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Updated: 28 min 57 sec ago

Wine 1.7.41 Works More On Kernel Job Objects, MSI Patches

Friday 17th of April 2015 03:19:05 PM
Two weeks ago Wine 1.7.40 added kernel job object support (after previously being a feature of Wine-Staging) and now with today's v1.7.41 release this Windows feature has been further improved...

Linux 4.1 Has Improvements For The Multi-Queue Block Layer

Friday 17th of April 2015 01:12:32 PM
The latest good stuff for the Linux 4.1 kernel are the block core improvements, which mostly are focused on improving the multi-queue block layer (blk-mq)...

X.Org Looks To Have Six Summer Projects

Friday 17th of April 2015 12:25:50 PM
This summer there should be six students working on new projects for X.Org/Mesa/Wayland via the foundation's annual participation in the Google Summer of Code...

DragonFlyBSD Pulls In GCC 5 Compiler

Friday 17th of April 2015 11:48:12 AM
While GCC 5 hasn't been officially released yet, DragonFlyBSD has pulled in a near-final revision of the open-source compiler for use by their BSD operating system... Now Ad-Free, Load Times, New Servers & More

Friday 17th of April 2015 08:48:10 AM
For frequent Phoronix readers and open-source / Linux fans, here are a variety of updates to enhance your experience...

Rust 1.0+ To Focus On Better Windows Support, ARM, & Faster Compile Times

Friday 17th of April 2015 06:01:02 AM
With Rust 1.0 now in beta and v1.0 being in good shape, developers are beginning to form plans for what to add to this Mozilla-sponsored language in the post-1.0 era...

Ubuntu 15.04 Now Under Final Freeze

Friday 17th of April 2015 01:25:53 AM
Ubuntu 15.04, the Vivid Vervet, is now under its final freeze for its release next week...

Linux 4.1 Should Work With GCC 6, Future Versions Of GCC

Thursday 16th of April 2015 08:54:07 PM
With the new GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) versioning where they're going to be bumping the major version number every year, Linux kernel developers are now re-working the way they handle the compiler's quirks/changes within the kernel...

Fedora 22 Beta To Be Released Next Week

Thursday 16th of April 2015 07:41:37 PM
The release of the Fedora 22 Beta was delayed last week due to outstanding blocker bugs. Fortunately, those issues have been cleared up and F22 Beta can now be pushed out next week...

Chrome 43 Beta Brings Web MIDI & Permissions API

Thursday 16th of April 2015 05:28:31 PM
Chrome 42 was just released as stable so out now by Google is the Chrome 43 Beta...

ZFS & Libdvdcss Should Soon Be In Debian

Thursday 16th of April 2015 04:06:18 PM
For Debian GNU/Linux users wishing to have ZFS file-system support and libdvdcss (for DVD playback) without having to use third-party package archives, that should soon be a reality...

GNOME 3.16.1 Released

Thursday 16th of April 2015 02:45:31 PM
The first point release to GNOME 3.16 was just officially released...

The Lenovo T450s Is Working Beautifully With Linux

Thursday 16th of April 2015 02:40:00 PM
A couple weeks ago I bought the Lenovo T450s, this is my first laptop-upgrade in about three years and I have to say... I am so glad that I did upgrade. Over the last two weeks I've been using the T450s as my daily-driver and its been working almost perfectly under Fedora Linux.

LibreOffice 4.5 Bumped To Become LibreOffice 5.0

Thursday 16th of April 2015 02:00:16 PM
While we've been looking forward to the new features of LibreOffice 4.5 as the leading open-source office suite, version 4.5 is no more. The next version of LO is now going to be LibreOffice 5.0...

ACPI/PM For Linux 4.1: Airmont, HiSilicon ACPU, Broadwell Server Additions

Thursday 16th of April 2015 12:43:42 PM
Rafael Wysocki of Intel sent in the ACPI and power management updates for the Linux 4.1 kernel. As usual, there's a lot of new code part of this big pull request...

Qt 5.5 Beta Is Closer With Today's Snapshot

Thursday 16th of April 2015 11:56:37 AM
Qt 5.5 is a very exciting release for new features and functionality being added to this open-source toolkit, but it's continuing in the Qt5 tradition of running behind schedule...

Linux Audio Is Being Further Modernized With The 4.1 Kernel

Thursday 16th of April 2015 11:43:59 AM
Takashi Iwai sent in his sound driver updates for Linux 4.1, which includes major modernization with the standard bus for ALSA in the sequencer core and HD-audio code...

KDE Applications 15.04 Adds Kdenlive & KDE Telepathy

Wednesday 15th of April 2015 11:55:29 PM
Just a day after the KDE Plasma 5.3 Beta release is the availability of KDE Applications 15.04.0...

GNU Hurd 0.6 Released Brings Clean-Ups & Fixes

Wednesday 15th of April 2015 11:50:35 PM
Version 0.6 of GNU Hurd was released today. Before getting too excited about GNU Hurd, it's still bound to x86 32-bit and doesn't offer any compelling new features...

The Massive Linux Benchmarking Setup Is Chugging Along

Wednesday 15th of April 2015 06:38:52 PM
It's going on one month now that our massive new server/benchmarking Linux and open-source benchmarking farm has been operational. So far things are going great and continuing to churn out a lot of performance data for the very latest Git code of the Linux kernel, Mesa, LLVM/Clang, and other projects on a daily basis...

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For those craving some more GCC 5 compiler benchmark numbers following last week's release of GCC 5.1, here's some new comparison numbers between GCC 4.9.2 stable and the near-final release candidate of GCC 5.1. Pardon for this light article due to still finishing up work on migrating to the new Phoronix web server while separately working to take care of thermal issues coming about in the new Linux benchmarking server room. Read more