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Linux Hardware Reviews & News
Updated: 1 hour 35 min ago

Aspyr's New Linux Port Is A Decade-Old Game

Tuesday 21st of July 2015 04:58:39 PM
Yesterday Aspyr Media was teasing a new Linux game launch and today they've indeed ported over another game now available from the Steam Linux store...

Radeon R9 Fury In Stock & Ordered, Linux Tests Are Imminent

Tuesday 21st of July 2015 03:00:00 PM
In the middle of the night I got an auto-notification... The Radeon R9 Fury is finally in-stock! Few minutes later, this Fiji HBM graphics card was ordered for some Linux testing. We'll have out the first major AMD Fury graphics card tests under Linux in the next few days...

LibreOffice Should Now Be Working Okay On Wayland

Tuesday 21st of July 2015 02:07:48 PM
A few days ago was the milestone of LibreOffice starting to work on Wayland and now it seems the support seems good enough for day-to-day use...

KDE Plasma 5.4 Getting New Wallpaper, Some New Icons

Tuesday 21st of July 2015 01:36:23 PM
There's some new artwork coming to the next KDE Plasma update due out next month, including a new wallpaper...

GTK+ 3.17.5 Brings Mir Improvements

Tuesday 21st of July 2015 12:44:53 PM
GTK+ 3.17.5 has been released today as the newest version of the toolkit to coincide with GNOME 3.18 in just a few more months...

NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 980 Ti Is Running Strong Under Linux

Tuesday 21st of July 2015 12:13:24 PM
The GeForce GTX 980 Ti as NVIDIA's current highest-end desktop GPU is running great under Linux, assuming you don't mind running the proprietary graphics drivers...

GCC 5 Is One Week Away From Landing In Ubuntu 15.10

Tuesday 21st of July 2015 08:05:15 AM
Debian unstable is switching to GCC 5 and so is Ubuntu 15.10. Here's the latest update on the planned transition from GCC 4.9 to GCC 5.2 by month's end...

HTTPS Is Now Enabled For Embedded Graphics

Tuesday 21st of July 2015 06:40:00 AM
For those viewing the HTTPS version of Phoronix, the embedded Phoronix performance result graphs embedded from will now work...

Intel's Haswell Iris Graphics vs. Broadwell Iris Pro

Tuesday 21st of July 2015 04:05:04 AM
This past weekend I posted an open-source Linux graphics driver comparison with an A10-7870K Godavari vs. i7-4790K Haswell vs. i7-5775C Broadwell. Beyond the already-published discrete AMD/NVIDIA GPU results to see how Intel's socketed Broadwell with Iris Pro 6200 Graphics stack up, there were also requests from readers for seeing some Haswell Iris results...

MSI Radeon R7 370 GAMING 4G

Tuesday 21st of July 2015 12:00:00 AM
The latest graphics card we've been testing the past few weeks under Linux is the MSI Radeon R7 370 GAMING 4G. This mid-range graphics card is equipped with a very quiet heatsink fan and will work on both the latest open and closed-source AMD Linux graphics drivers. Of interest to many Linux enthusiasts who are concerned about noise is that with MSI's ZERO FROZR feature, the fans will stop completely while the system is idling or just engaging in light gaming or multimedia tasks.

Plugins, Plugins, Plugins: Supporting Them On Wayland

Monday 20th of July 2015 09:34:06 PM
Long time Kwin maintainer Martin Graesslin penned another blog post today, this time discussing his work getting KGlobalAccel, KIdleTime, and KWindowSystem to play nicely under a Wayland session, rather than an X11 based session...

Aspyr Media Is Launching A New Linux Game Tomorrow

Monday 20th of July 2015 08:45:33 PM
Aspyr Media, the company that's ported games like Civilization V: Beyond Earth to Linux and Borderlands 2, will be launching a new Linux game port on Tuesday...

NVIDIA's Latest Open-Source Tegra Work Focuses On VIC Support

Monday 20th of July 2015 07:07:29 PM
The latest work that NVIDIA's been working on for the open-source Nouveau driver is to enable VIC support...

Doing Fedora Snapshots/Rollbacks With Btrfs & Snapper

Monday 20th of July 2015 04:55:36 PM
All the way back to Fedora 13 has been work on supporting Btrfs system snapshots / rollbacks using this Linux next-generation file-system's CoW snapshot abilities. Those abilities were tied into a Yum plug-in for making a Btrfs snapshot whenever a Yum transaction would take place. Another alternative for Btrfs system snapshots on Fedora is by using Snapper...

Visual Studio 2015 Launches With Its Linux Targeting Support

Monday 20th of July 2015 03:29:22 PM
Microsoft formally launched its Visual Studio 2015 integrated development environment today. While there isn't a Linux version of the client, from VS 2015 there is support for targeting Linux...

Pyston Continues Working On Performance Optimizations

Monday 20th of July 2015 03:08:37 PM
Pyston, the Dropbox-backed open-source Python implementation that leverages LLVM for greater performance, is continuing to tweak its implementation for maximum performance potential...

DragonFlyBSD Finally Has Working Valley View / Bay Trail Graphics Support

Monday 20th of July 2015 02:32:16 PM
The upstream Linux kernel has had its upstream Valley View DRM graphics support for a few years now for the HD Graphics found within Intel's Atom/Celeron "Bay Trail" SoCs. The DragonFlyBSD kernel as of today has finally managed to put its Linux-ported Intel DRM driver into a state that it too can support Valley View...

Dgit 1.0 Released: Making A Debian Archive Like A Git Repository

Monday 20th of July 2015 01:11:10 PM
Ian Jackson announced the release of dgit 1.0 this weekend...

Mesa 10.5 vs. 10.7 Git, Linux 4.2 Kernel For Intel Iris Graphics 5100

Monday 20th of July 2015 01:02:34 PM
This weekend I had out the ASUS Zenbook ultrabook with Core i7 4558 "Haswell" processor that boasts Iris Graphics 5100. I figured I'd run some Mesa 10.5 vs. 10.7-devel and Linux 4.0 vs. 4.1 vs. 4.2 kernel graphics tests...

Kdenlive 15.08 Being Cleaned Up For Next KDE Apps Release

Monday 20th of July 2015 12:38:31 PM
Kdenlive 15.08 will be part of KDE Applications 15.08 and this non-linear video editor's second release as part of the KDE Apps stack following its port to Qt5/KF5 earlier in the year...

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