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LXer: Red Hat CTO unexpectedly quits, amid rumors of executive 'friction'

Thursday 28th of August 2014 04:33:34 AM
In a surprising move, long-time Red Hat executive Brian Stevens has stepped down from the company, as staffers suspect friction in the executive suite.

Reddit: Banana Pi or Raspberry Pi? If neither, what's a low budget (under 40$) micro-computer that outranks the specs of both of these contenders?

Thursday 28th of August 2014 04:07:32 AM

I'm looking to start slow to build a PC, and start with linux. I figured this way I can get a feel for how computers work, and work my way up.

submitted by jack-a-roo
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LXer: SolidFire Unveils VMware, Cisco Support for All-Flash Storage

Thursday 28th of August 2014 03:36:23 AM
SolidFire has added a pre-validated reference design for all-flash converged infrastructure storage for Cisco and VMware. SolidFire has moved to capitalize on demand for all-flash storage systems in virtual data centers, with the announcement at VMworld this week of support for Cisco Systems (CSCO) and VMware (VMW) in its converged storage platform.

LinuxInsider: Kano's Alejandro Simon: If This, Then Do That

Thursday 28th of August 2014 03:07:16 AM
Imagine a world where playing Pong and Minecraft gives people the power to program their computers. That world is Kano. It took the idea behind Lego to teach computer programming by playing first-generation computer games. Kano launched on Kickstarter in November 2013. More than 13,000 people from some 50 countries raised $1.5 million in 30 days. Barely one year later, Kano is getting ready to deliver 18,000 preordered kits purchased for $129 each. The idea behind Kano Blocks came from the then 6-year-old son of cofounder Saul Klein.

LXer: SteamOS Beta 133 Released

Thursday 28th of August 2014 02:39:12 AM
The latest and greatest from Valve's Gaming OS! Now with a newer Linux kernel and an updated Nvidia Driver!

LXer: HTC announces the Desire 510 Android phone but doesn't mention its 64-bit processor

Thursday 28th of August 2014 01:42:01 AM
In today's Android roundup: The Desire 510 comes with a 64-bit processor but HTC doesn't want to talk about it. Plus: Samsung previews the Galaxy Note 4, and which product announcements are you looking forward to the most next month?

Phoronix: Nouveau On Oibaf PPA Is Back To Running Well

Thursday 28th of August 2014 01:30:00 AM
For those following my Linux driver tribulations with constantly trying out and benchmarking the latest Git code for the Intel, Radeon, and NVIDIA/Nouveau drivers, the Nouveau screen corruption problem noted earlier this week has been resolved...

Reddit: One click install (for Ubuntu users)

Thursday 28th of August 2014 12:58:14 AM

install kazam

Kazam - Record a video or take a screenshot of your screen


submitted by flopgd
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LXer: Optimize your Linux rig for top-notch writing

Thursday 28th of August 2014 12:44:50 AM
I[he]#039[/he]m a big fan of Scott Nesbitt[he]#039[/he]s writing, which has a technological bent, but is usually more about working effectively, rather than how tools can make you effective, which is a key distinction. Scott[he]#039[/he]s setup reflects his focus on production rather than tweaking. He has his work tools and everything else is pretty much white noise—which is why LXDE/Lubuntu probably makes a lot of sense for his workflow.

Phoronix: Fedora 21 Will Try To Release Before Thanksgiving

Wednesday 27th of August 2014 11:49:06 PM
Today was another FESCo meeting but fortunately no further Fedora 21 delay was announced today, but it could happen with the F21 alpha change deadline being today and the developers trying to get an approved build...

LXer: CloudPhysics Adds Big Data Monitoring Features for VMware Data Centers

Wednesday 27th of August 2014 11:47:39 PM
CloudPhysics's newest software feature, Global Insights, compares data center metrics to global information to help optimize performance and prevent disasters. Big Data meets the software-defined data center in the latest offering from CloudPhysics, which has updated its SaaS benchmark and monitoring platform with new metric features for VMware (VMW) users.

TuxMachines: Red Hat CTO unexpectedly quits, amid rumors of executive 'friction'

Wednesday 27th of August 2014 11:21:03 PM

No-one among the rank and file at Red Hat seem to have seen this coming. In a move the Linux giant's staffers said was "shocking" and a "punch in the gut," long-time Red Hat chief technology officer Brian Stevens has resigned.

