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Updated: 1 hour 54 min ago

PHP 7.4-RC1 Released With The Performance Looking Real Good - PHP 7.4 Benchmarks

Sunday 8th of September 2019 06:15:19 PM
PHP 7.4-RC1 was released this week as this next annual update to the PHP programming implementation nears. Here is a look at how the PHP 7.4-RC1 performance looks like compared to the major releases going back to PHP 5.6...

Linux 5.3 Is Near With Radeon RX 5700 Support, Speed Select & MBP Keyboard/Trackpad

Sunday 8th of September 2019 05:18:34 PM
The Linux 5.3 kernel is fit enough to be released today after another quiet week following 5.3-RC7. But due to the Linux Kernel Summit happening this week and Linus Torvalds traveling for that, he's expected to delay the stable kernel release until next weekend so as to not open the Linux 5.4 merge window until he returns from the event...

Qt 5.13.1 Has ~500 Bug Fixes While Qt Creator 4.10 Released

Sunday 8th of September 2019 11:58:48 AM
This week marked the release of Qt 5.13.1 as the first point release to this tool-kit series along with Qt Creator 4.10 as the newest version of this Qt/C++ focused integrated development environment...

The Mission Of Coreboot - Is It About Open-Source Or Appeasing Hardware Vendors?

Sunday 8th of September 2019 11:40:11 AM
There was recently a debate on the Coreboot mailing list about the mission statement / description of this open-source BIOS/firmware replacement for systems that traditionally has liberated boards from proprietary BIOS but still on modern platforms is often pulling in a number of binary blobs...

Mesa 19.3 Now Exposes Its Own GL_MESA_EGL_sync OpenGL Extension

Sunday 8th of September 2019 11:04:56 AM
Mesa 19.3 now supports the GL_MESA_EGL_sync extension, a feature proposed by Mesa developers themselves months ago for OpenGL...

Lutris 0.5.3 Released With D9VK Option, Support For Finding AMDVLK Driver

Sunday 8th of September 2019 10:56:21 AM
Open-source gaming manager/platform Lutris is up to version 0.5.3 this weekend. While the version bump may not be significant, this update brings with it several new features and fixes...

KDE Now Supports Fractional Scaling On Wayland

Sunday 8th of September 2019 10:37:57 AM
While KDE's new goals will include focusing on Wayland support, a big TODO item was just crossed off the list this week... KDE Plasma finally supports fractional scaling under Wayland...

8-Way Linux Distribution Benchmarks On The AMD EPYC 7742 2P Server

Saturday 7th of September 2019 10:00:00 PM
A few days ago I provided some benchmarks showing how running Intel's open-source Clear Linux on AMD EPYC Rome can provide some significant speed-ups over Ubuntu Linux, but how do other Linux distributions compare on AMD's new Zen 2 server processors? Here is an eight-way benchmark comparison on the AMD EPYC 7742 2P Daytona server with its 128 cores / 256 threads.

KDE Will Prioritize Wayland, Consistency & Apps Over The Next Two Years

Saturday 7th of September 2019 08:29:01 PM
This summer KDE was looking for ideas on new goals to pursue along the likes of their successful Usability + Productivity initiative. In marking the start of their annual Akademy developer conference in Milan, the KDE developers announced their new set of goals to focus on for the next two years...

Debian 10.1 Released With First Batch Of Fixes To Buster

Saturday 7th of September 2019 07:03:14 PM
Debian 10.1 was released today as the first collection of security and bug fixes to this summer's release of Debian 10 "Buster" GNU/Linux...

POCL 1.4 RC1 Brings Better SPIR/SPIR-V Support On The CPU

Saturday 7th of September 2019 02:18:13 PM
POCL, the "Portable Open Computing Language" project known for implementing OpenCL support on top of the CPU, is closing in on its version 1.4 release...

GNOME 3.34 RC2 Available For Final Testing Of This Big Desktop Update

Saturday 7th of September 2019 12:08:45 PM
GNOME 3.34 RC2 made it out on Friday night as the final step before next week's official GNOME 3.34 release...

Linux 5.4 Bringing New Driver To Help SGI Systems Going Back To The SGI Origin

Saturday 7th of September 2019 11:58:34 AM
SGI systems going back to the SGI Origin servers starting some two decades ago will see better mainline kernel support with the upcoming Linux 5.4...

Intel's Vulkan Driver Now Hooks Into DriConf For Driver Settings/Workarounds

Saturday 7th of September 2019 11:31:22 AM
Intel's "ANV" Vulkan Linux driver has now hooked into the DriConf infrastructure for handling driver tunables and workarounds...

