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Updated: 3 hours 27 min ago

OpenMAX Tizonia H.264 Encoder/Decoder Land In Mesa 18.1 Git

Tuesday 6th of March 2018 07:00:00 PM
It was last summer that a GSoC student developer worked on an OpenMAX Tizonia state tracker for Gallium3D to replace the existing and out-of-date "Bellagio" code. Finally today that new Tizonia code has landed in Mesa 18.1-devel Git...

xf86-video-ati 18.0 X.Org Driver Released

Tuesday 6th of March 2018 05:53:02 PM
Days after the release of xf86-video-amdgpu 18.0 is now an updated xf86-video-ati / Radeon DDX release for namely the pre-GCN graphics processors...

Checking Out Ubuntu 18.04's Minimal Desktop Install Option

Tuesday 6th of March 2018 04:04:04 PM
Besides the Ubuntu 18.04 minimal spin that is around to 30MB compressed, the Ubuntu 18.04 "Bionic Beaver" installer recently added an option for a "minimal installation" from the desktop Live DVD/USB environment. Here's a look at what that means for desktop users...

Trying Out The New Intel Open-Source OpenCL NEO Compute Driver

Tuesday 6th of March 2018 02:55:57 PM
Last month Intel open-sourced a new "NEO" OpenCL driver including an LLVM graphics compiler and its compute runtime supporting OpenCL 2.1. I finally found some time to give this new open-source Intel OpenCL Linux driver a try.

OpenIndiana Now Has KPTI Support Up For Testing To Mitigate Meltdown

Tuesday 6th of March 2018 01:00:54 PM
The Solaris-derived OpenIndiana operating system now has KPTI (Kernel Page Table Isolation) support for testing to mitigate the Intel Meltdown CPU vulnerability...

Aspect Ratio Support Within The Linux Kernel's DRM Code Revised

Tuesday 6th of March 2018 12:53:53 PM
Intel open-source developer Ankit Nautiyal has restarted work on adding picture aspect ratio support to the Linux kernel's Direct Rendering Manager (DRM) layer...

Libdrm 2.4.91 Released With AMDGPU, Android & Freedreno Updates

Tuesday 6th of March 2018 12:44:04 PM
Version 2.4.91 of the Mesa DRM library (libdrm) is now available for this component that notably sits between the Linux kernel and various user-space clients like Mesa and the X.Org Server...

KDE Plasma Working On Wayland Screen-Sharing With XDG-Desktop-Portal / Pipewire

Tuesday 6th of March 2018 11:00:00 AM
With Wayland not enforcing any standard for screensharing, KDE developers are now building off GNOME's approach of XDG-Desktop-Portal and PipeWire for desktop/screen sharing for adding this feature to Plasma on Wayland...

Oracle Brings KPTI Meltdown Mitigation To Linux 4.1

Tuesday 6th of March 2018 10:50:17 AM
If for some reason you are still riding the Linux 4.1 kernel series, you really should think about upgrading to at least a newer LTS series in the near future. But if you still plan on riding it for a while longer, at least it's getting page table isolation support for Meltdown mitigation...

Work Is Underway On Assembler, Shader Support For Chai Open-Source Mali GPU Driver

Tuesday 6th of March 2018 10:41:06 AM
Last month we reported on work resuming with the Mali T700 series open-source GPU driver called Chai. It's continued with the lead developer now working on an Assembler and soon beginning work on shaders...

DRI3 v1.2 Lands In X.Org Server 1.20

Tuesday 6th of March 2018 12:56:48 AM
We knew it was coming still for X.Org Server 1.20, but now the DRI3 v1.2 support has landed in the server...

Systemd 238 Released, Adds New Temporary File-System Option

Monday 5th of March 2018 11:22:53 PM
While systemd 237 was released just over one month ago, systemd 238 was released today as the next installment of this init system...

