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How the Linux Kernel is Like an Open Source Turducken

Monday 2nd of March 2015 05:22:29 PM

The first time I heard the word “coopetition” (“cooperation” and “competition” combined)... I wanted to kill it with fire. But the idea… the idea is a glorious one. 

Performance Testing the New $35 Raspberry Pi 2

Saturday 28th of February 2015 12:20:48 AM

How does this beefed up new Raspberry Pi 2 compare to other substantial ARM machines? Let’s boot it up in Raspbian, run it through some standard graphics and performance tests, and gain access to those 40 GPIO pins.

Hybrid Freescale and Xilinx SoCs Embed Microcontrollers, Run Linux

Friday 27th of February 2015 05:51:05 PM

Two interesting new system-on-chips that combine Linux-friendly ARM Cortex-A cores with microcontroller units (MCUs) debuted at Embedded World in Nuremberg this week.

Best VOIP Clients for Linux (That Aren’t Skype)

Thursday 26th of February 2015 09:53:17 PM

For the longest time, the only VOIP client of note was Skype. That doesn’t mean it's your only choice.

Linux Kernel Developer Work Spaces Video: Tejun Heo, Red Hat

Thursday 26th of February 2015 06:58:36 PM

Tejun Heo is a Linux kernel developer and a principal software engineer at Red Hat. In this video he takes us on a tour of his home office and answers a few questions about his work as a kernel subsystem maintainer. 

How to Use the OpenStack SDK for Go

Wednesday 25th of February 2015 10:52:32 PM

Today let's use our knowledge of the OpenStack API to put to use an OpenStack SDK.

10 Highlights of Jon Corbet's Linux Kernel Report

Tuesday 24th of February 2015 06:33:36 PM

Jon Corbet, Linux kernel contributor and Editor of, presented his kernel report at Collaboration Summit today. Here are the highlights.

How to Use KDE Plasma Desktop Like a Pro

Tuesday 24th of February 2015 06:14:07 PM

KDE is, in my opinion, the most advanced desktop environment around; and I am going to uncover why in this article.

Samsung, OpenChain Aim to Build Trust With Open Source Compliance

Monday 23rd of February 2015 09:18:56 PM

The OpenChain work group at The Linux Foundation aims to create a set of compliance best practices for companies to follow internally. 

Taking Linux Infrastructure to the Next Level in 2015

Sunday 22nd of February 2015 11:29:04 PM

New workloads and creative developers are gravitating to the dynamic world of Linux. Here are IBM Power Systems Manager Doug Balog's thoughts on what the year has in store for Linux.

Creating Forms for Easy LibreOffice Database Entry on Linux

Friday 20th of February 2015 04:10:46 PM

The LibreOffice suite of tools includes a very powerful database application ─ one that happens to be incredibly user-friendly. These databases can be managed/edited by any user and data can be entered by anyone using a LibreOffice-generated form. 

Gallery : Collaboration Summit 2015 Keynote Speakers

Friday 20th of February 2015 01:52:25 AM

The Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit 2015 took place Feb. 18-20 in Santa Rosa, Calif.

10 Great Quotes on PaaS and Containers from Collab Summit 2015

Thursday 19th of February 2015 10:05:19 PM

Here are some of the best quotes from a panel discussion between PaaS experts from Red Hat, Google, Cisco, and Cloud Foundry.

Linaro Launches 96Boards SBC Standard and First ARMv8 Board

Thursday 19th of February 2015 03:34:04 PM

The arrival last week of Linaro's open source 96Boards specification -- ARM's first pseudo-official SBC form factor standard -- shows that ARM is serious about bringing order to the chaotic ARM hacker board scene. 

Dronecode: Taking the Internet of Things to the Skies

Wednesday 18th of February 2015 10:04:50 PM

Drones are no longer just flying robots -- they're sensors in the sky, part of the Internet of Things and big data, said Chris Anderson, CEO of 3DRobotics, in his Collaboration Summit keynote on Wednesday. 

Linux Kernel Report: More Contributors Than Ever

Wednesday 18th of February 2015 09:36:32 PM

Working with Jon Corbet and Greg Kroah-Hartman to produce the ‘Who Writes Linux’ report is one of the most important research projects we do, as it surfaces important data and trends that offer some insight into how the Linux kernel development process is going and informs collaborative development practices across the industry. As the world’s largest collaborative development project, Linux can teach us much. What we’re learning from this year’s data is that there are more developers working on Linux than ever. More than 12,000 individuals have contributed to Linux since 2005 and more than 4,000 contributed in just the...

Collaboration Summit Keynotes Will Stream Live on Wednesday, Feb. 18

Tuesday 17th of February 2015 10:40:39 PM

The Linux Foundation's live video stream of Collaboration Summit keynotes will be available on Wednesday, Feb. 18, starting at 9:00 a.m. PST. (Login required.)

The Top 11 Best Linux Distros for 2015

Tuesday 17th of February 2015 05:23:12 AM

Swapnil Bhartiya gives his top Linux distributions in 11 categories, including the best distros for server, laptop, desktop, privacy, audio/visual, and more.

Get Your Data Back with Linux-Based Data Recovery Tools

Friday 13th of February 2015 01:27:21 AM

Sometimes data has to be recovered. When that tragedy strikes, it’s good to know you have the tools on hand to get the job done. Thankfully, Linux is no stranger to data recovery. 

How to Get Involved with the Apache Mesos Open Source Cloud Project

Thursday 12th of February 2015 06:26:18 PM

 Apache Mesos is one of a select group of open source projects shaping the future of enterprise cloud infrastructure and distributed computing. It's also a great project to get involved in. Contributors at all experience levels are invited to submit patches, attend a local Mesos user group meeting, and participate in the project's second annual conference, MesosCon.

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