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Linux Hardware Reviews & News
Updated: 3 hours 7 min ago

Linux 4.9's CPUFreq To Make Greater Use Of Scheduler Info, IOWait Boosting

Monday 3rd of October 2016 10:34:43 AM
The past few kernel releases there's been a redesign of CPUFreq and P-State code for being able to make use of the kernel's scheduler utilization data by these CPU frequency scaling drivers. That work also led to the introduction of the Schedutil governor. Work along this line has continued for Linux 4.9...

GNU Linux-libre 4.8-gnu Released, Deblobs More Drivers

Monday 3rd of October 2016 10:20:25 AM
Hot off the release of the official upstream Linux 4.8 kernel, the GNU Linux-libre 4.8-gnu kernel is now available as the deblobbed code that strips out support for loading non-free firmware and other references to non-free kernel support...

Linux 4.8 Kernel Released

Sunday 2nd of October 2016 11:49:04 PM
The Linux 4.8 kernel is now officially available...

The Best Features Of The Linux 4.8 Kernel

Sunday 2nd of October 2016 03:00:00 PM
If all goes according to plan, the Linux 4.8 kernel will be officially released this afternoon by Linus Torvalds...

Mesa May Move To A Date-Based Versioning System

Sunday 2nd of October 2016 02:09:51 PM
Beginning next year, Mesa developers so far appear favorable to moving towards a date-based versioning concept...

October Should Be Very Exciting For Linux Enthusiasts

Sunday 2nd of October 2016 02:02:03 PM
While September was very exciting for Linux users, October is looking to be even more exciting with several open-source/Linux milestones expected before month's end...

Lennart's Look At Systemd This Year, What's Going To Happen In 2017

Sunday 2nd of October 2016 12:34:24 PM
We have already covered some of the interesting talks from this year's systemd conference including how to use it for application sandboxing, a new wireless daemon coming to replace wpa_supplicant, and BUS1 is on the way. But saving the best for last in another presentation to watch this weekend for those interested in systemd: Lennart Poettering's state of the union address for systemd and a look ahead to 2017 features...

Steam Survey Linux Data Updated For September (2016)

Sunday 2nd of October 2016 12:19:28 PM
The start of a new month means the ritual of looking at the latest Steam survey data. September 2016 brought a small increase to the number of Linux gamers...

Mozilla's Project Mortar Wants Pepper API Flash & PDFium In Firefox

Saturday 1st of October 2016 09:55:16 PM
This week word of Mozilla's "Project Mortar" surfaced, which aims to explore the possibility of bringing the PDFium library and Pepper API based Flash plugin into Firefox. This project is being led by various Mozilla engineers...

Wine 1.9.20 Has New Clipboard API Reimplementation

Saturday 1st of October 2016 04:15:12 PM
Wine 1.9.20 is now available as the latest bi-weekly development release of this cross-platform program to run Windows programs/games on other operating systems...

Dolphin GameCube/Wii Emulator Lands Its Vulkan Backend

Saturday 1st of October 2016 01:37:11 PM
The past few months we've written a few times about the Dolphin Emulator working on a Vulkan back-end. Dolphin is an open-source project providing cross-platform emulation for Nintendo's GameCube and Wii games. That back-end has now been merged to the mainline code-base...

How To Use Systemd For Application Sandboxing & How To Easily Crash Systemd

Saturday 1st of October 2016 01:20:24 PM
Another one of the interesting systemd.conf 2016 presentations in Berlin was a talk by Djalal Harouni of EndoCode for using systemd to carry out application sandboxing...

We Might Never See A New OpenGL Version, At Least Not For A Long Time

Saturday 1st of October 2016 12:58:02 PM
During past Khronos press briefings about OpenGL/Vulkan and in other communications, while Vulkan is the organization's big graphics API focus, it was implied during these conversations that OpenGL would continue to march to its own beat and evolve as needed. While OpenGL continues to be significantly used by cross-platform graphics application/game developers, it turns out there might not be a new official version for a long time - if ever...

Experimental Unity Vulkan Demos For Linux

Saturday 1st of October 2016 12:38:28 PM
Some of the exciting news this week was Unity releasing their Vulkan renderer in preview form and this initial debut did contain Linux support. There are now some unofficial Unity demos built for Linux with the Vulkan renderer enabled...

