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LXQt 0.9 Released, Now Requires Qt5 & KDE Frameworks 5

Sunday 8th of February 2015 05:00:00 PM
Version 0.9 of the lightweight LXQt desktop environment was released this Sunday. LXQt is the next-generation, lightweight desktop derived in part from the LXDE and Razor-Qt desktops. LXQt 0.9 is the release that begins to enforce Qt5...

Changes I Made When Installing Fedora 21 On My New Ultrabook

Sunday 8th of February 2015 04:44:53 PM
Last weekend I wrote how I switched back to Fedora as the Linux distribution on my main production system. That experience continues going well on the new X1 Carbon ultrabook and have no regrets. One of the questions emailed in and tweeted were readers wondering how I'm getting along with GNOME 3.14 and what tweaks took place...

The Best Changes & Features Of The Linux 3.19 Kernel

Sunday 8th of February 2015 02:52:27 PM
If all goes according to plan the Linux 3.19 kernel will be released by the end of today...

VLC Gains Support For Systemd's Journal

Sunday 8th of February 2015 02:37:58 PM
The latest open-source desktop program making optional use of systemd is the popular VLC media player...

Lenovo ThinkPad T430s Ported To Coreboot

Sunday 8th of February 2015 01:53:28 PM
The Lenovo ThinkPad T430s is now the latest laptop to be running atop Coreboot as an alternative to its proprietary UEFI/BIOS...

Fluxbox 1.3.7 Released With Few Changes

Sunday 8th of February 2015 01:12:02 PM
Fluxbox 1.3.6 was released last month after this lightweight window manager went two years without a new release. It looks like the rate of development of Fluxbox is ticking back up as Fluxbox 1.3.7 was just tagged this morning...

Xfce 4.12 Planned For Release In A Few Weeks

Sunday 8th of February 2015 03:23:50 AM
It looks like the release of Xfce 4.12 is finally about to materialize!..

More Optimizations Coming To LZHAM

Saturday 7th of February 2015 10:45:42 PM
While LZHAM 1.0 was recently released, the former Valve engineer behind the compression library targeting game assets, Rich Geldreich, is already targeting more post-1.0 improvements to this library...

9-Way Linux Laptop Performance Comparison From Intel Nehalem To Broadwell

Saturday 7th of February 2015 04:00:00 PM
As the latest Linux benchmark numbers to deliver for Intel Broadwell and the new ThinkPad X1 Carbon ultrabook, here's a nine-way Linux laptop/ultrabook comparison. All nine devices in this article were tested against the latest snapshot of Ubuntu 15.04 while running a big set of benchmarks and also monitoring the CPU temperatures and battery power consumption while testing for a nice look at Clarksfield/Nehalem, Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, Haswell, and Broadwell mobile hardware on Linux.

It Takes A While To Boot The BQ Ubuntu Phone

Saturday 7th of February 2015 02:41:31 PM
Following the announcement of the BQ Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition that will begin going up for sale next week, the first real hands-on videos of the Ubuntu Phone in action are starting to come out.....

RMS Feels There's "A Systematic Effort To Attack GNU Packages"

Saturday 7th of February 2015 01:50:13 PM
Richard Stallman has come out against support for basic LLVM debugger (LLDB) support within Emacs' Gud.el as he equates it to an attack on GNU packages...

Wayland/Weston 1.7.0 RC2 Released

Saturday 7th of February 2015 01:31:50 PM
The second release candidates to Wayland 1.7 and the reference Weston compositor is now available...

X.Org's XDC2015 Conference Is Happening In Toronto

Saturday 7th of February 2015 01:13:13 PM
The X.Org Board of Directors have decided on Toronto, Canada as the location for this year's annual X.Org Developers' Conference...

Wine 1.7.36 Adds Speaker Configuration To Winecfg

Saturday 7th of February 2015 01:01:39 PM
Wine 1.7.36 has been released and it brings a few new features while correcting 44 outstanding bugs over the past two weeks...

Mesa 10.4.4 Released

Saturday 7th of February 2015 01:13:34 AM
Another point release to Mesa 10.4 is now available...

Intel Mesa Driver Picks Up Support For OpenGL Memory Barriers

Friday 6th of February 2015 06:02:52 PM
A set of fourteen patches were published today for the Intel Mesa DRI driver for implementing glMemoryBarrier() as needed by OpenGL 4.2 and newer...

GNU C Library 2.21 Released With Bug & Security Fixes

Friday 6th of February 2015 05:50:47 PM
Version 2.21 of the GNU C Library is now available. Glibc 2.21 fixes a lot of issues while also adding some new functionality...

The BQ Ubuntu Phone Will Be Stocked With Binary Blobs

Friday 6th of February 2015 05:34:27 PM
The BQ Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition smartphone announced today that will begin selling next week via "flash sales" is certainly interesting from the software side with being the first official Ubuntu Phone, but from a hardware side, it's less than exciting...

Feral Interactive Is Looking To Do More Linux Games

Friday 6th of February 2015 04:37:06 PM
Feral Interactive, a game publisher and developer that historically focused on bringing AAA games to Mac OS X, is now looking to do more Linux game ports...

The First Ubuntu Phone Officially Launches

Friday 6th of February 2015 04:01:55 PM
The BQ Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition smartphone has been announced and will begin shipping in the days ahead...

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Calligra 2.9 Brings Biggest Krita Release and New Kexi Partnership

We are happy to announce the release of final version 2.9 of the Calligra Suite, Calligra Active and the Calligra Office Engine. This version is the result of thousands of changes which provide new features, polishing of the user experience and bug fixes. More

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