In a short press release, the company announced: "Brian Stevens will step down as CTO."

In the same release, Red Hat's president and chief executive Jim Whitehurst said, "We want to thank Brian for his years of service and numerous contributions to Red Hat’s business. We wish him well in his future endeavors."

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TuxMachines: Is Microsoft engaging in digital imperialism?

Wednesday 27th of August 2014 10:03:46 PM

Windows, the common carrier of Microsoft, is such a sordid mess that it suffers regular glitches and conducts mass surveillance on users. Microsoft knows that without Windows it cannot survive, so dirty tricks resume in a very big way. This is not a beep on the radar but somewhat of a surge.

Nothing is going to change in Munich, but Microsoft is trying to maintain an international/universal perception that the migration to GNU/Linux was a disaster. Numerous anonymous blogs were created to attack Munich over this and provocateurs of Microsoft loved citing them, only to be repeatedly proven wrong. Microsoft is trying to make an example out of Munich in all sorts of nefarious ways. We need to defend Munich from this malicious assault by the convicted monopolist and corrupt enterprise that’s acting as though it fights for its very survival (while indeed laying off tens of thousands of employees).

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LXer: Is Microsoft engaging in digital imperialism?

Wednesday 27th of August 2014 09:53:17 PM
In today's open source roundup: Microsoft may be using cloak and dagger tactics to attack open source and protect Windows. Plus: John Dvorak smacks the Linux beehive for page views, and don't forget developer stability when choosing a Linux distro.

Reddit: Downloading Linux

Wednesday 27th of August 2014 09:15:55 PM

So for a class in school the teacher wants us to download Linux. I know there are different versions but what is the best and what website do I use. And sorry I do love my window a so how do I uninstall it too if I even can

submitted by Stephenlui
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TuxMachines: Shortlist of open source software used at NASA lab

Wednesday 27th of August 2014 09:12:24 PM

Yes! We use a lot of open source. The short list includes Python, GitHub, Processing, VLC, jQuery, D3.js, Blender, VRUI, ImageJ, VMD, ParaView, MeshLab, VNC, ImageMagick, SWIG, Emacs, and many more.

We like using open source because it gives us more flexibility because of licensing and allows us the opportunity to contribute back to the community using our expertise.

Our favorite open source project that we work on is OpenMDAO. This project is run out of another Division at our Center. Our team provides some programming support. OpenMDAO is an open source Multidisciplinary Design Analysis and Optimization (MDAO) framework, written in Python. You can use it to develop an integrated analysis and design environment for your engineering challenges.

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Did Red Hat’s CTO Walk – Or Was He Pushed?

He went on to say that some within Red Hat speculate that tensions between Stevens and Paul Cormier, Red Hat’s president of products and technologies, might be responsible, although there doesn’t appear to have been any current argument between the two. Cormier will take over Stevens’ duties until a replacement is found. Vaughan-Nichols also said that others at Red Hat had opined that Stevens might’ve left because he’d risen as high as he could within the company and with no new advancement opportunities open to him, he’d decided to move on. If this was the case, why did he leave so abruptly? Stevens had been at Red Hat for nearly ten years. If he was leaving merely because “I’ve done all I can here and it’s time to seek my fortune elsewhere,” we’d expect him to work out some kind of notice and stay on the job long enough for Red Hat to find a suitable replacement. Turning in a resignation that’s effective immediately is not the ideal way to walk out the door for the last time. It smells of burning bridges. Read more

Firefox OS Smartphones Change The Mobile Landscape Across India

The launch of two Firefox OS phones in India in the same week marks an exciting moment in Mozilla’s mission to promote openness and innovation on the Web, and an opportunity to empower millions of Indians wanting to buy their first smartphones. Firefox OS will enable users to obtain lower-cost devices that offer telephony, messaging and camera and rich capabilities like built-in social integration with Facebook and Twitter, the Firefox browser, FM radio and popular apps. Read more

Mozilla Marches Ahead with Ads for Firefox

This November, Mozilla is up for renegotiation with Google for placement of Google search as the default search in Firefox and for the related subsidies that Google pays Mozilla, which reached almost $300 million last year. That comprised the majority of Mozilla's income. With Chrome establishing itself as a leader in the browser wars, its unclear what relationship Google will continue to pursue with Mozilla. Read more