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LXer: How to boot an earlier kernel on Fedora

Monday 17th of April 2017 10:08:03 AM
Fedora regularly offers an updated stable kernel for its users. This is just one of many reasons Fedora is a way to get the newest technology now. On rare occasions, though, a new kernel can bring an issue with it. You... Continue Reading →

Reddit: Linux 4.11-rc7 released

Monday 17th of April 2017 09:14:33 AM

Reddit: Any good place to learn nixos and nixops ?

Monday 17th of April 2017 08:51:54 AM

i want to learn how to write expressions in nixops for deploying servers

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LXer: Canonical sharpens post-Unity axe for 80-plus Ubuntu spinners

Monday 17th of April 2017 08:13:41 AM
Shuttleworth returns as CEO. More than 80 Canonical workers are facing the axe as founder Mark Shuttleworth has takes back the role of chief executive officer.

Reddit: Free Software and Privacy are Your Birthright!

Monday 17th of April 2017 08:11:38 AM

We should pay attention to the philosophies of the geeks, the computer old timers, the basement dwelling coders, because they presided over the greatest advancement of human beings since the invention of fire. The open source community holds philosophies that value human progress more than individual benefit or fictitious financial gain. Nerd philosophers should be the ones regulating the internet, not businessmen, not lawyers.

I was thinking about free software, privacy, and how they're fairly well engrained throughout computer history and just jotted down the above thoughts. Why should we let parasitic lawyers and lying politicians take something from our community and corrupt it while the contributions of technology-minded people dwarf the contributions of many other sub-groups of society? If anyone knows how to do this, it's the people who have been doing it longest, and those who do it every day. The principles our community holds are a stronger backbone than you'll find most places!

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TuxMachines: Leftovers: Debian

Monday 17th of April 2017 07:57:54 AM
  • Elected Debian Project Leader

    I'd like to thank the entire Debian community for choosing me to represent them as the next Debian Project Leader.

  • DPL elections 2017, congratulations Chris Lamb!
  • Calibre on Debian

    Calibre is the prime open source e-book management program, but the Debian releases often lag behind the official releases. Furthermore, the Debian packages remove support for rar packed e-books, which means that several comic book formats cannot be handled.

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Reddit: No Ubuntu Unity, No Linux Phones?

Monday 17th of April 2017 07:55:59 AM

Reddit: What apps do you use to take notes and why do you use it?

Monday 17th of April 2017 07:33:24 AM

It appears to me that whenever someone submit a new app for taking note, others jump in and recommend existing apps. That's totally fine. Each of us has our own preference. However what intrigues me is that there is not yet any topic showing all the available options for developers' note-taking out there. Some quick Google search returns the popular "mainstream" kind of apps like "Onenote", "Evernote", .etc. So I am asking you now :

What apps do you, a developer, use to take notes ? And why do you use it ? Thank you for your time.

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LXer: Red Hats Ansible 2.3 DevOps tool released

Monday 17th of April 2017 06:19:19 AM
Red Hat is steering its DevOps program into network management. Like most DevOps programs, Red Hat's Ansible doesn't require your IT staff to be coding wizards. It's meant to make server and cloud deployment and configuration easy.

TuxMachines: today's leftovers

Monday 17th of April 2017 05:50:57 AM

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TuxMachines: Security Leftovers and Fixes

Monday 17th of April 2017 05:47:14 AM

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TuxMachines: Ten Reasons You Should Try Linux Today

Monday 17th of April 2017 05:18:06 AM

I know despite the posts about how great Linux is and why I like it, many of you are probably still hesitant to try Linux. I understand. I remember years ago when I first heard about it, even I was slow to try it at first. After all, Windows just worked. Everything I needed Windows would do, so why bother trying something else that may or may not work for me. Of course, back then, Linux was quite different from what it is today.

Over the years, Linux has evolved to become one of the most powerful operating systems in the world. In addition to computers, did you know that it powers a wide range of devices including routers, switches, your smartphones and even your televisions. That’s right, when your fancy television boots up chances are its running a customized version of Linux. Most web servers today are powered by Linux as well, including the one that is serving this site out to you.

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TuxMachines: It’s Windows Time in Linux Land Again

Monday 17th of April 2017 05:12:20 AM

Windows being Windows, a monkey wrench was thrown into the machinery right off. I booted the laptop into Windows, which then refused to connect with the Wi-Fi. It found the on-board Broadcom Wi-Fi just fine, but every time I’d try to get it to connect, it’d throw up an “unknown error” notice and ask if I’d like to enable logging so I could figure it out myself. This was odd, considering I’d used the machine to do my taxes last year, and it connects with the Wi-Fi just fine in Linux. But I wasn’t going to spend the better part of a day trying to fix it — I had no desire to start relearning my way around Windows. Time for Plan B, which was the reverse of Plan A: boot the desktop to Windows and use the laptop in Linux for finding all my facts and figures.

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TuxMachines: Maui Linux 17.03

Monday 17th of April 2017 05:04:25 AM

On the whole I enjoyed using Maui, more than I had expected. There was not any one feature or program which really stood out as amazing, but I liked the overall style of the distribution. Maui provides a lot of software and features out of the box, offers a stable core based on an Ubuntu LTS release and includes cutting edge KDE Plasma software. I like that the application menu is full of useful software while avoiding overlap in functionality. I also appreciate how easy it is to use the Calamares installer and how quickly Calamares sets up the operating system. Mostly, I like that the distribution provides distinct windows, large fonts and a high-contrast theme which I found easy to look at over longer periods.