NVIDIA 435.19.03 Vulkan Linux Driver Brings DXVK Fixes

Saturday 7th of September 2019 11:18:01 AM
NVIDIA on Friday released their 435.19.03 Vulkan beta driver as their newest Linux driver update. This Vulkan beta doesn't come with any new extensions this go around but does have some DXVK fixes for helping Linux gamers...

BeOS-Inspired Haiku ARM64 Upstreaming Started, AMD Ryzen Workarounds Added

Saturday 7th of September 2019 11:08:53 AM
We are approaching the one year anniversary since the Haiku R1 Beta and the developers working on this open-source BeOS-inspired operating system are as busy as ever with improvements...

Intel Linux Graphics Stack Gets Another Speed Boost - Helping Civilization VI By ~18%

Friday 6th of September 2019 06:24:58 PM
Intel's open-source Linux graphics driver crew has been on an exciting spree lately of not only punctually enabling new hardware support but also pushing some big performance improvements for new and existing generations of graphics hardware. Today another performance achievement was unlocked...

WireGuard Releases New Snapshot While Not Expected For Linux 5.4 Mainline

Friday 6th of September 2019 03:47:15 PM
WireGuard 0.0.20190905 was released on Thursday by lead developer Jason Donenfeld...

Firefox 69 / 70 Beta Against Chrome 76 On Ubuntu Linux

Friday 6th of September 2019 02:00:00 PM
With Firefox 69 released and Firefox 70 entering beta, here are some fresh web browser benchmarks between Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome from Ubuntu Linux. On the Firefox size, Firefox 68, 69, and 70 Beta were tested with and without WebRender being enabled and compared to Google's current Chrome 76 stable release.

GNU Wget2 Reaches Beta With Faster Download Speeds, New Features

Friday 6th of September 2019 01:04:39 PM
GNU Wget2 is a from scratch rewrite of the popular wget downloading utility. GNU Wget2 wraps around the libwget library while now being multi-threaded and supporting other features to provide better performance over the current wget releases...

More in Tux Machines

Introduction to the Linux chgrp and newgrp commands

In a recent article, I introduced the chown command, which is used for modifying ownership of files on systems. Recall that ownership is the combination of the user and group assigned to an object. The chgrp and newgrp commands provide additional help for managing files that need to maintain group ownership. It is important to understand how to manage users, groups, and permissions. It is also good to know a few alternative ways to work around problems you might encounter since not all environments are set up the same way. Read more

Android Leftovers

Linux-Powered BeagleBoard AI Comes With Debian Out-of-the-box

Linux-powered BeabgleBoard AI Single Board Computer (SBC) has been launched by the BeagleBoard foundation at a $125 price tag. The new SBC runs Debian GNU/Linux out of the box. The organization says that the new SBC fills the gap between small Raspberry Pi-like computers and more powerful desktop machines. The BeagleBoard AI was shown way back in February 2019 and now it has finally been launched. In my experience, Beagleboard computers are really awesome devices. We have even included the original Beagleboard, the Beagleboard Black and the X15 on our list of “Best Raspberry-Pi Alternatives.” Read more

Redcore Linux 1908 LXQt

Redcore is a Gentoo-based project which strives to make it easy to install the distribution and immediately have access to a pre-configured desktop environment. Redcore is available in two editions, KDE Plasma and LXQt, and offers builds for 64-bit (x86_64) machines exclusively. The latest version of Redcore Linux has shifted from using Gentoo's Stable branch as its upstream source to Gentoo Testing. Software now flows from Gentoo Testing, into Redcore's Testing repository, and then into Redcore Stable where most Redcore users will access it. The Redcore ISO files are relatively large with both editions being 3.4GB downloads. Given the similarities in size, I decided to try the LXQt edition. Booting from the Redcore media brings up a graphical login screen with a mostly-white background. We can sign into the live desktop using the username and password "redcore". The default wallpaper is mostly white with abstract lines. The combination makes for a bright screen populated with harsh lines that I personally found unpleasant and I soon switch to another background. There are two icons on the LXQt desktop. One opens the Calamares installer and the other is labelled "Ask for help". Clicking the latter icon causes LXQt to pop-up an error saying the selected icon is an invalid desktop entry file. Clicking the installer icon brings up a prompt asking if we would like to open or execute the installer's desktop file. Along the bottom of the screen we find a panel containing the application menu, task switcher and system tray. Read more