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Reddit: Linux Boot USB Help

Saturday 8th of October 2016 05:19:59 PM

Okay so I am a bit of a linux noob... I am trying to make a usb key that when plugged in and booted (like you would a hard drive or a cd) runs ubuntu linux. Instead what I made was a usb key that when ran starts installing ubuntu linux, and deleting the old os.

These are the steps I took (so you can point out my idiot mistake that I've yet to notice)

-1 Installed Win32DiskImager -2 Downloaded Ubuntu Linux 16.04 server edition off of the official website. -3 Used DiskImager to write the Iso file to my 4g usb key. (according to DiskImager it was successful) -4 Plugged it into my old windows seven laptop to test -5 realized that it was installing ubuntu but deleting windows 7 -6 Noped out and rebooted my computer (Still runs windows fine)

submitted by /u/adadadadadfgagaga
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Slashdot: Linux Foundation Shares LinuxCon Highlights

Saturday 8th of October 2016 04:57:33 PM

Reddit: How can I circumvent my employers' firewall?

Saturday 8th of October 2016 04:27:35 PM

Half the internet is blocked. Even Google was blocked at first, it takes multiple day to process an access request.

I tried a socks 5 proxy at port 80 on my own server... as port 80 is open, but susprisingly that didn't work! I am not looking for advice in "do what your employer says" or "find a new employer". I will have an Ubuntu virtual machine soon and planning to using the internet freely somehow. Outgoing SSH is blocked too.

I have a server via Hetzner with 3 IP's. Are there still any ways I can use this to circumvent the firewall? I cannot connect to it via SSH via the laptop, but I can prepare it from home and access it via HTTP.

submitted by /u/ujjain
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TuxMachines: KDE Frameworks 5.27 Released for Plasma 5.8 with New MIME Types Icons, Bug Fixes

Saturday 8th of October 2016 04:24:19 PM

Today, October 8, 2016, KDE announced the monthly release of the KDE Frameworks project, a collection of over 70 add-on libraries to the Qt5 GUI (Graphical User Interface) toolkit.

Also: KDE Frameworks 5.27 Released

Release of KDE Frameworks 5.27.0

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LXer: Open Source Explained in Less Than Three Minutes

Saturday 8th of October 2016 04:21:00 PM
Free Code Camp is an organization that teaches people to code. As part of this free training, student coders produce free code needed by nonprofit organizations. Free Code Camp doesn’t accept donations, but you can support them by buying t-shirts, hoodies and audiobooks through their store.

TuxMachines: NVIDIA Linux Vulkan Performance vs. RADV / AMDGPU-PRO

Saturday 8th of October 2016 04:20:48 PM

On Thursday the RADV open-source Radeon Vulkan driver was merged into mainline Mesa and I provided bleeding-edge RADV vs. AMDGPU-PRO benchmark results for these two independent AMD Linux Vulkan driver implementations, plus comparison results to the OpenGL drivers in the same games. For those that have been wondering how the NVIDIA proprietary Vulkan driver compares to AMD's two Vulkan driver options, here are some fresh benchmark results.

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Phoronix: NVIDIA Linux Vulkan Performance vs. RADV / AMDGPU-PRO

Saturday 8th of October 2016 04:00:00 PM
On Thursday the RADV open-source Radeon Vulkan driver was merged into mainline Mesa and I provided bleeding-edge RADV vs. AMDGPU-PRO benchmark results for these two independent AMD Linux Vulkan driver implementations, plus comparison results to the OpenGL drivers in the same games. For those that have been wondering how the NVIDIA proprietary Vulkan driver compares to AMD's two Vulkan driver options, here are some fresh benchmark results.

Phoronix: KDE Frameworks 5.27 Released

Saturday 8th of October 2016 03:23:19 PM
KDE Frameworks 5.27 is now available as the latest version of these add-on libraries from the KDE camp to complement Qt5 functionality...

Phoronix: Memory Protection Keys Support Finished Up In Linux 4.9

Saturday 8th of October 2016 03:17:39 PM
This morning the protection keys syscall interface was submitted for the Linux 4.9 merge window, the last step of adding Protection Keys support to the Linux kernel...

LXer: Install Pip (Python) on Ubuntu 16.04

Saturday 8th of October 2016 02:55:14 PM
This tutorial will guide you through the installation process of the latest version of Pip (Python) on your Ubuntu system.

TuxMachines: AryaLinux 2016.08 Distro Brings Xfce Into a New Light of Freshness and Usability

Saturday 8th of October 2016 02:46:07 PM

After announcing last month the release of his AryaLinux 2016.08 distribution with the MATE 1.15 desktop environment, developer Chandrakant Singh is now proud to announce the Xfce edition.

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Phoronix: Vulkan 1.0.30 Released With Minor Changes

Saturday 8th of October 2016 02:27:27 PM
With "Vulkan Next" likely not debuting until 2017, the Vulkan 1.0.x point releases continue with minor fixes to the Vulkan documentation...

Phoronix: Linux 4.9 Adds Support For 29 New ARM Machines, Includes Raspberry Pi Zero & LG Nexus 5

Saturday 8th of October 2016 01:43:42 PM
There is support for a number of new ARM platforms with the in-development Linux 4.9 kernel...

