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Reddit: Lyrics pop up

Tuesday 5th of August 2014 03:49:57 AM

I am looking for a lyrics pop up window that will hopefully render me most the lyrcs of my songs I listen to. I use Clementine but Was wondering if there is a different app out there that will show the lyrics, i would rather find a totally independent one cause I switch distros every once in a while. The main thing I would want it to do it popup on the screen and stay on top just to see the lyrics instead of me searching for them all the time. Please let me know if there is something I am unaware of, thanks!

submitted by n0hc
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LXer: Akademy 2014 Program Schedule: Fast, fun, inspiring

Tuesday 5th of August 2014 03:22:32 AM
The Akademy Program Committee is excited to announce the Akademy 2014 Program. It is worth the wait! We waded through many high quality proposals and found that it would take more than a week to include all the ones we like. However we managed to bring together a concise and (still packed) schedule.

Reddit: Where can I find linux help?

Tuesday 5th of August 2014 02:48:54 AM

This seems like such a simple question, but I've used windows all my life, and am a pretty proficient user, I've really never needed to ask for help or how to do something, but with Linux I'm really flying blind and I'm not really sure where to turn. Are there any subreddits/sites that are good for extremely new Linux user's questions?

submitted by echocage
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Reddit: Why I moved to CentOS 7 (on the desktop)

Tuesday 5th of August 2014 02:26:02 AM

LXer: AWS Names MapR a Big Data Competency Partner for Hadoop Distribution

Tuesday 5th of August 2014 02:25:21 AM
MapR's Big Data platform, based on open source Apache Hadoop, gained the endorsement of Amazon Web Services (AWS), which has included the company's software as the first Hadoop distribution in the new AWS Partner Network (APN) Competency Program.

LinuxToday: Docker Sells Its dotCloud Legacy to PaaS Vendor

Tuesday 5th of August 2014 02:00:00 AM

eWEEK: Docker sells its platform-as-a-service business to cloudControl to ensure that "dotCloud PaaS customers have a good home with an experienced PaaS provider."

LinuxInsider: Beating the Bushes for the Best Linux Browsers

Tuesday 5th of August 2014 01:53:55 AM
Browsers have been a hot topic lately here in the Linux blogosphere, not just because of all the woes plaguing Tor in recent weeks, but also because of the increasingly worried mumbling about Firefox's future. It's been difficult to discern where a FOSS fan should turn for his or her Internet browsing needs, so it was with great relief that Linux Girl recently came upon an article dedicated to that very topic. Web browsers for the Linux desktop have evolved over the years, said Datamation's Matt Hartley.

Reddit: Does anybody have a WORKING configuration of xl2tpd in client VPN mode?

Tuesday 5th of August 2014 01:53:50 AM

I've got it basically working, but I can't get it to read username/password from my l2tp-secrets file properly. I have to hardcode name/password in the xl2tpd.options file. I also don't have routing setup properly. My traffic doesn't flow through the VPN tunnel by default. If you have something working, would you mind sharing your config files so I can compare against them?

submitted by paladine01
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TuxMachines: The Linux desktop-a-week review: MATE

Tuesday 5th of August 2014 01:50:22 AM

One thing that MATE has in common with both Enlightenment and Awesome is the general peppiness. Everything in MATE is just plain snappy and light on resource usage. And you could say that memory/CPU usage isn't a huge deal with modern hardware. But, in my testing on this i5 with 8 gigs of RAM, MATE is so much more responsive than GNOME Shell, KDE or Unity that it's just plain silly.

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TuxMachines: The cloud might be the key to the triumph of desktop Linux

Tuesday 5th of August 2014 01:48:17 AM

There's no denying the power and utility value of the cloud. We all use it and it's certainly something that most Linux users can appreciate. However, I disagree with the basic premise of the article that Linux "Linux needs...a major win in the desktop arena." Why? Linux is alive and well, and doing just fine without having tons of desktop market share.

I'm not sure where this obsession with market share comes from, but I think it's an altogether unhealthy thing. And it's particularly bad when you consider that mobile devices have been chipping away steadily at desktop usage across all platforms. I'd much rather see Linux offer more mobile device options than trying to go on some quixotic quest to gain desktop market share when most users are moving away from the desktop anyway.

The author uses Chromebooks as an example, and I can understand his affection for them. For what they do they are fine computing devices, and their popularity can't be questioned at this point (as always see Amazon's list of bestselling laptops to see just how popular they are right now). But we already have Chromebooks, so why do we need a Linux "cloudbook?"

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TuxMachines: Fedora Linux Developers Eye Docker and More for Fedora Cloud

Tuesday 5th of August 2014 01:44:04 AM, the major revamping of Fedora Linux, is shaping up to feature tight integration with container-based virtualization for the cloud, according to a recent discussion among developers of the open source operating system, which forms the basis for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).

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Phoronix: F2FS Gains New Features With Linux 3.17

Tuesday 5th of August 2014 01:41:40 AM
The Samsung supported Flash-Friendly File-System (F2FS) will sport some new functionality with the Linux 3.17 kernel release...

TuxMachines: today's leftovers

Tuesday 5th of August 2014 12:56:06 AM

LXer: DevStack Ceph, OpenStack Paris Summit voting, and more

Tuesday 5th of August 2014 12:30:59 AM
Interested in keeping track of what's happening in the open source cloud? is your source for what's happening right now in OpenStack, the open source cloud infrastructure project.

LXer: Factory-fresh delivery: Get your OpenSUSE fix daily

Monday 4th of August 2014 11:33:48 PM
Open-sourcers running OpenSUSE’s development have adopted a browser-based model of development for their beloved distro. From now on, daily builds of new versions of OpenSUSE are to be developed and released for immediate testing.

TuxMachines: Mongo HQ GoGrid Partner on MongoDB Big Data Storage

Monday 4th of August 2014 10:40:03 PM

MongoHQ and GoGrid have partnered to deliver a turnkey NoSQL MongoDB storage solution, which they say will make it easier to perform Big Data analytics with no major investment in time or resources.

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LXer: Manage Yubikeys for LUKS encryption with privacyIDEA

Monday 4th of August 2014 10:36:37 PM
So today we will show, how you can manage many yubikeys for many notebooks using privacyIDEA. privacyIDEA is an authentication system for two factor authentication - usually with OTP devices. In a recent version privacyIDEA started to not only answer authentication request, but it was also enhanced to be able to define client machines and add information, which authentication device could be used for an application on a client machine.

Reddit: Application crashing error, help?

Monday 4th of August 2014 09:40:54 PM

Docky keeps crashing and I can't figure out why. What exactly does this error message mean, and how can I fix it? Or is it just an issue for the developer?

Cairo.Surface is leaking, programmer is missing a call to Dispose Set MONO_CAIRO_DEBUG_DISPOSE to track allocation traces [Fatal 16:38:59.026] [GLib] Source ID 751 was not found when attempting to remove it submitted by ansabhailte
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