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How To Count The Number Of Files And Directories in a Directory on Linux

Thursday 3rd of October 2019 03:00:00 PM

 Learn how to count files and directories recursively on a Linux system.

How To Use tar Command Through Network Over SSH Session

Thursday 3rd of October 2019 02:00:00 PM

One can use the tar command over ssh sessions to transfer archives, files, backups and hard drive images securely

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and CentOS 6 Receive Important Kernel Security Update

Thursday 3rd of October 2019 01:00:00 PM

Marked by the Red Hat Product Security as having a security impact of "Important," the new Linux kernel security patch addresses a buffer overflow flaw

Linux 'tree Command' Usage Examples for Beginners

Wednesday 2nd of October 2019 10:00:00 PM

The tree is a tiny, cross-platform command-line program used to recursively list or display the content of a directory in a tree-like format

How To Adjust Monitor Brightness From Command Line In Linux

Wednesday 2nd of October 2019 09:00:00 PM

 What can't you do from the command line?

Linux Kernel 5.4 to Have Kernel Lockdown and ExFAT Support

Wednesday 2nd of October 2019 08:00:00 PM

 itsFOSS: Linux Kernel 5.4 will be the last major stable kernel release of the year.

No Matter What You've Heard, the Docker Container Ship Is Not Sinking

Wednesday 2nd of October 2019 07:00:00 PM

 Rumors of Docker's demise might be a little premature.

Linux Mint Debian Edition 4 to Be Dubbed "Debbie," New Linux Mint Logo Unveiled

Wednesday 2nd of October 2019 06:00:00 PM

Clement Lefebvre has revealed today the codename of the upcoming LMDE (Linux Mint Debian Edition) 4 operating system series as "Debbie,"

Getting Started with Nano. via #EnableSysadmin by @spotzz_

Wednesday 2nd of October 2019 05:00:00 PM

Need a simple, lightweight text editor? Read on.

How To Check Laptop Battery Status In Terminal In Linux

Wednesday 2nd of October 2019 04:00:00 PM

Five different ways to check Laptop battery level and status from commandline in Linux.

How to Manipulate Filenames Having Spaces and Special Characters in Linux

Wednesday 2nd of October 2019 03:00:00 PM

 Some files are trickier to manage than others...

How to Write to Windows Partition In Linux

Wednesday 2nd of October 2019 02:00:00 PM

If you've mounted your Windows partition in Linux, you may find that you are not able to write to it.

How to Setup a Git Server

Wednesday 2nd of October 2019 01:00:00 PM

Learn how to set up a bare Git server on Linux.

Learn how to set up a bare Git server on Linux.

Raspberry Pi OS Raspbian Improves Raspberry Pi 4 Support, Adds Many Improvements

Tuesday 1st of October 2019 09:00:00 PM

Raspbian 2019-09-26 images are now available to download

How to Clear the DropBox Cache on Ubuntu

Tuesday 1st of October 2019 08:00:00 PM

Learn how you can clear the Dropbox cache both through the UI and the command line on Ubuntu Linux.

How to Install FreeBSD 12.0 with ZFS Filesystem

Tuesday 1st of October 2019 07:00:00 PM

Learn how to install the latest version of FreeBSD 12.0 on ZFS

Install Oracle Java 13 On Ubuntu, Linux Mint Or Debian From APT PPA Repository

Tuesday 1st of October 2019 06:00:00 PM

LinuxUprising: Oracle Java 13 was released earlier this month.

How to verify NTP is working Or not (Check Status of NTP)

Tuesday 1st of October 2019 05:00:00 PM

Keeping the correct time is essential on a server and client system.

Intro to Ansible Tower

Tuesday 1st of October 2019 04:00:00 PM

Not sure whether you need Red Hat Ansible or Red Hat Ansible Tower?

Bash Script to Generate System Uptime Reports on Linux

Tuesday 1st of October 2019 03:00:00 PM

2DayGeek: This bash script will collect all the server uptime and send the report to the given email id.

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today's howtos

  • How to install Chromium on Ubuntu using SNAP
  • 3D using Godot

    It is time for another installment of Godot (previous entries: introduction, 2D). This time, I have dived into the world of 3D. The goal is to recreate parts of an old time favorite: Kosmonaut. Something I remember playing a lot on my dad’s 286 with amazing EGA graphics. The state of the game when writing can be seen in the short screen capture below. This is more of a tech demo status than a full game at the moment, but I hope you will still find it interesting. You can also get the complete source code. [...] Once we have a world with a track (the grid map), we add a player to the scene (the yellow blob in the image above – I need to learn Blender to create a proper ship). The player scene contains the ship – and the camera. This means that the camera follows the player automatically – very convenient. The player script is responsible for this ship’s movements based on user input. Inputs can either be pressed for a long time, used for sideways movement, or just tapped (i.e. the release is ignored), used for jumping. Each of the inputs are mapped to a keyboard key (or other input device) in the Project Settings dialog, under the Input Map tab. This feels a bit awkward to me and makes me lose the feeling of flow – but I don’t know how to do it better.

  • How to install OpenOffice on Linux
  • How To Install Free SSL Certificate for Apache on CentOS 8
  • Install VirtualBox 6 on CentOS 8
  • How to Install Odoo 13 on Ubuntu 18.04
  • How to Install Anaconda on Debian 10
  • Install Shutter Screenshot Tool via PPA in Ubuntu 19.10

Xfce 4.16 development phase starting

In the 4.14 cycle we tried to do a 1:1 port of what used to be our Gtk2 desktop environment, avoiding visual changes. In the 4.16 cycle we plan to harmonize the appearance of certain elements that either became inconsistent through the port or already were inconsistent before (e.g. toolbars or inline toolbars). We will also play with client-side decorations where we feel it makes sense (for instance replacing the so-called XfceTitledDialog, that is used for all settings dialogs with a HeaderBar version). Before anyone gets too excited (both positively or negatively): It is not planned to redesign more complex applications (like Thunar) with Headerbars in 4.16. We will however try to keep the experience and looks consistent, which means gradually moving to client side decorations also with our applications (please note that client side decorations are not the same as HeaderBars!). Through this change e.g. “dark modes” in applications will look good (see the part about the Panel below). Now before there is a shitstorm about this change I would kindly ask everyone to give us time to figure out what exactly we want to change in this cycle. Also, switching to client-side decorations alone is not a big visual departure – feel free to also dig through the client-side decorations page if you want to read/see more on this. Read more

GNU/Linux Distros on Distrotest

  • Some New Operating Systems on Distrotest that Caught My Attention!

    Distrotest is one site that provides a variety of Linux distributions that can be run directly on the browser. Or you can also run it on a remote desktop client application, for example using Remmina. So, you can try various linux distributions online without having to install it or make a live CD. when I visited the distrotest. Apparently, there have been many new systems added. However, there are several new systems that caught my attention.

  • Forbes Raves Upcoming Linux Desktop Will 'Embarass' Windows 10 and macOS

    The article points out that Deepin is also a stand-alone desktop environment for any current Linux distribution -- and that it's one of the 248 operating systems available for online testing at

kwin-lowlatency 5.17 Brings A Better Experience To The KDE Desktop

Following this week's release of KDE Plasma 5.17, a new release of the independent kwin-lowlatency code has been re-based against version 5.17. Read more