Google Finds Clang On Windows To Be Production-Ready For Building Chrome

Monday 5th of March 2018 11:06:11 PM
While Google has already been using LLVM's Clang C/C++ compiler to build the release builds of the Chrome web-browser for Linux rather than GCC and has also switched to using Clang on other platforms, this open-source C/C++ compiler has now been able to replace Microsoft's Visual C/C++ compiler for building Chrome on Windows...

X.Org Server 1.20 Is Now Available For Testing On Fedora

Monday 5th of March 2018 06:21:34 PM
Adam Jackson of Red Hat who is also the X.Org Server 1.20 release organizer has made available a Copr repository for those wanting to test this near-final X.Org Server and updated DDX drivers on Fedora systems...

OpenMandriva Switching Back From RPM5 To RPM4

Monday 5th of March 2018 05:34:30 PM
It was seven years ago that Mandriva 2011 switched to using RPM5 from RPM4, but now for the next OpenMandriva release they are transitioning back to using RPM4 and with that making use of Fedora's DNF...

Intel MKTME Support Being Prepped For The Linux Kernel: Total Memory Encryption

Monday 5th of March 2018 04:42:00 PM
Intel developers are working on bringing transparent memory encryption support to the Linux kernel that works in conjunction with upcoming Intel platforms...

John Carmack Goes On Coding Retreat With OpenBSD

Monday 5th of March 2018 02:40:28 PM
While id Software founder John Carmack has been known for his open-source and Linux interests over the years and even working on Utah GLX back in the day, he just wrapped up a self-driven "programming retreat" where he was using OpenBSD...

Intel Proposes Blackhole Render Extension For OpenGL / OpenGL ES

Monday 5th of March 2018 02:26:01 PM
The latest extension proposed for the OpenGL / OpenGL ES registry is INTEL_blackhole_render...

Fresh Linux 4.16 Kernel Benchmarks With KPTI & Retpolines

Monday 5th of March 2018 01:22:11 PM
For those wondering how the Linux 4.16 kernel is performing with regards to the ongoing work around Spectre and Meltdown mitigation in the kernel, here are some fresh benchmark results.

Kodi 18 "Leia" Enters Alpha With Thousands Of Changes

Monday 5th of March 2018 10:44:17 AM
Kodi, the popular HTPC software formerly known as XBMC, has put out the first alpha release of their upcoming 18 Leia milestone...

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Canonical Officially Announces Mozilla's Firefox as a Snap App for Ubuntu Linux

The Firefox Snap package appears to be maintained by Mozilla, which allows Linux users to test drive the latest features of their Quantum browser on multiple GNU/Linux distributions that support Canonical's Snappy universal binary format. Developed by Canonical, the Snap universal application packaging format for Linux lets Linux users enjoy the most recent release of a software product as soon as it's released upstream. It's secure by design and works natively on multiple popular Linux OSes. Read more

today's leftovers

Replacing Windows

  • Ubuntu-Based Zorin OS Gets Better Support for Windows Apps, Desktop Improvements
    A new maintenance update of the Ubuntu-based Zorin OS GNU/Linux distribution arrived at the end of this week with a bunch of enhancements to its desktop environment, as well as the latest versions of core components and apps. Zorin OS 12.3 is here as the latest stable update of the Ubuntu-based operating system with a focus on improving the security, stability, and functionality of Zorin OS, which was always known as one of the most reliable open-source alternatives to Microsoft's Windows operating system. Therefore, probably the most important change of the Zorin OS 12.3 release is the introduction of Wine 3.0, the latest stable version of the compatibility layer for running Windows programs on Linux and UNIX-like systems, which ensures better compatibility with more Windows apps and games on Zorin OS.
  • Microsoft tries forcing Mail users to open links in Edge, and people are freaking out

    Under the new rules, it doesn’t matter which browser you have selected as the default; if you use the basic Mail app within Windows, any link you click will open up Edge.

  • Google picks up another win for G Suite as Airbus grounds Microsoft Office

    With over 130,000 employees, Airbus uses a lot of office productivity software. It recently decided to make a big bet on Google’s G Suite software package after running the company for years on hosted versions of Microsoft Office, according to a report.  

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