit for fixed or mobile Software Defined Radio apps, that runs Linux on an ARM/FPGA Zynq-7035 SoC. In Oct. 2013, Avnet launched two Linux-based Software Defined Radio (SDR) development kits that combined Xilinx ARM/FPGA Zynq-7000 SoCs with the Analog Devices AD9361 RF Agile Transceiver […]

Rugged PC/104-Plus SBC runs Linux on Vortex86DX2 SoC

Wednesday 16th of September 2015 12:51:55 AM
Versalogic’s “Fox” SBC features a DMP Vortex86DX2 SoC, dual display, USB, serial, and LAN ports, stackable ISA and PCI expansion, and -40 to 85°C operation. The Fox single-board computer is the newest member of Versalogic’s family of rugged, PC/104-style SBCs. It joins siblings named Cougar, Leapard, Minx, Tiger, Tomcat, Wildcat, and Ocelot, which are variously […]

Atmel launches ultra efficient, Linux ready Cortex-A5 SoC

Tuesday 15th of September 2015 06:42:51 PM
[Updated: Sept. 16] — Atmel has begun sampling its most power efficient Cortex-A5 SoC yet: a Linux-ready, IoT oriented, 150mW SAMA5D2 with DDR3 and extended temperature support. We’re somewhat surprised more semiconductor vendors haven’t tapped the Cortex-A5 design for low-power Internet of Things applications. The major exception is Atmel, which was an early supporter of […]

Qualcomm unveils Linux-based UAV reference platform

Tuesday 15th of September 2015 01:00:29 PM
Qualcomm unveiled a Snapdragon 801 and Ubuntu based “Snapdragon Flight” reference platform for the design of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Ubuntu got a big boost as a competitive operating system for drones with an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) reference platform announced by Qualcomm this week called Snapdragon Flight. The Snapdragon 801 based development platform supports […]

Wireless touchscreen kits run Android or Yocto on TI Sitara

Tuesday 15th of September 2015 12:53:02 AM
Gumstix unveiled a pair of $329, 4.3-inch, wireless, battery-powered “Pepper” touchscreen kits that run Android or Yocto on an 800MHz TI Sitara SoC. Gumstix launched its original Pepper SBC kit in 2013, and is now following up with two new models featuring the Texas Instruments Sitara AM3354 instead of AM3359 system-on-chip. They also add Android […]

Continually updated home security appliance runs Linux

Monday 14th of September 2015 06:53:18 PM
A startup is launching a “Cujo” home security appliance on Indiegogo starting at $49, that protects devices ranging from PCs to home automation gadgets. In Stephen King’s book Cujo, a beloved St. Bernard goes bezerk from rabies, embarks on a killing spree, and is finally “put down” with the sharp end of a baseball bat […]

Compact fanless SBC runs Linux on Skylake, features 4K video

Saturday 12th of September 2015 12:48:56 AM
Advantech’s new 3.5-inch SBC based on Intel U-series 6th Gen Core CPUs will feature 4K video, three display outputs, dual GbE, SATA, and modular expansion. Following Intel’s launch of its 6th Gen Core (“Skylake”) processors last week, there was a wave of third-party announcements of computer-on-module (COM) and single-board computer (SBC) products that integrate the […]

10G WiFi gateway runs OpenWRT on 64-bit Freescale QorIQ

Friday 11th of September 2015 06:49:11 PM
Freescale unveiled a Linux-based 10Gbps, residential WiFi gateway reference design based on its quad-core QorIQ LS1043A SoC and a Quantenna 802.11ac router. The Linux-based QorIQ LS1043A residential gateway is “the industry’s first 10Gbps Internet plus 10Gbps Wi-Fi enabled home gateway solution,” claims Freescale Semiconductor. The design was co-developed with Quantenna Communications, which is supplying its […]

Nano-ITX SBC runs Linux on quad-core Atom, has dual GbE

Thursday 10th of September 2015 11:07:04 PM
Axiomtek tipped a 120x120mm motherboard with up to a quad-core 1.9GHz Atom SoC, three display outputs, dual GbE, dual mini-PCIe, and -40 to 85°C operation. Intel’s two-year-old “Baytrail-I” Atom and Celeron SoCs keep popping up on new products aimed at embedded, industrial, and IoT applications, as evidenced by Axiomtek’s new Nano-ITX form factor “NANO840” and […]

Toradex preps first Freescale i.MX7-based COMs

Wednesday 9th of September 2015 07:00:59 PM
Toradex is prepping two Linux-ready Colibri branded COMs, based on Freescale’s single- and dual-core Cortex-A7 i.MX7 SoCs, for release early next year. Last week we were intrigued by a vague pre-announcement from Toradex about its plan to develop one of the first computer-on-modules built around the i.MX7 system-on-chip, which Freescale announced in June. The Swiss […]

