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LXer: Ubuntu 15.04 Screenshot Tour

Friday 24th of April 2015 09:43:26 PM
As with every new release, packages--applications and software of all kinds--are being updated at a rapid pace. Many of these packages came from an automatic sync from Debian's unstable branch; others have been explicitly pulled in for Ubuntu 15.04.

TuxMachines: Debian 7 Wheezy and Debian 8 Jessie Might Become LTS Releases

Friday 24th of April 2015 09:26:26 PM

Following on the success of the Squeeze LTS project, the Debian LTS team had the pleasure of announcing that they are preparing to support the Debian 7 (Wheezy) operating system with security patches for a longer period.

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Reddit: The android desktop

Friday 24th of April 2015 09:04:32 PM

Here is an example of someone using android as a desktop pc in 2012. I don't see why this isn't convergence.

submitted by read_harder
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LXer: Ubuntu 15.04: Minor improvements, major controversy

Friday 24th of April 2015 05:54:42 PM
It's the fourth month of an odd-numbered year. You know what that means, right? You got it, the .04 release of a non-Long Term Support (LTS) Ubuntu. This time around, it's 15.04--Vivid Vervet. Unlike the last release, 14.10, this particular iteration of Canonical's platform is mired in a bit of controversy. In particular, I'm talking about the switch to systemd.

Reddit: New to Linux, little help needed

Friday 24th of April 2015 05:30:59 PM

So im pretty new to linux, ive read a little about it and have always been interested in it. I just bought a simple used laptop with a clean install of Linux Mint 16 i believe. I installed Ktorrent so i could download some music and movies but how do i open these files? I have an audio player for the music but i just have no idea how to open these files. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks

submitted by Warmasher
[link] [3 comments] Choosing Software to Work Remotely from Your Linux Dev Station

Friday 24th of April 2015 05:23:30 PM

In the previous article, I gave an overview of how I've managed to go mobile. In this installment, I'm going to talk about the software I'm using on my different devices. 

TuxMachines: Enterprises still miss the real point of open source

Friday 24th of April 2015 05:15:03 PM

Enterprises, however, are stuck on "open source = free software," to the extent they know it's running within their firewalls at all. To attract developers and simultaneously boost innovation, enterprises need to go from mere users of open source to serious contributors of open source code.

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Phoronix: OpenMandriva Lx 3 Alpha: Adds UEFI Support, Defaults To LXQt

Friday 24th of April 2015 05:14:34 PM
It's been a while since last hearing anything out of the OpenMandriva camp, but today they've put out the first alpha release for their "Lx 3" release that's codenamed "Einsteinium." There's quite some interesting changes with this forthcoming update...

LXer: Let’s take a look to Kde Plasma 5.3 beta

Friday 24th of April 2015 05:34:29 AM
A few days ago the Kde community has released a brand new beta of Plasma 5.3 so let’s look at what to expect in the near future from our favorite desktop environment!

LXer: Ubuntu 15.04 Screencast and Screenshots

Friday 24th of April 2015 03:40:07 AM
Canonical has announced the launch of Ubuntu 15.04. The new release, which will be supported for nine months, features LibreOffice 4.4, version 3.19 of the Linux kernel and a switch from Canonical's Upstart init to systemd.

Reddit: sysvinit is dead

Friday 24th of April 2015 01:56:02 AM

Now that 15.04 is out and using systemd.

RIP sysvinit; you had a good run, but now it's time to fade away.

submitted by blah_min
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LXer: Xubuntu 15.04: quick screenshot tour

Friday 24th of April 2015 01:45:45 AM
Let's make a quick tour through Xubuntu 15.04 and check how it looks like.

Reddit: Kubuntu 15.04 is released!

Friday 24th of April 2015 01:33:51 AM

TuxMachines: Cortex-A9 Sitara EVM gains Android KitKat BSP

Wednesday 22nd of April 2015 11:50:55 PM

Adeneo has released an Android KitKat 4.4.4 BSP for the TI Sitara AM437x EVM kit in both a free binary version and a commercial version with source code.

Adeneo Embedded’s Android 4.4.4 “KitKat” Reference Board Support Package is designed for use with the Texas Instruments AM437x EVM (TMDXEVM437X EVM). The EVM kit was announced last June with a Linux BSP when TI announced the Cortex-A9-based Sitara AM437x SoC. Adeneo tipped the BSP last December when it also announced a BSP that has since been made available based on the Cortex-A8 based Sitara AM335x. At the time, the company had few details on the AM437x BSP, however.

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TuxMachines: GIMP's Porting To GTK3 Continues

Wednesday 22nd of April 2015 11:42:26 PM

The popular GIMP image editing program continues in its quest of being ported to GTK3, but it's still not clear when it will be finished and merged to mainline.

Curiosity got the best of me this morning so I decided to see the latest state of GIMP's gtk3-port branch. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get it built quickly as after building the latest BABL and then GEGL dependencies, the newest GEGL Git code ran into problems building on my system. But in looking over the gtk3-port branch, a whole lot of code was pushed out in late March by Michael Natterer and others.

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TuxMachines: Eight Ways to Use Open Source for More Effective Data Protection

Wednesday 22nd of April 2015 11:39:11 PM

Linus's Law, named after Linux creator Linus Torvalds, postulates that open code leads to more effective bug detection because when an entire community is scouring through code, fixes come more quickly. This is often the first thing IT pros consider when installing security inside an open-source model. Through popular code-and tool-sharing sites like GitHub, the open-source community aids other organizations in securing their own code and systems, offering a list of free security tools and frameworks for malware analysis, penetration testing and other tasks. Along these same lines, a recent report from the Ponemon Institute explored how IT professionals view commercial open-source software, data protection, and the security impact of messaging and collaboration solutions on their organizations. This slide show, based on eWEEK reporting and industry insight from Olivier Thierry, chief marketing officer of Zimbra, offers eight takeaways to help your business harness the value of open source and get serious about security.

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