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Linux Hardware Reviews & News
Updated: 1 hour 44 min ago

CompuLab Fitlet 2 Is A Mighty Fine, Low-Power PC Preloaded With Linux Mint

Friday 9th of March 2018 03:09:21 PM
Over the past decade we have looked at many interesting PCs from CompuLab, a vendor capable of delivering Linux-friendly PCs that are originally designed and often catered to meet demanding industrial requirements. The latest Linux PC we have been putting through its paces the past several weeks has been the Fitlet2, which CompuLab describes as being designed "from the ground-up to minimize size and maximize capabilities, durability and thermal performance." After running our plethora of benchmarks on this mini Linux PC, we can say with confidence they have succeeded in their mission.

KDE Plasma 5.13 Getting GTK Global Menu Support

Friday 9th of March 2018 03:07:17 PM
For those relying upon GTK applications like LibreOffice, GIMP, and GNOME programs from the KDE desktop, the integration is taking a step forward with Plasma 5.13...

Qt Developers Begin Brewing Their WebAssembly Plans

Friday 9th of March 2018 01:54:37 PM
The Qt Company developers are soliciting feedback from developers and the community about what they would like to see out of WebAssembly support for the tool-kit...

With Mesa Git You Can Now Run A Completely Open Graphics Stack On The Tegra X1

Friday 9th of March 2018 11:39:33 AM
With today's Mesa 18.1-devel Git code, the last of the Tegra/Nouveau code has landed where it's now rounded off for offering a completely open-source and accelerated graphics stack that works well on the Tegra210 (Tegra X1) SoC...

Intel Developers Prepare More Cannonlake/Icelake Graphics Code For Linux 4.17

Friday 9th of March 2018 11:00:00 AM
Intel open-source developers are preparing the last of their feature work for the i915 DRM driver with the upcoming Linux 4.17 kernel cycle...

Android-x86 7.1-r1 Quietly Crept Out Last Month

Friday 9th of March 2018 10:46:06 AM
The Android-x86 port of the Android Open-Source Project for running on x86 Intel/AMD PCs and devices is now up to running on the "Nougat" code-base for its stable release...

Phoronix Test Suite 8.0 M1 Available With The Rewritten Windows Support

Friday 9th of March 2018 10:24:16 AM
The first milestone development release of Phoronix Test Suite 8.0-Aremark was tagged in Git on Thursday night as inching towards this next major release of our open-source automated benchmarking platform and this release will also commemorate ten years since the release of Phoronix Test Suite 1.0...

RenderDoc 1.0 Graphics Debugger Released

Friday 9th of March 2018 10:06:16 AM
RenderDoc 1.0 has been released, the open-source standalone graphics debugger that supports frame capturing and introspection of Vulkan, D3D11, D3D12, OpenGL, and OpenGL ES APIs across all major platforms...

Compute Support Is Moving Along For Nouveau

Friday 9th of March 2018 12:49:46 AM
Longtime Nouveau contributor Karol Herbst who joined Red Hat at the end of 2017 continues working on Nouveau compute support along with fellow hat-wearing open-source graphics driver developer Rob Clark...

With Vulkan 1.1 It's Technically Possible To Write A Pure Wayland Compositor

Thursday 8th of March 2018 08:37:06 PM
With Vulkan 1.1 it should be technically possible to write a driver/vendor-agnostic Wayland compositor using Vulkan thanks to the new core extensions...

DXVK 0.31 Released With Tessellation Work, NVIDIA Fixes

Thursday 8th of March 2018 07:48:49 PM
The DXVK project that has been making significant progress the past several months in getting Direct3D accelerated via Vulkan for Wine gamers now has a new release available...

Bringing Open-Source, Automated Benchmarks To Windows 10 / Windows Server 2016

Thursday 8th of March 2018 03:10:00 PM
Moving forward the Phoronix Test Suite will be offering Microsoft Windows support that's at near feature parity to the automated, reproducible, open-source benchmarking support we have offered the past decade for Linux as well as BSD, macOS, and Solaris platforms. This is brand new, rewritten Windows support with a focus on Windows 10 x64 and Windows Server 2016.

LLVM 6.0 Released With C++14 Default, Intel/AMD Scheduling Improvements

Thursday 8th of March 2018 12:56:52 PM
Today marks the long-awaited release of LLVM 6.0 as the slightly late half-year update to this open-source compiler stack and its sub-projects like Clang, LLD, etc...

HDCP 2.2 Content Protection Being Worked On For The i915 DRM Driver

Thursday 8th of March 2018 12:43:08 PM
With the upcoming Linux 4.17 kernel cycle there will be initial support for HDCP with the i915 DRM driver. That High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) support in its initial form is limited to v1.4 on HDMI/DP connectors, but HDCP 2.2 is now being tackled...

