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Linux Hardware Reviews & News
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BlueZ 5.47 Released, Working On Bluetooth 5.0 Support & More

Thursday 14th of September 2017 09:27:31 AM
BlueZ 5.47 has been released as the latest user-space components to the Linux Bluetooth stack...

AGESA Might Fix The Ryzen Linux Performance Marginality Problem

Thursday 14th of September 2017 12:22:17 AM
Motherboard vendors have begun pushing out BIOS updates for Ryzen motherboards using the AMD AGESA revision and it's reported that it does resolve the "Performance Marginality Problem" affecting early Ryzen Linux customers...

CentOS 7.4 Now Available (CentOS Linux 7 1708)

Wednesday 13th of September 2017 09:08:31 PM
For those waiting on the CentOS rebuild of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4, it's now available...

A Fresh Kernel Spin For Those Wanting To Use RX Vega On Linux Or AMDGPU DC

Wednesday 13th of September 2017 06:42:06 PM
For those running Ubuntu/Debian and wanting a kernel with the very latest AMDGPU DRM support along with the very bleeding edge DC display code patches, I've done a fresh spin today in preparation for my latest RadeonSI/RADV Vega benchmarking...

HAMMER2 Is Looking & Performing Good As The Future DragonFlyBSD File-System

Wednesday 13th of September 2017 04:06:10 PM
With this week DragonFlyBSD seeing HAMMER2 support added to the installer in preparation for this file-system being an option in the next DragonFly release due out in a few weeks, I've been testing out the state of this HAMMER file-system successor as well as running some benchmarks.

Enlightenment 22 Alpha Strikes With Better Wayland Support, Meson Build System

Wednesday 13th of September 2017 03:24:16 PM
Enlightenment 0.22 is now available in alpha form with a variety of improvements, including continued progress on Wayland...

Oracle Punts Java EE To The Eclipse Foundation

Wednesday 13th of September 2017 03:07:57 PM
Since last month's announcement by Oracle that they were essentially looking to offload Java EE to a new foundation, that new steward has now been named...

SilverStone Case Storage Series CS350

Wednesday 13th of September 2017 02:43:48 PM
While we have tested dozens of SilverStone computer cases over the years at Phoronix, they have generally been phenomenal desktop cases, but not until now have we had a chance to see what innovations the company can drive into server/workstation-focused 4U enclosures. In this article is a look at the SilverStone Case Storage Series CS350.

GNOME 3.26 Released

Wednesday 13th of September 2017 01:46:16 PM
GNOME 3.26 "Manchester" has been officially released...

F2FS In Linux 4.14 Gets Better Tuning For Android

Wednesday 13th of September 2017 10:39:42 AM
Jaegeuk Kim has submitted the F2FS Flash-Friendly File-System updates for the Linux 4.14 kernel merge window...

BFQ Gets Another Notable Responsiveness Fix

Wednesday 13th of September 2017 10:24:37 AM
In addition to the BFQ improvements already staged for Linux 4.14, it looks like another fix will be on the way...

Google's Fuchsia OS Magenta Becomes Zircon

Wednesday 13th of September 2017 10:16:46 AM
For those looking to follow the development of Google's Fuchsia operating system that is written from scratch, it's low-level Magenta core has been renamed to Zircon...

Qt 5.10 Alpha Now Available

Wednesday 13th of September 2017 10:08:49 AM
It's arriving a bit late but the first alpha release of Qt 5.10 is now available for testing...

MPV Player 0.27 Brings Rendering Refactoring, OpenGL Improvements

Wednesday 13th of September 2017 09:59:47 AM
For fans of the MPlayer-forked MPV Player, it's time to upgrade to version 0.27...

Blender 2.79 Now Available With Much Faster Radeon OpenCL

Wednesday 13th of September 2017 12:45:34 AM
Today marks the long-awaited debut of the Blender 2.79 3D modeling software release. Especially for those using OpenCL acceleration, Blender 2.79 is quite an exciting update...

RISC-V Eyeing Mainline In Time For The Linux 4.15 Kernel

Wednesday 13th of September 2017 12:23:33 AM
RISC-V developers have been preparing their kernel port for the mainline Linux tree while it's looking like for Linux 4.15 that goal may finally be realized...

Core i9 7900X vs. Threadripper 1950X On Ubuntu 17.10, Antergos, Clear Linux

Tuesday 12th of September 2017 10:13:03 PM
While we have already compared the Threadripper 1950X to the current top-end Core i9 7900X processor, today we are taking things a step further with our Threadripper Linux benchmarks by doing a side-by-side showdown when each system is tested across three different Linux distributions.

