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Linux Hardware Reviews & News
Updated: 1 hour 36 min ago

Intel's Vulkan Linux Driver Lands Timeline Semaphore Support

Tuesday 12th of November 2019 05:55:32 AM
A change to look forward to with Mesa 20.0 due out next quarter is Vulkan timeline semaphore support (VK_KHR_timeline_semaphore) for Intel's "ANV" open-source driver...

GStreamer Conference 2019 Videos Now Available Online

Tuesday 12th of November 2019 05:23:57 AM
Taking place at the end of October during the Linux Foundation events in Lyon, France was the GStreamer Conference to align with the annual developer festivities...

KDE Frameworks 5.64 Released

Tuesday 12th of November 2019 01:20:04 AM
Sunday marked the release of KDE Frameworks 5.64 as the latest monthly update to this collection of libraries complementing Qt5...

Google Chrome To Begin Marking Sites That Are Slow / Fast

Monday 11th of November 2019 09:22:08 PM
Chrome has successfully shamed web-sites not supporting HTTPS and now they are looking to call-out websites that do not typically load fast...

The Disappointing Direction Of Linux Performance From 4.16 To 5.4 Kernels

Monday 11th of November 2019 03:25:00 PM
With the Linux 5.4 kernel set to be released in the next week or two, here is a look at the performance going back to the days of Linux 4.16 from early 2018. At least the Linux kernel continues picking up many new features as due to security mitigations and other factors the kernel performance continues trending lower.

SUSE Continues Working On Linux Core Scheduling For Better Security

Monday 11th of November 2019 12:55:13 PM
SUSE and other companies like DigitalOcean have been working on Linux core scheduling to make virtualization safer particularly in light of security vulnerabilities like L1TF and MDS. The core scheduling work is about ensuring different VMs don't share a HT sibling but rather only the same VM / trusted applications run on siblings of a core...

Pre-Loaded Linux PCs Continue Increasing - TUXEDO Computers Sets Up New Offices

Monday 11th of November 2019 12:27:11 PM
From System76 setting up their own manufacturing facility for Linux desktops to Dell offering more Linux laptop options, the demand for pre-loaded Linux PCs continues to increase. One of the smaller Linux PC vendors also now expanding is German-based TUXEDO Computers...

Shortwave Enters Beta As New GNOME Internet Radio Player

Monday 11th of November 2019 12:09:46 PM
Shortwave is a new Internet radio player built for GNOME with GTK3 and has been in development the past year...

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Continuing To Work On Python 2 Removal

Monday 11th of November 2019 06:40:00 AM
The goal for Ubuntu 20.04 is to ship with Python 2 removed since Py2 will be end-of-life after the start of the year and this next Ubuntu Linux release is a Long-Term Support release, but there still are many Python 2 depending packages left currently in Debian unstable and Ubuntu's "Focal Fossa" archive...

Arch Linux Updates Its Kernel Installation Handling

Monday 11th of November 2019 05:06:35 AM
Arch Linux has updated the behavior when installing the linux, linux-lts, linux-zen, and linux-hardened kernel options on this popular distribution...

Linux 5.4-rc7 Kernel Released With VirtualBox Shared Folder Driver In Place

Monday 11th of November 2019 01:00:00 AM
Linux 5.4-rc7 was just released as the newest test candidate of the maturing Linux 5.4 kernel. At this stage it's looking like an eighth weekly RC will be warranted next weekend before officially releasing Linux 5.4.0 on 24 November...

Windows 10 vs. Ubuntu 19.10 vs. Clear Linux Performance On The Dell Ice Lake Laptop

Monday 11th of November 2019 12:24:50 AM
Last month I posted benchmarks looking at the Windows 10 vs. Linux OpenGL and Vulkan graphics performance for the Ice Lake "Gen11" graphics. But for those wondering about the CPU/system performance between Windows and Linux for the Core i7-1065G7 with the Dell XPS 7390, here are those benchmarks as we compare the latest Windows 10 to Ubuntu 19.10 and Intel's own Clear Linux platform.

Steam For Linux Beta Adds Experimental Namespaces/Containers Support

Sunday 10th of November 2019 10:53:47 PM
Longtime Linux game developer Timothee Besset has outlined the support introduced by Valve this week in their latest Steam Linux client beta for supporting Linux namespaces / containers. This experimental functionality may in the end provide better support for 32-bit compatibility as more Linux distributions focus solely on x86_64 packages, reducing some of the fragmentation/library conflicts between some Linux distributions and Steam, and other headaches currently plaguing the Steam Linux space...

Reiser4 File-System Is Still Ticking In 2019 - Now Updated For Linux 5.3 Compatibility

Sunday 10th of November 2019 09:41:28 PM
While Linux 5.4 is rolling out in about two weeks, the out-of-tree Reiser4 file-system has just been updated for Linux 5.3 support...

Virtual KMS Driver To Work On Virtual Refresh Rate Support (FreeSync)

Sunday 10th of November 2019 04:45:43 PM
Over the past year and a half the VKMS Linux DRM driver has come together as the "virtual kernel mode-setting" implementation for headless systems and other environments not backed by a physical display. Interestingly being tacked on their TODO list now is VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) support. Separately, the prominent VKMS developer is now employed by AMD...

November Is Still Bringing Many Interesting Linux Benchmarks / Milestones

Sunday 10th of November 2019 02:47:34 PM
Pardon for the rather slow pace of new Phoronix content over the past week (in particular, the lack of big benchmark articles) due to my wife giving birth early and being in the hospital for a few days, but the remainder of November is set to be quite exciting on the Linux/open-source performance front. Here is some of what else is on tap for November...

OpenZFS Developer Summit 2019 Videos + Slides For The Latest On Open-Source ZFS

Sunday 10th of November 2019 02:31:50 PM
Taking place 4 and 5 November in San Francisco was the OpenZFS Developer Summit. This two-day open-source ZFS developer summit made possible by Intel, Delphix, Datto, and OSNexus had a lot of interesting presentations from the state of ZFS TRIM/Discard to debugging topics...

Thunderbolt 3 Software Connection Manager Support Coming In Linux 5.5 For Apple Hardware

Sunday 10th of November 2019 01:59:06 PM
The Thunderbolt changes have been merged to char-misc ahead of the upcoming Linux 5.5 merge window...

OpenMandriva Lx 4.1 Alpha Released With Toolchain Upgrade, Clang-ed Kernel Option

Sunday 10th of November 2019 01:31:23 PM
The first alpha release of the forthcoming OpenMandriva Lx 4.1 is now available for testing with this Clang-built Linux distribution that originates back to the days of Mandrake...

KDE Packs Away New Screensaver Setting, Other Changes For First Full Week Of November

Sunday 10th of November 2019 12:30:52 PM
It's been another busy week in KDE land with developers working through the massive code-bases comprising the KDE desktop environment on a variety of features and fixes...