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Reddit: Firefox 44 released

Tuesday 26th of January 2016 09:02:17 PM
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TuxMachines: Architecting Next-Gen Linux Car Systems: AGL’s Michael Fabry

Tuesday 26th of January 2016 06:01:54 PM

The Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) project is one of many independently funded software projects hosted by the Linux Foundation. For these Collaborative Projects, as they’re called, the Linux Foundation provides the essential framework so that participants can focus on innovation and results.

To learn more, we are talking with key contributors about what they do and how they became involved. For this feature, we spoke with Michael Fabry, Project Manager Engineering at Microchip, about his work with the AGL, which is dedicated to creating open source software solutions for automotive applications and which recently added automakers Subaru, Mitsubishi, Mazda, and Ford to its list of members.

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TuxMachines: Leftovers: OSS

Tuesday 26th of January 2016 10:02:39 AM
  • Ex Firefox Boss Releases Open Source Ad-Blocking Web Browser In Brave Move.
  • Add-on Signing Update

    In Firefox 43, we made it a default requirement for add-ons to be signed. This requirement can be disabled by toggling a preference that was originally scheduled to be removed in Firefox 44 for release and beta versions (this preference will continue to be available in the Nightly, Developer, and ESR Editions of Firefox for the foreseeable future).

  • NFV Deployment Growing Thanks to OpenStack

    While the open-source OpenStack cloud platform got its start as a platform for compute and storage, networking efforts are now leading the way forward. In particular, the adoption of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) by global carriers is now being accelerated in part by adoption of OpenStack.

  • Key Charities That Advance Software Freedom Are Worthy of Your Urgent Support

    I've had the pleasure and the privilege, for the last 20 years, to be either a volunteer or employee of the two most important organizations for the advance of software freedom and users' rights to copy, share, modify and redistribute software. In 1996, I began volunteering for the Free Software Foundation (FSF) and worked as its Executive Director from 2001–2005. I continued as a volunteer for the FSF since then, and now serve as a volunteer on FSF's Board of Directors. I was also one of the first volunteers for Software Freedom Conservancy when we founded it in 2006, and I was the primary person doing the work of the organization as a volunteer from 2006–2010. I've enjoyed having a day job as a Conservancy employee since 2011.

  • Andreas Enge: Novena board set-up for the GNU Guix build farm, part 1

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TuxMachines: Openwashing: 'Open' Power, Microsoft Changes Repository

Tuesday 26th of January 2016 10:01:11 AM

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TuxMachines: Linux Mint 17.3 "Xfce"

Monday 25th of January 2016 10:01:49 PM

Linux Mint Linux Mint is arguably one of the more popular distributions in the open source ecosystem. The project takes packages from the Ubuntu repositories and uses them, along with custom Mint utilities, to build a user friendly operating system. The Mint project has gained a reputation over the years for delivering a practical desktop operating system that offers users a familiar desktop environment with multimedia support.

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TuxMachines: FOSS in Education

Monday 25th of January 2016 08:00:18 PM
  • Using Git in the classroom

    In my advanced programming classes I've discovered that middle school students are capable of far more complex operations than we often suspect. In many cases, they're wholly capable of using industry-standard tools to produce remarkable work.

  • Indiana University Joins Open Source Initiative

    The Open Source Initiative® (OSI) announced today the Affiliate Membership of Indiana University (IU), a long time champion for the use of open source software as a means for greater efficiency in higher education. The partnership highlights the OSI's recent efforts to extend support to higher education: helping colleges and universities across the globe realize the benefits of open source software, develpoment models and communities.

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Slashdot: GNU/Linux Desktops with No User Knowledge Needed (Video)

Thursday 21st of January 2016 11:00:06 PM

LXer: Enhanced BeagleBone SBC has 1GB RAM, GbE, sensors

Thursday 21st of January 2016 10:53:35 AM
SanCloud unveiled an enhanced version of the BeagleBone Black SBC, with 2GB RAM, GbE, extra USB ports, barometric and temperature sensors, and 6-axis MEMS. Manchester UK-based SanCloud showed a prototype of a “BeagleBone Enhanced” variant of the BeagleBone Black single board computer, in TI’s booth at CES earlier this month. BeagleBone Green(click to enlarge) Like […]

Reddit: How does it feel like to be a Developer/Maintainer in the Fedora/Ubuntu/Debian projects?

Thursday 21st of January 2016 10:33:42 AM

I haven't contributed to any of these projects yet, but considering my present knowledge in linux and programming, I think at the very least, I can do the job of a good tester/documenter/maintainer. Of course, I would be happy to do programming, but I don't know C/C++ and not sure how useful python and java will be in these projects.

