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Linux Hardware Reviews & News
Updated: 1 hour 55 min ago

Chrome 59 To Support Headless Mode

Thursday 13th of April 2017 12:07:27 AM
Chrome 59 stable isn't expected until early June, but when this release comes it will bring with it an interesting feature: a headless mode...

Clear Linux Switches From ACPI CPUFreq To P-State

Wednesday 12th of April 2017 11:56:55 PM
Intel's Clear Linux distribution has switched from using the ACPI CPUFreq scaling driver for recent generations of Intel hardware to now using the P-State CPU frequency scaling driver...

Bcachefs Is Still Getting Fixed Up To Be A Next-Gen Linux File-System

Wednesday 12th of April 2017 07:45:05 PM
Kent Overstreet continues developing Bcachefs as what he hopes will be a next-generation Linux file-system code that's originally derived -- but now distantly removed -- from the Bcache code-base...

DRM Changes To Look Forward To With Linux 4.12: Vega, Atomic Intel, Accelerated Pascal

Wednesday 12th of April 2017 07:03:47 PM
With the end of feature material for DRM-Next having passed for Linux 4.12, here is a look at some of the changes you will be able to find with the Direct Rendering Manager code when the cycle begins for the Linux 4.12 kernel...

Nginx 1.12 Released

Wednesday 12th of April 2017 05:48:26 PM
A new release is available of the nginx web server that's continuing to take on Apache with reportedly now having around a 33% web server market-share while Apache has dipped below 50%...

Mark Shuttleworth Is Indeed Taking Back Over As Canonical CEO

Wednesday 12th of April 2017 04:11:13 PM
Last week we were the first to exclusively report that Jane Silber would be out as Canonical's CEO with Mark Shuttleworth returning to the role as CEO. Today, Jane Silber has publicly announced she's indeed stepping down...

AMDGPU-PRO 17.10 vs. Mesa 17.1 RADV/RadeonSI Performance

Wednesday 12th of April 2017 03:30:00 PM
Released at the end of last week was a long-awaited update to the Radeon hybrid Linux driver, AMDGPU-PRO. The AMDGPU-PRO 17.10 update brings support for newer kernel releases so this driver finally deploys nicely on Ubuntu 16.04.2 / 16.10 and also has a number of fixes. Here are some benchmark results of this latest AMDGPU-PRO release compared to the latest open-source Radeon Linux driver stack in the form of the Linux 4.11 kernel and Mesa 17.1-dev with OpenGL and Vulkan benchmarks.

GNOME 3.24.1 Released

Wednesday 12th of April 2017 03:29:53 PM
Matthias Clasen has announced the first point release to last month's big GNOME 3.24 desktop release...

Anbox Is A New Way To Run Android Apps On A Linux Desktop

Wednesday 12th of April 2017 01:37:23 PM
While there was the KDE-aligned Shashlik effort for trying to get Android apps running on the Linux desktop, Anbox is a new initiative made public this week by a Canonical developer for running Android programs on the Linux desktop...

Superposition Shows How Far RadeonSI Gallium3D Has Evolved vs. AMDGPU-PRO

Wednesday 12th of April 2017 12:55:59 PM
Comparing the hybrid AMDGPU-PRO proprietary Linux driver to the RadeonSI Gallium3D open-source driver stack with the newly-released OpenGL 4.5-using Unigine Superposition has shown how far the open-source driver stack has come... Working To Improve OpenCL's Community Documentation

Wednesday 12th of April 2017 12:40:01 PM
The folks behind StreamComputing BV are looking to strengthen the OpenCL compute ecosystem by improving the documentation and code samples as well as better overviews for those wishing to learn this Khronos compute standard...

Intel Developers Looking To Get Nios II Backend In LLVM

Wednesday 12th of April 2017 10:55:03 AM
Intel's compiler team is working on getting an Altera Nios II back-end mainlined within LLVM...

Mir Developer Pleads The Case "Why Mir"

Wednesday 12th of April 2017 10:43:21 AM
Canonical developer Alan Griffiths has been blogging a lot in recent days about the Mir display server. He's been trying to get the community to support Mir and even potentially add native Wayland client support. His latest post is entitled "Why Mir" with many still wondering why they should care about Mir when Wayland has proven to be the tested and widely-adopted path forward...

Blender 2.79 Is Bringing Performance Improvements, Better OpenCL

Wednesday 12th of April 2017 10:22:55 AM
Blender 2.79 is under development and it sounds like this release should be quite exciting for those into performance improvements or better OpenCL support...

Unigine Superposition Is A Beautiful Way To Stress Your GPU In 2017, 17-Way Graphics Card Comparison

Tuesday 11th of April 2017 05:14:00 PM
It's already been seven years since Unigine Corp rolled out the Unigine Heaven tech demo and four years since Unigine Valley while in that time while we have seen thousands of Linux game ports emerge, but few can match the visual intensity of these tech demos. In looking to set a new standard for jaw-dropping graphics and preparing to torture current Pascal and Polaris graphics cards as well as future Volta and Vega hardware, Unigine Corp today is releasing Unigine Superposition 1.0. Unigine Superposition is one godly GPU benchmark and is a beauty to watch.

Pitoiset Prepping Bindless Textures For Mesa

Tuesday 11th of April 2017 05:12:50 PM
Samuel Pitoiset, one of the developers on Valve's open-source Linux driver team focused on better Radeon support, has posted a set of 26 patches for changes needed to support ARB_bindless_texture and is in the process of getting this feature working for the RadeonSI Gallium3D driver...

AMD Developers Discuss Better Switching Of Radeon/AMDGPU CIK Support

Tuesday 11th of April 2017 05:02:01 PM
Open-source AMD developers have been discussing in recent days how to better deal with the experimental support of GCN 1.1 "Sea Islands" (and GCN 1.0 "Southern Islands") support in AMDGPU and making it easier to enable while ensuring the Radeon DRM driver with its mature GCN 1.0/1.1 support doesn't interfere...

Snap Support Available On Fedora 24 And Newer

Tuesday 11th of April 2017 04:38:48 PM
While Unity 8 and Mir may be on their way out, Canonical continues backing Snappy and the involved developers have got Snap support integrated into Fedora 24 and newer...

Mir Developer: Anyone Interested In Native Wayland Clients In Mir?

Tuesday 11th of April 2017 02:15:03 PM
While Canonical is expected to maintain Mir for IoT use-cases, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is expected to use the GNOME desktop on Wayland. The community forks so far of Unity 8 also appear to want to switch to Wayland eventually rather than Mir. In trying to maintain relevance for Mir, longtime Mir developer Alan Griffiths is asking whether the community would be interested in native Wayland client support in Mir...

OpenBSD 6.1 Released: ARM64 Platform Support & More

Tuesday 11th of April 2017 01:49:51 PM
Theo de Raadt has announced the release of OpenBSD 6.1...

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