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LXer: 3 steps to secure, open source DevOps

Thursday 4th of May 2017 04:43:16 AM
Nobody really writes their own code anymore, right? We go out to GitHub, download some libraries, avoid recreating unnecessary wheels, and package those wheels together along with our own glue to create new software. Then we download a half dozen front-end frameworks to make it all pretty and responsive and we're off the races. In my review of apps, both in my company and others, I've found that more than 90% of the code that makes up an app these days is something we borrowed, not wrote more

TuxMachines: Best Free & Open Source Linux Emails Clients

Thursday 4th of May 2017 04:37:47 AM

Everyday checking our emails is an important job. We all receive many important emails from work, home, friends, from us (LinuxAndUbuntu) and many more. Here comes the job of email clients which periodically check our emails, stores them for offline access, let us quickly reply, see our calendar, address book, and many more awesome features. That's why today I am going to list out some of the top or best Linux email clients.

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Reddit: Red Hat cert vs Linux+ cert

Thursday 4th of May 2017 04:00:10 AM

About to dive into getting certified for Linux. Which of these 2 certs is more favored in the job market. I'm leaning towards Red Hat, just curious what the masses have to say

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LXer: Linux Nano editor explained for beginners (10 examples)

Thursday 4th of May 2017 03:28:56 AM
In this tutorial, we will discuss the basic usage of the Nano editor, as well as some of the features it provides.

LXer: Now Slack-ing Off Is Encouraged!

Thursday 4th of May 2017 02:14:36 AM
If your company hasn't already chosen to utilize Slack, it's probablyonly a matter of time. For anyone who has been around IRC before,Slack might seem like a total ripoff. I'll be honest, when one of thecompanies I work for starting using it, I wasn't impressed, because Icould do all the same things with IRC.

Reddit: I am trying to decide Which linux, Fedora Gnome or Ubuntu Gnome

Thursday 4th of May 2017 02:03:58 AM

I have a computer with a 4k screen and I tried to load regular ubuntu on a vm box and couldn't see shit. The print was so tiny I just turned it off. After reading about the 4k screen I found out that Gnome is what I am looking for. I have Ubuntu and Fedora on flash drives and I like both. Should I just install both? Is there one or another that is better, as in software and updates? I am starting a linux class in school this summer, it is just a intro but hey why not learn now. I have windows 10 on a few other computers so I wouldn't mind ditching it completely on the laptop but there are 3 1tb hard drives so I have the space so I wouldn't mind dual booting.I know support is different for each OS, so which would be better for a newbie is there something I should be looking for? I am in school for Cisco, Linux, and Enterprise administrator if it helps. I have heard from people Linux is a lot more secure than windows and that is where I want to be. Thank you for the help.

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LXer: Disruptive Collaboration: The Next Generation of Network Software and Hardware

Thursday 4th of May 2017 01:00:15 AM
AT&T has shifted more than 30 percent of their network functions to Software Defined Networking (SDN) with the goal of reaching over 55 percent this year... What they're architecting today is an abstraction layer, Indigo, designed to evolve and accelerate over time as part of what they are calling Network 3.0, a data-powered network.

Reddit: Introducing SPIR-V support to clover

Thursday 4th of May 2017 12:37:44 AM

Slashdot: Ubuntu Is Switching to Wayland

Thursday 4th of May 2017 12:17:25 AM

TuxMachines: Raspberry Pi Foundation: We'll Ship the 250,000th Raspberry Pi Zero W This Week

Thursday 4th of May 2017 12:16:54 AM

Raspberry Pi Foundation is today announcing that the 250,000th Raspberry Pi Zero W single-board computer (SBC) will be shipped this week, two months after its launch at the end of February.

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TuxMachines: Ultimate Edition Linux: Rough Road to a Nice Destination

Thursday 4th of May 2017 12:07:21 AM

Ultimate Edition targets Linux newcomers, but those trying it might need a bit more familiarity with Linux to get around some of the problems in running this not-so-ultimate Linux OS.

Once you get it up and running, however, the visual appeal might make up for the technical shortfalls. For example, this distro has nice desktop applets for monitoring system resources and other tools.

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LXer: How to run a Raspberry Pi meetup

Wednesday 3rd of May 2017 11:45:55 PM
Raspberry Jam is the name for Raspberry Pi meetups—and they come in many different formats. Some are like traditional tech user groups, but many are family-friendly events that provide opportunities for kids to learn to code and make things. The Raspberry Pi Foundation supports the community of Raspberry Jams and has just released a Guidebook to help people get more

Phoronix: Nouveau Developer Working On Adding SPIR-V Support To Clover Gallium3D OpenCL

Wednesday 3rd of May 2017 11:38:26 PM
Independent developer Pierre Moreau who has contributed to the open-source Nouveau driver in the past has published a rather interesting patch series today: SPIR-V support for the Clover Gallium3D OpenCL state tracker...

TuxMachines: Kernel Space/Linux

Wednesday 3rd of May 2017 11:24:44 PM

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TuxMachines: Leftovers: Software

Wednesday 3rd of May 2017 11:23:49 PM

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TuxMachines: Birds Linux 10.0 Distro Launches for Students with LibreOffice 5.2, GNOME 3.22.2

Wednesday 3rd of May 2017 11:12:10 PM

Francesco Milesi, the creator of the Birds Linux distribution, has informed Softpedia today, May 3, 2017, about the immediate availability of a new version of his open-source operating system for students, Birds Linux 10.0.

It's been a while since we last heard from the Birds Linux project, but it looks like it's still being developed for educational purposes, and today's Birds Linux 10.0 release appears to be a major one that updates most of the pre-installed core components and applications to their latest versions.

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GNOME: Mutter, gresg, and GTK

  • Mutter 3.25.2 Has Bug Fixes, Some Performance Work
    Florian Müllner has pushed out an updated Mutter 3.25.2 window manager / compositor release in time for the GNOME 3.25.2 milestone in the road to this September's GNOME 3.26 release. Mutter 3.25.2 has a number of fixes ranging from fixing frame updates in certain scenarios, accessible screen coordinates on X11, some build issues, and more.
  • gresg – an XML resources generator
    For me, create GTK+ custom widgets is a very common task. Using templates for them, too.
  • Free Ideas for UI Frameworks, or How To Achieve Polished UI
    Ever since the original iPhone came out, I’ve had several ideas about how they managed to achieve such fluidity with relatively mediocre hardware. I mean, it was good at the time, but Android still struggles on hardware that makes that look like a 486… It’s absolutely my fault that none of these have been implemented in any open-source framework I’m aware of, so instead of sitting on these ideas and trotting them out at the pub every few months as we reminisce over what could have been, I’m writing about them here. I’m hoping that either someone takes them and runs with them, or that they get thoroughly debunked and I’m made to look like an idiot. The third option is of course that they’re ignored, which I think would be a shame, but given I’ve not managed to get the opportunity to implement them over the last decade, that would hardly be surprising. I feel I should clarify that these aren’t all my ideas, but include a mix of observation of and conjecture about contemporary software. This somewhat follows on from the post I made 6 years ago(!) So let’s begin.

Distro News: Alpine, Devuan, and openSUSE

OSS Leftovers