Vim 8.0, macOS Sierra, Libreboot, & GCC Were Popular In September

Saturday 1st of October 2016 12:27:25 PM
September was another busy month and here's a look at the most popular articles on Phoronix for the month of my 267 original news items and 17 featured Linux reviews/articles...

A New Wireless Daemon Is In Development To Potentially Replace wpa_supplicant

Friday 30th of September 2016 06:59:54 PM
In addition to the BUS1 presentation, also exciting from the systemd.conf 2016 conference is a thorough walkthrough of a new wireless daemon for Linux being developed by Intel's Open-Source Technology Center...

BUS1, The Successor To KDBUS, Formally Unveiled -- Aiming For Mainline Linux Kernel

Friday 30th of September 2016 06:30:11 PM
BUS1 has been in development as an in-kernel IPC mechanism building off the failed KDBUS project. An "RFC" will soon be sent out to Linux kernel developers about BUS1 and the subject will be discussed at next month's Kernel Summit...

Early Benchmarks Of The Linux 4.9 DRM-Next Radeon/AMDGPU Drivers

Friday 30th of September 2016 04:00:00 PM
While Linux 4.9 will not officially open for development until next week, the DRM-Next code is ready to roll with all major feature work having been committed by the different open-source Direct Rendering Manager drivers. In this article is some preliminary testing of this DRM-Next code as of 29 September when testing various AMD GPUs with the Radeon and AMDGPU DRM drivers.

Purism Is Still Hoping To Build A GNU/Linux Free Software Librem Smartphone

Friday 30th of September 2016 02:32:28 PM
Purism, the startup behind the Librem laptops with a focus on free software and user privacy/freedom, still has their minds set on coming up with a GNU/Linux smartphone...

An Easy Way To Try Intel & RADV Vulkan Drivers On Fedora 24

Friday 30th of September 2016 01:19:41 PM
Fedora 25 should have good support for the open-source Vulkan Linux drivers (particularly if it lands the next Mesa release) while Fedora 24 users can now more easily play with the latest Mesa Git RADV and Intel ANV Vulkan drivers via a new repository...

More in Tux Machines

Lumina Desktop 1.1 Released

The BSD-focused, Qt-powered Lumina Desktop Environment is out with its version 1.1 update. The developers behind the Lumina Desktop Environment consider it a "significant update" with both new and reworked utilities, infrastructure improvements, and other enhancements. Lumina 1.1 adds a pure Qt5 calculator, text editor improvements, the file manager has been completely overhauled, system application list management is much improved, and there is a range of other improvements. Read more

Radeon vs. Nouveau Open-Source Drivers On Mesa Git + Linux 4.9

For your viewing pleasure this Friday are some open-source AMD vs. NVIDIA numbers when using the latest open-source code on each side. Linux 4.9-rc1 was used while Ubuntu 16.10 paired with the Padoka PPA led to Mesa Git as of earlier this week plus LLVM 4.0 SVN. As covered recently, there are no Nouveau driver changes for Linux 4.9 while we had hoped the boost patches would land. Thus the re-clocking is still quite poor for this open-source NVIDIA driver stack. For the Nouveau tests I manually re-clocked each graphics card to the highest performance state (0f) after first re-clocking the cards to the 0a performance state for helping some of the GPUs that otherwise fail with memory re-clocking at 0f, as Nouveau developers have expressed this is the preferred approach for testing. Read more

Ubuntu MATE, Not Just a Whim

I've stated for years how much I dislike Ubuntu's Unity interface. Yes, it's become more polished through the years, but it's just not an interface that thinks the same way I do. That's likely because I'm old and inflexible, but nevertheless, I've done everything I could to avoid using Unity, which usually means switching to Xubuntu. I actually really like Xubuntu, and the Xfce interface is close enough to the GNOME 2 look, that I hardly miss the way my laptop used to look before Unity. I wasn't alone in my disdain for Ubuntu's flagship desktop manager switch, and many folks either switched to Xubuntu or moved to another Debian/Ubuntu-based distro like Linux Mint. The MATE desktop started as a hack, in fact, because GNOME 3 and Unity were such drastic changes. I never really got into MATE, however, because I thought it was going to be nothing more than a hack and eventually would be unusable due to old GNOME 2 libraries phasing out and so forth. Read more

EU-Fossa project submits results of code audits

The European Commission’s ‘EU Free and Open Source Software Auditing’ project (EU-Fossa) has sent its code review results to the developers of Apache HTTP server target and KeePass. The audit results are not yet made public, however, no critical vulnerabilities were found. Read more