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Updated: 2 weeks 1 day ago

Some Windows Server 2016 vs. Linux Network Benchmarks

Thursday 15th of March 2018 04:09:57 PM
A Phoronix Premium supporter recently requested some Windows vs. Linux networking performance benchmarks. That is being done as part of a larger comparison also featuring the popular BSDs, but for some initial measurements, here are some Netperf networking performance metrics on Microsoft Windows Server 2016 and various Linux distributions...

Intel Icelake Server Chips To Support WBNOINVD & PCONFIG

Thursday 15th of March 2018 02:18:03 PM
The GCC and LLVM/Clang compilers have been working on Icelake CPU support for a while now as just the "icelake" target but now it's being separated into "icelake-client" and "icelake-server" as the CPU feature differences between the desktop-class processors and Xeon server chips become more clear for this succeeding generation to Cannonlake...

Ubuntu 18.04 Versus Six Other Linux Distributions On AMD EPYC

Thursday 15th of March 2018 11:00:00 AM
With Ubuntu 18.04 LTS set to be released next month and its final package configuration quickly falling into place, we have begun firing up some benchmarks for seeing how this Ubuntu 18.04 "Bionic Beaver" release is comparing to various other Linux distributions. Up first as part of this series of benchmarks is using an AMD EPYC workstation/server for seeing how the Ubuntu 18.04 LTS performance compares to six other Linux distributions.

The Latest Winevulkan Patches Make It Usable For Doom, Wolfenstein & DXVK

Thursday 15th of March 2018 08:30:00 AM
Roderick Colenbrander and those working with him on "Winevulkan" to provide a clean Vulkan implementation for Wine supporting the Vulkan ICD concept, etc, rather than the old hacked together code in Wine-Staging have done a great job. With Roderick's latest Winevulkan patches, this new implementation is considered usable...

Embedded Linux Conference 2018 Wraps Up In Portland

Thursday 15th of March 2018 08:00:00 AM
The Linux Foundation's Embedded Linux Conference 2018 and OpenIoT Summit wrapped up on Wednesday in Portland, Oregon. For those that couldn't make the event, PDF slide decks for many of the presentations are now available...

Intel Graphics Driver Developers Begin Eyeing The Linux 4.18 Kernel

Thursday 15th of March 2018 06:51:34 AM
The Linux 4.16 kernel is at least two or three weeks out from being released, but Intel has already submitted their i915 DRM driver feature changes for Linux 4.17 and are now beginning to think about their feature changes for Linux 4.18...

RAD Game Tools Adds Telemetry Visualizer Linux Support To Their Portfolio

Thursday 15th of March 2018 05:33:26 AM
Valve still hasn't acquired RAD Game Tools, but their close relationship still continues to be paying off with good Linux support out of RAD's game development tools for those developers wishing to target Linux...

Intel BayTrail Gets Minor Graphics Improvement On Coreboot, Now Supports OpRegion

Thursday 15th of March 2018 04:05:42 AM
While there doesn't appear to be too many Intel BayTrail users out there running systems with Coreboot, this generation of hardware that's been a bit notorious with Linux users due to varying issues can now find at least a bit better graphics support with the latest Coreboot code...

Mesa 18.0 Is Now Primed For Releasing Soon

Thursday 15th of March 2018 12:18:06 AM
Mesa 18.0's delay of more than one month and without any new release candidate came while the open-source Intel developers were hunkered down to clear the remaining blocker bugs...

Samsung/Enlightenment Developers Are Busy At Work On EFL 2.0

Wednesday 14th of March 2018 11:00:00 PM
Cedric Bail of Samsung's Open-Source Group presented today at the Embedded Linux Conference on EFL 2.0 as part of the Enlightenment project's long-standing goal to provide a new and unified API...

Firefox 60 Is In Beta With Web Authentication & Policy Engine Support

Wednesday 14th of March 2018 06:54:38 PM
With Firefox 59 having shipped that means Firefox 60 is now officially in beta...

Intel Open-Sources Sound Firmware, Pushing For More Open Firmware

Wednesday 14th of March 2018 04:57:20 PM
Imad Sousou, Intel's GM of the Open-Source Technology Center, had some interesting remarks to make during his keynote today as part of this week's Embedded Linux Conference in Portland...

Unreal Engine 4.19 Brings Resonance Audio, AR Improvements & Better Landscape Rendering

Wednesday 14th of March 2018 04:22:31 PM
As a nice Pi Day surprise and a week ahead of the Game Developers' Conference (GDC 18) is a new Unreal Engine 4 release from Epic Games...

