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6 ways to contribute to an open source alternative to Slack

Wednesday 22nd of July 2020 07:00:00 AM

Mattermost is a messaging platform built in Go and React for DevOps teams. You can discuss topics in channels, private groups, or one-to-one with rich Markdown formatting and easily share code snippets with syntax highlighting in more than 50 programming languages. You can self-host or deploy on a private cloud to connect in-house systems with plugins, Slack-compatible integrations, and extensive API support.

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Manage network connections from the Linux command line with nmcli

Tuesday 21st of July 2020 07:02:00 AM

The nmcli command lets you tap into the power of the NetworkManager tool directly from the Linux command line. It's an integral part of the NetworkManager package that makes use of an application programmer's interface (API) to access NetworkManager's functionality.

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State-of-the-art crypto goes post-quantum

Tuesday 21st of July 2020 07:01:00 AM

Secrecy is one of the most important functions of computer science. Should electronic secrecy suddenly collapse into total transparency, we could not engage in electronic commerce, we would be unable to communicate privately, our past communications would be globally visible, and we would be critically impacted in myriad ways that would fundamentally change our ability to work and live. Consider the time we spend every day maintaining our secrecy with passwords, lock patterns, wireless fobs, and biometrics that restrict access to protect us and the ramifications of their failure.

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5 games for hosting your own Free RPG Day

Tuesday 21st of July 2020 07:00:00 AM

Since 2007, game publishers and game stores have teamed up to provide free samples of RPG gameplay to the uninitiated. Last year, Free RPG Day was an official, multi-publisher, worldwide event that welcomed people who were either entirely new to tabletop roleplaying games, or who were just new to specific games, to get together with new friends and play new games.

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Analyzing systemd calendar and timespans

Monday 20th of July 2020 07:01:00 AM

In my previous seven articles in this series about systemd, and especially in the most recent article, time and date have come up in multiple contexts. systemd uses calendar time, specifying one or more moments in time to trigger events (such as a backup program), as well as timestamped entries in the journal. It can also use timespans, which define the amount of time between two events but are not directly tied to specific calendar times.

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Open source cross-platform development with TotalCross

Monday 20th of July 2020 07:00:00 AM

There's a question that pops up quite frequently at TotalCross—in our day-to-day work, after presentations, in Reddit discussions, and sometimes even in our Telegram channel. Let's answer it once and for all: No, TotalCross Virtual Machine is not another Java Virtual Machine. This article explains the differences between the two, how TotalCross interacts with Java, and how to know which is best for your application.

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An introduction to mutation testing in Python

Monday 20th of July 2020 07:00:00 AM

You have tests for everything; maybe you even have a badge in your project repository stating 100% test coverage. But what are these tests helping you do? How do you know?

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Open source development works to improve contact tracing in Europe

Sunday 19th of July 2020 07:00:00 AM

The Corona-Warn-App is an awesome example of how governments and public administrations can use open source software development to help citizens while simultaneously advancing the technology ecosystem. The app helps trace infection chains of SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) in Germany.

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Debug Linux using ProcDump

Friday 17th of July 2020 07:02:00 AM

Microsoft's growing appreciation for Linux and open source is no secret. The company has steadily increased its contributions to open source in the last several years, including porting some of its software and tools to Linux.

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Open source accounting software developed by accountants

Friday 17th of July 2020 07:01:00 AM

Over the last six months, I have been working on GoDBLedger, an open source accounting system that I feel addresses some of the issues that plague current accounting software solutions. Even in my first year as a graduate accountant, the software frustrated me because I have seen what good software can be like and how much it can improve your productivity.

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A brief history of the Content Management System

Friday 17th of July 2020 07:00:00 AM

Content management system (CMS) is a prolific software category that covers all types of applications for the creation and modification of digital content. So it should come as no huge surprise that the history of the CMS traces back to the first website in history, by Tim Berners-Lee in 1990, which was modeled on an internet-based hypertext system HTML, which represented just text and links.

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Use this cheat sheet for tmux as a terminal multiplexer

Thursday 16th of July 2020 07:03:00 AM

Whether you're starting up an elaborate Raspberry Pi homelab or you're managing a building full of workstations, sometimes you need to do the same task on multiple hosts. There are many ways to automate tasks across systems. Ansible, for instance, ensures all systems are in the same state, and sometimes a simple cron job will do.

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Explaining Kubernetes in 10 minutes using an analogy

Thursday 16th of July 2020 07:02:00 AM

The concepts behind the Kubernetes container orchestration system can be hard to understand. I created a simple analogy about renting out rooms in a house to help you learn how Kubernetes works.

How to rent rooms in your house

Imagine you own a house with 10 rooms. You want to rent out three of the rooms through an online accommodation service. You have two choices: you can post ads and manage everything yourself, or you can hire someone to do it for you.

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The ultimate back to school guide to open source for teachers

Thursday 16th of July 2020 07:00:00 AM

Public education has always been a core value in my family. It was instilled in me from a young age that everybody deserves fair access to high-quality education. This virtue continues to influence me as I raise children of my own, one of whom will be entering kindergarten this fall. Open source is the perfect match for public education.

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An example of very lightweight RESTful web services in Java

Wednesday 15th of July 2020 07:01:00 AM

Web services, in one form or another, have been around for more than two decades. For example, XML-RPC services appeared in the late 1990s, followed shortly by ones written in the SOAP offshoot. Services in the REST architectural style also made the scene about two decades ago, soon after the XML-RPC and SOAP trailblazers.

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What's the difference between DevSecOps and agile software development

Wednesday 15th of July 2020 07:00:00 AM

There is a tendency in the tech community to use the terms DevSecOps and agile development interchangeably. While there are some similarities, such as that both aim to detect risks earlier, there are also distinctions that drastically alter how each would work in your organization.

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How I balance features and performance in my Linux terminal

Tuesday 14th of July 2020 07:02:00 AM

I am a big fan of command-line applications, and I spend a lot of time working in a terminal. Terminal-based applications are, in many cases, faster, more flexible, and more intuitive than their graphical user interface (GUI) counterparts.

Having a flexible and powerful terminal with many command-line tools makes me more productive. This is one of the main reasons I moved to Linux several years ago and never looked back.

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My Linux story: breaking language barriers with open source

Tuesday 14th of July 2020 07:01:00 AM

My open source journey started rather late in comparison to many of my peers and colleagues.

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5 things to look for in an open source alternative to SharePoint

Tuesday 14th of July 2020 07:00:00 AM

We're entering a collaboration platform renaissance as remote work becomes the norm for enterprises large and small. Microsoft SharePoint—a collaboration platform available on premises or in the cloud—is the de-facto standard for corporations and government agencies. However, SharePoint implementations are infamous for the challenges that prevent their completion.

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4 Mac terminal customizations even a curmudgeon can love

Monday 13th of July 2020 07:02:00 AM

A decade ago, I started my first job that required me to use Linux as my laptop's operating system. I was offered a range of variants, including Gentoo, if I was so inclined, but since I had used Ubuntu briefly in the past, I opted for Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04.

My terminal, Konsole, was themed in Zenburn and had a Bash prompt that looked like this:

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