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AMD's new ARM processors

Thursday 7th of May 2015 10:00:00 PM

 itrunsonlinux: AMD's new Opteron A1100 processors based on 64-bit ARM Cortex-A57 designs will ship in the 2nd half of 2015.

Command Line Tool to Monitor Linux Containers Performance

Thursday 7th of May 2015 09:00:00 PM

 linoxide: ctop is a new command line based tool available to monitor the processes at the container level.

It's Easier to Ask Forgiveness......than to understand Linux permissions

Thursday 7th of May 2015 08:00:00 PM

LinuxJournal: Every file has an owner and a group membership

Red Hat Breaking Records and Fighting Fragmentation

Thursday 7th of May 2015 07:00:00 PM

 ostatic: Red Hat has been grabbing headlines the last couple of days.

Coders With Bad Attitudes

Thursday 7th of May 2015 06:00:00 PM

 FOSSforce: Folks, I'm not talking about a stern communication.

Linux grep command with 14 different examples

Thursday 7th of May 2015 05:00:00 PM

linuxtechi: Linux like operating systems provides a searching tool known as grep (global regular expression print).

OpenStack Daddy Chris C Kemp says it's like Linux in 1996

Thursday 7th of May 2015 04:00:00 PM

El reg: Rough around the edges, not sure why it exists but ripe for innovation and productisation

EMC partners with Canonical, Mirantis, and Red Hat for OpenStack

Thursday 7th of May 2015 03:00:00 PM

ZDnet: The storage giant is partnering up to bring its hardware to the major OpenStack clouds.

Linux Kernel 4.0.2 Released with ARM, ARM64, NFS, and PowerPC Improvements

Thursday 7th of May 2015 02:00:00 PM

 softpedia: Linux kernel 4.0.2 is now available for download on the websit

Low profile mini-PC runs Linux on Haswell CPUs

Thursday 7th of May 2015 01:00:00 PM

 LinuxGizmos: Giada's compact i200 mini-PC for thin client and signage runs Linux on a 4th Gen Intel Core, and offers mini-PCIe, mSATA, and automated scheduling features.

What prevents Linux from beating Windows and OS X?

Thursday 7th of May 2015 12:00:00 PM

ITworld: Linux has been around for quite a long time now, but it still plays third fiddle to Windows and OS X.

Varnish Goes Upstack with Varnish Modules and Varnish Configuration Language

Thursday 7th of May 2015 11:00:00 AM

highscalability: Varnish API Engine is built using well known components like memcached, SQLite and most importantly Varnish Cache.

QuinStreet Enterprise Research: Security Breaches Lead to Server Corruption

Thursday 7th of May 2015 06:00:00 AM

ServerWatch: In the modern IT landscape, news about security breaches is a common occurrence. For server administrators, what's there to worry about? As it turns out — lots.

All hail openness! EMC gets with the open-source program

Thursday 7th of May 2015 02:00:00 AM

Fortune: In a bid to build broader support, storage kingpin EMC open-sourced the code for its storage controller.

Ubuntu may beat Windows 10 to phone-PC convergence after all

Wednesday 6th of May 2015 10:00:00 PM

PC World: “While I enjoy the race, I also like to win,” Ubuntu Foundation founder Mark Shuttleworth said

The unofficial guide to OpenStack Summit Vancouver

Wednesday 6th of May 2015 09:00:00 PM The 2015 OpenStack Summit in Vancouver, British Columbia is just a few short weeks away.

Netflix open-sources security incident management tool

Wednesday 6th of May 2015 08:00:00 PM

 NetworkWorld: Netflix has released under an open-source license an internal tool it developed to manage a deluge of security alerts and incidents.

Getting Started in Open Source Software

Wednesday 6th of May 2015 07:00:00 PM If you’re feeling a bit intimated about the wide world of open source software, it’s totally understandable.

How to Setup OpenSSH Multiplexer To Speed Up OpenSSH Connections on a Linux or Unix

Wednesday 6th of May 2015 06:19:17 PM

 Nixcraft: How can I multiplex SSH sessions by setting up a master session and then having subsequent sessions go through the master to speed up my ssh connection on a Linux or Unix-like operating systems?

Snappy Ubuntu Core takes off in a quadcopter

Wednesday 6th of May 2015 06:00:00 PM

 LinuxGizmos: Erle Robotics has launched an Ubuntu Core "Snappy" version of its open source Linux and ROS-based Erle-Copter quadcopter, with Erle-Copter app store access.

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