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Linux Hardware Reviews & News
Updated: 52 min 47 sec ago

FFmpeg Now Supports GPU Inference With Intel's OpenVINO

6 hours 9 min ago
Earlier this summer Intel engineers added an OpenVINO back-end to the FFmpeg multimedia framework. OpenVINO as a toolkit for optimized neural network performance on Intel hardware was added to FFmpeg for the same reasons there is TensorFlow and others also supported -- support for DNN-based video filters and other deep learning processing...

OpenPOWER Summit 2020 Was This Week With Many Interesting Hardware/Software Talks

6 hours 33 min ago
In addition to XDC2020 this past week, the Linux Foundation hosted the virtual OpenPOWER Summit North America 2020 event as well with a mix of interesting hardware and software presentations...

Intel SGX Enclave Support Sent Out For Linux A 38th Time

7 hours 33 min ago
It's still not clear when Intel SGX support will be accepted for the mainline Linux kernel...

Intel's Cloud-Hypervisor Making Progress On Booting Windows

Sunday 20th of September 2020 06:50:00 AM
The Cloud-Hypervisor project that is led by Intel open-source folks for providing a cloud-focused hypervisor written in the Rust programming language is out with a new feature release...

RenderDoc 1.10 Released For This Leading Cross-Platform Graphics Debugger

Sunday 20th of September 2020 04:04:40 AM
RenderDoc 1.10 was released on Friday for this leading open-source program supporting frame-capture-based debugging on Vulkan, OpenGL / GLES, and Direct3D across Windows, Linux, and Android along with platforms like Stadia and the Nintendo Switch...

AMDGPU TMZ + HDCP Should Allow Widevine DRM To Behave Nicely With AMD Linux Systems

Saturday 19th of September 2020 07:15:47 PM
Coming together this year for the mainline Linux kernel was the AMDGPU Trusted Memory Zone (TMZ) capability for encrypted video memory support with Radeon GPUs. This topic was talked about at this week's XDC2020 conference...

Zink OpenGL-On-Vulkan Seeing Some 50~100% FPS Gains

Saturday 19th of September 2020 02:45:16 PM
After working on getting the Zink OpenGL-over-Vulkan driver up to OpenGL 4.6 with still pending patches, former Samsung OSG engineer Mike Blumenkrantz has been making remarkable progress on the performance aspect as well...

Intel Compute Runtime 20.37.17906 Brings Rocket Lake Support

Saturday 19th of September 2020 11:00:00 AM
Intel's software team has released a new version of their Compute Runtime that provides OpenCL and oneAPI Level Zero capabilities for their graphics hardware on Linux...

KDE Plasma 5.21 Bringing Systemd Startup Support, Wayland Improvements

Saturday 19th of September 2020 10:35:29 AM
KDE developer Nate Graham known for his weekly development summaries characterized this week as "the floodgates started opening! Amazing stuff has been landing left and right every day this week!"..

NVIDIA C++ Standard Library Now Available Via GitHub

Saturday 19th of September 2020 09:06:03 AM
Introduced last year as part of CUDA 10.2 was libcu++ as the CUDA C++ standard library, which works with not only NVIDIA CUDA enabled configurations but also CPUs. The libcu++ sources are now available via GitHub...

Sculpt OS 20.08 Released With Redesigned GUI Stack

Saturday 19th of September 2020 06:41:30 AM
Building off the recent Genode OS 20.08 operating system framework release is now Sculpt OS 20.08 as the open-source project's general purpose operating system attempt...

FreeBSD 12.2 BETA2 Brings TRIM For Bhyve's VirtIO-BLK, Intel ICE Added

Saturday 19th of September 2020 04:08:44 AM
The second beta of the forthcoming FreeBSD 12.2 is now available with a fair number of prominent changes accumulating over the past week...

OpenZFS 2.0-RC2 Released With Dozens Of Fixes

Friday 18th of September 2020 10:45:14 PM
Nearly one month ago OpenZFS 2.0 saw its first release candidate while now it's been succeeded by another test candidate in time for some weekend exposure...

Intel Submits More Graphics Driver Updates For Linux 5.10

Friday 18th of September 2020 07:53:27 PM
Building off their earlier Intel graphics driver pull request of new material queuing ahead of the Linux 5.10 cycle, another round of updates were submitted on Friday...

Libre-SOC Still Persevering To Be A Hybrid CPU/GPU That's 100% Open-Source

Friday 18th of September 2020 04:26:27 PM
The project that started off as Libre-RISC-V with aims to be a Vulkan accelerator but then decided on the OpenPOWER ISA rather than RISC-V is still moving ahead under the "Libre-SOC" branding...

X.Org Is Getting Their Cloud / Continuous Integration Costs Under Control

Friday 18th of September 2020 01:33:33 PM
You may recall from earlier this year that the X.Org/ cloud costs were growing out of control primarily due to their continuous integration setup. They were seeking sponsorships to help out with these costs but ultimately they've attracted new sponsors while also better configuring/optimizing their CI configuration in order to get those costs back at more manageable levels...

Linux 5.10 To Support AMD SME Hardware-Enforced Cache Coherency

Friday 18th of September 2020 11:18:54 AM
Linux 5.10 is set to support a new feature of AMD Secure Memory Encryption (SME) as part of the Secure Encrypted Virtualization (SEV)...

New /dev/random Implementation Hits 35th Revision

Friday 18th of September 2020 10:39:51 AM
Going on for more than four years now has been creating a new /dev/random implementation and this Friday marks the 35th revision to this big set of patches that aim for better performance and security...

Etnaviv Gallium3D Adds On-Disk Shader Cache Support

Friday 18th of September 2020 10:24:49 AM
Etnaviv as the open-source, reverse-engineered OpenGL graphics driver for Vivante graphics IP now has support for an on-disk shader cache...

Taiwins 0.2 Released As Modular Wayland Compositor That Supports Lua Scripting

Friday 18th of September 2020 04:02:13 AM
Back in May the Taiwins Wayland compositor was announced as a compact compositor based on Libweston while Thursday marked its second release...

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