Can some existing developers describe about working in their respective ecosystems? And for a beginner, what are some good pointers or steps to go in that direction?

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TuxMachines: Linux Foundation quietly drops community representation

Thursday 21st of January 2016 12:01:26 AM

The Linux Foundation is an industry organisation dedicated to "promoting, protecting and standardising Linux and open source software"[1]. The majority of its board is chosen by the member companies - 10 by platinum members (platinum membership costs $500,000 a year), 3 by gold members (gold membership costs $100,000 a year) and 1 by silver members (silver membership costs between $5,000 and $20,000 a year, depending on company size). Up until recently individual members ($99 a year) could also elect two board members, allowing for community perspectives to be represented at the board level.

As of last Friday, this is no longer true. The by-laws were amended to drop the clause that permitted individual members to elect any directors. Section 3.3(a) now says that no affiliate members may be involved in the election of directors, and section 5.3(d) still permits at-large directors but does not require them[2]. The old version of the bylaws are here - the only non-whitespace differences are in sections 3.3(a) and 5.3(d).

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Slashdot: Linux Kernel 4.4 LTS Officially Released

Wednesday 20th of January 2016 06:00:06 AM

Reddit: Qody: run thousands of apps directly from internet

Tuesday 19th of January 2016 09:39:47 PM


We would like to bring to your attention a package of services and software products, significantly enhancing the opportunities of today’s users of IT devices, from PCs to tablets and smartphones.

Qody provides a possibility to launch thousands of apps (business, graphics programs, games, social media apps, etc.) directly from the Internet with just one click without the necessity to install them, to launch the same apps on different devices and operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Android, BlackBerry), to add widgets, and so on, ensuring greate usability and extended functionality.

submitted by qodycloud
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Phoronix: An Ubuntu Convergence Tablet Is Expected To Be Shown Off Next Month

Tuesday 19th of January 2016 09:37:20 PM
While there's been various weird Ubuntu Tablet initiatives, it looks like next month will be the first official Ubuntu Tablet announcement that will usher in the long talked about convergence support...

LXer: Where would we be without Ubuntu

Tuesday 19th of January 2016 09:25:13 PM
Imagine what the Linux landscape would look like without Ubuntu.

Reddit: execute multiple commands on files with find

Tuesday 19th of January 2016 09:22:42 PM

Reddit: symbolic links

Tuesday 19th of January 2016 09:16:26 PM

Hi all, I've j ust started learning linux and have a question about symbolic links. I've just yesterday set crouton up on my chromebook, barely used linux before today. I'm following the guide at:

So far, so good, I have apache and php running, I've got to the part in the guide about creating a symlink, never heard of them so I've been reading.

My question is why does the line below use "cp" and not "ln" like all the guides I've read? Is it a typo?

Line below is from the guide: sudo cp -s /usr/share/php5/php.ini-development /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini

Many thanks.

submitted by longcraft
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Leftovers: Software

  • ownCloud 9 Self-Hosting Cloud Server Now in Beta, Here's What's New for Users
    Today, Frank Karlitschek, founder, maintainer, and CTO of ownCloud, has teased users on Twitter with a download link for the first Beta build of the upcoming ownCloud 9 self-hosting cloud server.
  • Openshot Video Editor 2.0.6 Beta 3 Is a Massive Release
    Openshot is a video editor that features 3D animation, curve-based camera motion, compositing, transitions, audio mixing, vector titles, and many others features. A new beta build is now available for download and testing
  • Calibre eBook Reader and Editor Gets Better Sorting for Multiple eBooks
    A new version of the Calibre eBook editor, viewer, and converter is now out, and the developer has added a couple of new features and quite a few fixes.
  • News from mu
    I have been writing several posts about emacs but today I would like to specifically tell my readers about the nifty tool I use for email management, mu and its main component, mu4e. Just before I start, let me briefly remind a few things about email on emacs: there’s not a single tool to do everything around email. In fact, there’s quite a lot of different tools, related or not, that perform one job but does it quite well. As an example, there is one tool to fetch the emails from your IMAP servers, one tool to index them on your system, another one you could call an email client, but wait, here’s at least one more: a tool to compose and send emails. Sometimes, the tools are integrated with one another, sometimes they are not, but they are always a collection of disctinct parts.
  • Cockpit 0.95 Released
    Cockpit releases every week. Here are the highlights from 0.90 through 0.95.
  • Opera Browser Receives Buy Out Offer For $1.2 Billion USD
  • Opera Vows to Remain the Same After Chinese Buyout
    Opera Software revealed yesterday that a proposal to buy the company has been made by a Chinese consortium, and they are most likely going to accept it. The company is now trying to convince the community that it's a good thing.

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