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Linux Hardware Reviews & News
Updated: 3 hours 26 min ago

Frugalware 2.0 Released For Intermediate Linux Users

Tuesday 17th of February 2015 02:32:05 AM
Version 2.0 of the Frugalware Linux distribution is now available, the operating system originally inspired by Slackware that since moved on to being an independent distribution using Pacman...

Systemd 219 Released With A Huge Amount Of New Features

Monday 16th of February 2015 11:12:02 PM
Lennart Poettering announced the release of systemd 219 today and it comes with a very large number of new features and changes...

Thoughts On Intel Boot Guard Impairing Coreboot

Monday 16th of February 2015 10:10:49 PM
Last week we were first to relay the Coreboot discussion about how Intel Boot Guard in modern PCs is preventing alternative UEFI/BIOS from being used and others have since carried the story too. Matthew Garrett, a name well known to those following UEFI / Secure Boot Linux support, has blogged about his views on Boot Guard...

5 March Will Be A Very Exciting Day For Next-Gen OpenGL

Monday 16th of February 2015 07:05:11 PM
Earlier this month a GDC 2015 session was listed for showing off "glNext", the next-generation OpenGL. This major advancement for a cross-platform, multi-purpose graphics API is going to be presented by Valve, Epic Games, Unity, and the Khronos Group, among others. Besides the GDC session for glNext, on the same day they'll be having a separate event about this new API...

A Radical Idea For More Linux Game Ports

Monday 16th of February 2015 06:49:18 PM
How could Linux get more game ports and users? An Ubuntu developer is suggesting that Canonical and Red Hat finance the ports...

OpenMW Switching From Ogre3D To OpenSceneGraph

Monday 16th of February 2015 05:37:01 PM
OpenMW, the project attempting to make an open-source engine re-implementation of Elderscrols III: Morrowind, is switching out their rendering engine...

CrunchBang Linux Revived As CrunchBang++

Monday 16th of February 2015 02:54:26 PM
Earlier this month we wrote how CrunchBang Linux was winding down with its lead developer halting development of this Debian-based distribution. However, there's new developers now forming the CrunchBang++ project...

The Community Really Wants To See Linux 4.0

Monday 16th of February 2015 02:42:19 PM
Linus Torvalds has yet to reveal whether Linux 3.20 will be re-branded as Linux 4.0, but it seems the community at least really wants this version bump to happen...

The DRM Graphics Changes Submitted For Linux 3.20

Monday 16th of February 2015 02:13:20 PM
The most recent pull request for the already very exciting Linux 3.20 / 4.0 kernel is the DRM graphics driver changes, which of course excite us a lot. This DRM pull request is another fairly heavy pull request with a number of end-user features for the popular open-source graphics drivers...

Kdenlive KDE Video Editor Is Still Progressing

Monday 16th of February 2015 01:41:49 PM
Last week after wondering the state of OpenShot 2.0, there was a long overdue update on OpenShot, a promising open-source video editor that hasn't seen a major release in years. Today there's an update to share on Kdenlive, the open-source KDE video editor...

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Works Great As A Linux Ultrabook

Sunday 15th of February 2015 09:00:00 PM
Nearly one month ago I bought the third-generation Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon as one of the first laptops/ultrabooks shipping with a high-end Broadwell processor. I've been running Linux on the system since receiving it, including the past ~3 weeks as my main production system, and I remain very happy with this purchase.

Three Things That Annoy Me With Using GNOME 3

Sunday 15th of February 2015 06:09:11 PM
At the beginning of this month I wrote how I switched back to Fedora Linux on my main system to replace Ubuntu and also wrote about changes I made when installing Fedora 21 on my main system, a new ThinkPad ultrabook with Broadwell processor. There's three small things that annoy me the most though about using GNOME 3.x...

Linux 3.19, 3.20/4.0 Doesn't Do Much For Intel HD 5500 Performance

Sunday 15th of February 2015 04:37:39 PM
Yesterday I ran some benchmarks from the new Core i3 Broadwell NUC to see how the latest Mesa Git affects the OpenGL performance for the Core i3 5010U chip with HD Graphics 5500. Today I'm complementing that testing to see if the latest Linux kernel Git makes any difference for this low-end, low-power Broadwell chip...

The Staging Pull For Linux 3.20 Has A Lot Of Changes All Over The Place

Sunday 15th of February 2015 04:00:46 PM
The latest pull requests sent in for the Linux 3.20 kernel are the various subsystems maintained by Greg Kroah-Hartman. The changes for the USB drivers, char/misc, driver core, staging, and TTY/serial aren't too jaw-dropping, but for staging at least is the usual heavy churn between kernel cycles...

FreeBSD-Based m0n0wall Firewall/Network OS Announces The End

Sunday 15th of February 2015 02:31:40 PM
For anyone that in the past decade has looked for an embedded firewall/network operating system to build your own router or network device has likely encountered m0n0wall. While m0n0wall has been popular over the years and is powered by FreeBSD, the lead developer of m0n0wall has tossed in the towel after twelve years in development...

KDE Frameworks 5.7 Brings Many Fixes, Supports NetworkManager 1.0, Etc

Sunday 15th of February 2015 02:14:48 PM
The KDE community has done a Valentine's weekend release of KDE Frameworks 5.7.0, the newest version of the add-on libraries used by KDE applications, KDE Plasma 5, and a growing number of other projects like LXQt...

Reiser4 Updated For The Linux 3.18 Kernel

Sunday 15th of February 2015 02:06:58 PM
For those still relying upon the Reiser4 file-system and haven't migrated off to ZFS On Linux or Btrfs, the out-of-tree Reiser4 kernel code has been updated for compatibility with the Linux 3.18 kernel...

Phoronix Test Suite 5.6 M3 Brings More Phoromatic Improvements

Sunday 15th of February 2015 01:53:41 PM
The third development milestone release of the open-source, cross-platform Phoronix Test Suite 5.6 benchmarking software is now available...

Changes Already For Linux 3.20 (Linux 4.0?) Are Very Exciting

Sunday 15th of February 2015 12:00:00 AM
While we don't yet know whether the next kernel version is Linux 3.20 or Linux 4.0, what we do know is that this next Linux kernel revision will contain a lot of exciting updates...

Mesa 10.4 vs. 10.6-dev With An Intel Core i3 Broadwell NUC

Saturday 14th of February 2015 05:33:20 PM
With Mesa 10.5 recently having been branched and Mesa 10.6 now officially under development, I ran some quick comparison benchmarks today to see how the latest Mesa 10.4 stable series is comparing to Mesa 10.6-devel Git for an Intel Core i3 "Broadwell" NUC with HD Graphics 5500...

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