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Reddit: Linux Foundation is having a "Black Friday" sale to register for its Sysadmin exam

Friday 28th of November 2014 05:13:02 AM

Randomly saw this tonight looking up membership offerings.

Edit: forgot to add that the test is $100 vs $300 right now. Unfortunately I'm not prepared to take said test myself yet.

submitted by unquietwiki
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LXer: Battle for Wesnoth 1.12 Has Big New Features Overview, What’s New, Screenshots

Friday 28th of November 2014 04:26:30 AM
Battle for Wesnoth is one of the flagship open-source games, with a huge, dedicated community and an almost unmatched feature-completeness among the open-source games.

Reddit: Systemd?

Friday 28th of November 2014 04:06:13 AM

So what is the big deal about systemd? i keep seeing people complaining about it.

submitted by ThelVadumee
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Reddit: I need a project idea

Friday 28th of November 2014 02:33:32 AM

I am in school for Information Technology & Management and I want to go deeper into Linux and system administration and the networking side. My finals are in two weeks then I'll have a month off for winter break till next semester starts. What I am looking for is a project idea that I can work on during that break that can incorporate some of the things I listed before that can increase my knowledge on the subject and give me experience I can put on a resume. Would anyone here have any advice or ideas I could look into?


submitted by Kieji
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LXer: Program Arduino on your Raspberry Pi

Friday 28th of November 2014 01:08:05 AM
You can interface a Raspberry Pi with Arduino components – now learn how to program them from the Pi and control robots like the Makeblock. Learning to code is one of the best things about owning a Raspberry Pi for a lot of people. Python and C are easy enough to start with on the Pi and you can get great results in a short time. When it comes to physical computing and making, though, not much beats using the Arduino IDE to control the open source controllers, servos and sensors associated with the system. Once set up, we can also use the Pi to program the Makeblock robot we reviewed in issue 142 of Linux User & Developer, using either the built-in commands or your own code.

Reddit: Simple, simple Ubuntu OS

Thursday 27th of November 2014 11:50:22 PM

Is there an operating system like arch (K.I.S.S Principle) based on the APT package manager and the Ubuntu package base?

submitted by butlerccreltub
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LXer: 4 Cutting Edge Web Browsers

Thursday 27th of November 2014 11:13:43 PM
The usage share of web browsers is dominated by a few mature applications. Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera account for around 95% of all desktop web browsing activity. However, there are a myriad of other web browsers that are worth investigating.

TuxMachines: Kernel 3.18 development – the kernel column

Thursday 27th of November 2014 10:45:38 PM

Linus Torvalds announced Linux 3.17, the Shuffling Zombie Juror, saying, “The past week was fairly calm, and so I have no qualms about releasing 3.17 on the normal schedule”. The latest kernel includes a number of nice headline features, such as the new getrandom() system call and sealed files APIs that we covered in previous issues of LU&D. Linux 3.17 also includes support for less highlighted new features, such as new signature checking of kexec()’d kernel images and sparse files on Samba file systems (which is significant for those mounting Windows and Mac shares).

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TuxMachines: Qt 5.4 Release Candidate Available

Thursday 27th of November 2014 10:38:06 PM

I am happy to announce that Qt 5.4 Release Candidate is now available.

After the Qt5.4 Beta release we have done some build & packaging related updates in addition to large number of error fixes based on feedback from Beta release.

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TuxMachines: Weston's IVI Shell Sees New Version

Thursday 27th of November 2014 10:30:09 PM

There hasn't been much in the way of exciting Wayland/Weston developments to report on this month, but its development is continuing in its usual manner. Out today is another version of the Weston IVI Shell as it still works to being accepted upstream.

The weston-ivi-shell is a reference shell for Wayland's Weston compositor running on In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems. The Weston-IVI work dates back many months and today's revision to the shell marks its eighth public version as it still seeks to be accepted into mainline Weston.

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Reddit: XORFORK | Why does developers ignore GNU/Linux?

Thursday 27th of November 2014 10:27:50 PM

TuxMachines: Python 3 Support Added To The GNOME Shell

Thursday 27th of November 2014 10:17:08 PM

The GNOME Shell 3.15.2 release fixes some visual glitching, improves the layout of the extension installation dialog, supports the CSS margin property, and offers other bug fixes and minor enhancements. Most notable to GNOME Shell 3.15.2 though is there's finally Python 3 support.

Many GNOME components have long ported their Python 2 code to Python 3 while GNOME Shell's Python support has just received the Py3 treatment. Details on GNOME's overall Python 3 porting work can be found via this Wiki page.

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TuxMachines: Clonezilla Live 2.3.1-15 Now Available with Check for 32-bit Libraries

Thursday 27th of November 2014 09:59:57 PM

Clonezilla Live is a Linux distribution based on DRBL, Partclone, and udpcast that lets users perform bare metal backup and recovery with ease. The developers have just upgraded the system and it's now at version 2.3.1-15.

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Reddit: They're going to fork Debian.

Thursday 27th of November 2014 09:51:59 PM

TuxMachines: Workaround Found for Annoying Workspace Switcher Bug in Ubuntu 14.10

Thursday 27th of November 2014 09:51:54 PM

The virtual desktops on Ubuntu systems have been working very well in the last few editions, but it looks like there is a problem in Ubuntu 14.10, at least for the system I'm running. The desktop locks up with the workspace switcher activated.

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Reddit: Did you switch from Fedora to CentOS? What made you made switch?

Thursday 27th of November 2014 09:50:11 PM

Performance, stability, or something else?

submitted by yulongery
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TuxMachines: Inside Cisco's OpenStack Cloud Strategy

Thursday 27th of November 2014 09:48:48 PM

Cisco first got involved with the open-source OpenStack cloud platform in 2011 with the Bexar release and initially was focused mostly on networking. Over the last several years, Cisco's OpenStack involvement and product portfolio have grown beyond just networking.

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TuxMachines: NVIDIA Posts Tegra Gallium3D Patch For K1+ Support

Thursday 27th of November 2014 09:36:09 PM

NVIDIA has out a wonderful Thanksgiving surprise... New Mesa code for Tegra K1 GPUs and newer!

While NVIDIA has already pushed Nouveau Gallium3D support patches for Tegra K1 after providing Tegra K1 DRM/KMS kernel driver support, there's more code coming out today.

NVIDIA's Thierry Reding sent out a nearly two thousand line Mesa patch that introduces a new Tegra Gallium3D driver. This "Tegra" code at gallium/drivers though isn't a complete 3D driver -- the Tegra K1+ still use the NVIDIA NVC0 Gallium3D driver for the actual rendering. This patch sets up a screen and forwards on the work to the Nouveau Gallium3D driver given that the Tegra K1 uses a Kepler-derived graphics processor. This work is needed since the GPU and display are exposed as separate devices by this NVIDIA ARM SoC.

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