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Phoronix: Google Chrome Going Ahead With Removing SPDY In Favor Of HTTP/2

Monday 9th of February 2015 06:19:36 PM
In a Chromium blog post today, Google is saying goodbye to the SPDY protocol in favor of HTTP/2...

TuxMachines: Dell's super thin, aluminum Venue 8 7000 is a surprisingly solid Android tablet

Monday 9th of February 2015 06:02:54 PM

But companies are indeed bothering to make new designs and try different approaches to the tried and true tablet formula. The latest of which is Dell, which recently launched the clumsily named Venue 8 7000 Series (I’m just going to call it the Venue 8). The $399 Venue 8 is part of a design renaissance at Dell (along with the new XPS 13 laptop), showcasing premium materials and killer displays. It also acts as a vehicle for some never-before-seen mobile technologies from Intel. There are really two things that matter with the Venue 8, and they're why anyone is spending time talking about it: its design and its camera array.

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Reddit: Open Build Service version 2.6 released

Monday 9th of February 2015 05:59:04 PM

LXer: Manjaro Linux LXQt 0.8.12 Is Now Available for Download - Screenshot Tour

Monday 9th of February 2015 05:35:55 PM
Three days after the official announcement of Manjaro Linux 0.8.12, a point release that brings only a couple of changes, such as out-of-the-box support for Microsoft’s exFAT filesystem and Pacman 4.2 package manager, the Manjaro community released today the LXQt edition of the acclaimed Arch Linux-based computer operating system.

Phoronix: Enlightenment EFL 1.13 Released

Monday 9th of February 2015 05:25:30 PM
Version 1.13 of the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries is now available...

LinuxToday: RMS Feels There's "A Systematic Effort To Attack GNU Packages"

Monday 9th of February 2015 05:00:00 PM

Phoronix: Richard Stallman has come out against support for basic LLVM debugger (LLDB) support within Emacs' Gud.el as he equates it to an attack on GNU packages.

LXer: elementary OS 0.3 Beta 2 Screenshot Tour

Monday 9th of February 2015 04:38:44 PM
You thought the day would never come, but after six months and almost 600 fixes we're bringing you the next step on our way to a final release of elementary OS 0.3. This beta brings huge changes like: better support for Samba in Files; new calculator and video applications; UI improvements in Calendar, Photos, System Settings, Slingshot; notifications and firewall settings; better and more discoverable multitasking; updated third-party applications, including Geary, Simple Scan, Document Viewer; updated development libraries, including GTK+ 3.14; security and stability improvements; UEFI/SecureBoot support; tons of stylesheet and icon changes and fixes.

Reddit: Question: Is there a website that lists major kernel versions cross referenced to date of release?

Monday 9th of February 2015 04:14:16 PM

Something like

3.19 -> 2015/02/08

3.18 -> 2014/12/07

3.17 -> 2014/10/05


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Phoronix: Qt3D Will Likely Only Be A Tech Preview In Qt 5.5

Monday 9th of February 2015 03:48:05 PM
While Qt3D is making great progress in recent months, for the upcoming release of Qt 5.5 it will most likely only ship as a "tech preview" feature...

LXer: Review: Manjaro Linux 0.8.12 "Ascella" Xfce

Monday 9th of February 2015 03:41:33 PM
It's a user-friendly rolling-release distribution based on Arch Linux, and it does everything I want it to do. What's not to like?

Phoronix: GNU Linux-libre 3.19 Kernel Deblobs More Drivers

Monday 9th of February 2015 03:34:11 PM
Following yesterday's release of the Linux 3.19 kernel is the newest version of the GNU Linux-libre kernel that strips out kernel functionality dependent on binary-only microcode/firmware images...

Reddit: Owncloud 8.0 is released!

Monday 9th of February 2015 03:12:32 PM

LinuxToday: 7 Steps to Build a RPM Package from Source on CentOS / RedHat

Monday 9th of February 2015 03:00:00 PM

The Geek Stuff: Sometimes you might have access to an open source application source code but might not have the RPM file to install it on your system.

LXer: ownCloud Server 8 Officially Released, a Self-Hosted Dropbox Alternative

Monday 9th of February 2015 02:44:22 PM
ownCloud reached version 8 today, February 9, 2015. We’re talking about the ownCloud Server, a powerful, open-source, free, and self-hosted file sharing solution that offers easier and faster file syncing and sharing functionality, along with numerous other attractive features. ownCloud Server is considered by many a Dropbox replacement and it is distributed in two editions, ownCloud Community Edition and ownCloud Enterprise Edition.

Phoronix: HiKey: An 8-Core 64-bit ARM Cortex-A53 Board For $129 USD, But With One Sad Flaw

Monday 9th of February 2015 02:19:57 PM
96Boards, the open hardware specification for ARM boards out of the Linaro Community Board Group, has out their first ARM board certified against their consumer edition standard...

TuxMachines: Elementary OS (Freya) Beta 2 Released, Download And Install To Try

Monday 9th of February 2015 02:12:52 PM

Elementary OS next release codenamed Freya has reached to second beta. The team announced beta 2 release yesterday with new features and along with almost 600 bug fixes. The release 0.3 is based on Ubuntu 14.04.   Read at LinuxAndUbuntu

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Phoronix: Postfix 3.0 Released With SMTP UTF8 & Other New Mail Server Features

Monday 9th of February 2015 02:00:01 PM
The Postfix open-source mail server software reached the big 3.0 milestone on Sunday with various improvements to this Sendmail alternative...

Reddit: Enterprise job scheduler Linux

Monday 9th of February 2015 01:59:23 PM

What is a good enterprise job scheduler for Linux? Looking for something that has the following features: 1. Rerun on job failures 2. Job dependencies 3. Alerting on failures

submitted by running101
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