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Linux Hardware Reviews & News
Updated: 26 min 4 sec ago

Pkg 1.6.0 Is Coming Soon To FreeBSD

Monday 21st of September 2015 10:48:15 PM
Pkg 1.6.0 is coming in the days ahead to FreeBSD as the latest updates to their package manager for this BSD distribution and other platforms...

Here's How You Can Get A Lifetime Phoronix Premium Subscription

Monday 21st of September 2015 04:39:41 PM
Here's a way that you can be part of the select few Phoronix readers who are proud Phoronix Premium lifetime members... Particularly if you will be at Oktoberfest/Wiesn 2015 or traveling to/from Germany in the next few weeks...

The Graphics Cards For Linux Gaming With The Best Value & Efficiency At Higher Resolutions

Monday 21st of September 2015 03:50:00 PM
Last week I published The Best, Most Efficient Graphics Cards For 1080p Linux Gamers while today are some complementary results with an assortment of NVIDIA GeForce and AMD Radeon graphics cards while running all tests at 2560 x 1440 as a more demanding scenario than last week's results.

64-bit ARM Is Becoming Usable For Day-To-Day Linux Desktop

Monday 21st of September 2015 02:34:43 PM
If you're lucky enough to find some capable 64-bit ARM (AArch64) hardware, the latest open-source Linux packages are working out well in the 64-bit ARM world for providing a decent Linux desktop experience...

What's New With The X.Org Foundation? Not Too Much

Monday 21st of September 2015 02:12:16 PM
At last week's XDC2015 Toronto conference there was an update shared on the X.Org Foundation, which was nice to see since there hasn't been an "annual" report published since 2013, so this would be the next best thing.....

Doing Graphics Hardware Acceleration With Microkernels

Monday 21st of September 2015 01:06:13 PM
At last week's XDC2015 conference in Toronto, Jamey Sharp talked about hardware graphics acceleration support on microkernels...

WebKitGTK+ 2.10 Is Ready With Many Features

Monday 21st of September 2015 12:32:21 PM
WebKitGTK+ 2.10 was tagged today for this week's release of GNOME 3.18...

OpenMandriva Is Sort Of Trying To Make It Easier To Game On Linux

Monday 21st of September 2015 01:09:56 AM
The developers working on OpenMandriva are trying to make it easier for Linux users to run the latest games...

Linux 4.3-rc2 Has Been Released & Is Fairly Normal

Sunday 20th of September 2015 10:25:55 PM
Linus Torvalds has tagged and released the Linux 4.3-rc2 kernel...

Kodi 15.2 Is Near, RC2 Released

Sunday 20th of September 2015 04:26:31 PM
The team working on the open-source, cross-platform Kodi HTPC software today announced the 15.2 Isengard Release Candidate 2...

A Developer Is Going To Focus On Improving GNU Hurd's Hardware Support

Sunday 20th of September 2015 02:25:39 PM
As explained recently in The Current State Of Debian GNU Hurd, PC hardware support by GNU Hurd is pretty piss poor right now with no support for USB yet, sound support being in its early stages, and 64-bit support just being started. However, a developer is hoping to work on improving hardware support for Hurd...

Calling Arma 3 Linux Gamers

Sunday 20th of September 2015 01:48:22 PM
If you are a player of the new Arma 3 Linux port or just interested in this open-world military game in general, your help is requested...

KDE / Qt Fiber Web Browser To Take The Reasonable Approach To Dealing With Ads

Sunday 20th of September 2015 12:57:06 PM
Fiber, the new open-source web browser aligned with Qt/KDE and is generating a fair amount of interest, has laid out details regarding their planned ad policy...

NVIDIA Performance Counters Still Coming Along For Nouveau

Sunday 20th of September 2015 12:27:01 PM
Samuel Pitoiset for the past few years has been on what seems like a one-man mission to implement NVIDIA's hardware performance counters inside the open-source Nouveau driver. He continues making much progress and it's starting to become a reality for developers who wish to profile their apps/workloads with Nouveau under Linux...

Mesa 10.6.8 Is Focused On Nouveau Fixes

Sunday 20th of September 2015 12:13:27 PM
For those that haven't yet moved to Mesa 11.0 and aren't riding on Mesa 11.1-devel Git, Mesa 10.6.8 is now the next best thing...

RadeonSI Now Supports Another OpenGL 4.5 Extension

Sunday 20th of September 2015 12:47:37 AM
One week after ARB_shader_texture_image_samples OpenGL 4.5 was added to core Mesa and the Intel driver, Ilia Mirkin has extended the support to include the RadeonSI Gallium3D driver...

The New Phoronix Test Suite Grapher Has Landed

Saturday 19th of September 2015 08:53:49 PM
Now within the latest Phoronix-Test-Suite on GitHub the new graphing code is utilized by default. This will directly benefit Phoronix Test Suite users but will also be beneficial to those simply reading Phoronix articles or visiting and

The State Of DRM/KMS Drivers On Solaris Sounds Worse Off Than The BSD Drivers

Saturday 19th of September 2015 03:00:34 PM
Randy Fishel of Oracle presented at this week's XDC2015 conference about the state of the DRM/KMS graphics drivers on Solaris...

Tizen 3.0 Milestone Released, Finishes Replacing X.Org With Wayland

Saturday 19th of September 2015 01:41:11 PM
The Tizen Project has announced the Tizen 3.0 first milestone release for TV and Mobile devices...

Steam Crosses 1,500 Games Natively Available For Linux

Saturday 19th of September 2015 01:15:31 PM
Today marks a huge milestone for Steam on Linux: 1,500 games are natively available! This is quite significant while Windows is at 6,464 and OS X is at 2,323.

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