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Phoronix: FreeDOS 1.2 Released With New Installer & More Commands

Sunday 25th of December 2016 03:36:10 PM
The latest open-source project doing a new release timed for Christmas is FreeDOS...

LXer: Quick Linux Tips and Tricks

Sunday 25th of December 2016 03:30:12 PM
Using a Linux terminal is always difficult, especially at the beginning when everything is new to the user. I remember my first contact with a Linux terminal like it was yesterday. After all, I was interacting with a machine that responded to everything I typed.

Phoronix: LibreOffice Enables "Complex Text Layout" By Default

Sunday 25th of December 2016 03:28:57 PM
The latest LibreOffice news just days after announcing their MUFFIN user interface initiative is enabling the program's complex text layout mode by default...

Reddit: Help with linux commands --> nesting

Sunday 25th of December 2016 02:29:20 PM

Hi, i have a bit of a problem, i would like to save into a file the first 10 rows of a manual for a chmod command... so basicly i want: head -n 10 man chmod > file.txt

can anyone pls fix the left side if possible cuz im stuck?

submitted by /u/11zagy
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Reddit: Why hard users don't use Ubuntu?

Sunday 25th of December 2016 02:06:13 PM

Ubuntu is by far the most used distro, but I don't see any hard user using it. Why? What does Debian offers to hard users that Ubuntu does not?

submitted by /u/Deuszera
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Reddit: Tor at the Heart: Tahoe-LAFS

Sunday 25th of December 2016 01:44:02 PM

Phoronix: Mir 0.25 Released: Pointer Confinement, Gamma KMS Support, Libmircore

Sunday 25th of December 2016 01:10:00 PM
For anyone hoping this year that Canonical would have decided to abandon their Mir display server efforts and shift focus back to Wayland, that did not happen, but in the stockings this holiday for Ubuntu users is an updated Mir display server release, version 0.25...

Phoronix: More Vulkan Improvements Land In GTK4 Toolkit Code

Sunday 25th of December 2016 01:00:00 PM
A number of improvements have landed to the GTK4 tool-kit's early back-end work on supporting Vulkan as an alternative to its OpenGL renderer is gaining ground...

Phoronix: Ruby 2.4 Programming Language Has Performance Updates & More

Sunday 25th of December 2016 12:34:20 PM
The Ruby project has continued in its annual tradition of releasing a new version of their programming language on Christmas, a tradition held up now for the past number of years...

Phoronix: OpenMandriva Lx 3.01 Brings Stable KDE Plasma On Wayland

Sunday 25th of December 2016 12:24:02 PM
The OpenMandriva developers have timed their Lx 3.01 operating system update release for Christmas...

LXer: Parrot Security OS 3.3 released

Sunday 25th of December 2016 11:28:09 AM
Parrot 3.2 was released back in October, and there was an echoing silence for days in the development and future plannings.And here comes a release announcement of the new point release Parrot Security OS 3.3, for the Parrot Security 3.0 segment.

LXer: OpenMandriva Lx 3.01 released

Sunday 25th of December 2016 09:05:12 AM
OpenMandriva team has come with a nice Christmas Gift for all their users.Previously, in August they came with OpenMandriva Lx 3.0 and now on Christmas here is the point release OpenMandiva Lx 3.01.this build has worked mostly in the sector of performance, stability, and of course an updated list of system packages and Softwares.[....]

Reddit: Christmas Tree In Bash

Sunday 25th of December 2016 07:47:50 AM

Reddit: Linux with Gigabyte Brix

Sunday 25th of December 2016 07:23:21 AM

I have a Gigabyte Brix with 4570R and Intel Iris Pro 5200 graphics. Will distros work fine with my iGPU or will there be proprietary drivers for it since it's not standard?

Are there any problems people have run into with Brix?

submitted by /u/MisterChao
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Reddit: Which terminal file editor do you use and why?

Sunday 25th of December 2016 06:45:56 AM

vi is outdated and is only 297.0 kB installed

nano is 2.3 MB installed and has most commands displayed

vim is 3 MB often used and often praised

and emacs is massive, 107.6 MB, and is also often praised

also there's the apparent editor.war between vim and emacs.

So why do you prefer one over the other?

submitted by /u/elementalerror
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Reddit: Out of the loop: Which modern laptop would work well with linux?

Sunday 25th of December 2016 05:40:30 AM

So, merry Christmas to me: looks like either my inverter is dying on my HDX16, or the backlight, or both. And I merely went to have a cup of tea — and returned to witness fluctuating brightness and blackout. If replacing the inverter doesn't fix it, then it'll be time for shopping, because replacing a screen costs enough for the sum to be better used to pay for a new laptop altogether. And the current laptop is old as it is.

Thing is, I have no idea what the current state of affairs in the laptop world is. When I bought my HDX16, it was simple: dedicated nVdia GPU, enough memory, decent wifi that works, good screen. If a laptop had it, I could be sure it'll do fine with Linux.

Nowadays, have no idea what to expect. I skipped the advent of switchable graphics altogether. Now I have no idea what's the situation currently, and if I'd be screwed by a distro/gpu or not. Are all nVidia-using solutions switchable? Are all Radeon-based doing the same? Apparently, there is a combination of Intel GPU and Radeon GPU on, say dell inspiron 5567 that causes issues in most distros save for pre-installed Ubunu (which makes me, a Debian user, suspicious). Are Radeon GPUs shitty? Do they tend to drop support for the chips on a regular basis? I vaguely remember something like that happening before...

