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Updated: 3 hours 26 min ago

Comments On The Unity Engine & Vulkan API Support

Saturday 15th of August 2015 02:34:52 PM
Following the SIGGRAPH story earlier this week about Unity working on DirectX 12 and Apple Metal support, but not Vulkan, there was -- as usual -- a colorful selection of comments in our forums about this situation. Of course, many theorized that Apple must be paying Unity to support Metal, Unity doesn't care about the desktop, and other alternate reasons why Unity isn't yet supporting Vulkan...

Workaround For Poor Ubuntu Phone Performance / Stuttering? "Touch The Screen A Lot"

Saturday 15th of August 2015 02:25:46 PM
Some Ubuntu developers are currently looking at poor performance of the Ubuntu Phone, particularly when it comes to stuttering or a poor user experience in certain cases...

Work Continues On FP64 Support For OpenGL 4.0 On Intel's Driver

Saturday 15th of August 2015 01:13:46 PM
While the RadeonSI and Nouveau NVC0 Gallium3D drivers are now at OpenGL 4.1 compliance, the open-source Intel Mesa driver remains stuck at OpenGL 3.3. Blocking the Intel driver from OpenGL 4.0 compliance is FP64 and tessellation shader sub-routine. While work is underway on both extensions -- plus ARB_vertex_attrib_64bit for OpenGL 4.1 -- it looks like the FP64 support may not be too far out...

GNOME Turns 18 Years Old Today

Saturday 15th of August 2015 12:40:38 PM
The GNOME desktop environment turns eighteen years old today!..

Fedora NVIDIA Repository Update For CUDA 7, NVIDIA 355 Linux Driver

Friday 14th of August 2015 10:56:56 PM
While there is the new proprietary graphics driver PPA for Ubuntu Linux users to grab the latest NVIDIA (and eventually, AMD) binary blobs, for Fedora users there is this separate third-party repository to easily install the newest NVIDIA proprietary drivers...

Glibc 2.22 Now Officially Released

Friday 14th of August 2015 10:17:53 PM
Earlier this month I wrote about glibc 2.22 and its new features being ready for release and today that version has been officially put out the door...

FreeBSD 10.2 Released, Linux Compatibility Based Off CentOS 6

Friday 14th of August 2015 10:08:27 PM
As anticipated, FreeBSD 10.2 is now officially available...

Faster Rendering Of Our Hundreds Of Thousands Of Benchmark Results

Friday 14th of August 2015 07:54:45 PM
If visiting to view the daily performance benchmark tracker results on the Linux kernel, GCC, LLVM Clang, or Mesa and opting to view the results for a very long duration, you may have noticed some results were slow to appear or the page would time-out before hand. I've now landed some improvements into the Phoronix Test Suite's rendering code that should dramatically speed-up the process...

So Long & Thanks For All The Fish!

Friday 14th of August 2015 05:29:56 PM
As Michael mentioned earlier today this is my last day as the Phoronix Summer 2015 Intern...

Rust Language Focusing On Infrastructure Improvements, Features & More

Friday 14th of August 2015 05:10:34 PM
The Rust Programming Language Blog has a new post by two of the team members about what the 1.0 release meant in hindsight three months later and what the team will be focusing on in looking forward to 2016...

Terraria Released With OS X & Linux Support

Friday 14th of August 2015 05:05:54 PM
A few days ago Loki, the community manager for Re-Logic, the gaming studio behind the popular sandbox game Terraria, announced the release of Terraria, which both made the OS X and Linux versions of the game public, as well as ensuring compatibility between the OS X, Linux, and Windows clients...

Trying Out Linux File-Systems With The 4.2 Kernel On A USB Flash Drive

Friday 14th of August 2015 02:58:12 PM
It's been a while since last benchmarking any Linux file-systems on a USB 3.0 flash drive to see how the performance compares, given that F2FS and friends are being optimized for flash storage. However, off the Linux 4.2 kernel for kicks I've run some benchmarks on a 16GB USB flash drive the EXT4, Btrfs, XFS, and F2FS file-systems.

