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Linux Hardware Reviews & News
Updated: 2 hours 5 min ago

The Linux Kernel Looks To Eventually Drop Support For WiMAX

3 hours 58 min ago
With the WiMAX 802.16 standard not being widely used outside of the Aeronautical Mobile Airport Communication System (AeroMACS) and usage in some developing nations, the Linux kernel may end up dropping its support for WiMAX but first there is a proposal to demote it to staging while seeing if any users remain...

Collabora's Work On Extending The Linux Kernel To Better Support Windows Gaming

Wednesday 28th of October 2020 05:08:58 AM
Windows gaming on Linux got some love this week at the Linux Foundation's Open-Source Summit Europe virtual event. In particular, a recap of the work that's been done so far on extending the Linux kernel to better support Wine / Steam Play based support for Windows games running on Linux...

AMDGPU Linux Driver To Finally Enable BACO For Hawaii - Allowing S4/Hibernation

Wednesday 28th of October 2020 04:06:16 AM
The Radeon R9 290 "Hawaii" series are about seven years old almost to the day and the AMD Linux open-source driver crew is seemingly celebrating by finally adding the few lines of code needed to enable BACO power management...

FreeBSD 12.2 Released - Supports Linux In Jailed Environments, Better Hardware Support

Wednesday 28th of October 2020 12:26:55 AM
FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE is now available as the latest feature and bug fix update to the FreeBSD 12 platform ahead of the expected FreeBSD 13.0 release around the end of Q1-2021...

Bcachefs Linux File-System Sent Out For Review With Exciting Feature Progress

Tuesday 27th of October 2020 08:46:04 PM
Bcachefs has been developed for a half-decade now as the Linux file-system born out of the block cache "bcache" kernel code. Kent Overstreet continues spearheading the work and while it's been quiet in recent months today he sent out a new round of Bcachefs patches for review on the Linux kernel mailing list...

Canonical's Snap Packaging Switching To LZO Compression For Faster Startup Times

Tuesday 27th of October 2020 07:22:21 PM
The Snap packaging / software deployment effort led by Canonical for Ubuntu and other distributions currently relies on XZ compression of the SquashFS-based archives while moving forward they are planning to make use of LZO compression. Snap'ing with LZO will result in faster startup-times at the cost of larger packages...

Rust Lands Experimental Cranelift-Based Code Generator - Much Faster Debug Build Times

Tuesday 27th of October 2020 05:54:05 PM
Landing yesterday within the Rust code-base is the initial version of a Cranelift code generator back-end. By leveraging the Cranelift code generator that is developed as part of the Bytecode Alliance for WebAssembly, Rustc with Cranelift can experince much faster debug builds...

A Look At The Performance Improvements With System76 Pop!_OS 20.10

Tuesday 27th of October 2020 04:00:00 PM
At the end of last week System76 released Pop!_OS 20.10 as their customized distribution built atop Ubuntu 20.10 Groovy Gorilla. For those curious here are some benchmarks of System76's Pop!_OS 20.10 versus 20.04 using the Thelio Major with AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X and Radeon RX 5700 XT graphics.

Fedora 33 Released With Workstation Using Btrfs By Default

Tuesday 27th of October 2020 02:06:05 PM
Fedora 33 has just been released as the last major update to this Red Hat sponsored Linux distribution for 2020...

AMD To Acquire Xilinx In $35 Billion Stock Deal

Tuesday 27th of October 2020 11:00:00 AM
Following the rumors earlier this month that AMD was in talks to acquire Xilinx, a deal has been announced this morning...

Linux 5.11 To Bring Early Bits Around DisplayPort 2.0, Orphans The Frame-Buffer Layer

Tuesday 27th of October 2020 10:52:23 AM
While Linux 5.10-rc1 was just released two days ago, the first pull request to DRM-Next of various changes was submitted today in beginning to stage material for inclusion with next year's Linux 5.11 kernel release...

The 2020 State Of Wayland Support For Chrome/Chromium - Aiming For H2'2021 Default

Tuesday 27th of October 2020 10:32:29 AM
At this week's virtual Embedded Linux Conference was a talk on Monday by Igalia engineer Maksim Sisov as to the state of native Wayland support for the open-source Chromium web browser and in turn Google Chrome...

LibreOffice 7.1 Alpha Is Up For Testing

Tuesday 27th of October 2020 07:35:24 AM
While LibreOffice 7.0 was just released back in August, LibreOffice 7.1 is now in alpha as the first step towards this next open-source office suite release...

Fedora 34 Looking To Add An AArch64 KDE Plasma Desktop Spin

Tuesday 27th of October 2020 04:01:17 AM
Given the AArch64 laptops coming to market and continuing popularity around ARM64 SBCs for Linux desktop use-cases, Fedora's KDE special interest group is proposing Fedora KDE Plasma edition also be spun for the 64-bit ARM architecture...

Systemd 247-RC1 Released With Systemd-OOMD, Systemd-Homed Now Defaults To Btrfs

Monday 26th of October 2020 09:06:28 PM
The first release candidate of systemd 247 is now available for testing and it's a huge feature release...

LLVM Adds A SPIR-V CPU Runner For Handling GPU Kernels On The CPU

Monday 26th of October 2020 06:17:02 PM
LLVM has merged an experimental MLIR-based SPIR-V CPU runner that the developers are working towards being able to handle CPU-based execution of GPU kernels...

Linux 5.10 Is The Next LTS Kernel

Monday 26th of October 2020 04:31:58 PM
While there had been much speculation that Linux 5.9 would be the kernel's next long-term support release based on past timing, Linux 5.10 is going to be the LTS release...

Debian Wants You To Vote For The Debian 11 "Bullseye" Artwork

Monday 26th of October 2020 04:22:51 PM
Debian is looking for the community to partake in the quick voting process around selecting the default artwork for the upcoming Debian 11 "Bullseye" release...

Samsung 980 PRO PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD Linux Performance

Monday 26th of October 2020 02:35:00 PM
The Samsung 980 PRO PCIe 4.0 NVMe solid-state drives are now available from Internet retailers. For those wondering how these SSDs compare with EXT4 under Linux against other PCIe 4.0/3.0 drives, here are a variety of benchmarks.

Fwupd 1.5 Released With Expanded Hardware Support, New Capabilities

Monday 26th of October 2020 12:46:17 PM
Version 1.5 of the Fwupd utility is available for updating various component firmware/BIOS natively on Linux and integrating with the Linux Vendor Firmware Service (LVFS) for the easy distribution of said firmware images...