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Reddit: TIL pigz exists "A parallel implementation of gzip for modern multi-processor, multi-core machines"

Tuesday 1st of July 2014 09:17:22 PM

I've seen 10x speed improvements on my basic 8 core workstation compared to regulare gzip.

submitted by msiekkinen
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LXer: Getting everyone on the same open-source cloud page

Tuesday 1st of July 2014 08:31:57 PM
At June 2014's Linux Enterprise User Summit on Wall Street, Alan Clark, SUSE's director of industry initiatives and open source and chairman of the OpenStack Foundation, explained why and how to deploy open-source clouds in your business.

Reddit: Can I end up being hired as a *nix dev with a BS in Math or Physics?

Tuesday 1st of July 2014 08:18:06 PM

If I am unable to take CS/coding courses, instead taking lots of Math, EE and Physics... would I be competitive in the job market for FOSS software development?

I really don't know what I am talking about, but the idea of working on Linux is really attractive to me. I began my romance with open source software (first with Yggdrasil, then with Debian) a long, long time ago, in the days of the BBS -- for me it was a kind of minoritarian attitude-copping against the ubiquitous Windows 3.x/95 coupled with a real delight in the greater control over my OS that I earned for my willingness to learn new things and to actually use a computer -- and I'd really like to do this at some point. I understand it will take years.

My first career choice (literary criticism) isn't going to work out. I will always be able to teach British literature (I will have a PhD in it) for pleasure, and I always get very strong teaching evaluations.

But I need to retrain into something more pragmatic and lucrative.

How is the market, and can I compete in it after doing a BS in math, physics, or electrical engineering?

Thanks very much. Go Tux! :)

submitted by leadingfromtheheart
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Reddit: Does there exist, or can someone make, a visual representation or flowchart of the Linux OS?

Tuesday 1st of July 2014 08:00:53 PM

Maybe I should make one and use it as a learning experience if one doesn't exist.

But what I'm thinkin is:

  • The kernel is some big central block, surrounded by the kernel ring buffer

  • Arrows go in & out of blocks to show information processing and exchange

  • Serial ports show up at the edges, with labelled information streams going in to the kernel

  • The GUI is some dotted box in there somewhere, taking in commands from user and giving it to the kernel and back and forth

  • Packages show up - obviously diff't package structures for diff't distros, but there are still general categories (eg. a Package Management System, whether that's apt or RPM)

... you get the idea.

Just trying to figure out what constitutes AS A MINIMUM the necessary parts for a functional ubuntu machine, how they talk to each other and what they do.

This probs exists already though. I think it'd be handy for peeps like me who are engineers in other fields to get a quickstart on learning how linux machines work and "who does what to whom" insofar as the individual pieces interact.

submitted by Jonny5ive
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LinuxToday: How YARN Changed Hadoop Job Scheduling

Tuesday 1st of July 2014 08:00:00 PM

LinuxJournal: Scheduling means different things depending on the audience.

Reddit: new laptop, linux compatibility questions

Tuesday 1st of July 2014 07:54:48 PM

hey everyone, I just bought a custom laptop from (xoticpc FORCE 1757 (24-012) w/ 860M (MSI GE70 ApachePro Barebones)) and I purchased it with no OS with the intent to run Debian 7.5. I hope you guys can answer some of my questions.


intel i7 4800MQ geforce gtx 860m w/optimus 16GB ram Samsung evo 120gb SSD

cost: ~1450$.

1) what is the most efficient way to get drivers for the hardware above?

2) I bought a no-OS computer on purpose so that no money at all would be given to Microsoft, as I don't want to support closed-source software let alone software that is not on my computer. however, xoticpc also sells computers with windows preinstalled. can I be sure that my money isn't going to microsoft in some fashion? (are they still using my money to pay microsoft in some way even though I chose no-OS and saved a chunk of money?)

  1. what is the easiest way to use the Debian package manager and does it resolve dependencies?

thanks everyone

submitted by song_of_stormz
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LXer: HandyLinux 1.5.1 Adds Text Mode Installation

Tuesday 1st of July 2014 07:34:46 PM
The development team behind the HandyLinux operating system had the pleasure of announcing on June 30 that version 1.5.1 has been released and is now available for download. This build introduces several new features, updated packages, and fixes various bugs.

Slashdot: Automotive Grade Linux Released For Open Source Cars

Tuesday 1st of July 2014 07:30:00 PM
Mcusanelli writes: The Linux Foundation and its partners have released the first version of Automotive Grade Linux, the open source platform for use inside connected cars. "AGL is building the industry’s only fully open automotive platform, allowing automakers to leverage a growing software stack based on Linux while retaining the ability to create their own branded user experience. Standardizing on a single platform means the industry can rapidly innovate where it counts to create a safe and reliable connected car experience. Open collaboration within the AGL community means support for multi-architectures and features to bolster the in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) experience." Further details and source code are available from the official website.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

LXer: 3 open source tools to make your presentations pop

Tuesday 1st of July 2014 06:37:35 PM
Love them or hate them, presentations are a major part of life in both academia and business. Traditionally, creating a presentation meant using Microsoft's PowerPoint, but Apple's Keynote and LibreOffice/'s Impress are solid alternatives. The problem with all those applications (aside from the closed source nature of the first two) is that you need those applications installed in order to view the presentations you've created. You can try your luck opening the file in Google Drive or the like, but your success will vary.

Reddit: VDPAU Library 0.8 Released

Tuesday 1st of July 2014 06:15:10 PM

Phoronix: QEMU 2.1 Steps Closer To Release

Tuesday 1st of July 2014 06:06:44 PM
A pre-RC test release is out for the QEMU open-source processor emulator...

LinuxToday: Android Wear review: the everything inbox

Tuesday 1st of July 2014 06:00:00 PM

The Verge: This is what it's like to have Google Now on your wrist

LXer: Dual-boot Windows 8 and Linux Mint 17 on a PC with 2 disks and UEFI firmware

Tuesday 1st of July 2014 05:40:24 PM
This tutorial shows how to dual-boot Linux Mint 17 and Windows 8 on a computer with two hard drives and UEFI firmware. For a guide on how to perform the same operation on a computer with one hard drive, see How to dual-boot Linux Mint 17 and Windows 8 on a PC with UEFI firmware.

Phoronix: VDPAU Library 0.8 Released

Tuesday 1st of July 2014 05:30:03 PM
NVIDIA's Aaron Plattner has announced the release of libvdpau 0.8 as the library for the VIdeo Decode and Presentation API for Unix...

Reddit: What GPU to buy for Triple monitors with Linux?

Tuesday 1st of July 2014 04:56:15 PM

I'm using a Xubuntu system, 14.04, 3.13.0-29.

I'm looking for a PCIe GPU with support for 3 Monitors (DVI+HDMI in any combination, no VGA or only as 4th port) - Any recommendations? I have no issue in using prop. drivers but the AMD ones fail to even produce Dual screen on my 7950.

submitted by WilliamSI
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TuxMachines: Leftovers: Games

Tuesday 1st of July 2014 04:49:54 PM

TuxMachines: today's howtos

Tuesday 1st of July 2014 04:49:01 PM

TuxMachines: Leftovers: Software

Tuesday 1st of July 2014 04:47:50 PM