AMD's Vulkan Memory Allocator Nears Version 2.0

Thursday 8th of March 2018 10:47:32 AM
Last year AMD's GPUOpen group posted the Vulkan Memory Allocator while coming soon is version 2.0 of this code-base...

AMDGPU Has More WattMan Improvements & Power Profiling For Linux 4.17

Thursday 8th of March 2018 10:26:37 AM
More new material has been submitted to DRM-Next for AMDGPU feature improvements in Linux 4.17...

SteamVR Updated To Support The HTC VIVE Pro On Linux, Better RADV Compatibility

Thursday 8th of March 2018 09:39:26 AM
Valve released a new SteamVR update for Linux gamers last night and while there are just two Linux-specific changes, both of them are high impact...

Vulkan 1.1 Support Lands In Mesa Git For RADV, ANV

Thursday 8th of March 2018 01:18:39 AM
Waking up this morning and preparing for Vulkan 1.1 I wasn't too sure what to expect from the open-source drivers and certainly wouldn't have envisioned in my wildest dreams that by the time of going to sleep there would be initial support merged into Mesa Git on launch-day for a major graphics API update... But open-source developers have achieved just that today...

Windows 10 Spring Update Bringing WSL Unix Sockets Support, OpenSSH / Curl / Tar Support

Thursday 8th of March 2018 12:37:09 AM
Microsoft's next installment of Windows 10, the Spring Update, is bringing some interesting changes for those Linux enthusiasts that may be stuck using Windows at times. The experience may be more bearable with more Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) improvements and even native Curl and Tar support coming to the OS...

Many AMDGPU DC Fixes Heading Into Linux 4.16

Wednesday 7th of March 2018 11:35:44 PM
If you have been affected by AMDGPU DC display code fallout on the Linux 4.16 release candidates up to this point, fortunately there is a big batch of fixes set to land still for this kernel cycle...

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How to build something ‘useful’ with a Raspberry Pi

In honor of Pi Day, Chaim Gartenberg and I cooked up a tiny little Raspberry Pi project for yesterday’s episode of Circuit Breaker Live. We started with a simple concept: a button that says “Why?” when you press it, in honor of our favorite podcast. So we knew we’d need a button, some sound files, a little bit of Python code, and, of course, a Raspberry Pi. A new Pi is $35, but we found an old Raspberry Pi 2 in my desk drawer, which was up to the task. (Newer Pis have built-in Wi-Fi and faster processors, but for our simple button project we didn’t need internet or extra horsepower.) Read more

Wine 3.4

  • Wine Announcement
    The Wine development release 3.4 is now available.
  • Wine 3.4 Release Continues With Vulkan Upbringing, Some Wine-Staging Patches
    The latest bi-weekly release of Wine is now available for running your favorite or necessary Windows programs/games on Linux and macOS. Wine 3.4 is this latest release and it's significant for continuing to land the "WineVulkan" code. This does include the latest Wine Vulkan patches as of yesterday including the first bits of apps/games working and integration with the X11 driver.

Graphics: AMDGPU, Mesa 17.3.7, RADV

  • Linux 4.17 To Enable AMDGPU DC By Default For All Supported GPUs
    Since the introduction of the AMDGPU DC display code (formerly known as DAL) in Linux 4.15, this modern display stack has just been enabled by default for newer Radeon Vega and Raven Ridge devices. With Linux 4.17 that is changing with AMDGPU DC being enabled by default across the board for supported GPUs. Building off the earlier DRM-Next material for Linux 4.17, Alex Deucher minutes ago sent in another round of feature updates for targeting this next kernel cycle. This latest batch has continued code refactoring around PowerPlay, support for fetching the video RAM type from the video BIOS, allowing the TTM memory manager to drop its backing store when not needed, DC bandwidth calculation updates, enabling DC backlight control for pre-DCE11 GPUs, various display code fixes, and other bug fixes.
  • AMDGPU / ATI 18.0.1 X.Org DDX Driver Releases, Fixes Infinite Loop & Crashes
    Michel Dänzer of AMD issued bug-fix updates on Thursday for the xf86-video-ati and xf86-video-amdgpu DDX drivers. Just two weeks after the AMDGPU 18.0 X.Org driver release as the first version under their new year-based versioning scheme, the 18.0.1 bug-fix release is out. The xf86-video-amdgpu 18.0.1 DDX update fixes a potential infinite loop after a xorg-server reset in some configurations, Xorg crashing when multiple primary screens are configured, and using the TearFree feature could trigger Pixman library debugging spew.
  • Mesa 17.3.7 Nearing Release With 50+ Changes
    While waiting for Mesa 18.0, the Mesa 17.3.7 point release will soon hit stable users of this open-source, user-space graphics stack.
  • RADV Patches Are Closer For Sub-Group Capabilities
    Daniel Schürmann continues hacking on the sub-group patch-set for the RADV Vulkan driver to expose this important feature of the recent Vulkan 1.1 release.