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Linux Hardware Reviews & News
Updated: 2 hours 46 min ago

Microsoft Announces "Windows Terminal" As Linux-esque Inspired Terminal For Windows 10

Monday 6th of May 2019 04:23:55 PM
Microsoft announced from their Build 2019 conference this morning Windows Terminal as the newest Linux-inspired feature coming to Windows 10...

Radeon RX 560/570/580 vs. GeForce GTX 1060/1650/1660 Linux Gaming Performance

Monday 6th of May 2019 03:09:49 PM
If you are looking to soon upgrade your graphics card for Linux gaming -- especially with the increasing number of titles running well under Steam Play -- but only have a budget of around $200 USD for the graphics card, this comparison is for you. In this article we're looking at the AMD Radeon RX 560 / RX 570 / RX 580 against the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 / GTX 1650 / GTX 1660 graphics cards. Not only are we looking at the OpenGL/Vulkan Linux gaming performance both for native titles and Steam Play but also the GPU power consumption and performance-per-dollar metrics to help guide your next budget GPU purchasing decision.

GNU Linux-libre 5.1-gnu Released As The Kernel Continues To Be Deblobbed

Monday 6th of May 2019 01:02:41 PM
Hot off the release of Linux 5.1 from last night, the Free Software Foundation Latin America team has released GNU Linux-libre 5.1-gnu as their sanitized kernel that strips out support for loading binary-only microcode/firmware files, the ability to load binary-only kernel modules, and related code they deem supporting "non-free" software...

Spectre/Meltdown Mitigations Can Now Be Toggled With Convenient "mitigations=" Option

Monday 6th of May 2019 12:04:38 PM
Beginning with the Linux 5.2 kernel, it will be easier to disable Spectre, Meltdown, and other CPU vulnerability mitigations if you prefer maximum performance out of your system instead...

Intel Baytrail & Cherrytrail Systems Can Now Correctly Hibernate Again Under Linux

Monday 6th of May 2019 11:36:04 AM
Baytrail era systems have been a bit notorious on Linux but at least one recent regression is now resolved that for the past few kernel releases had broke hibernation support for Intel Baytrail and Cherrytrail SoC systems...

DXVK Developer Working On New "AGS" Experiment For Possible Performance Benefit

Monday 6th of May 2019 11:05:26 AM
DXVK lead developer Philip Rebohle is experimenting with "DXVK-AGS" as a new exploration project to see if it makes sense implementing AMD AGS SDK support within DXVK for this Direct3D 11 to Vulkan translation layer...

The Huge Linux 5.2 Kernel Merge Window Kicks Off

Monday 6th of May 2019 10:58:00 AM
Following last night's release of Linux 5.1, the Linux 5.2 merge window is now open. There's already been several pull requests sent in today that Linus is expected to begin acting on shortly...

Looking Ahead To Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.0 News During Red Hat Summit 2019 Week

Monday 6th of May 2019 04:07:46 AM
Kicking off Tuesday in Boston is Red Hat Summit 2019 where Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.0 could be released or at least hearing more about the company's plans for releasing this next major installment of RHEL...

Linux 5.1 Has Been Released With Plenty Of New Features

Monday 6th of May 2019 01:11:18 AM
As was expected, Linus Torvalds just tagged the Linux 5.1 stable kernel...

Firefox 66.0.4 Released To Address The Broken Add-Ons Issue Due To Expired Certificate

Sunday 5th of May 2019 10:59:28 PM
After a long weekend, Mozilla has released Firefox 66.0.4 to address the glaring omission on Friday that led to most browser add-ons getting disabled due to an expired certificate used for signing these plug-ins...

More in Tux Machines

DragonFlyBSD Pulls In AMD Radeon Graphics Code From Linux The 4.7 Kernel

It was just last month that DragonFlyBSD pulled in Radeon's Linux 4.4 kernel driver code as an upgrade from the Linux 3.19 era code they had been using for their open-source AMD graphics support. This week that's now up to a Linux 4.7 era port. François Tigeot who continues doing amazing work on pulling in updates to DragonFlyBSD's graphics driver now upgraded the Radeon DRM code to match that of what is found in the upstream Linux 4.7.10 kernel. Read more

Android Leftovers

TenFourFox FPR16b1 available

FPR16 got delayed because I really tried very hard to make some progress on our two biggest JavaScript deficiencies, the infamous issues 521 (async and await) and 533 (this is undefined). Unfortunately, not only did I make little progress on either, but the speculative fix I tried for issue 533 turned out to be the patch that unsettled the optimized build and had to be backed out. There is some partial work on issue 521, though, including a fully working parser patch. The problem is plumbing this into the browser runtime which is ripe for all kinds of regressions and is not currently implemented (instead, for compatibility, async functions get turned into a bytecode of null throw null return, essentially making any call to an async function throw an exception because it wouldn't have worked in the first place). This wouldn't seem very useful except that effectively what the whole shebang does is convert a compile-time error into a runtime warning, such that other functions that previously might not have been able to load because of the error can now be parsed and hopefully run. With luck this should improve the functionality of sites using these functions even if everything still doesn't fully work, as a down payment hopefully on a future implementation. It may not be technically possible but it's a start. Read more

Simon Steinbeiß of Xfce, Dalton Durst of UBports, KDE Apps 19.08, Huawei – Destination Linux 135

Simon Steinbeiß of Xfce, Dalton Durst of UBports, KDE Applications, CutiePi Open Source Tablet, Huawei To Create Open Source Foundation, Rust Removes Linux Support, Stranded Deep Survival Game Fix Read more