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Reddit: How do you maintain a personal diary on Linux if any?

Monday 2nd of March 2015 10:44:25 AM

Do you write a personal diary on your linux machine? If yes, how do you do it? I am looking for something minimal and secure.

submitted by segmentationfaulter
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Reddit: Where can I suggest a feature to LUKS boot loader?

Monday 2nd of March 2015 10:18:46 AM


Sorry for asking it here but googling "LUKS bug tracker" didn't help much.

I use LUKS to encrypt my disk. And of course, I use a long password in order to ensure it can't be easily brute-forced. But what annoys me is that, since the password is long, there's a big chance I'll make some typo.

OTOH, 99% of the time I'm typing this password there's no one around that could see it. So if there was an option to simply display the password, I could easily fix the typo and save me time.

I'd like to suggest that to the maintainers. Do you people know where can I submit such request?


submitted by caveden
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LXer: Manjaro Linux 0.9.0 Pre 3 Xfce Screenshot Tour

Monday 2nd of March 2015 10:17:58 AM
Almost one month passed since our last preview of our next stable release, Manjaro 0.9.0. This build ships Xfce most closely to the upcoming 4.12 release. Thunar file manager finally supports tabs and other cool features like inverting the selection, it improves on location handling and the shortcuts side pane. On the panel we have now a popup calendar and support for time zones.

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