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TuxMachines: Fedora Rawhide Flips On New SATA Power Management Policy

Tuesday 26th of December 2017 06:37:24 AM

If you are running Fedora Rawhide (their daily/development packages) and using an Intel mobile chipset, be forewarned that they are enabling the SATA link power change that runs the slight risk of potentially causing disk corruption.

While Fedora Rawhide has improved in quality and robustness the past few years, you really shouldn't be running it on any production systems. But if you are, it may be a wise idea to do a data backup before applying the latest Rawhide kernel build.

Also: Rawhide notes from the trail, the holiday edition

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TuxMachines: 4MLinux 23.1.1 released.

Tuesday 26th of December 2017 06:33:47 AM

4MLinux 23.1.1 is ready for download. Exceptionally, so called point release has been marked as a major one due to some new amazing features. The live CD is now over 1GB in size and it comes with some popular programs available out of the box (Audacious, Chrome, VLC, GNOME Office). Full 3D support is enabled by default for AMD, Intel and NVIDIA video cards. On the other hand, 4MLinux is still friendly for older PCs. So called Legacy Installer makes it possible to install 4MLinux on the machines with 128 MB of RAM and 2 GB of free disk space.

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Reddit: So I'm getting ready to take my exam one of my LPIC

Tuesday 26th of December 2017 05:22:07 AM

If you have any tips please let me know but also, what kind of work would make a company more willing to hire me. I was told that I should work on my own server so I can show my work but what should I be focusing on?

Do I need to be scripting, creating a functional environment with multiple users, and/or just showing that I know what I'm doing with the commands?

submitted by /u/espercharm
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LXer: Install and Configure Pico CMS on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Tuesday 26th of December 2017 04:45:16 AM
This tutorial will show you how to install and configure Pico CMS on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS server. Pico is a free and an open source Content Management System released under the MIT license. It is a flat-file CMS, so it doesn't require any database and administration backend.

LXer: How to digitize your LP records

Tuesday 26th of December 2017 01:53:43 AM
It's late November as I write this, and in the Pacific Northwest, that means rain... more rain... and still more rain.For some reason, this reminded me of Jimi Hendrix and friends playing "Still Rainin', Still Dreamin'" (pretty sure Jimi's youth in the Pacific Northwest had something to do with that song). And once I’d thought about the rain and Jimi’s music, I decided it was time to digitize some LP more

Reddit: Hello, world!

Tuesday 26th of December 2017 12:39:32 AM

Hey there, for the past few days i was looking into finally switching away from windows, i have some expirience on linux (mainly ubuntu but i highly dislike it) but i just can't pick a right distro. What am i looking for is a distro that provides me with great programming flexibility (i am studying pascal until the end of a semester and starting with c), i don't look at something simple windows like because i get a feeling that those distro are process heavy and do not support some ide necessery for me. So in conclusion, programming flexible, easy to modify and not god damn process heavy distro is something that i seek, any recommandation is really appreciated.

submitted by /u/Krupanjac
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Reddit: MPV v0.28

Monday 25th of December 2017 11:38:15 PM

Phoronix: MPV Player 0.28 Adds Initial Vulkan Support

Monday 25th of December 2017 11:34:42 PM
The MPlayer-forked MPV Player is out with a new feature release that presents several interesting features...

LXer: Give your Linux desktop a Christmas Touch

Monday 25th of December 2017 11:02:10 PM
Give your Linux desktop a Christmas touch with some Christmas themes Linux wallpapers and Christmas tree in the terminal.

Reddit: The end of the year is usually the time we set goals for next year, I suggest we the Linux community set a goal for ourselves: give back

Monday 25th of December 2017 09:39:38 PM

First lets play with numbers a little bit:

The Linux market share is about 2 percent (source), Assuming about 260 millions desktops and laptops were shipped last year (source), that gives us a minimal estimate of about 5.2 million Linux users.

If every one of them gave a 1 buck a month, that would put about 62 million dollars a year into the Linux ecosystem, that would have about 620 programmers contributing to Linux subsystems/applications.

Of course that would never happen, it’s easy to find reasons not to give, even for the people with the best intentions it is easy to drift to “selfish” behavior , saying to yourself that someday/maybe you will do that.

So I suggest we all set a goal to give 12 dollars next year (1 dollar a month, but i could be just one donation), does not matter that much to what you give, but do give something, there is always a chance the money you give will not be put to the best of use, just try to take an educated guess.

Tldr: set a goal to give 12 dollars minimum to Linux related projects

submitted by /u/Travelling_Salesman_
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LXer: Thunderbird New Design, UBports, NVIDIA Code Drop, Ubuntu 17.10 ISO Issue | This Week in Linux 19

Monday 25th of December 2017 08:10:37 PM
VIDEO: Thunderbird New Design, UBports Plan to Support Android Apps, NVIDIA Open-Source Code Drop, Ubuntu 17.10 ISO Issue, Steam Winter Sale, Command-Line Translations, and much more on Episode 19

Reddit: Linux makes Christmas better

Monday 25th of December 2017 07:55:29 PM

Reddit: Kubuntu, Linux Mint or Apricity OS?

