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LXer: What’s New in ArchLabs 2018.03

Tuesday 20th of March 2018 09:19:50 PM
ArchLabs 2018.03 is the latest release of Linux distribution based on Arch Linux featuring the Openbox window manager as the primary desktop interface. The project’s latest release ArchLabs 2018.03 brings a few fixes and improvements and improve the user.

Phoronix: Windows Server 2019 Goes Into Preview With WSL, Better Kubernetes Support

Tuesday 20th of March 2018 08:34:43 PM
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, the eventual Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, and other 2018 Linux distributions will now be running up against Microsoft Windows Server 2019 that the company plans to release in the second half of the year but is available today in preview form...

Phoronix: AMDGPU DC's Latest 34 Patches Provide More Fixes

Tuesday 20th of March 2018 08:17:33 PM
Another week, another code drop derived from AMD's internal driver code-base providing an updated DC display code stack...

LXer: How 11 open source projects got their names

Tuesday 20th of March 2018 08:11:13 PM
What is the meaning of "life"?Well, it's the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, of course. So, what is the meaning of "open source life"? Leo Babauta, writing for LifeHack, says:read more

Reddit: Linux virtualization on Fuchsia

Tuesday 20th of March 2018 08:11:03 PM

LXer: Google Patches All Intel Chromebooks Against Spectre Variant 2 with Chrome OS 65

Tuesday 20th of March 2018 07:02:35 PM
Google released a new stable version of its Linux-based Chrome OS operating system for Chromebooks, build 65.0.3325.167 (Platform version: 10323.58.0/1) bringing the Meltdown and Spectre mitigations to more devices and a bunch of other improvements.

Reddit: What's your opinion on MS sponsoring TLF

Tuesday 20th of March 2018 06:58:29 PM

This may have been asked before, but it seems MS sponsoring The Linux Foundation is a means to slow down development of the Linux Kernel so that it never beats its OS, and now that MS and Apple are on good terms (at least it seems this way), it seems to me that Linux is the only competition left.

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Reddit: Netflix on Opera

Tuesday 20th of March 2018 06:46:19 PM

I get this error when I try to watch something on Netflix on Linux

Is this a known error for Opera on Linux and does anyone know hot to fix it?

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Phoronix: Radeon Pro 18.Q1.1 Enterprise Edition Released For Linux Workstations

Tuesday 20th of March 2018 05:54:14 PM
AMD on Monday quietly released their quarterly update to the Radeon Pro Software Enterprise Edition Linux driver that is derived from their AMDGPU-PRO stack for FirePro / Radeon Pro class hardware...

LXer: How to Install DokuWiki with Apache on Debian 9

Tuesday 20th of March 2018 05:53:58 PM
DokuWiki is a free open source wiki application written completely in the PHP programming language and often deployed in Linux under Apache/Nginx web servers and PHP. This tutorial I will show you how to install and configure the latest version DokuWiki CMS platform on Debian 9.2 release, in order to create online documentation websites.

TuxMachines: today's leftovers

Tuesday 20th of March 2018 05:22:51 PM
  • Purchased a PlayStation 3 Between 2006 and 2010? You May Be Entitled to $65

    PS3 owners first qualified to receive compensation from Sony following the settlement of a lawsuit in 2016. That case dealt with the "OtherOS" feature that came with the console when it debuted. With OtherOS, Sony promised a new PlayStation that would operate like a computer, allowing users to partition their hard drive and install third-party operating systems like the open-source Linux software.

  • Moro – A Command Line Productivity Tool For Tracking Work Hours

    Keeping track of your work hours will give you an insight about the amount of work you get done in a specific time frame. There are plenty of GUI-based productivity tools available on the Internet for tracking work hours. However, I couldn’t find a good CLI-based tool. Today, I stumbled upon a a simple, yet useful tool named “Moro” for tracking work hours. Moro is a Finnish word which means “Hello”. Using Moro, you can find how much time you take to complete a specific task. It is free, open source and written using NodeJS.

  • Twenty years, 1998 – 2018

    curl 4.0 was just a little more than 2000 lines of C code. It featured 23 command line options. curl 4.0 introduced support for the FTP PORT command and now it could do ftp uploads that append to the remote file. The version number was bumped up from the 3.12 which was the last version number used by the tool under the old name, urlget.

  • What’s New in ArchLabs 2018.03

    ArchLabs 2018.03 is the latest release of Linux distribution based on Arch Linux featuring the Openbox window manager as the primary desktop interface. The project’s latest release ArchLabs 2018.03 brings a few fixes and improvements and improve the user.

    Powered by Linux kernel 4.15 series and based-on latest version of Arch Linux. LUKS and encryption is now working, for those security concious users out there you should be all go on the encryption side. There have been a few installer updates, base-devel is included at install time. Also the mirrorlist is optimised at the same time.

  • [Older] openSUSE.Asia Summit 2018: Call for Host

    The openSUSE.Asia organization committee is accepting proposals to host the openSUSE.Asia Summit during the second half of 2018. The openSUSE.Asia Summit is the largest annual openSUSE conference in Asia, attended by contributors and enthusiasts from all over Asia.

  • TidalScale Software-Defined Servers Now Support SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

    TidalScale, the leader in Software-Defined Servers, announced today that working in partnership with SUSE, the world’s first provider of Enterprise Linux, TidalScale has achieved SUSE Ready certification to ensure full compatibility with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. TidalScale’s breakthrough scaling platform allows multiple industry standard servers to be combined into a single Software-Defined Server running a single instance of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

  • 8 Best Radio Apps For Android To Stream Online Music In 2018

read more

TuxMachines: The Top 10 Advantages Ubuntu Has Over Windows

Tuesday 20th of March 2018 04:53:33 PM

Microsoft’s Windows OS currently owns 90% of the market share for desktop computers so the question of what advantages a Linux distro, specifically, Ubuntu, has over Windows might come as a surprise.

But don’t be fooled, my friends – there are a number of features that make Ubuntu a better OS for your workstation than Windows is.

Here is my list of the Top 10 Advantages Ubuntu has Over Windows.

read more

LXer: Digital asset management for an open movie project

Tuesday 20th of March 2018 04:45:21 PM
When it comes to frontend creative software for multimedia projects, Blender and Audacity tend to get the most attention, mainly because they are easy for beginners to use. But when you use them to produce a large multimedia project, like our animated open movie project Lunatics!, you quickly run into problems with the backend more

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Video of AsteroidOS

KDevelop 5.2.2 and 5.2.3 released

KDevelop 5.2.2 and 5.2.3 released We today provide a stabilization and bugfix release with version 5.2.2 and 5.2.3. 5.2.2 was tagged 6 weeks ago, but we never managed to release it because we did not have the patience to fix the Windows installers in time due to a broken CI. Windows installers are provided for 5.2.3 again. We'll only provide source tarballs for 5.2.2 and we encourage everyone to just skip this release and use 5.2.3 which contains a few more bug fixes. This is a bugfix-only release, which introduces no new features and as such is a safe and recommended update for everyone currently using KDevelop 5.2.1. Read more Also: This week in Usability & Productivity, part 19

FreeOffice 2018 Release is Seamlessly Compatible With MS Office on Linux

FreeOffice 2018 has just been released and it provides even better support for Microsoft Office documents on Linux. Read more

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