LXer: Apple got its verdict back—$120M against Samsung

Saturday 8th of October 2016 01:29:28 PM
What looked like a solid defense win for Samsung in the second Apple v. Samsung litigation has suddenly slipped away, due to an opinion issued earlier today by the full US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

TuxMachines: Ubuntu Leftovers

Saturday 8th of October 2016 01:18:57 PM

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Reddit: linux on macbook

Saturday 8th of October 2016 01:00:45 PM

ok first of all i really don't know anything about linux but i wanted to learn about it and start using it. i haven't build a desktop yet so i tried installing it on my macbook air. i downloaded linux 18 with cinnamon but when i tried to open it with the default "diskimagemounter" it said it couldn't open it because there was "no mountable file systems" I'm sorry if this post shouldn't belong here or if anybody really knows enough about OS X to help. thank you.

submitted by /u/RawrySkiddlz
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Phoronix: Linux MD RAID Gets Some Improvements For 4.9 Kernel

Saturday 8th of October 2016 12:26:14 PM
The MD subsystem updates were sent out earlier this week for the Linux 4.9 kernel merge window with a few improvements/features to note...

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KNOPPIX 7.7.1 Distro Officially Released with Debian Goodies, Linux Kernel 4.7.9

Believe it or not, Klaus Knopper is still doing his thing with the KNOPPIX GNU/Linux distribution, which was just updated to version 7.7.1 to offer users the latest open source software and technologies. Read more

CentOS 6 Linux Servers Receive Important Kernel Security Patch, Update Now

We reported a couple of days ago that Johnny Hughes from the CentOS Linux team published an important kernel security advisory for users of the CentOS 7 operating system. Read more

Games for GNU/Linux

  • Why GNU/Linux ports can be less performant, a more in-depth answer
    When it comes to data handling, or rather data manipulation, different APIs can perform it in different ways. In one, you might simply be able to modify some memory and all is ok. In another, you might have to point to a copy and say "use that when you can instead and free the original then". This is not a one way is better than the other discussion - it's important only that they require different methods of handling it. Actually, OpenGL can have a lot of different methods, and knowing the "best" way for a particular scenario takes some experience to get right. When dealing with porting a game across though, there may not be a lot of options: the engine does things a certain way, so that way has to be faked if there's no exact translation. Guess what? That can affect OpenGL state, and require re-validation of an entire rendering pipeline, stalling command submission to the GPU, a.k.a less performance than the original game. It's again not really feasible to rip apart an entire game engine and redesign it just for that: take the performance hit and carry on. Note that some decisions are based around _porting_ a game. If one could design from the ground up with OpenGL, then OpenGL would likely give better performance...but it might also be more difficult to develop and test for. So there's a bit of a trade-off there, and most developers are probably going to be concerned with getting it running on Windows first, GNU/Linux second. This includes engine developers.
  • Why Linux games often perform worse than on Windows
    Drivers on Windows are tweaked rather often for specific games. You often see a "Game Ready" (or whatever term they use now) driver from Nvidia and AMD where they often state "increased performance in x game by x%". This happens for most major game releases on Windows. Nvidia and AMD have teams of people to specifically tweak the drivers for games on Windows. Looking at Nvidia specifically, in the last three months they have released six new drivers to improve performance in specific games.
  • Thoughts on 'Stellaris' with the 'Leviathans Story Pack' and latest patch, a better game that still needs work
  • Linux community has been sending their love to Feral Interactive & Aspyr Media
    This is awesome to see, people in the community have sent both Feral Interactive & Aspyr Media some little care packages full of treats. Since Aspyr Media have yet to bring us the new Civilization game, it looks like Linux users have been guilt-tripping the porters into speeding up, or just sending them into a sugar coma.
  • Feral Interactive's Linux ports may come with Vulkan sooner than we thought
  • Using Nvidia's NVENC with OBS Studio makes Linux game recording really great
    I had been meaning to try out Nvidia's NVENC for a while, but I never really bothered as I didn't think it would make such a drastic difference in recording gaming videos, but wow does it ever! I was trying to record a game recently and all other methods I tried made the game performance utterly dive, making it impossible to record it. So I asked for advice and eventually came to this way.

Leftovers: Software

  • DocKnot 1.00
    I'm a bit of a perfectionist about package documentation, and I'm also a huge fan of consistency. As I've slowly accumulated more open source software packages (alas, fewer new ones these days since I have less day-job time to work on them), I've developed a standard format for package documentation files, particularly the README in the package and the web pages I publish. I've iterated on these, tweaking them and messing with them, trying to incorporate all my accumulated wisdom about what information people need.
  • Shotwell moving along
    A new feature that was included is a contrast slider in the enhancement tool, moving on with integrating patches hanging around on Bugzilla for quite some time.
  • GObject and SVG
    GSVG is a project to provide a GObject API, using Vala. It has almost all, with some complementary, interfaces from W3C SVG 1.1 specification. GSVG is LGPL library. It will use GXml as XML engine. SVG 1.1 DOM interfaces relays on W3C DOM, then using GXml is a natural choice. SVG is XML and its DOM interfaces, requires to use Object’s properties and be able to add child DOM Elements; then, we need a new set of classes.
  • LibreOffice 5.1.6 Office Suite Released for Enterprise Deployments with 68 Fixes
    Today, October 27, 2016, we've been informed by The Document Foundation about the general availability of the sixth maintenance update to the LibreOffice 5.1 open-source and cross-platform office suite. You're reading that right, LibreOffice 5.1 got a new update not the current stable LibreOffice 5.2 branch, as The Document Foundation is known to maintain at least to versions of its popular office suite, one that is very well tested and can be used for enterprise deployments and another one that offers the latest technologies.