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Fedora 21 vs. Fedora 22 Benchmarks

Thursday 14th of May 2015 02:46:40 PM
For those curious how the performance of Fedora 22 is shaking out, here's some early benchmarks comparing the Fedora Workstation 21 and Fedora Workstation 22 (with all updates as of the final freeze) in various workloads...

Qt Gamepad: Adding Gamepad Support To The Toolkit

Thursday 14th of May 2015 01:06:56 PM
One of the newest modules added to Qt Labs is QtGamepad, a module inspired in part by the W3's HTML5 Gamepad API...

GNU Guix 0.8.2 Adds 718 New Packages

Thursday 14th of May 2015 01:01:00 PM
A new release of the GNU Guix functional package manager is now available...

The Heated KDBUS Debate For The Linux Kernel Has Fizzled Out

Thursday 14th of May 2015 12:19:30 PM
KDBUS, the new in-kernel IPC mechanism modeled after D-Bus, wasn't accepted for Linux 4.1. Since the end of the Linux 4.1 merge window, the debate over KDBUS continued, but in the past two weeks the discussion settled down...

LLVM's Clang Adds Support For ARM/AArch64 v8.1a

Thursday 14th of May 2015 11:55:09 AM
LLVM's Clang compiler now has support for ARM's v8.1a architecture revision of 64-bit ARM...

Libweston Likely To Be Delayed To Wayland's Weston 1.9

Thursday 14th of May 2015 06:07:11 AM
While Wayland 1.8 is coming along, along with the Weston 1.8 update, it looks like the libweston functionality will be staved off for another release...

Intel Iris Graphics Performance With Mesa 10.6

Thursday 14th of May 2015 04:00:00 AM
With Mesa 10.6 due to be released in early June, our usual performance comparisons of this new Mesa 3D version will come. To get our latest round of Mesa open-source graphics driver benchmarking kicked off, here are benchmarks of Intel's Iris Graphics when comparing Mesa 10.5 and 10.6 Git atop Ubuntu 15.04.

GNOME 3.16.2 Released

Thursday 14th of May 2015 12:50:52 AM
The last planned point release in the GNOME 3.16 series is now available...

Four Remote Packet-of-Death Vulnerabilities In The Linux Kernel

Wednesday 13th of May 2015 08:45:34 PM
Just this morning the major VENOM security vulnerability was made public while a few hours later, a kernel developer has gone public with four "remote packet of death" vulnerabilities affecting a mainline Linux kernel WLAN driver...

Beignet Is Working On OpenCL 2.0 Open-Source Linux Support

Wednesday 13th of May 2015 07:12:01 PM
While writing this morning about Intel Cherryview support being added to Beignet, I also noticed Intel developers have been quietly fleshing out OpenCL 2.0 support for Linux...

Fedora Workstation 22 Is Looking Great, Running Fantastic

Wednesday 13th of May 2015 04:00:00 PM
Fedora 22 is now under its final freeze with planned availability before month's end. I've been running Fedora 22 on various development systems and in the benchmarking farm at Phoronix to great success.

Intel Cherryview Now Supports OpenCL On Linux

Wednesday 13th of May 2015 03:01:39 PM
Intel's been working on open-source Linux support for Cherryview for more than one year while finally one of the last pieces of the hardware enablement puzzle has landed: OpenCL support for Cherryview...

VENOM Bug In QEMU Escapes VM Security

Wednesday 13th of May 2015 01:22:49 PM
The latest high-profile security vulnerability affecting open-source software and impacting mass amounts of systems worldwide is dubbed VENOM...

Qt 5.5 Now Plans To Ship At The End Of June

Wednesday 13th of May 2015 01:08:03 PM
Qt 5.5 has been running behind schedule for some time while now The Qt Company is trying to get it back on track and to officially ship Qt 5.5 by the end of next month...

NVIDIA 346.72 Linux Driver Brings Few Fixes

Wednesday 13th of May 2015 12:34:41 PM
NVIDIA announced the release yesterday of the 346.72 driver, which is their latest binary Linux update in the long-lived 346 branch...

The One Problem I Have So Far With Fedora's DNF Package Manager

Wednesday 13th of May 2015 11:26:52 AM
DNF 1.0 was released this week ahead of the Fedora 22 debut later this month where it will replace Yum by default as the package manager. In my testing of DNF on Fedora 22 and earlier releases, it's worked out quite well, but there's one issue that still nags me about Dandified Yum...

F2FS File-System Moves Forward With Encryption Support

Wednesday 13th of May 2015 09:08:23 AM
The Flash-Friendly File-System is moving forward with its plans for implementing file-system level encryption support...

AMD Forms A Tiger Team For Catalyst Improvements, Including Linux

Wednesday 13th of May 2015 04:05:42 AM
I've found out from various people in the know that AMD has assembled a "tiger team" to tackle outstanding Catalyst driver issues. This tiger team isn't Linux specific, but Linux driver issues will be fully evaluated and tackled by this new group of driver specialists...

Fedora 22 Is Now Under Its Final Freeze

Wednesday 13th of May 2015 01:00:37 AM
Today marks the final freeze for Fedora 22 with plans to officially release this Red Hat sponsored Linux distribution update later in May...

Foresight Linux Announces The End Of Development

Tuesday 12th of May 2015 11:46:39 PM
Foresight Linux was a great distribution back in the day for showcasing the latest GNOME components, but after a decade of work, the project is shutting down...

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