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Linux Hardware Reviews & News
Updated: 1 hour 5 min ago

Running Intel's Clear Linux On AMD EPYC Rome? Still Significant Performance Uplift Over Ubuntu

Thursday 5th of September 2019 04:00:00 PM
The current AMD EPYC 7742 2P benchmarking that is happening at Phoronix is an interesting Linux/BSD operating system performance comparison. That's in the works while so far are some Ubuntu and Clear Linux numbers. Yes, Intel's open-source Clear Linux platform does run fine generally on AMD hardware -- including the new AMD "Rome" processors -- and generally does still run damn fast. Here is a look at Clear Linux on this 128 core / 256 thread server with Clear Linux against Ubuntu 19.04 as well as the upcoming Ubuntu 19.10.

Librem 5 Will Begin Shipping In The Weeks Ahead, But Varying Quality Over Months Ahead

Thursday 5th of September 2019 03:00:00 PM
As we approach the end of Q3, Purism has been quiet whether they will make their revised target of shipping the Librem 5 Linux smartphone this quarter after passing their original plan to ship at the start of 2019. Well, Purism has just published an update and they will begin shipping the phones in batches beginning at the end of the month but the quality isn't yet up to scratch...

Linux Benchmarks Of NVMe SSD Performance With Varying I/O Polling Queues

Thursday 5th of September 2019 01:44:45 PM
A Phoronix reader recently pointed out a little known kernel tunable option to adjust the number of I/O polling queues for NVMe solid-state drives that can potentially help improve the performance/latency. Here are some benchmarks from the NVMe poll_queues option...

Some Intel Firmware Binaries Will Reportedly Be More Liberally Licensed

Thursday 5th of September 2019 12:10:11 PM
One interesting nugget of news from this week's Open-Source Firmware Conference is that some Intel firmware binaries pertaining to their Trusted Execution Technology (TXT) will be more liberally licensed under their simpler microcode/firmware license...

PinePhone Remains On Track For Shipping In The Months Ahead

Thursday 5th of September 2019 11:42:18 AM
The open-source minded PinePhone is sitll on track for shipping in the months ahead and its software side is coming along nicely with the ability to run UBports Ubuntu Touch, Sailfish OS, postmarketOS, KDE Plasma Mobile, and other options...

XWayland Sees Updated Protocol Support To Help WLROOTS & KDE

Thursday 5th of September 2019 11:08:55 AM
X.Org Server 1.21's XWayland implementation has added support for the xdg-output-unstable-v1 version 3 protocol to help the likes of KDE and compositors like Sway based on WLROOTS...

Mesa 19.2-RC2 Released Following Delay - Many Iris, RADV & RadeonSI Fixes

Thursday 5th of September 2019 08:26:14 AM
Mesa 19.2 fell off the release train and is now likely to be released more towards the end of September rather than the middle of the month or even the end of August as was their original time-table...

AMD Working On Better Page Fault Handling For Navi / Vega GPUs

Thursday 5th of September 2019 06:18:56 AM
Longtime open-source AMD Linux driver developer Christian König on Wednesday sent out a set of patches providing "graceful" page fault handling support for Navi and Vega graphics processors...

Visual Studio Code Has Surprisingly Huge Linux Use & Other Developer Metrics

Thursday 5th of September 2019 04:09:41 AM
You may recall that back in July Intel's Clear Linux team was looking for feedback on Linux developer workflows and other developer preferences. This survey wasn't limited to Clear Linux users and the results are now published which provide for some interesting data points...

Steam Linux Usage Reportedly Ticks Up To 0.8% For August

Wednesday 4th of September 2019 11:19:19 PM
Due to the US Labor Day holiday, Valve was slow in updating their monthly figures for their controversial Steam Survey of hardware/software data by polled users. At least for their initial batch of August numbers they are reporting a small increase in the Linux gaming population...

Intel SGX Linux Support Bits Revved For A Twenty-Second Time

Wednesday 4th of September 2019 10:47:30 PM
The Software Guard Extensions (SGX) support for the Linux kernel around the memory enclaves continues to be worked on by the open-source Intel team and is now up to their twenty-second revision but it's not clear that this code is ready yet for the upcoming Linux 5.4 cycle...

Intel Core i9 9900KS Releasing In October With All-Core 5GHz Turbo

Wednesday 4th of September 2019 07:14:12 PM
Intel announced at IFA 2019 in Berlin that their Core i9 9900KS processor will be releasing next month...

AMD Ryzen 9 3900X Linux CPU Frequency Scaling Governor Benchmarks

Wednesday 4th of September 2019 04:18:42 PM
Given the recent talk about the Schedutil CPU frequency scaling governor and its future along with CPU frequency scaling behavior in general on AMD Zen 2 processors, here are some benchmarks of the Ryzen 9 3900X when tested with the different Linux "CPUFreq" governor options.

NVIDIA Lands Another New OpenGL Extension In 2019 Around Multi-GPU/SLI

Wednesday 4th of September 2019 03:35:26 PM
While most games/engines and software in general are moving from OpenGL to Vulkan, NVIDIA is still investing in their OpenGL driver stack and even adding new multi-GPU/SLI functionality to their driver and as part of that introducing new extensions...

ASpeed AST2600 Support Coming To The Linux 5.4 Kernel

Wednesday 4th of September 2019 01:54:14 PM
While not officially released yet, support for the ASpeed AST2600 is coming to the Linux 5.4 kernel...

NAS Parallel Benchmarks: EPYC 7601 vs. EPYC 7742 vs. Xeon Platinum 8280

Wednesday 4th of September 2019 11:35:43 AM
Not included as part of our original EPYC 7742 / EPYC 7002 "Rome" Linux benchmarks was the NAS Parallel Benchmarks (NPB) developed by NASA. While an MPI testing favorite, there were build issues with the older version of NPB packaged by the Phoronix Test Suite. But with recently having updated that test profile against the latest NPB upstream, here are some results for the EPYC 7742 2P, EPYC 7601 2P, and dual Xeon Platinum 8280 benchmark results. Separately, there's also results now for NeatBench 5 with this video editing plug-in test case now part of the Phoronix Test Suite...

Mesa's Gallium3D LLVMpipe Driver Adds Compute Shader Support

Wednesday 4th of September 2019 10:56:04 AM
Red Hat's David Airlie has been refocusing efforts recently on improving the state of the LLVMpipe driver that implements OpenGL / OpenGL ES on top of CPUs using LLVM. In the past few weeks he's been wiring up more GL4 / GLES 3.1 extensions and this morning the latest achievement is supporting OpenGL compute shaders!..

Eventually "Schedutil" Could Replace Linux's Existing CPU Scaling Governors

Wednesday 4th of September 2019 08:24:56 AM
The Schedutil CPU frequency scaling governor has been around for a few years and has gotten better over time but in our own tests we still find it frequently not being as competitive to the "performance" governor and others. However, in the future Schedutil might become the default and perhaps only governor...

GCC 10 Compiler Drops IBM Cell Broadband Engine SPU Support

Wednesday 4th of September 2019 05:09:57 AM
Next year's GNU Compiler Collection 10 (GCC 10) compiler release is doing away with support for IBM's Cell Broadband Engine SPU support...

X.Org's Modesetting Driver Flips Off Atomic By Default

Wednesday 4th of September 2019 04:00:00 AM
While atomic mode-setting has been around for several years now and to provide a modern mode-setting interface that can test modes prior to the actual operation and reduce possible flickering during mode-setting events and also being faster, the common xf86-video-modesetting driver has at least temporarily disabled the support by default...