Tiny COM runs Linux on quad-core 64-bit Snapdragon 410

Wednesday 9th of September 2015 05:35:17 PM
eInfochips has launched a 35 x 26mm “Eragon 410” COM that runs Linux or Android on a quad-core Snapdragon 410, and offers 8GB eMMC and wireless I/O. The Eragon 410 computer-on-module does for Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 410 system-on-chip what the recently introduced eInfochips Eragon600 did for the Snapdragon 600: help it gently on its way to […]

Raspberry Pi gets official 7-inch touchscreen

Wednesday 9th of September 2015 12:08:52 AM
The Raspberry Pi Foundation released its long-awaited 7-inch, 800 x 480 capacitive touchscreen for the Raspberry Pi, selling for $60. Almost a year after the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s Eben Upton briefly demonstrated an official Raspberry Pi touchscreen, the display is now available, starting at $60. As promised, it’s a 7-inch, VGA (800 x 480 pixel) […]

Spiderlike bot’s controller runs Snappy Ubuntu on Raspberry Pi 2

Tuesday 8th of September 2015 05:27:11 PM
Erle Robotics has launched a six-legged Erle-Spider robot on Indiegogo, with an Erle-Brain 2 controller that runs Ubuntu Snappy and ROS on a Raspberry Pi 2. Spain’s Erle Robotics was the first company to create an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) using the Linux version of 3DR’s typically Arduino-based APM (ArduPilot Mega) drone autopilot platform. The […]

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Leftovers: Software

  • MPlayer 1.2 released
    Mplayer 1.2 is compatible with the recent FFmpeg 2.8 release. The tarball already includes a copy of FFmpeg, so you don't need to fetch it separately.
  • MPlayer 1.2 Released
    It's been three years since the release of MPlayer 1.1 while surprisingly this weekend MPlayer 1.2 was released.
  • Lightworks: A Professional Video Editor Available for Ubuntu/Linux Mint/Fedora
    Lightworks is a professional video editor which is the fastest, most accessible and focused on Non-Linear Editing (NLE) software, the initial release of Lightworks was in 1989; 26 years ago. It support all resolutions available to public up to 4K as well as video in SD and HD formats. Lightworks has the widest support available for formats currently available in a professional NLE. MXF, Quicktime and AVI containers, with every professional format you can think of: ProRes, Avid DNxHD, AVC-Intra, DVCPRO HD, RED R3D, DPX, H.264, XDCAM EX / HD 422.
  • Using G’MIC to Work Magic on Your Graphics
    If you’re a Gimp power user, G’MIC is, without a doubt, one of the single most important add-ons available for the flagship open source image editing tool. With G’MIC you can bring some real magic to your digital images… and do so with ease. Give it a go and see if it doesn’t take your Gimp work to the next level.
  • VirtualBox 5.0.6 Brings Fixes For Linux 4.3 & More
  • Kodi 16: Alpha 3
  • Kodi 16 Alpha 3 Released
    The third alpha release of the Kodi 16 HTPC open-source software is now available for testing with long-press support. Given the number of devices these days with limited remote control buttons but relying upon a long-press of the OK/Enter button to pull up a context menu, Kodi has now implemented similar long-press support for remotes. That's the main new feature of Kodi 16 Alpha 3.
  • Third Alpha Build of Kodi 16 Media Center Adds Long-Press Support for Remotes

Leftovers: Gaming

Red Hat and Fedora

Blackphone Android-based (SilentOS) Reviews

  • Blackphone: privacy-obsessed smartphone aims to broaden its appeal
    Can you hear me now? Not if you’re eavesdropping on a Blackphone. Privacy company Silent Circle has released a second version of its signature handheld, a smartphone designed to quell the data scraping and web tracking that’s become such an integral part of the digital economy in the last few years (and whose results might well end up with the NSA, if the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act passes).
  • Blackphone 2: NSA-thwarting Android smartphone goes on sale
    The handset runs a new version of the firm's Android-based SilentOS, and comes with features including Silent Circle's Silent Phone app, which offers encrypted voice calls, messaging and file transfers.
  • Five things that doomed the big and brilliant BlackBerry 10
    And being late matters. In a globalised technology industry, hundreds of smaller industries, and their own supply chains, all line themselves up alongside the winners. Being late and going it alone is suicidal. Ask Nokia: it envisaged a 'computer first, phone second world' as far back as 2002, when it started Linux development, and devoted billions to being sure it would be competitive when this world came about. But consumers and industry had already anointed a second platform.