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Updated: 2 hours 14 min ago

Looking Ahead To The Linux 4.11 Kernel

Sunday 19th of February 2017 12:46:09 PM
The Linux 4.10 kernel is expected to be released today and while it comes with many exciting changes, the 4.10 release means the opening of the Linux 4.11 merge window...

Castle Game Engine 6.0 Released

Sunday 19th of February 2017 12:18:13 PM
Castle Game Engine is yet another open-source cross-platform game engine. What separates this game engine from others is that interestingly it's written in Object Pascal...

Linux Mint Continues Improving Their X-Apps, Bluetooth

Sunday 19th of February 2017 12:06:00 PM
Linux Mint has issued their monthly report concerning their latest developments on this Debian/Ubuntu-derived distribution as well as work on the Cinnamon Desktop and their X-App programs...

Unvanquished Open-Source Shooter Game Prepares For An Exciting 2017

Sunday 19th of February 2017 05:00:00 AM
The Unvanquished open-source first person shooter game had been very promising and issuing monthly alpha releases all the way up to 48 alpha versions while they ended that one year ago without any new releases. The project is still ongoing and they are preparing for a great 2017...

Radeon "GFX9" Support Lands In LLVM's AMDGPU Backend

Saturday 18th of February 2017 10:48:06 PM
Hitting mainline LLVM this weekend is support for AMD Radeon GFX9 within the AMDGPU back-end, not to be confused with the AMDGPU DRM driver...

RadeonSI Mesa 17.1-dev vs. AMDGPU-PRO 16.60 OpenGL Linux Gaming

Saturday 18th of February 2017 03:00:00 PM
Yesterday I ran some fresh Vulkan RADV vs. AMDGPU-PRO benchmarks using the freshest AMD Linux drivers available. For getting your benchmarking fix today are some OpenGL benchmarks of RadeonSI Gallium3D on Mesa 17.1-devel plus Linux 4.10 compared to AMDGPU-PRO 16.60.

Ten Features You Will Not Find In The Mainline Linux 4.10 Kernel

Saturday 18th of February 2017 01:01:11 PM
With last weekend mentioning ten exciting features of Linux 4.10, the tables have turned and now we are looking at ten features not found in the mainline

The X.Org Foundation Is Preparing For Their 2017 Elections

Saturday 18th of February 2017 12:32:36 PM
This year's X.Org Foundation elections are warming up and will be getting underway shortly...

The Most Downloaded Benchmarks With The Phoronix Test Suite /

Saturday 18th of February 2017 12:25:27 PM
With last week crossing 22 million test/suite downloads I decided to dig in and see what have been the most popular test profiles downloaded from for execution by the Phoronix Test Suite...

Fedora 26 Will Receive Glibc 2.25

Saturday 18th of February 2017 11:53:40 AM
GNU C Library 2.25 is set to be introduced in Fedora 26...

Wine 2.2 Arrives, Still Prepping For The Direct3D Command Stream

Friday 17th of February 2017 09:01:00 PM
Wine 2.2 is now available as the latest bi-weekly development release of Wine for running Windows programs on Linux and other operating systems...

Mesa 13.0.5 Is Coming In The Next Few Days

Friday 17th of February 2017 05:25:38 PM
For those that haven't made the move yet to Mesa 17, Mesa 13.0.5 is going to be released in the next few days...

Vulkan 1.0.41 Specification Released

Friday 17th of February 2017 03:39:02 PM
Vulkan 1.0.41 was released this morning as the newest revision to this specification for high performance graphics...

RADV Mesa 17.1-dev vs. AMDGPU-PRO 16.60 Performance

Friday 17th of February 2017 03:06:46 PM
With Vulkan turning one year old I decided to run some fresh comparison benchmarks of Mesa 17.1-dev RADV (as well as some RadeonSI OpenGL results for reference) compared to AMD's latest public hybrid driver release, the AMDGPU-PRO 16.60.

NVIDIA Appears To Finally Be Prepping OpenCL 2.0 Driver Support

Friday 17th of February 2017 02:34:09 PM
The OpenCL 2.0 specification is going on four years old and it appears NVIDIA's proprietary drivers are finally getting ready to support this newer GPGPU computing specification...

What's Still Left TODO With The Intel ANV Vulkan Driver

Friday 17th of February 2017 01:14:56 PM
With yesterday having marked one year since the release of Vulkan as well as one year since the ANV Vulkan driver code was open-sourced, here's a look at some of what's still left to be tackled by this open-source Vulkan Linux driver for HD/Iris Graphics...

Nouveau Changes Prepped For Linux 4.11 Kernel

Friday 17th of February 2017 12:10:36 PM
Ben Skeggs has queued up the planned open-source NVIDIA (Nouveau) driver changes for the imminent Linux 4.11 cycle...

ReactOS 0.4.4 Delivers On Windows Printing Support

Friday 17th of February 2017 05:48:30 AM
ReactOS 0.4.4 shipped on Thursday as the latest release for this open-source operating system seeking to implement Windows binary compatibility support...

KDE Applications 17.04 To Be Released 20 April

Friday 17th of February 2017 05:16:09 AM
The release schedule for the upcoming KDE Applications 17.04 has been firmed up...

A Lot Of The OpenGL Shader Cache Code Has Landed In Mesa

Friday 17th of February 2017 05:00:45 AM
Timothy Arceri, who is now working for Valve (on the open-source AMD driver stack after leaving Collabora), has landed significant portions of his work built upon others for providing an on-disk shader cache within Mesa...

More in Tux Machines

Leftovers: Software

  • Machine Learning Speech Recognition
    Keeping up my yearly blogging cadence, it’s about time I wrote to let people know what I’ve been up to for the last year or so at Mozilla. People keeping up would have heard of the sad news regarding the Connected Devices team here. While I’m sad for my colleagues and quite disappointed in how this transition period has been handled as a whole, thankfully this hasn’t adversely affected the Vaani project. We recently moved to the Emerging Technologies team and have refocused on the technical side of things, a side that I think most would agree is far more interesting, and also far more suited to Mozilla and our core competence.
  • Nuclear is a Multi-Source Desktop Music Player
    If you feel there’s a gap in your life for an Electron-based, cross-platform music player capable of streaming from multiple online sources, I’ve a plug for you. Nuclear is a (rather naughty) music streaming app that “pulls in content from free sources all over the internet”. In aim it’s somewhat similar to Tomahawk, but visually owes more to an ultra camp Spotify channeling its inner radioactive diva.
  • Qt 5.9 Alpha Released
    The Qt Company today announced the much-anticipated release of the Qt 5.9 Alpha.
  • Peruse Is a Neat Comic Book Reader for KDE Desktops
    Mcomix is my go-to comic book reader for Ubuntu, but for my KDE desktop I wanted something that feels more at home in the Plasma experience. After a bit of digging I came across Peruse.
  • The new Online Accounts & Printer panels (and other related news!)
    Greetings, GNOMErs! If you’re watching closely the GNOME Control Center iterations, you probably noticed it already has a bunch of new panels: Keyboard, Mouse & Touchpad, and other panels like Sharing, Privacy and Search that don’t need to be ported.
  • A new journey – GNOME Foundation Executive Director
    For those who haven’t heard, I’ve been appointed as the new Executive Director of the GNOME Foundation, and I started last week on the 15th February. It’s been an interesting week so far, mainly meeting lots of people and trying to get up to speed with what looks like an enormous job! However, I’m thoroughly excited by the opportunity and am very grateful for everyone’s warm words of welcome so far.

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