Linux Impacted By Information Leak & Remote Code Execution Via Bluetooth

Tuesday 12th of September 2017 07:38:10 PM
Armis Labs has gone public today with "Bluebourne", an IoT-focused attack vector via Bluetooth. This Bluetooth attack does not require the targeted device to even be paired with the attacker or on discoverable mode, making it more frightening...

A Quick EXT4 Run With Linux 4.14 Git

Tuesday 12th of September 2017 05:08:27 PM
After the Linux 4.14 merge window is over, I'll begin with a lot of fresh Linux kernel benchmarks from this in-development release. But I/O and EXT4 changes already have me running some preliminary tests...

KGraphViewer Brought To KDE Frameworks 5, Qt 5

Tuesday 12th of September 2017 04:32:24 PM
For those relying upon KGraphViewer as a Graphviz dot graph viewer, it's the latest package ported to Qt5 and KDE Frameworks 5...

More in Tux Machines

OSS: Puppet Acquires Distelli, Mozilla Adds Tracking Protection, Fake List of Open Source Companies, and Open Source Summit

  • Puppet Acquires Distelli, Boosting Its Cloud Automation Offerings
    Puppet, the open source company that markets cloud-native software management tools, has acquired startup Distelli. Based in Seattle, Distelli offers a software as a service platform used by developers to build, test, and deploy code written in any language to any server, including cloud platforms. This is an obvious good match, as both platforms enable developers to manage infrastructure and applications across the entire software delivery process to make app development quicker. "Today, a company's success is predicated on how quickly and successfully it can deliver new experiences to customers through software," Puppet's CEO, Sanjay Mirchandani, said in a statement. "Automation makes world-class application delivery straightforward for every enterprise, not just for companies born in the cloud. Together with Distelli, we are bringing a comprehensive solution for orchestrating and automating the entire software delivery lifecycle, from infrastructure, all the way up through containers."
  • Mozilla Adds Tracking Protection to Firefox for iOS, Focus Gets Multitasking
    Mozilla released on Thursday new updates for its Firefox for iOS and Firefox Focus for Android apps adding new features like tracking protection and multi-tasking, along with various other improvements. Firefox for iOS has been updated today to version 9.0, a release that's available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices running iOS 10.3 or later. It comes with support for Apple's recently launched iOS 11 operating system, as well as tracking protection, which is enabled by default in the private browsing mode to automatically block third-party trackers in an attempt to increase browsing speed.
  • 35 Top Open Source Companies [Ed: Easy to see that this list will be a 'scam' when the company listed in number one is Adobe. It has even listed Black Duck as "Open Source Company". It’s PROPRIETARY and ANTI-FOSS.]
  • Open Source Summit in Los Angeles: Day 1 in 5 Minutes
    Open Source Summit North America in Los Angeles was packed with keynotes, technical sessions, and special presentations, including a conversation with Linux creator Linus Torvalds. In case you couldn't make it,'s Gregg Pollack has put together some short videos recapping highlights of the event.

today's howtos

Software: Temps, LabPlot, GNU Parallel, gnURL, Document Liberation Project

  • Temps – A Smart Beautiful Weather App for GNU/Linux
    I’ve written on a couple of weather applications before, including Cumulus and Simple Weather Indicator and today I bring you yet another free and beautiful Linux app with thanks to the open source community. It’s reminiscent of Cumulus weather application and it goes by the name of Temps. Temps is a beautiful cross-platform weather application that lives in the menu bar of any desktop. Being true to the open source spirit, it uses code from several open source projects like Menubar, OpenWeatherMap, Electron, and Chart.js, to mention a few.
  • [LabPlot] Short update on recent UX improvements
    One of the usual data visualization workflows supported by LabPlot involves the import of some external data into the application and the creation of plots.
  • GNU Parallel 20170922 ('Mexico City') released
    GNU Parallel - For people who live life in the parallel lane.
  • gnURL 7.55.1-4 released
    Today gnURL has been released in version 7.55.1-4 as a patch release.
  • Document Liberation Project: New releases
    LibreOffice’s native file format is the fully standardised OpenDocument Format. This is ideal for long-term storage of data, but many of us have to work with other file formats as well, including those generated by proprietary software.

Mesa 17.1.10 Release Candidate

  • Mesa 17.1.10 release candidate
    The candidate for the Mesa 17.1.10 is now available. Currently we have: - 41 queued - 0 nominated (outstanding) - and 5 rejected patches This is the last release for the 17.1 series.
  • Mesa 17.1.10 Is Being Prepped As The Final 17.1 Update
    J.A. Suarez Romero of Igalia is preparing Mesa 17.1.10 as the final point release for the Mesa 17.1 release stream. The release candidate is out today while Romero is planning to issue this final update to Mesa 17.1 by next week Monday, 25 September. Following that, users are encouraged to upgrade to the stable Mesa 17.2 series.