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Open Prosthetics Founder: Challenges Ahead for Open Source Medical Devices

Thursday 7th of August 2014 04:33:08 PM

Before he lost his arm serving as a Marine in Iraq in 2005, Jonathan Kuniholm was pursuing a PhD in biomedical engineering. Now as a founder of the Open Prosthetics Project Kuniholm is working to make advanced, inexpensive prosthetics available to amputees around the globe through the creation and sharing of open source hardware designs.

Verizon Cloud Adds Business Value With Xen

Wednesday 6th of August 2014 09:26:15 PM

The benefits for users are almost too numerous to count, but most IT professionals agree that cloud computing epitomizes constant change. Its ability to provide ubiquitous, on-demand access to a shared pool of networks, servers, storage, and services whenever and wherever they are needed is creating both market opportunity and market upheaval.

How to Choose the Best Linux Desktop for You

Wednesday 6th of August 2014 09:03:34 PM

From Unity, to GNOME, to Cinnamon and more, there is a desktop for every kind of user to be found within the Linux landscape. To that end, I want to take some of the most popular desktops and match them to end users.

Linux 3.16 Release: ARMed and Ready

Tuesday 5th of August 2014 11:07:10 PM

Katherine Noyes presents three key features in Linux 3.16, the latest in the series known as "Shuffling Zombie Juror."

How to Achieve Better Security With Proper Management of Open Source

Tuesday 5th of August 2014 04:04:18 AM

With the use of open source your teams can gain speed and agility, but it’s often more difficult to ascertain the code’s true origin and assure that it is secure. Bill Ledingham CTO at Black Duck Software has tips to ensure your products remain secure. 

A Haiku Poem Dedicated to Systemd

Monday 4th of August 2014 11:44:54 PM

"I wrote the Haiku after a particularly frustrating go-round with Arch Linux," writes Zach Villers, the second winner of our Linux poetry writing contest.

The Companies that Support Linux: Daynix Consults on Cloud and Virtualization Technologies

Friday 1st of August 2014 10:14:44 PM

Daynix is a software development and consulting company based in Israel that helps companies navigate this new world of cloud infrastructure and virtualization. Last week the company joined The Linux Foundation as a new corporate member.

10 Good Reasons To Learn Linux

Friday 1st of August 2014 04:57:12 PM

Our Introduction to Linux edX course starts today, so if you’re not already enrolled, here are 10 reasons why you should sign up now.

Free Intro to Linux Online Course Starts Today

Friday 1st of August 2014 04:50:24 PM

The Linux Foundation's free online course, Introduction to Linux, started today on the edX website. Students have already begun to take the course, which covers the basic tools and techniques commonly used by Linux programmers, system administrators and end users. It's not too late to sign up!

How to Set up Server-to-Server Sharing in ownCloud 7 on Linux

Thursday 31st of July 2014 09:50:24 PM

How to install ownCloud 7 and configure its best new feature, server-to-server sharing.

6 Raspberry Pi-Like Clones and Extensions

Thursday 31st of July 2014 08:22:37 PM

Eric Brown takes a look at some of the more commercial Raspberry Pi-like and Pi- based boards and computers available for sale today.

New Open Source Effort Provides Free Cloud Orchestration as a Service

Wednesday 30th of July 2014 05:06:20 PM

GoGrid-sponsored hopes to advance the open data services ecosystem with a free orchestration service, software library and community. Essentially, the effort aims to do for entire clouds what virtualization did for servers by delivering a range of complex, “full-stack” solutions.

How to Simplify Linux Package Installation With Yum Groups

Tuesday 29th of July 2014 04:32:58 PM

Most Linux admins are aware of the yum (Yellow Dog Updater Modified) utility for package management in Red Hat-based distros such as RHEL, CentOS, and Fedora. Few, however, are aware of the power, benefits, and utility of yum groups. 

Introducing the OpenDaylight Ambassador Program

Tuesday 29th of July 2014 04:20:15 PM

The growth of the OpenDaylight community has been astounding in the 15 months since launch. Interest in the project is growing so quickly that we’ve put together an ambassador program to help sustain and grow the worldwide community. 

EdX CEO Anant Agarwal: Open Source is the Future of Education

Monday 28th of July 2014 09:49:04 PM

Much like Linux transformed the computing world, open source will transform education as well, says Anant Agarwal, CEO of edX.

Easy Steps to Make GNOME 3 More Efficient

Monday 28th of July 2014 05:15:02 PM

With just a tiny bit of tweaking, GNOME 3 can be made as powerful and user-friendly as any desktop available.

Chromebooks Emerge as Major New Linux Force on Notebooks

Monday 28th of July 2014 04:47:00 PM

Love it, loathe it, or laugh at it, Chrome OS keeps on advancing. According to a Google blog post this week, more than 1 million Chromebooks were sold to schools in the second quarter alone. 

How to Fix a Mangled Partition Table on Linux

Friday 25th of July 2014 04:07:28 PM

Use the excellent TestDisk to repair corrupted partition tables and recover your data.

SysAdmin Day 2014: Best Linux Foundation SysAdmin Quotes

Friday 25th of July 2014 03:45:31 PM

Happy SysAdmin Day 2014! Over the past three weeks we've been profiling the Linux Foundation's heroic team of system administrators in honor of the amazing work they do behind the scenes to keep this organization and our collaborative projects humming. Here are some of their best quotes, which highlight just how talented, passionate and also fun-loving Linux SysAdmins really are.

Gallery : Meet the Linux Foundation's System Administrators

Friday 25th of July 2014 03:25:50 PM

The Linux Foundation is honoring some of its very own SysAdmins in celebration of SysAdmin Day 2014 by profiling them here on 

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Ubuntu Touch Gets Major Update and the OS Is Now Crazy Fast – Screenshot Tour

Ubuntu Touch has just received a new major update and the developers have made some serious changes to the operating system, which now feels a lot faster and the experience is a lot smoother. Read more

35 Open Source Tools for the Internet of Things

In a nutshell, IoT is about using smart devices to collect data that is transmitted via the Internet to other devices. It's closely related to machine-to-machine (M2M) technology. While the concept had been around for some time, the term "Internet of Things" was first used in 1999 by Kevin Ashton, who was a Procter & Gamble employee at the time. Read more

IoT tinkerers get new Linux hub & open platforms

Cloud Media, the maker of entertainment box Popcorn Hour, launched a project on Kickstarter, Inc. that will add to the growing number of smart hubs for people to connect and control smart devices. Called the STACK Box, it features a Cavium ARM11 core processor, 256MB DDR3 RAM, 512MB flash, SD slot, 802.11n WiFi, Bluetooth LE 4.0, Z-Wave, standard 10/100 Ethernet port, optional X10 wired communication, 5 USB 2.0 ports, RS-232 port, 2 optocoupler I/O, Xbee Bus, Raspberry Pi-compatible 26-pin bus and runs Linus Kernel 3.10. IT also features optional wireless communications for Dust Networks and Insteon with RF433/315, EnOcean, ZigBee, XBee, DCLink, RFID, IR coming soon. Read more

Citrix and Google partner to bring native enterprise features to Chromebooks

Chromebooks are making inroads into the education sector, and a push is coming for the enterprise with new native Chrome capabilities from Citrix. Google and Citrix have announced Citrix Receiver for Chrome, a native app for the Chromebook which has direct access to the system resources, including printing, audio, and video. To provide the security needed for the enterprise, the new Citrix app assigns a unique Receiver ID to each device for monitoring, seamless Clipboard integration across remote and local applications, end user experience monitoring with HDX Insight, and direct SSL connections. Read more