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Phoronix: HL2-Based GoldenEye: Source Gets Open-Sourced

Sat, 05/04/2014 - 1:38pm
For those Linux gamers that want to reminisce over the fond days of GoldenEye 007 from two decades ago on the Nintendo 64, it will hopefully be easier going forward. GoldenEye: Source has gone open-source...

LXer: Red Hat: 2014:0370-01: httpd: Moderate Advisory

Sat, 05/04/2014 - 1:02pm
Updated httpd packages that fix two security issues are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. The Red Hat Security Response Team has rated this update as having Moderate impact.

LXer: MapR, Elasticsearch Partner on Open Source Big Data Search

Sat, 05/04/2014 - 11:08am
MapR has integrated Elasticsearch, the open source, scalable Big Data search platform, into the MapR Apache Hadoop distribution.

Reddit: Trouble with mapping keys in Mednafen (emulator)

Sat, 05/04/2014 - 10:35am

I'm using the instructions to remap the keys but it's not working at all. Most keys seem to just do quick save/load.

submitted by SmellYaLater
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Phoronix: Fedora 21 Aims To Have LBZIP2 Replace BZIP2

Sat, 05/04/2014 - 10:11am
Fedora developers are eyeing the independent lbzip2 compression implementation to become the default bzip2 on the next release of this Red Hat sponsored Linux distribution...

LXer: Did Brendan Eich do the right thing by stepping down as Mozilla’s CEO?

Sat, 05/04/2014 - 9:14am
Mozilla's CEO Brendan Eich has resigned. Did he do the right thing or is it a missed opportunity for reconciliation and forgiveness?

Phoronix: New Media/V4L2 Drivers For Linux 3.15

Sat, 05/04/2014 - 7:55am
There's numerous new hardware drivers for the Linux 3.15 kernel when it comes to the media subsystem...

Reddit: [Newbie question] Picking between Ubuntu / Linux Mint for a first-time Linux user

Sat, 05/04/2014 - 7:36am

Hi guys, I do understand this seems like a completely noob question but I hope that you guys can help me understand a little here. I've recently decided to install and try out Linux on a older laptop because it has been sitting around doing nothing and much too laggy running windows.

So I've been doing a little reading up and found out that Ubuntu/Linux Mint seems to be the best recommendation for beginners. But I'm confused about several things such as:

1) What's the difference between Linux Mint 16 Petra & LMDE? All I know is LMDE is Debian-based but I have no idea exactly what does this means or signifies when making a choice.

2) What's a rolling release and periodic release?

3) Is it absolutely difficult to pick up using Linux ? Especially if I would like to teach my parents to adapt how to use the system as well.

4) What's my best bet for learning as much as possible about Linux systems?

Again, I'm really sorry for this stupid question, but I'm really confused right here. and thanks in advance guys!

submitted by Xyles
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LXer: SQL giant Oracle plans NoSQL standards body

Sat, 05/04/2014 - 7:19am
The puzzling move was disclosed to El Reg on Friday by multiple well-placed sources at multiple database companies, who were each familiar with the matter. The insiders, speaking on condition of anonymity, say relational database expert Oracle is trying to form a body dedicated to NoSQL databases, and is seeking participation from NoSQL startups. The emphasis of the standards body will be on go-to-market strategies, marketing, promotion and further commercialization of the technology rather than defining technical specifics, we understand.

Phoronix: Flourish: Chicago's Linux Event Is This Weekend

Sat, 05/04/2014 - 6:29am
Flourish, one of the few Linux conferences held in the Chicagoland area each year, is happening this weekend. To much sadness, Flourish 2014 isn't as exciting as past years...

Reddit: Hypothetically is it possible to change one distro into another?

