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TuxMachines: Unity 8 and KDE Will Be Able to Coexist on the Same Ubuntu OS

Monday 3rd of August 2015 07:00:49 PM

Unity 8 promises to be an evolution over the current Unity version, and it's a profoundly different piece of software. Yes, it brings a lot of new features and improvements, but it will also create a lot of issues. Like the ability to install a different desktop environment alongside, such as KDE.

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Reddit: No Lubuntu login screen.

Monday 3rd of August 2015 09:24:50 AM

My laptop is displaying a blank screen today, instead of the normal login window. I am using LUbuntu 14.04.

I can get into the terminal and login, but how do I start lxde after that and how do I get the normal graphical login screen back?

submitted by oshirowanen
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Reddit: I'm liking the idea of having a home server. But I have some questions... (Ubuntu)

Monday 3rd of August 2015 09:09:11 AM

Should I use the Ubuntu distribution meant for desktops or servers? If I have a wireless card on my pc, what kind of draw backs am I looking at in terms of performance? Other than storage, what sort of thing could I use a home server for? How often should I restart the computer?

Thank you so much!

submitted by throwawaytnt
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LXer: Computing at full capacity

Monday 3rd of August 2015 01:01:32 AM
"Docker is very portable—if you can run it on Linux, you can run it on Docker—and it doesn't care if you're running it on a local data center, a private cloud, or on Amazon. With containers, we don't need to do something complicated like run a VM inside another VM. Docker gives us a lightweight way to let people use the environment that's already set up."

LXer: KDE Announces the Beta of KDE Applications 15.08, Based on KDE Frameworks 5

Sunday 2nd of August 2015 07:16:09 PM
After having a lot of fun at Akademy 2015, the KDE developers finally decided to post the announcement for the Beta release of KDE Applications 15.08.

Reddit: KDEPIM 5.0

Sunday 2nd of August 2015 07:07:50 PM

Reddit: reline - reformat text width the fun way

Sunday 2nd of August 2015 05:34:05 PM

LXer: 3 Best Free Clojure Books

Sunday 2nd of August 2015 05:21:47 PM
Clojure is a dialect of the Lisp programming language. It is a dynamic functional general purpose programming language that uses the Java Virtual Runtime as its platform, combining the approachability and interactive development of a scripting language with an efficient and robust infrastructure for multithreaded programming.

Slashdot: NSA Releases Open Source Security Tool For Linux

Sunday 2nd of August 2015 04:00:10 PM

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