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Linux Hardware Reviews & News
Updated: 36 min 43 sec ago

V3D Gallium3D Driver Making Progress On OpenGL ES Conformance

Tuesday 24th of July 2018 11:37:34 AM
The V3D Gallium3D driver (formerly known as VC5) for supporting Broadcom's VideoCore V hardware and newer is reaching a better grade for OpenGL ES conformance...

SteamOS 2.154 Released As Valve Preps Kernel & Driver Upgrades

Tuesday 24th of July 2018 11:25:43 AM
Valve has shipped SteamOS 2.154 as their latest Brewmaster upgrade and promoting what was previously in their beta channel...

Fedora 29 Xfce Might Upgrade To 4.13 Desktop Packages

Tuesday 24th of July 2018 10:45:30 AM
Yet another change proposal for Fedora 29 is upgrading its Xfce packages to what is currently in the 4.13 "development" series...

Ubuntu 18.10's New Theme Is Now Yaru

Tuesday 24th of July 2018 09:42:58 AM
Since the transition from Unity 7 to GNOME Shell as the default desktop environment on Ubuntu, designers have been working on a proper new theme called "Communitheme" while now it has a new name...

An Early Look At The GCC 9.0 Performance On AMD EPYC

Tuesday 24th of July 2018 04:39:46 AM
While GCC 9 has just been under development for a relatively short period of time, here are our initial benchmarks of GCC 9.0 SVN on and AMD EPYC server compared to the GCC 8.2 stable release candidate when tested at various optimization levels as well as PGO (Profile Guided Optimizations).

RADV Vulkan Driver Picks Up 16-Bit Storage Support

Tuesday 24th of July 2018 12:00:00 AM
Another Vulkan extension that Mesa RADV developers can cross off their TODO list is VK_KHR_16bit_storage...

Magic Leap Joins The Khronos Group

Monday 23rd of July 2018 10:55:13 PM
The latest company joining The Khronos Group to promote cross-platform industry APIs is Magic Leap...

Radeon/AMDGPU DRM Drivers Get HD Audio Component Support

Monday 23rd of July 2018 06:28:06 PM
If there is one part of the Radeon/AMDGPU open-source graphics driver stack that feels like it's been somewhat neglected over time has been the HDMI/DP audio support. Fortunately, another improvement is on the way for bettering it...

Mozilla's Servo Has Been Picking Up A Number Of WebGL Improvements

Monday 23rd of July 2018 04:44:36 PM
After being on hiatus since the end of April, Mozilla's Servo Blog has finally put out a status update concerning their web engine improvements made over the past three months...

Linux Kernel Gets Patches For New CPU Instructions On Intel Tremont & Later

Monday 23rd of July 2018 03:55:13 PM
The open-source upbringing of Intel's Tremont micro-architecture is continuing with some new Linux kernel patches outed today...

Vulkan 1.1.81 Released, Deprecates VK_NV_glsl_shader

Monday 23rd of July 2018 01:18:25 PM
Vulkan 1.1.81 is now available as the latest minor update for this graphics/compute API...

ReactOS 0.4.9 Officially Released As The First Self-Hosting Version, Better Stability

Monday 23rd of July 2018 11:38:10 AM
While ReactOS 0.4.9 images have been available for download the past week, today this "open-source Windows" operating system project officially introduced this latest version...

Linux 4.19 To Add Driver Supporting The Cougar 500k Gaming Keyboard

Monday 23rd of July 2018 09:45:06 AM
Right now if using the Cougar 500k gaming keyboard on Linux, when pressing any of the special function keys the keyboard will stop responding. With Linux 4.19 that will be fixed thanks to a new "HID_COUGAR" driver...

Slax 9.5 Released For Delivering A Lightweight Debian Linux Experience

Monday 23rd of July 2018 09:30:38 AM
Another open-source operating system doing a stable update this morning is Slax, the revived Linux distribution focused on delivering a lightweight desktop that when the project was restarted last year shifted off its Slackware origin and onto a Debian stable base...

HardenedBSD 11-STABLE v1100056.1 Released

Monday 23rd of July 2018 09:20:45 AM
For those relying upon BSD in security-critical environments, a new HardenedBSD 11-STABLE update is now available for this security-enhanced fork of FreeBSD...

More in Tux Machines

A Look At The Windows vs. Linux Scaling Performance Up To 64 Threads With The AMD 2990WX

This past week we looked at the Windows 10 vs. Linux performance for AMD's just-launched Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX and given the interest from that then ran some Windows Server benchmarks to see if the performance of this 64-thread CPU would be more competitive to Linux. From those Windows vs. Linux tests there has been much speculation that the performance disparity is due to Windows scheduler being less optimized for high core/thread count processors and its NUMA awareness being less vetted than the Linux kernel. For getting a better idea, here are benchmarks of Windows Server 2019 preview versus Ubuntu Linux when testing varying thread/core counts for the AMD Threadripper 2990WX. Toggled via the BIOS was SMT as well as various CCX configurations and each step of the way comparing the Windows Server 2019 Build 17733 performance to that of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS with the Linux 4.18 kernel in various multi-threaded benchmarks supported under both operating systems. Read more

Kernel: RISC-V and Virtual Machine

  • RISC-V's Linux Kernel Support Is Getting Into Good Shape, Userspace Starting To Work
    The RISC-V open-source processor ISA support within the mainline kernel is getting into good shape, just a few releases after this new architecture port was originally added to the Linux Git tree. The RISC-V code for Linux 4.19 includes the ISA-mandated timers and first-level interrupt controllers, which are needed to actually get user-space up and running. Besides the RISC-V first-level interrupt controller, Linux 4.19 also adds support for SiFive's platform-level interrupt controller that interfaces with the actual devices.
  • A Hearty Batch Of KVM Updates Land In Linux 4.19
    There is a lot of new feature work for the Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) within the Linux 4.19 kernel.

Kate/KTextEditor Picks Up Many Improvements To Enhance KDE Text Editing

Even with KDE's annual Akademy conference happening this past week in Vienna, KDE development has been going strong especially on the usability front. The Kate text editor and the KTextEditor component within KDE Frameworks 5 have been the largest benefactors of recent improvements. This KDE text editing code now has support for disabling syntax highlighting entirely if preferred. When using syntax highlighting, there have been many KTextEditor enhancements to improve the experience as well as improvements to the highlighting for a variety of languages from JavaScript to YAML to AppArmor files. Read more

KStars v2.9.8 released

KStars 2.9.8 is released for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. It is a hotfix release that contains bug fixes and stability improvements over the last release. Read more Also: KDE Itinerary - How did we get here?