I have little understanding of processor performance either. How different the processors core i3/i5/i7 are? Would I even notice compared to Core 2 Duo? How's AMD doing nowadays? I used to have a self-assembled Athlon XP desktop back in the days, and loved it. But that was 10 years ago.

How about engineering quality? Do HP still think they are making a hybrid of a toaster and a hair dryer? Is Dell sturdy? Is Lenovo easy to disassemble and replace parts?

I went online to look for some models which looked like what I'd need at the first glance, but it appears I can dig some nasty stuff on pretty much every single model.

What should I do?

submitted by /u/h-v-smacker
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Reddit: pimping out my blank desktop. Any suggestions?

Sunday 25th of December 2016 05:26:15 AM

Hello. My desktop is completely blank other than an image. I've seen some really slick linux setups, and I want to know if anyone has any cool recommendations.

I doubt it matters, but I'm currently using Openbox+Gentoo

I tried to search this subreddit, but reddit's having issues with the search function.

submitted by /u/fastpenguin91
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Phoronix: A 2016 Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays From Phoronix

Sunday 25th of December 2016 05:05:51 AM
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or happy end-of-2016, regardless of whatever celebrations you may or may not be partaking in as we end out this latest exciting year for Linux and open-source software...

LXer: How to follow the new Lineage OS online

Sunday 25th of December 2016 04:42:26 AM
Some of the original CyanogenMod team announced earlier today that they'll continue their work for community-created Android device ROMs under a new banner, Lineage OS.

More in Tux Machines

Wine-Staging 2.0-RC5 and 'Squad' Might be Coming to GNU/Linux

  • Wine-Staging 2.0-RC5 Improves Compatibility For Origin, GOG Galaxy & More
    Wine-Staging 2.0-RC5 was released on Sunday as the newest version of this experimental/testing Wine build. This time around there are some exciting new patches. On top of re-basing off Friday's Wine 2.0-rc5 release and continuing to maintain quite a number of patches that haven't yet made their way into mainline Wine, a few more patches were added. Upstream Wine is currently under a code freeze until the 2.0 release later this month but that doesn't stop the Wine-Staging crew.
  • Release 2.0-rc5
    Wine Staging 2.0-rc5 improves the compatibility of various applications that require at least Windows Vista or Windows 7. This includes Origin, Uplay, GOG Galaxy and many more. Several bugs were fixed in the PE loader to support loading of packed executables with truncated headers and/or on-the-fly section decompression. If you are using the 64 bit version of Wine, you may also benefit from the memory manager improvements, which allow applications to reserve/allocate more than 32 GB of virtual memory. The memory allocations are now only constrained by resource limitations of the hardware / the operating system and no longer by an artificial design limit in Wine.
  • Looks like FPS game 'Squad' might be coming to Linux soon
    The game uses Unreal Engine and we know already how iffy their Linux support actually is. Hopefully they won't come across too many troubles.

Security News

  • Microsoft slates end to security bulletins in February [iophk: "further obscuring"; Ed: See this]
    Microsoft next month will stop issuing detailed security bulletins, which for nearly 20 years have provided individual users and IT professionals information about vulnerabilities and their patches. One patching expert crossed his fingers that Microsoft would make good on its pledge to publish the same information when it switches to a new online database. "I'm on the fence right now," said Chris Goettl, product manager with patch management vendor Shavlik, of the demise of bulletins. "We'll have to see [the database] in February before we know how well Microsoft has done [keeping its promise]."
  • Reflected XSS through AngularJS sandbox bypass causes password exposure of McDonald users
    By abusing an insecure cryptographic storage vulnerability (link) and a reflected server cross-site-scripting vulnerability (link) it is possible to steal and decrypt the password from a McDonald's user. Besides that, other personal details like the user's name, address & contact details can be stolen too.
  • DragonFlyBSD Installer Updated To Support UEFI System Setup
    DragonFlyBSD has been working on its (U)EFI support and with the latest Git code its installer now has basic UEFI support.

A Look At The Huge Performance Boosts With Nouveau Mesa 17.0-devel On Maxwell

Landing this week in Mesa 17.0-devel Git was OpenGL 4.3 for NVC0 Maxwell and a big performance boost as well for these GeForce GTX 750 / 900 series NVIDIA "Maxwell" graphics processors. Here are some before/after benchmarks of the performance improvements, which the patch cited as "1.5~3.5x better", when testing a GeForce GTX 750 Ti and GTX 980. Read more Also: Fresh Tests Of Intel Beignet OpenCL

Q4OS 1.8.2, Orion

New version 1.8.2 is based on the the most recent release of stable Debian Jessie 8.7, important security patches have been applied and core system packages have been updated. Q4OS Update manager has been rewritten from scratch to provide a robust and reliable tool for safe system upgrades. Other Q4OS specific fixes and under the hood improvements are delivered as usual. All the updates are immediately available for existing Q4OS users from the regular Q4OS repositories. Most attention is now focused on the development of the testing Q4OS 'Scorpion' version 2.2, based on Debian 9 Stretch. Q4OS 2.2 Scorpion continues to be under development so far, and it will stay as long as Debian Stretch will be testing, the release date is preliminarily scheduled at about the turn of April and May 2017. Q4OS 'Scorpion' will be supported at least five years from the official release date. Read more