GNOME 3.28 Desktop Officially Released

Wednesday 14th of March 2018 03:27:21 PM
The GNOME project has managed its Pi Day release of GNOME 3.28...

LLVM Clang 6.0 vs. 5.0 Compiler Performance On Intel/AMD Linux

Wednesday 14th of March 2018 03:08:54 PM
Since last week's big release of LLVM 6.0 along with Clang 6.0, I have been carrying out some fresh compiler benchmarks of the previous Clang 5.0 to this new stable release that switches to C++14 by default, among many other changes to LLVM itself and this C/C++ compiler front-end.

GRUB Now Supports Multiple Early Initrd Images

Wednesday 14th of March 2018 01:03:18 PM
GNU's GRUB bootloader has picked up another feature ahead of the GRUB 2.04 release expected later this year...

Feral Bringing Life is Strange: Before the Storm To Linux

Wednesday 14th of March 2018 11:37:42 AM
While still working on A Total War Saga: THRONES OF BRITANNIA and Rise of The Tomb Raider to Linux this spring, Feral Interactive has now confirmed another port coming to Linux (and macOS)...

Mir Devs Are Still Working On An Example Mir Desktop Session For Ubuntu 18.04

Wednesday 14th of March 2018 10:29:18 AM
While Ubuntu 18.04 LTS "Bionic Beaver" is just one month away from release, the developers working on the Mir display server code are still working to get an example desktop session into this release...

Uniform Packing For RadeonSI NIR, Helps Reduce CPU Overhead

Wednesday 14th of March 2018 09:55:32 AM
Timothy Arceri of Valve's open-source Linux GPU driver team is out with his latest set of patches to further enhance the RadeonSI Gallium3D driver...

Raspberry Pi 3B+ Launches With Faster CPU, Dual-Band 802.11ac, Faster Ethernet

Wednesday 14th of March 2018 09:37:15 AM
The Raspberry Pi Foundation is celebrating Pi day (March 14) by launching their latest Raspberry Pi ARM SBC. This though isn't with some new Broadcom chipset with VC5 graphics, sadly, but a slightly revised variant of the Raspberry Pi 3. Meet the Raspberry Pi 3B+...

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Ubuntu: Didier Roche's Interviews Series and Resurgence of Ubuntu Touch

  • Welcome To The (Ubuntu) Bionic Age: Behind communitheme: interviewing Aaron
    I’m Aaron Papin and I’m from Trinidad and Tobago. I work at an IT consultancy that specializes in open-source solutions for SMBs. I’m a technician, but I also work in designing and deploying websites and even on ads from time to time. It’s pretty freeform and fun. I knew of Linux for years, but I only dove in after a hard drive failure a couple years ago. Because why not at that point? It didn’t take me long to start using it mostly full time (games). Even though I’ve worked on my own themes in the past, I’m still pretty new to the Linux community. Hobby-wise, I really like TV, cooking, video games and keeping fit when I’m not on an “extended break”.
  • Purism and UBports officially collaborate to offer Ubuntu Touch on Librem 5
    Purism and UBports are partnering to offer Ubuntu Touch as a supported operating system on Purism’s Librem 5 smartphone. Being able to work with Purism and focus on the Librem 5 hardware platform ensures that the Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system developed by UBports will be well supported, tightly integrated, and that future compatibility will remain. When the Librem 5 is delivered to pre-order customers, it will become one of just a few smartphones that support the free and open source operating system.
  • Open Source Smartphone Librem 5 Will Officially Support Ubuntu Touch
    When Canonical decided to halt the development of Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system, it came as a surprise to many. However, due to the lack of interest of smartphone manufacturers and community, this tough decision was taken. Later, UBPorts decided to take up the Ubuntu Touch development work.
  • Purism Partners with UBports to Offer Ubuntu Touch on the Librem 5, Red Hat Storage One Launches and More
    Purism has partnered with UBports to offer Ubuntu Touch on its Librem 5 smartphone. By default, the smartphone runs Purism's PureOS, which supports GNOME and KDE Plasma mobile interfaces. UBports is ensuring Ubuntu Touch will run on the phones as well, so the Librem 5 can "now offer users three fully free and open mobile operating system options".

BSD: DragonFlyBSD's Latest and NetBSD 8.0 Release Candidate 1

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