AMDGPU, HEVC Support & More Added To Mainline Mesa 11.0

Friday 14th of August 2015 02:07:35 PM
Just after writing this morning about libdrm 2.4.63 being released and that it's needed for the AMDGPU Mesa support to land, the code indeed is now in mainline! There's the mainline support going into Mesa 11.0 for supporting the hardware via the AMDGPU DRM driver -- Tonga, Carrizo, Fiji, and future new hardware. There's also now HEVC video decode support on capable hardware via the VDPAU state tracker and other improvements related to this AMDGPU code push...

Linux DMA-BUF Support Added To Wayland

Friday 14th of August 2015 01:58:00 PM
With Wayland 1.9 coming next month and the feature freeze being imminent, the Linux DMA-BUF support for Wayland was pushed out this morning!..

Libdrm 2.4.63 Makes Official The AMDGPU Support

Friday 14th of August 2015 01:01:01 PM
Marek Olšák of AMD this morning announced libdrm 2.4.63 as the newest version of this DRM Library that interfaces between the Linux kernel DRM drivers and the user-space DDX and Mesa components, among other user-space graphics code...

Today Is Our 2015 Intern's Last Day

Friday 14th of August 2015 12:47:37 PM
All good things must come to an end and today is our 2015 summer intern, Eric Griffith, last day writing on Phoronix...

HMM Anonymous Memory Migration In The Works For Linux

Friday 14th of August 2015 12:31:50 AM
Jerome Glisse at Red Hat continues to working on his patches for Heterogeneous Memory Management (HMM) for the Linux kernel...

What Vulkan Looks Like For A Hobbyist 3D Developer

Thursday 13th of August 2015 06:07:30 PM
Experienced OpenGL/WebGL developer Sascha Willems has shared his views on the next-generation, low-level Vulkan graphics API from the perspective of a hobbyist developer...

VIA Rolls Out Fanless, Ruggedized PC Powered By Quad-Core x86 Eden CPU

Thursday 13th of August 2015 04:09:17 PM
VIA Embedded has rolled out a new ruggedized PC for in-vehicle computing and other applications. This rugged PC is powered by a long forgot about VIA Eden quad-core processor...

KDE Frameworks 5.13.0 Released

Thursday 13th of August 2015 03:55:33 PM
Out now ahead of the Plasma 5.4 release later this month is KDE Frameworks 5.13.0...

More in Tux Machines

Wayland in Fedora 23 Linux Allows for Use of Multiple Monitors with Different DPIs

Fedora Project, through Christian Schaller, was proud to report on the progress made for the next-generation Wayland display server that it might be used by default on the upcoming major release of the Fedora Linux operating system, Fedora 23. Read more

GNOME Developers Discuss Codenames, GNOME 3.18 Might be Dubbed "Gothenburg"

Allan Day, a GNOME UX designer working for Red Hat and renowned GNOME developer/contributor, opened an interesting discussion on the official GNOME mailing list, about possible codenames for upcoming releases of the acclaimed desktop environment for GNU/Linux operating systems. Read more

Developer lowers Drupal's barrier to entry

From a consumer perspective, I'd like open source to be ubiquitous to the point of invisibility. Using recent Ubuntu distros, I'm always shocked at how professional the environment feels. Just five years ago, you'd need to hunt down drivers and do a bunch of fiddling to get basic things like a sound card working. Now there are so many pushbutton ways to deploy open source tech, from OSes to CMS distros on Pantheon to buying an Android-powered mobile phone. We're not quite to the point where CMS users can feel like open source is transparent; there's still a huge investment in vendors to give you the expertise to manage your Drupal or WordPress site, for example. But we're closer than we were a decade ago, and that's pretty exciting. Read more

Intel invests $60 million in drone venture

Intel is investing $60 million in UAV firm Yuneec, whose prosumer “Typhoon” drones use Android-based controllers. Intel Corp. CEO Brian Krzanich and Yuneec International CEO Tian Yu took to YouTube to announce an Intel investment of more than $60 million in the Hong Kong based company to help develop drone technology. No more details were provided except for Krzanich’s claim that “We’ve got drones on our road map that are going to truly change the world and revolutionize the industry.” One possibility is that Intel plans to equip the drones with its RealSense 3D cameras (see farther below). Read more