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TuxMachines: Open source projects that warrant data center managers' attention

Thursday 27th of November 2014 07:57:57 AM

When you're making the case to a data center manager about tech that is worthy of her consideration, make sure these three open source options are on your list.

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TuxMachines: Open source and Made in Italy: Arduino are circuit boards with a sense of style

Thursday 27th of November 2014 07:55:31 AM

One of the more surprising applications has been the natural marriage between the Arduino board and Lego. Once seen only as a child's building block toy, Lego is finding startling utility as an instant mechanical prototype maker for Arduino ideas.

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TuxMachines: 11 Useful Utilities To Supercharge Your Ubuntu Experience

Thursday 27th of November 2014 07:34:20 AM

Whether you’re a relative novice or a seasoned pro, we all want to get the most from our operating system. Ubuntu, like most modern OSes, has more to offer than what is presented at first blush.

From tweaking and refining the look, behaviour and performance of the Unity desktop to performing system maintenance, there are a huge array of useful utilities and apps that can help tune Ubuntu to meet your needs in no time.

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TuxMachines: 5 Distros, 11 Tools, 800 Games, and 32 Bits

Thursday 27th of November 2014 07:30:47 AM

Today in Linux news, Swapnil Bhartiya features five distributions you might like. OMG!Ubuntu! found eleven utilities to beef up your Ubuntu experience and Steam now has over 800 Linux games. Larry Cafiero says he's "a 32-bit guy in a 64-bit world" and Docker users are urged to upgrade due to new found vulnerability.

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TuxMachines: Q4OS Is the Perfect Distro for People Who Want a Windows OS, Only Safer – Gallery

Thursday 27th of November 2014 07:27:03 AM

Q4OS is a Linux distribution built to offer a similar experience to Windows XP. It's been around for a long time and now the developers have released yet another update for the operating system.

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TuxMachines: Fedora Council election results

Thursday 27th of November 2014 07:21:56 AM

The votes are in! Two seats were open on the newly formed Fedora Council, and we had five candidates to fill them. The new Fedora Council members are Rex Dieter and Langdon White.

Matthew Miller sent out the election results quickly after the election ended on 26 November at 00:00 UTC.

The election was held from 18 November to 26 November, and 192 Fedora contributors voted. (The June 2013 Fedora Board election had 157 voters, and the December 2012 election had 202 voters.)

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TuxMachines: Headless ARM9 SBC boots Debian in 0.87 seconds

Thursday 27th of November 2014 07:14:42 AM

Technologic released a fast-booting headless PC/104-expandable SBC, running Debian on a PXA16x SoC, and with a Lattice FPGA and wide temperature operation.

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Reddit: Tiny quad-core ARM mini-PC runs Ubuntu with Cinnamon ·

Thursday 27th of November 2014 05:39:28 AM

Reddit: Beginner friendly DE?

Thursday 27th of November 2014 04:40:49 AM

I'm setting up a Linux desktop for a highly untechnical friend of mine, but I'm not sure what desktop environment would be best. What do y'all recommend?

submitted by indieinvader
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Reddit: Dual Booting Question

Thursday 27th of November 2014 04:18:16 AM

Hi, I would like to dual boot ubuntu and opensuse with ubuntu installed first. I would not like to reinstall. I cant get 2 distros to dual boot though. I have tried alot with Linux MInt and Ubuntu, but had no luck. I do not have windows installed. Can someone please give me proper instuctions

submitted by whitejacob43
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LXer: Non-Linux FOSS: XAMP

Thursday 27th of November 2014 04:16:21 AM
One of my career iterations put me in charge of a Windows serverthat had Apache and PHP installed on it to serve as a Web server forthe corporate intranet. Although I was happy to see Apache used as theWeb server dæmon, the installation on the Windows server was the mostconfusing and horrifying mess I've ever seen.

LXer: Tiny quad-core ARM mini-PC runs Ubuntu with Cinnamon

Thursday 27th of November 2014 03:19:10 AM
A startup is pitching a $129-$199 “Imp” mini-PC on Indiegogo based on a quad-core Odroid-U3 SBC, with HDMI streaming and an Ubuntu/Cinnamon Linux desktop.

Reddit: Linux is becoming a piece of shit

Thursday 27th of November 2014 03:02:37 AM

They just keep stacking crap on top of crap. Why support shit that no one uses? Just so we can slow everyone down?

Switched from Linux to FreeBSD about a month ago. First I did it for my server, then my desktop.

I always thought of FreeBSD as another failed alternative OS. I must say, from the moment I started using it it seemed much more rock solid than Linux could ever be. Plus I admire the fact that FreeBSD developers focus more on technology than politics.

FreeBSD supports ZFS, Jails, appears to use less memory, has rock-solid stability, great documentation, great security warnings. The list goes on.

What's your excuse? CentOS isn't one of them.

submitted by staylaughing
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LXer: Should you use Debian or Ubuntu?

Thursday 27th of November 2014 02:21:59 AM
In today's open source roundup: Debian versus Ubuntu. Plus: Five Linux distros for your computer, and which game genres need more games on Linux?

LXer: How to configure an NFS server and mount NFS shares on Ubuntu 14.10

Thursday 27th of November 2014 01:24:48 AM
This guide explains how to configure an NFS server in Ubuntu 14.10 Network File System (NFS) is a popular distributed filesystem protocol that enables users to mount remote directories on their server. The system lets you leverage storage space in a different location and write onto the same space from multiple servers in an effortless manner. It, thus, works fairly well for directories that users need to access frequently.

Phoronix: IMP Launches As Another Open-Source Computer Attempt

Thursday 27th of November 2014 12:43:38 AM
"Open-source computers" seem to be the latest promoted concept up for funding on popular crowd-funding sites...

LXer: Odoo 8 with SSL Reverse Proxy using Apache

Thursday 27th of November 2014 12:27:37 AM
If you have Odoo running and want to secure the connection via an SSL reverse proxy. Then you can do it using now using Apache.

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