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Linux System Administration Skills are Changing

Thursday 17th of July 2014 10:10:38 PM
When was the last time you compiled a kernel? For many of the latest generation of Linux admins, the answer is really simple: never.

Linux Foundation SysAdmin Konstantin Ryabitsev, an SELinux Expert

Thursday 17th of July 2014 08:23:40 PM

Konstantin Ryabitsev oversees the Linux Foundation's Collaborative Projects IT team. Here he discusses why he became interested in IT security, his approach to working with developers, and his love of human languages, among other things.  

AllSeen Community Blog Series: Red Bend Software

Thursday 17th of July 2014 03:33:50 PM

Red Bend Software is a community member of the AllSeen Alliance and a leader in mobile software management. More than 2 billion Red Bend-enabled devices use the company’s software and services for firmware over-the-air (FOTA) updating, application management, device management, device analytics and mobile virtualization. 

Why Women in Tech Can, and Should, Write a Better Resume

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 11:27:42 PM

Women should use the word “I” more, and other resume tips from open source manager and former recruiter Leslie Hawthorn. Don't miss her resume workshop for women at LinuxCon North America in Chicago.

Raspberry Pi Model B+: The Price is Right at $35

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 11:27:15 PM

The new Raspberry Pi Model B+ which launched this week offers more connectivity for the same low price.

Linux Foundation SysAdmin Michael Halstead's IT Career Started at Age 15

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 08:34:29 PM

Michael Halstead maintains all of the public facing infrastructure for the Yocto Project, a Linux Foundation collaborative project that creates the tools for building custom embedded Linux distributions. In this Q&A he describes his typical day at work, the best part of his job, how he spends his free time, and more.

Imad Sousou: The Future of Linux and Intel in the New Connected World

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 05:11:56 PM

From new cloud platforms, to changes in virtualization and container technologies, to how data is stored and transmitted, every innovation in the data center has a Linux-based or open source component, says Imad Sousou vice president of the Software and Services Group and general manager of the Intel Open Source Technology Center at Intel.

Resources for Women and Newcomers at LinuxCon

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 03:17:20 PM

For many years, Linux Foundation research has pointed out that companies have a hard time finding enough skilled applicants for their Linux-related technical positions, especially in development. At The Linux Foundation, we have created a number of programs to address this: from Linux technical training to a free Linux MOOC to a training scholarship program to inclusivity programs at our LinuxCon and Cloud events. If there is a shortage of skilled applicants, we want to invite everyone to join the party.

The Linux Supercomputers We Secretly Fear Will Become Sentient

Monday 14th of July 2014 04:14:52 PM

What can you do with 17.5 million petaflops that you can't do with a fancy, quad core i7 desktop PC?

Easy Video Editing with OpenShot on Linux

Monday 14th of July 2014 04:12:25 PM

Video editing isn't always a skill that anyone can pick up as if they were using a WYSIWYG editor. In fact, with some tools, creating a short video can be downright challenging. Unless you use OpenShot

The Linux Supercomputers We Secretly Fear Will Become Sentient

Friday 11th of July 2014 10:01:42 PM

What can you do with 17.5 million petaflops that you can't do with a fancy, quad core i7 desktop PC?

Join Us in Honoring IT Heroes for SysAdmin Day, Win Free Tickets to LinuxCon & CloudOpen

Friday 11th of July 2014 04:22:32 PM

According to the 2014 Linux Jobs Report, SysAdmins are the highest in demand position among Linux professionals. Fifty-eight percent of hiring managers said this year they are most aggressively seeking Linux SysAdmins followed by Linux application developers at 45 percent.

There is no doubt that as Linux has grown to support the world’s most advanced technology infrastructure that we need more SysAdmins to support it. Also, the role of the SysAdmin is gaining in significance in every organization. Today SysAdmins contribute to important strategic discussions about their companies’ futures, and their work is very often a critical component in enabling organizational growth. SysAdmins are our IT heroes.

That's why this year The Linux Foundation is honoring some of its very own SysAdmins in celebration of SysAdmin Day 2014 by profiling them here in So far in this series we've introduced Ryan Day and Andy Grimberg.

We also want to honor your SysAdmins. We want to hear about the amazing things they're doing to support the infrastructure and projects your companies are working on. Or, tell us about  the time(s) they stepped in and solved a problem so big you thought you were pretty much toast.

Just email the editors at about why your SysAdmin should be recognized. Submissions are due by SysAdmin Day, July 25. Two individuals will be chosen by the editors to be profiled in the weeks following SysAdmin Day and both the submitters and the SysAdmins who are chosen will receive free tickets to LinuxCon and CloudOpen North America taking place in Chicago August 20-22, 2014.

Don’t let your hero go unrecognized!


How to Operate Linux Spycams With Motion

Friday 11th of July 2014 04:19:12 PM

When you want something a little simpler and more lightweight than Zoneminder for operating surveillance cameras, try Motion.

Automotive Grade Linux Released: An Interview With Dan Cauchy

Thursday 10th of July 2014 09:07:08 PM

The Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) project released the first version of its open source AGL stack for in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) last month. Expect an AGL-based IVI from a major carmaker this year, says the Linux Foundation's general manager of automotive, Dan Cauchy.

Building an Inter-University Private Cloud with Open Source ownCloud

Wednesday 9th of July 2014 05:47:11 PM

Raimund Vogl, director of IT at Münster University explains why the public universities in the German state of Northrhine-Westfalia need their own private cloud and why only open source would do.

To Linux Foundation SysAdmin Ryan Day, Elegance is the Best Tool

Wednesday 9th of July 2014 03:54:01 PM

Ryan Day is one of nine Linux Foundation system administrators, and is part of the global team that supports developers working on collaborative projects. In this Q&A, the first in a series of profiles of Linux Foundation sysadmins, he describes a typical work day, talks about his favorite tools, his nightmare scenario, and how he spends his free time.

An Open Source Community for Internet of Everything Interoperability

Tuesday 8th of July 2014 10:15:16 PM

Today a small group of companies announced an effort to address IoT interoperability. We are happy to see our industry peers affirming the goals and objectives the AllSeen Alliance made six months ago about needing a common interoperable language for the Internet of Everything. 

Linux Poetry Contest’s 1st Winner Admires Btrfs

Tuesday 8th of July 2014 08:13:17 PM

Congratulations to Alan Bruce, the first winner of our Linux poetry writing contest. Bruce has won a free pass to LinuxCon and CloudOpen North America, Aug. 20-22 in Chicago, for his poem "btrfs." 

Global Hunt Begins for #HiddenTux: Find Tux and Win

Tuesday 8th of July 2014 02:16:12 PM

At least 10 stuffed penguins are hidden around the world and are waiting to be found and adopted by you.

Cisco: Linux is the “Single and Best” Tech for IoT

Monday 7th of July 2014 04:31:12 PM

Cisco earlier this year unveiled its plans to build smarter routers and switches to help manage the massive flows of data expected between Internet-connected devices and the data center. This re-architecting of the Internet to bring computing capabilities to the edge of the network is what the company calls “fog computing” and it could help alleviate data center strain created by the Internet of Things.