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Reddit: Universal shell applets/APIs

Sunday 8th of February 2015 09:19:52 PM

Recently I stumbled upon nm-applet that adds the network manager to the tray of the current X11 shell (xfce, i3, gnome). How does this work exactly.. is there some universal way to add tray icons? What other universal X11 shell APIs exist and how can I learn more?

submitted by jadbox
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Reddit: [HELP] issues with drive partitions on Ubuntu server

Sunday 8th of February 2015 08:54:50 PM

So I recently set up a home server running ubuntu server 14. I'm managing it via putty and webmin. I have an issue though. I accidentally created a partition that uses the entire drive space, and that has the ubuntu install on it. I would like to shrink the partition via LVM, but I can't shrink a partition that is in use. Is there some way to get around this?

submitted by NikonNevzorov
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Reddit: Dual boot with separate hdds

Sunday 8th of February 2015 08:04:43 PM

I've got Win 7 installed on an ssd and now Linux on a completely separate ssd. How can I dual boot them in this setup? As of now I just go into bios on restart and select the drive. Is there a better way? Thanks.

submitted by theeagle1
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LXer: Korora 21 Xfce Screenshot Tour

Sunday 8th of February 2015 07:57:36 PM
It has taken a few weeks longer than we had hoped, but we're finally happy to announce that the final release of version 21 (code name 'Darla') is now available for download (we strongly recommend using BitTorrent). The 21 beta was quite successful and we were able to make some minor changes to help improve the overall experience. Users who are currently on the beta need not re-install, updates are provided via the package manager.

LXer: LQ Poll Results Expected and Unexpected

Sunday 8th of February 2015 06:03:14 PM
Other categories provided interesting results and are worth a mention. Server Distribution of the Year was a close one in 2015 polling, with CentOS squeaking by Slackware to win the category. Debian finished third here. Database of the Year had MariaDB out ahead, followed by PostgreSQL and MySQL.

Phoronix: LibreOffice Continues Moving Along With C++11 Adoption

Sunday 8th of February 2015 05:58:46 PM
With the recent release of LibreOffice 4.4 there was a significant bump in compiler requirements in order to begin allowing LibreOffice developers to use basic C++11 functionality. Going forward, the compiler requirements will continue to rise as the developers of this open-source office suite seek to utilize more modern C++ features...

TuxMachines: today's leftovers

Sunday 8th of February 2015 05:49:51 PM

TuxMachines: Fluxbox 1.3.7 Released With Few Changes

Sunday 8th of February 2015 05:42:46 PM

Fluxbox 1.3.6 was released last month after this lightweight window manager went two years without a new release. It looks like the rate of development of Fluxbox is ticking back up as Fluxbox 1.3.7 was just tagged this morning.

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TuxMachines: Russia to Help Developers to Port Their Apps to Sailfish OS and Tizen from Android and iOS

Sunday 8th of February 2015 05:04:37 PM

He was replying to a lad, telling him that they are going to help developers to port their applications from iOS and Android Monopoly to Sailfish OS and Tizen.

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Phoronix: LXQt 0.9 Released, Now Requires Qt5 & KDE Frameworks 5

Sunday 8th of February 2015 05:00:00 PM
Version 0.9 of the lightweight LXQt desktop environment was released this Sunday. LXQt is the next-generation, lightweight desktop derived in part from the LXDE and Razor-Qt desktops. LXQt 0.9 is the release that begins to enforce Qt5...

Slashdot: Ask Slashdot: Is There a Web Development Linux Distro?

Sunday 8th of February 2015 04:55:00 PM
Qbertino writes I've been a linux user for more than 15 years now and in the last ten I've done basically all my non-trivial web development on Linux. SuSE in the early days, after that either Debian or, more recently, Ubuntu, if I want something to click on. What really bugs me is, that every time I make a new setup, either as a virtual machine, on concrete hardware or a remote host, I go through 1-2 hours of getting the basics of a web-centric system up and running. That includes setting PHP config options to usable things, setting up vhosts on Apache (always an adventure), configging mod_rewrite, installing extra CLI stuff like Emacs (yeah, I'm from that camp) walking through the basic 10-15 steps of setting up MySQL or some other DB, etc. ... You get the picture. What has me wondering is this: Since Linux is deeply entrenched in the field of server-side web, with LAMP being it's powerhouse, I was wondering if there aren't any distros that cover exactly this sort of thing. You know, automatic allocation of memory in the runtime settings, ready-made Apache http/https/sftp/ftp setup, PHP all ready to go, etc. What are your experiences and is there something that covers this? Would you think there's a need for this sort of thing and would you base it of Debian or something else? If you do web-dev, how do you do it? Prepareted scripts for setup? Anything else? ... Ideas, unkown LAMP distros and opinions please."

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Phoronix: Changes I Made When Installing Fedora 21 On My New Ultrabook

Sunday 8th of February 2015 04:44:53 PM
Last weekend I wrote how I switched back to Fedora as the Linux distribution on my main production system. That experience continues going well on the new X1 Carbon ultrabook and have no regrets. One of the questions emailed in and tweeted were readers wondering how I'm getting along with GNOME 3.14 and what tweaks took place...

LXer: Minimal Linux Live (07-Feb-2015) has been released

Sunday 8th of February 2015 04:08:52 PM
New version of Minimal Linux Live has been released. It is based on Linux kernel 3.18.6 and BusyBox 1.23.1.

Reddit: How do I register a misc driver if I don't know the major number

Sunday 8th of February 2015 03:28:42 PM

Usually when I write drivers, I can use the register_chrdev() function and give my device a major number and then use mknod to register it in /dev. How do I do this if my driver is a misc driver whose major number I don't know and minor number is dynamic?

submitted by cpt_bushwookie
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Reddit: Gnome 3 keeps getting better.

Sunday 8th of February 2015 02:56:50 PM

Using the extensions

Dash to dock, Caffeine, Hide top bar, Impatience, Lock keys, Shutdown timer, Weather, Volume Mixer, Insensitive message tray, and Workspaces to dock.

No bugs, very snappy, and only using >120 mb of ram for gnome shell.

It's no wonder Gnome 3 is rising in popularity.

submitted by grndzro
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Phoronix: The Best Changes & Features Of The Linux 3.19 Kernel

Sunday 8th of February 2015 02:52:27 PM
If all goes according to plan the Linux 3.19 kernel will be released by the end of today...

Phoronix: VLC Gains Support For Systemd's Journal

Sunday 8th of February 2015 02:37:58 PM
The latest open-source desktop program making optional use of systemd is the popular VLC media player...

Slashdot: Xfce Getting a New Version Soon

Sunday 8th of February 2015 02:30:00 PM
jones_supa writes It looks like the release of Xfce 4.12 is finally about to materialize. It has been about two and half years since the last stable release. There is now a concerted effort underway to ship a new release of this lightweight GTK+2 desktop environment out around the end of February or early March. "As we have discussed the status and progress of core components with many of you individually, we feel confident that the state of Xfce is good enough to polish some final edges and push more translations until then.", wrote Simon Steinbeiß on the xfce4-dev mailing list. The official list of showstopper bugs does not look too bad either. However, looking at the long time between releases certainly makes one think if the project could have use for some extra resources.

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