I ran into just two issues or concerns while using Maui. One was the performance of the desktop with its default settings in the virtual test environment. Maui performed well on my desktop computer, but Plasma was slow to respond when running in VirtualBox. It is possible to improve performance by adjusting some items in the System Settings panel, but it would have been nice if the desktop had defaulted to more efficient settings.

My second issue was not a bug, but rather a matter of style. Maui has a friendly look, lots of simple configuration modules and, over all, a very modern and easy to use approach. Everything looks new and tasks are typically performed through slick, graphical wrappers. The one exception I found was Synaptic. The venerable package manager works well, but is a bit cryptic compared to most modern software managers. I like Synaptic for its speed and flexibility, but I think something like GNOME Software or mintInstall might be more in line with Maui's newcomer-friendly approach.

On the whole, I like Maui. The distribution is easy to set up, friendly and generally stayed out of my way while I was working. This seems like a fairly beginner friendly desktop distribution which does a good job of making things easy without distracting the user or doing too much hand holding.

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TuxMachines: GNU/Linux Review: Ubuntu 17.04 Zesty Zapus

Monday 17th of April 2017 04:59:58 AM

This is a review of Ubuntu 17.04 Zesty Zapus with both Unity 7 and 8 desktop environments. This release is beautiful as always, ready for serious use, and complete with more than 70000 packages on official repository. It will be supported for 9 months until January 2018. Finally, I hope this review helps people to find how Ubuntu is and what's interesting from 17.04. Enjoy!

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Distributions News: Ubuntu, Manjaro, and Lakka

  • Ubuntu founder retakes the CEO throne, many employees gone
    Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of Canonincal has once again returned to his positition of CEO, as Jane Silber, the previous CEO now heads to the Board of Directors; and big changes happen to the staff lineup as a result. In a blog bost by Sibler, she says, “I originally agreed to be CEO for 5 years and we’ve extended my tenure as CEO by a couple of years already. We’ve been preparing for a transition for some time by strengthening the executive leadership team and maturing every aspect of the company, and earlier this year Mark and I decided that now is the time to effect this transition.”
  • [Video] Manjaro 17.0 KDE Edition - See What’s New
    Manjaro 17.0 KDE is the latest release of Manjaro Linux. This release brings new KDE Plasma 5.9.x as desktop environment include the most of KDE applications 16.12 and KDE Frameworks 5.32.
  • Make your own NES Classic Edition with Lakka 2.0 LibreELEC Linux distro and Raspberry Pi
    The NES Classic Edition is a very fun nostalgia-based gaming console. As someone who grew up with Nintendo, I knew I wanted the mini system as soon as it was announced. A family member was able to score me one on launch day, and I've been very happy with it. Unfortunately, other people have not been so lucky. Supply was very limited and it has since been discontinued. If you do not already have it, you are sort of out of luck without paying high prices on eBay or Craigslist. If you are only looking to replay the NES games of your youth, and you are OK with doing it in an unofficial way, emulation is another route. In fact, if you'd rather not play these games on your PC, you can instead use a Linux-based operating system and a Raspberry Pi (or other devices) hooked to a television. One such distro is Lakka, which just reached version 2.0. It is arguably better than an NES Classic Edition as it can also play games from other systems, such as SNES, Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64, PlayStation 1, and many more.

Software: Monitoring Tools, VSXu, and FSearch

today's howtos

Linux Mint's Plans

  • Some Of The Features Coming To Linux Mint's Cinnamon 3.4 Desktop
    In the latest monthly progress report on Linux Mint, some of the upcoming changes for the GNOME3-forked Cinnamon Desktop Environment were shared.
  • Monthly News – April 2017
    Many thanks to all the people who donated to us and who help to fund our project. Donations are down to about 60% of what they were last year, but they’re still quite high. In the first trimesters of 2015, 2016 and 2017 we respectively received $23k, $40k and $25k. Our development team has gotten bigger and our budget is being extended to include some administrators and designers. Other figures and metrics indicate we’re growing so this probably just reflects an exceptional year for donations in 2016.
  • Linux Mint Is Adopting LightDM as its Login Manager
    Linux Mint is adopting the LightDM display manager to handle and authenticate user sessions. Revealing plans in its latest monthly update, Mint says it will formally drop the MDM Display Manager (MDM) in favour of LightDM with Mint 18.2, release date for which is as-yet unknown. The popular Ubuntu-based Linux distribution mooted a possible switch earlier this year, noting that it had a key feature MDM lacks (guest sessions), and has become something of a standard across distributions.
  • Linux Mint 13 support ends, LMDE to get MATE 1.18 soon, big changes heading to Cinnamon
    The news from the Linux Mint team was quite interesting this week. First up, Linux Mint 13 has officially hit EOL (end of life), so you really do need to upgrade. LMDE (Linux Mint Debian Edition) is set to get the MATE desktop version 1.18 "this week" and they have ported mintMenu over to GTK3, since the rest of MATE is now using GTK3 too it makes sense.