Sat, 05/04/2014 - 6:22am

This is mostly a fun hypothetical question but is it possible to start with one distro (Lets say Linux Mint) and make it exactly like another distro (Lets say Ubuntu) without reinstalling? Some things, changing default apps and desktop environment, are relatively easy. Even installing the distribution center seems fairly easy. But is there anything you couldn't convert over to be identical to the other distro? What couldn't you change? What about distros that are more dissimilar (Arch and Ubuntu?)

Obviously no one would actually do this because it would take up so much more effort than a reinstall but is it possible? I ask here because /r/linuxquestions seems more geared to actual problem solving and all I am wanting is idle speculation.

submitted by MinimalistPlatypus
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Reddit: Is it possible to make a virus immune operating system, like Commodore 64?

Sat, 05/04/2014 - 5:41am

I remember writing programs on the C64 that would make people cringe. I randomly poked values to random registers and printed n, n+1. Every time the output would be different. The screen would melt, the screen would split. The printer would do random stuff. The diskdrive would whirrl. Random messages spill on the screeen. But every time I turned off the C64, it would boot up perfect again.

Is it possible in Linux to make a partition of the harddrive who's only accessable when you boot to it specifically? And only when you boot to this part of the harddrive is when you're allowed to change drivers, or change what might boot up on start. Then when you're booted up as a user, you have no rights to change anything that would mess with the system's boot up. Even if a password scanner tried all possible passwords for root, they'd have no ability to change what booted up.

Furthermore, no programs would be able to alter programs in a different part of the disk. If you installed Gimp in a directory home/programs/gimp, no other program could make changes to it because they'd only be able to change programs in the directory they're installed to, or their own sub directory.

In this Operating system, if programs wanted to exchange data between programs, there would be a specific directory of the disk which would be shared. And a specific portion of the memory would be shared too. This would have to be done right, and I don't want to talk about details about this here.

I don't follow Linux a lot. I ran it about a decade ago, making 3d video games on it. So give me some slack for this being my first post in /r/linux. I'm just about sick of Windows and how easy it is to get a virus. In my mind, the only reason Mac got popular was everyone wanted a system that "couldn't get a virus". That isn't true, but that is what I heard lots of people say.

I think it is possible to actually make an OS that can't easily get a virus running random binary. I think one of the reasons Windows doesn't completely dominate the Internet is that you can't download and try every ap on the Internet stress free. If you download the wrong .exe, game over, you need to reinstall. I think if Linux made an operating system which allowed you to download any old Linux binary off the Internet and have 0% chance of getting a virus, Linux could crush Windows. Everyone would move to the OS which could never get a virus, and then they'd have access to hundreds of thousands of binaries that have no chance of giving them a virus. People would download everything just to see if it is cool or not.

I know Linux is pretty hardened against viruses already. But is it possible to make it 100% impervious to viruses?

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Reddit: ASUS Q501LA Laptop Support

Sat, 05/04/2014 - 5:35am

I think that Linux people often underestimate the importance of good hardware support. I often get quoted on a laptop working "great with Linux" only to discover (after buying it) that suspending and resuming is really not something to even consider, and brightness control is a mythical beast.

Still, I am in the market for a new laptop. I want to avoid buying an Apple computer, but in order to do so I need to get an Ubuntu/Arch/Linux laptop whose hardware is completely supported.

I found ASUS Q501LA which I like, and was wondering if any of you have it, and whether it works well with GNU/Linux.

Important: do the following work -- wireless, suspend/resume (sound doesn't glitch out after resume, wireless is reliable after many resumes, etc.), brightness controls/keys.

Please let me know. And I would usually not make a post like this, since it is so specific, but I really don't think it's possible to buy a Linux laptop without checking with previous owners first!

Your help is appreciated.

submitted by syzygy123
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LXer: Interview With The Developers Of Star Conflict The Space MMO Including Game-play Video

Sat, 05/04/2014 - 5:25am
Today I have been lucky enough to chat with Alexei Baidalo of StarGem Inc. I got down to the nitty-gritty about their space MMO. I also recorded some game-play on Linux to show you what the game is really like.