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LXer: Ubuntu GNOME 17.04 - what does the future look like?

Thursday 8th of June 2017 08:55:47 AM
You all remember the recent announcement from Mark Shuttleworth and Canonical that Ubuntu 17.10 will be the last version of Ubuntu coming with Unity Desktop Environment. It means that more attention in the Linux – and especially the Ubuntu – community is now on the Ubuntu GNOME version.

TuxMachines: One of the first computer games is born again in open source

Thursday 8th of June 2017 08:21:05 AM

In 1976, Gerald Ford was president, the average house cost $43,000, and a pair of guys named Steve started selling computers under the name Apple. Oh, and for those lucky enough to have access to a DEC PDP-10 mainframe, you could play one of the first computer games: ADVENT, better known to most as Colossal Cave Adventure. Now, decades later, the well-known developer Eric S Raymond has brought Adventure back from the dead as an open-source program.

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TuxMachines: System76 Galago Pro is the MacBook Pro alternative the Linux community has been waiting for [Review]

Thursday 8th of June 2017 08:18:33 AM

System76 sells really great Ubuntu Linux laptops, but there has been one glaring issue -- the machines aren't exactly svelte. Don't get me wrong, the notebooks aren't ridiculously large or heavy, but compared to, say, a new MacBook Pro, there is a very big difference.

Many people have been anxiously awaiting a thin and light System76 laptop, and I am happy to say that it is finally here. The newest version of the Galago Pro notebook is very elegant, featuring an aluminum body and HiDPI display. But is the whole package worth your money?

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TuxMachines: Amazon releases AWS Greengrass for local IoT processing on Linux devices

Thursday 8th of June 2017 08:08:32 AM

Amazon released its AWS Lambda based “AWS Greengrass” IoT stack for Linux devices including the Raspberry Pi offers cloud sync and messaging while offline.

Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) has launched AWS Greengrass software that enables AWS compute, messaging, data caching, and sync capabilities to run on connected devices such as IoT gateways. Designed for ARM and x86 based devices that run Linux, AWS Greengrass was released in a preview version back in December, and is now available in its first official release. Little seems to have changed since the December announcement, including the tiered pricing model, but Amazon now lists several specific pre-certified Linux boards (see farther below).

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TuxMachines: GNOME Tweak Tool 3.25.2

Thursday 8th of June 2017 08:04:45 AM

Today, I released the first development snapshot (3.25.2) of what will be GNOME Tweak Tool 3.26. Many of the panels have received UI updates. Here are a few highlights.

Before this version, Tweak Tool didn’t report its own version number on its About dialog! Also, as far as I know, there was no visible place in the default GNOME install for you to see what version of GTK+ is on your system. Especially now that GNOME and GTK+ releases don’t share the same version numbers any more, I thought it was useful information to be in a tweak app.

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LXer: Linux Kernels 4.11.4, 4.9.31, 4.4.71 & 3.18.56 Are Out Now with XFS Improvements

Thursday 8th of June 2017 07:30:01 AM
Greg Kroah-Hartman announced today the availability of a new set of updated kernels for the long-term supported Linux 4.9, 4.4 and 3.18 kernel series, as well as the latest Linux 4.11 kernel branch.

Reddit: Linux on the HP Spectre x360 2017

Thursday 8th of June 2017 07:11:50 AM

Hello redditors, I was just wondering if any has got Linux on the fifteen inch Kaby Lake version of the Spectre 360. I prefer Arch but any distro is good.


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TuxMachines: Khronos and Vulkan News

Thursday 8th of June 2017 06:53:35 AM

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LXer: Open hardware groups spread across the globe

Thursday 8th of June 2017 06:04:14 AM
After our group of friends founded a small open hardware community in El Salvador a few years ago, we felt alone in the region. The open hardware movement had developed in a creative explosion of projects and (thanks to the popularization of 3D printing and digital technologies such as Arduino) under a common understanding of how to develop new physical more

TuxMachines: Leftovers: Gaming

Thursday 8th of June 2017 05:43:06 AM

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LXer: How to run multiple commands in Linux Simultaneously

Thursday 8th of June 2017 04:38:28 AM
In Linux for carrying out any task, we need to execute respective commands on the terminal. In case you need more efficiency you can run multiple commands in Linux at a time. This post will quickly teach you how we can run multiple commands in Linux depending on different situation or conditions.

Reddit: Help updating ubuntu

Thursday 8th of June 2017 03:40:05 AM

I have installed ubuntu on my laptop and when I tried updating it gave me this.

alex@ubuntu:~$ sudo apt-get update [sudo] password for alex: Err:1 http://debootstrap.invalid zesty InRelease Could not resolve 'debootstrap.invalid' Hit:2 zesty InRelease Reading package lists... Done W: Failed to fetch http://debootstrap.invalid/dists/zesty/InRelease Could not resolve 'debootstrap.invalid' W: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead. alex@ubuntu:~$

Sorry if its something super simple, im a noob. thanks in advance.

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LXer: uCareSystem – All-In-One System Update And Maintenance Tool For Ubuntu/LinuxMint

Thursday 8th of June 2017 03:12:41 AM
uCareSystem Core is a thin utility that automates the basic system maintenance activity and reduce system administrator task.

TuxMachines: Security Leftovers: Vault 7, uCareSystem, CryptoHarlem

Thursday 8th of June 2017 02:52:54 AM
  • Security updates for Wednesday
  • Vault 7: WikiLeaks exposes Pandemic, CIA infection tool for Windows machines

    After having disclosed information about CIA’s spyware tool Athena only last week, WikiLeaks has published new information from Pandemic, another alleged CIA project that “targets remote users by replacing application code on-the-fly with a trojaned version if the program is retrieved from the infected machine.”

    Part of the Vault 7 series of documents that were either leaked following an inside job or stolen from the CIA by hackers, Pandemic basically turns Windows machines from a targeted network into Patient Zero. It then covertly infects other computers linked to the system by delivering infected versions of the requested files. Because it is very persistent, the original source of infection is difficult to detect.

  • Hand in your notice – by 2022 there'll be 350,000 cybersecurity vacancies

    General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will force European organisations to expand their cyber workforce, causing demand to outstrip the supply of expertise.

    Two in five governments and companies will expand their cybersecurity divisions by more than 15 per cent in the next 12 months, according to a survey by the International Information System Security Certification Consortium, or (ISC)2. This will lead to a shortfall of 350,000 cyber workers across the continent by 2022.

    Europe's cyber workforce will expand faster than any other region in the world. Demand is driving record salaries with 39 per cent of UK cyber workers commanding annual salaries of more than £87,000.

  • uCareSystem – All-In-One System Update And Maintenance Tool For Ubuntu/LinuxMint

    uCareSystem Core is a thin utility that automates the basic system maintenance activity, in other hand it will reduce system administrator task in many ways and save some good amount of time. It doesn’t have any GUI and offers purely command line interface to perform the activity.

  • Matt Mitchell of CryptoHarlem is building an open source tool to help organizations prepare for data breaches

    This morning on the stage of TC Sessions: Justice, Matt Mitchell of CryptoHarlem discussed his views on the link between surveillance and minority oppression and the importance of taking a preventative approach to security and privacy. Mitchell, a specialist in digital safety and encryption, is dedicating time to creating Protect Your Org, a free, open source, tool for all organizations to prepare for inevitable data breaches.

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TuxMachines: Tizen News: ARTIK, Tizen RT, and New Software

Thursday 8th of June 2017 02:51:43 AM

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TuxMachines: Red Hat and Fedora

Thursday 8th of June 2017 02:50:25 AM

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Why The Ubuntu Phone Failed

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