Monday 25th of December 2017 07:55:29 PM

I read this thread. Without further due, which one is the most friendly, easy to use, just like windows, can install many programs OS? I prefer a free OS.

The reason why I need linux is so I can bypass airport... soooooo yeah haha

submitted by /u/nearbaskara
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Phoronix: Fedora Rawhide Flips On New SATA Power Management Policy

Monday 25th of December 2017 07:39:38 PM
If you are running Fedora Rawhide (their daily/development packages) and using an Intel mobile chipset, be forewarned that they are enabling the SATA link power change that runs the slight risk of potentially causing disk corruption...

Phoronix: AMDGPU DC Patches To Test This Christmas

Monday 25th of December 2017 07:12:46 PM
For those with extra time this holiday week, AMD recently published their latest patch queue of DC "display code" updates...

Reddit: Make your terminal snow for the holidays!

Monday 25th of December 2017 06:39:31 PM

More in Tux Machines

PlayOnLinux For Easier Use Of Wine

PlayOnLinux is a free program that helps to install, run, and manage Windows software on Linux. It can also manage virtual C: drives (known as Wine prefixes), and download and install certain Windows libraries for getting some software to run on Wine properly. Creating different drives using different Wine versions is also possible. It is very handy because what runs well in one version may not run as well (if at all) on a newer version. There is PlayOnMac for macOS and PlayOnBSD for FreeBSD. Read

Linux Kernel: KPTI, SEV, CBS

  • Experimental KPTI Support For x86 32-bit Linux
    For the Kernel Page Table Isolation (KPTI) support currently within the Linux kernel for addressing the Meltdown CPU vulnerability it's currently limited to 64-bit on the x86 side, but for the unfortunate souls still running x86 32-bit operating systems, SUSE is working on such support.
  • AMD Secure Encrypted Virtualization Is Ready To Roll With Linux 4.16
    With the Linux 4.16 kernel cycle that is expected to begin immediately following the Linux 4.15 kernel debut on Sunday, AMD's Secure Encrypted Virtualization (SEV) technology supported by their new EPYC processors will be mainline. Going back to the end of 2016 have been Linux patches for Secure Encrypted Virtualization while with Linux 4.16 it will finally be part of the mainline kernel and supported with KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) virtualization.
  • Deadline scheduler part 2 — details and usage
    Linux’s deadline scheduler is a global early deadline first scheduler for sporadic tasks with constrained deadlines. These terms were defined in the first part of this series. In this installment, the details of the Linux deadline scheduler and how it can be used will be examined. The deadline scheduler prioritizes the tasks according to the task’s job deadline: the earliest absolute deadline first. For a system with M processors, the M earliest deadline jobs will be selected to run on the M processors. The Linux deadline scheduler also implements the constant bandwidth server (CBS) algorithm, which is a resource-reservation protocol. CBS is used to guarantee that each task will receive its full run time during every period. At every activation of a task, the CBS replenishes the task’s run time. As the job runs, it consumes that time; if the task runs out, it will be throttled and descheduled. In this case, the task will be able to run only after the next replenishment at the beginning of the next period. Therefore, CBS is used to both guarantee each task’s CPU time based on its timing requirements and to prevent a misbehaving task from running for more than its run time and causing problems to other jobs.

Graphics: Mesa and AMDGPU

  • Mesa 17.3.3 Released With RADV & ANV Vulkan Driver Fixes
    Mesa 17.3.3 is now available as the latest point release for the Mesa 17.3 stable series. This bi-weekly point release to Mesa presents several RADV Vega/GFX9 fixes, various Intel ANV Vulkan driver fixes, a DRI3 fix, and random fixes to the OpenGL drivers like RadeonSI, Etnaviv, and even Swrast.
  • R600g "Soft" FP64 Shows Signs Of Life, Enabling Older GPUs To Have OpenGL 4 In 2018
    Most pre-GCN AMD graphics cards are still limited to OpenGL 3.3 support at this time due to not supporting FP64. Only the HD 5800/6900 series on R600g currently have real double-precision floating-point support working right now so at present they are on OpenGL 4.3 rather than 3.3, but those other generations may be catching up soon thanks to the "soft" FP64 code.
  • AMDGPU DC Gets More Raven Ridge Improvements, Audio Fixes
    Harry Wentland of AMD has sent out the latest batch of patches for the AMDGPU DC display code stack. Fortunately it lightens up the DRM driver by about six thousand lines thanks to removing some unused code. Besides gutting out a chunk of unused code, the DC code has a few audio fixes (no word yet on supporting newer audio formats with DC), fixes on driver unload, a "bunch" of continued Raven Ridge display updates, and various other code clean-ups.
  • AMDGPU Firmware Blobs Updated For Video Encode/Decode
    There are updated AMDGPU microcode/firmware files now available for recent Radeon GPUs. The updated firmware files now available via the main linux-firmware.git repository are centered around the video blocks: UVD video decoding, VCE video encode, and the new VCN video encode/decode block with Raven Ridge.

Games: DRAG, Geneshift, Balloonatics and More