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TuxMachines: Linux Devices

Friday 23rd of December 2016 05:13:23 AM
  • Zephyr and Curie Team Up for Neonatal Wearable for the Developing World

    The Zephyr Project is still a babe in the technological woods, so it’s only fitting that the open source real-time operating system is driving an innovative wearables solution that aims to improve healthcare for infants. At the recent Embedded Linux Conference Europe, Teresa Cauvel, CTO and co-founder of Chicago-based neonatal health technology startup Neopenda, explained how her company built a neonatal monitoring bracelet for hospitals in the developing world using an Intel Curie module running Zephyr. The complete talk, called “Leveraging IoT Biometrics and Zephyr RTOS for Neonatal Nursing in Uganda” can be seen in the video link below.


    The initial prototype was built around an Arduino Uno, followed by a model that used the Uno’s ATMega328 MCU breadboarded with WiFi and the most essential components. Power considerations led quickly to swapping WiFi for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), which also raised fewer questions about radiation risks.

    The current iteration uses the Intel Curie module, which runs Zephyr on an x86-compatible Intel Quark SE CPU. The dime-sized Curie offers the advantage of being smaller, more affordable, and more power efficient than an Arduino. It also furnishes an ARC EM4-based sensor subsystem and a built-in BLE radio, and its 80KB of SRAM makes it more suitable for complex BLE applications.

  • Talks between OpenWrt and LEDE

    We had multiple meetings to find a solution to solve the problems between the OpenWrt and the LEDE project and to discuss a possible merge. Everyone with commit access to LEDE and all OpenWrt core developers were invited to these meetings. We had productive and friendly discussions about the problems and our goals.

  • Embedded controller powers up with Apollo Lake

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Reddit: Help with playonlinux on kubuntu

Friday 23rd of December 2016 05:04:59 AM

I just installed linux for the first time and had no issues at all installing kubuntu or with any drivers but was curious about if this was normal or not.

Trying to install something via playonlinux when it says "Please wait while ... is installed" is the installshield wizard supposed to be unusable and completed automatically(it's shrunk to where I can't see or click anything and can't increase the size of it) or am I supposed to be able to navigate it for the install?

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Reddit: The State of Linux Security

Friday 23rd of December 2016 03:09:11 AM

LXer: Red Hat Wins Big with OpenShift in 3Q17

Friday 23rd of December 2016 03:06:53 AM
Red Hat reports third quarter fiscal 2017 revenue of $615 million, with some large OpenShift deals helping to power the company forward.

TuxMachines: Security News

Friday 23rd of December 2016 02:48:37 AM
  • Thursday's security updates
  • Lithuania said found Russian spyware on its government computers

    The Baltic state of Lithuania, on the frontline of growing tensions between the West and Russia, says the Kremlin is responsible for cyber attacks that have hit government computers over the last two years.

    The head of cyber security told Reuters three cases of Russian spyware on its government computers had been discovered since 2015, and there had been 20 attempts to infect them this year.

    "The spyware we found was operating for at least half a year before it was detected – similar to how it was in the USA," Rimtautas Cerniauskas, head of the Lithuanian Cyber Security Centre said.

  • Dear CIO: Linux Mint Encourages Users to Keep System Up-to-Date

    Swapnil Bhartiya gets it wrong.

    Let me start by pointing out that Bhartiya is not only a capable open source writer, he’s also a friend. Another also: he knows better. That’s why the article he just wrote for CIO completely confounds me. Methinks he jumped the gun and didn’t think it through before he hit the keyboard.

    The article ran with the headline Linux Mint, please stop discouraging users from upgrading. In it, he jumps on Mint’s lead developer Clement Lefebvre’s warning against unnecessary upgrades to Linux Mint.

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TuxMachines: Games for GNU/Linux

Friday 23rd of December 2016 02:38:47 AM

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Phoronix: FreeBSD Making Progress On Wayland Support, The Basics Are Working

Friday 23rd of December 2016 02:25:21 AM
FreeBSD is making some progress on supporting Wayland/Weston as an alternative to running the X.Org Server...

TuxMachines: Red Hat and Fedora

Friday 23rd of December 2016 02:20:47 AM

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TuxMachines: Android Leftovers

Friday 23rd of December 2016 02:18:37 AM

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LXer: NethServer 7 RC3 released

Friday 23rd of December 2016 01:58:16 AM
NethServer 7 RC3 codenamed 'tiramisu' is released. FOR People who don't know NethServer, it is a Linux distro based on CentOS which is mainly made for server purposes. There are quite a lot changes made in this release before the final version comes out.

Reddit: mp3blaster cuts off ends of short tracks only. Can it be prevented? Or better similar program?

Friday 23rd of December 2016 01:16:29 AM

I use mp3blaster to make an M3U playlist, then instruct mp3blaster to play the playlist, repeat and shuffle all. It is very stable, more stable than mplayer which crashes eventually when I've tried to use it to do the same thing with the same tracks. mp3blaster will play them forever. The only problem is, I have many very short tracks (a minute, more or less)- ALL of them are cut off at the end, by 5-10 seconds, approximately. They play fine individually. This is pretty annoying.

Has anyone experienced this?

If I can't get it to work properly, I'll probably start looking for an alternative. if you know of a console-based music player that will play and play and play, I'd be interested.

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Reddit: Good music players for linux?

Friday 23rd of December 2016 01:02:08 AM

So I'm running Fedora 24 and was wondering if anyone has run into something that is structured similarly to AIMP on Windows or failing that recommendations for good ones. The music players I've run into so far on the platform feel wholly unnatural to me.

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GNOME Recipes and Outreachy

  • Recipes for you and me
    Since I’ve last written about recipes, we’ve started to figure out what we can achieve in time for GNOME 3.24, with an eye towards delivering a useful application. The result is this plan, which should be doable.
  • Outreachy (GNOME)-W5&W6
    My plan was altered in this two-week, because the strings of GNOME 3.24 have not frozen yet and the maintainers of Chinese localization group told me the Extra GNOME Applications are more necessary to be translated than documents, so I began to translate the Extra GNOME Applications (stable) during this period.
  • [Older] Outreachy (GNOME)-W3&W4
    During this period, I finished the UI translation of GNOME 3.22, I’m waiting to reviewed and committed now, and I met some troubles and resolved them these days.

Home Recording with Ubuntu Studio Part One: Gearing Up

Twenty years ago, the cost of building a studio for the creation of electronic music was pricey, to say the least. The cost of a computer that was suitable for multimedia production could cost the average musician between $1,000 and $2,000. Add in the cost of recording software, additional instruments and equipment, and one could easily spend between $5,000 and $10,000 just to get started. But nowadays, you do not have to break the bank to start making music at home. The price of personal computers has dropped substantially over the past two decades. At the time of this writing, it is possible to get a notebook PC that’s suitable for audio production for around $500. Other pieces of equipment have also dropped in price, making it possible to build a functional recording studio for around $1,000. (Read the rest)