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Dronecode: Taking the Internet of Things to the Skies

Wednesday 18th of February 2015 10:04:50 PM

Drones are no longer just flying robots -- they're sensors in the sky, part of the Internet of Things and big data, said Chris Anderson, CEO of 3DRobotics, in his Collaboration Summit keynote on Wednesday. 

Linux Kernel Report: More Contributors Than Ever

Wednesday 18th of February 2015 09:36:32 PM

Working with Jon Corbet and Greg Kroah-Hartman to produce the ‘Who Writes Linux’ report is one of the most important research projects we do, as it surfaces important data and trends that offer some insight into how the Linux kernel development process is going and informs collaborative development practices across the industry. As the world’s largest collaborative development project, Linux can teach us much. What we’re learning from this year’s data is that there are more developers working on Linux than ever. More than 12,000 individuals have contributed to Linux since 2005 and more than 4,000 contributed in just the...

Collaboration Summit Keynotes Will Stream Live on Wednesday, Feb. 18

Tuesday 17th of February 2015 10:40:39 PM

The Linux Foundation's live video stream of Collaboration Summit keynotes will be available on Wednesday, Feb. 18, starting at 9:00 a.m. PST. (Login required.)

The Top 11 Best Linux Distros for 2015

Tuesday 17th of February 2015 05:23:12 AM

Swapnil Bhartiya gives his top Linux distributions in 11 categories, including the best distros for server, laptop, desktop, privacy, audio/visual, and more.

Get Your Data Back with Linux-Based Data Recovery Tools

Friday 13th of February 2015 01:27:21 AM

Sometimes data has to be recovered. When that tragedy strikes, it’s good to know you have the tools on hand to get the job done. Thankfully, Linux is no stranger to data recovery. 

How to Get Involved with the Apache Mesos Open Source Cloud Project

Thursday 12th of February 2015 06:26:18 PM

 Apache Mesos is one of a select group of open source projects shaping the future of enterprise cloud infrastructure and distributed computing. It's also a great project to get involved in. Contributors at all experience levels are invited to submit patches, attend a local Mesos user group meeting, and participate in the project's second annual conference, MesosCon.

Spinning Up a Server with the OpenStack API

Wednesday 11th of February 2015 12:40:31 AM

In the previous article we explored how to get started using the OpenStack API. Now let's see what images are available and spin up a server, log into our new server, and then destroy the server, using the OpenStack API.

Answering the Call for Werner Koch’s Everywhere

Tuesday 10th of February 2015 04:36:13 PM

This past week the person who manages one of the world’s most important cryptography projects, Werner Koch, went from going broke to raising more than $100,000 for his project, GNU Privacy Guard. This is in addition to the $60,000 The Linux Foundation’s Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII) dedicated to Werner last month. GnuPG is used not just to encrypt and authenticate email but provides the confirmation that software packages and releases are what they claim to be. Facebook, Stripe and others are answering the calls to support the individuals who are developing the world’s most critical digital infrastructure.

How to Hire Top Linux Talent

Tuesday 10th of February 2015 04:24:45 PM

Hiring top Linux and open source talent isn’t as easy as initiating a search with your favorite recruiter. Linux and open source developers and SysAdmins are among the most sought after talent in tech; companies like IBM, Twitter, Facebook and many more understand that to attract these folks, they have to do things differently. I’ve been working in open source since the late 90s and have seen first hand many of these changes.

How to Edit Images on Chromebook Like a Pro

Tuesday 10th of February 2015 06:09:46 AM
There is no dearth of image editing applications for Chrome OS powered devices. However, like any other image editing software, these apps are a bit resource intensive. 

AllSeen Alliance Senior Director Philip DesAutels: The Full Promise of IoT Lies in Open Source

Saturday 7th of February 2015 12:48:41 AM

As the AllSeen Alliance’s senior director of IoT, Philip DesAutels works with Alliance members to advance the Internet of Everything by building out an open source software framework, AllJoyn, to seamlessly connect a range of objects and devices in homes, cars and businesses. He oversees and guides all aspects of the Alliance, from governance and technology, to the developer community and marketing efforts.

Cisco Helping Advance Open Source in Networking

Saturday 7th of February 2015 12:11:17 AM

Last week I was in Italia at the Cisco Live! Milano event where I also had the opportunity to speak about OpenDaylight (ODL) and Software-Defined Networking (SDN). What stood out for me the most during my time there was the tremendous progress being made on technologies that are really disrupting the networking space SDN and NFV have been advancing innovation in the networking industry over the past few years, but it’s still early, and not many of the technologies have made it out of the lab and into the networks – until now. I joined developers in the Cisco DevNet Zone to get  a look at the company’s SDN and NFV software and what I saw was a portfolio of applications, mostly based on OpenDaylight, that are advancing the transition to networks managed by software. By far, the high point was the CloudVPN, which is offering open APIs to allow developers to create their own apps, portals, and automation on top of the platform.    

Exclusive: Seafile Founder Daniel Pan Talks About His Open Source Cloud Software

Friday 6th of February 2015 06:22:37 PM

The ownCloud and DropBox competitor Seafile is built with open source software and runs on Linux. Here, Founder Daniel Pan gives a behind-the-scenes look at how the software is built and how it compares to other self-hosted cloud solutions.

Which Light Weight, Open Source Web Server is Right for You?

Friday 6th of February 2015 04:58:27 PM

When you have a need that Apache can’t fill, it’s good to know there are alternatives available.

More in Tux Machines

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1 Officially Released with Support for Linux Containers

Red Hat was proud to announce earlier today, March 5, the availability of the first maintenance release of its Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 operating system for computers, used in numerous enterprises worldwide. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1 contains a great amount of bug fixes and improvements over the previous release, as well as various new features. Read more Also: iSER target should work fine in RHEL 7.1

Help: Linux to the rescue of older operating systems

As you know, when someone offers free stuff, we give it a few weeks in order to give each group, organization or individual in need a chance to respond. That’s what we’ll do with Mary Greenfield’s generous offer to donate free fabric, so give it another week and then we’ll forward responses to her. One of the most rewarding aspects of writing this column is realizing that it generates discussion, and here’s a response to that question about updates for an older computer running Windows ME... Read more

Open source used to manage Figueres’ environment

The Spanish town of Figueres is relying on free and open source software to help manage its urban and natural environment. Fisersa Ecoserveis, an environmental company, is using a range of open source solutions to create, update and manage interactive geographic maps, used for monitoring and planning the city’s green spaces. Read more

I/O-rich SBC runs Linux on Cortex-A9 Sitara SoC

MYIR launched a “Rico” SBC for TI’s Cortex-A9 AM437x SoC, with an open Linux BSP, 4GB of eMMC flash, and coastline GbE, HDMI, and USB host and device ports. Read more