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Phoronix: Fedora Cloud Would Like To Remind You They've Stopped Spinning 32-bit Images

Friday 22nd of April 2016 10:45:11 AM
Fedora Linux has moved towards demoting 32-bit images and Fedora Cloud was the first official flavor of Fedora Linux that will no longer be spinning 32-bit install images post F23...

TuxMachines: Leftovers: Ubuntu

Friday 22nd of April 2016 10:26:23 AM
  • An Easy Way To Build An Ubuntu Kernel With Hopefully Better Scheduler Performance

    Since the recent news about the Linux kernel being in worse shape than some people imagine, there's already been some downstream corrective action taking place. Clear Linux is one of the distributions already patching/tweaking their kernel for better scheduler performance but so far we haven't heard anything from the Ubuntu camp. Fortunately, there's been others working on their own solutions.

    A Phoronix reader contacted me this week about his build_ubuntu_kernel_wastedcores script. This script makes it easier to spin your own Ubuntu custom kernel and integrates the "wasted cores" patch cited by the earlier research into the poor shape of the Linux kernel scheduler.

  • Y is for…
  • Ubuntu 16.04 Released: See what’s new

    For those who might not be aware of that fact that Canonical keep the funkiest name for their project. All the official Ubuntu release names are like Ubuntu X.YY where is X is the Year of release Minus 2000 and YY is the Month of release. Since the date of release is not known and cannot be predicted till release, Canonical conventionally names all it release as Adjective + Animal. In Ubuntu 16.04, Xerial is an Adjective and Xerus is an Animal.

  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) released
  • Ubuntu Snap's Security Is Easily Circumvented Due To X11g

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TuxMachines: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Is Now Available To Download

Friday 22nd of April 2016 10:16:58 AM

A long waited release Ubuntu 16.04 has finally been made available to download with some new & interesting features. Ubuntu 16.04 is a long-term supported release that means once you install Ubuntu 16.04, it's going to provide security updates, bug fixes and applications updates for 5 years with no if and but. Ubuntu and other family members' (Ubuntu Mate, Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubuntu etc.) 16.04 version can be downloaded and installed.

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TuxMachines: Tesla hacker installs Gentoo and can now watch movies on the Model S’ 17-in display

Friday 22nd of April 2016 09:59:43 AM

For obvious safety reasons, most jurisdictions across the US and the world prohibit someone from driving a car if a “video monitor” is clearly visible from the driver’s seat. Hence why even though Tesla’s 17-in center display could certainly be capable of playing videos, the automaker disabled any video playing capabilities other than the video feed from the rear camera.

It didn’t stop a hacker who recently managed to install Gentoo, a Linux-based operating system, in her car and can now play videos directly from her Model S’ 17-in display.

I am using ‘her’ here because the hacker is staying anonymous but goes by ‘Hemera’, the Greek goddess of daytime.

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TuxMachines: Snap Not Contained, Shuttleworth Says Don't Talk Back

Friday 22nd of April 2016 09:57:04 AM

Ubuntu continued to dominate the headlines today with some reporting the new version being actually available and all the usual accompanying posts. One of the more interesting Ubuntu articles of the day came from Matthew Garrett who said that Snap applications could expose your private data. In other Ubuntu news, Mark Shuttleworth announced the new codename for the next release already. Elsewhere, Gentoo was hacked onto a car computer and Microsoft is hiring Linux developers.

Also: Developer Claims That Canonical's Snap Format Isn't Secure in Ubuntu with X11 - Updated

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TuxMachines: Retiring 32-bit Cloud Images

Friday 22nd of April 2016 09:12:05 AM

The Fedora Cloud Working Group has decided to retire the 32-bit Cloud images. As of the Fedora 23 release, we will no longer produce the 32-bit images. We will, of course, continue to make 64-bit cloud images available.

Why are we doing this? We’ve been producing 32-bit images for years, and it’s a solved problem, right? Surely it’s as easy as “just keep doing it,” right?

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LXer: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS arrives today complete with forbidden ZFS

Friday 22nd of April 2016 08:31:03 AM
The Xenial Xerus want to get cloudy, but first let battle be joined in GPL hell! Canonical will today (April 21st) launch version 16.04 of its Ubuntu Linux distribution, Xenial Xerus, the new long-term-support version of project.…

Reddit: Is Xubuntu 16.04 stable?

Friday 22nd of April 2016 08:09:58 AM

According to the release notes

Thunar is the subject of a few bugs, though they all appear to revolve around similar issues. We have 2 patches applied that, while not completely fixing the issue, do lessen the impact.

I know Thunar used to crash a lot during copy/paste and it looks like the devs haven't repaired it. So, can you say that the newest Xubuntu is stable at all? I don't want to install the second file manager because it won't be integrated well with Xubuntu.

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Reddit: Let's Encrypt Reaches 2,000,000 Certificates

Friday 22nd of April 2016 07:44:42 AM

TuxMachines: Lower costs nudge Irish police towards open source

Friday 22nd of April 2016 07:31:13 AM

Ireland’s police force, An Garda Síochána, is tentatively considering using the open source version of SugarCMR for more of its web services. The police force has been using the software for its eVetting project since 2013, after comparing its costs and support options with proprietary alternatives.

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LXer: Ubuntu Server 16.04 Ships with LXD 2.0, OpenStack Mitaka & IBM LinuxONE Support

Friday 22nd of April 2016 07:22:26 AM
Canonical has launched the Ubuntu 16.04 "Xenial Xerus" release as the sixth LTS version of the Linux kernel-based operating system for both desktops and servers.

LXer: Upgrade Zabbix 3.0 LTS from 2.4 (Network Monitoring Tool) on Linux

Friday 22nd of April 2016 06:13:49 AM
Zabbix is an enterprise level monitoring tool which monitors the entire IT infrastructure such as server, network and devices. Zabbix is completely an opensource and its currently supporting all major Linux distribution like Debian, Ubuntu & CentOS.

Reddit: Tesla hacker installs Gentoo

Friday 22nd of April 2016 05:23:03 AM

Reddit: Snap dependencies

Friday 22nd of April 2016 05:11:27 AM

Can't see anything obvious in searching here or the magical googles, apologies if this has been asked a bunch...

So, snap is a thing now. Awesome, looks great on the surface etc. Bundling dependencies into the package seems really wise in some ways, but... how does that actually work?

Let me ask by way of example: Developer X includes a dependency of "Package Y" in their snap "Z", a critical vulnerability comes out for Y and they never get around to updating their snap for Z. Am I now left with an insecure package and at the mercy of each developer who uses "Y" as part of their snap, or are snaps smart enough to repackage a new snap each time a dependency updates?

submitted by /u/dreadmin
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LXer: News: Linux Top 3: KaOS 2016.04, TurnKey 14.1 and pfSense 2.3

Friday 22nd of April 2016 05:05:12 AM
Ubuntu isn't the only distro out with a new update.

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Red Hat News

  • Want to work in Release Engineering in Europe?
    Red Hat Release Engineering is hiring in Europe.
  • Red Hat targets midmarket with Keating, Tech Data partnerships
    Red Hat Canada has unveiled a new approach to reach the lower end of the enterprise and the upper midmarket in partnership with Keating Technologies and Tech Data Canada. Under the program, Keating will work with the vendor to uncover and qualify leads in the $500 million to $1.0 billion market. Once fully developed, those leads will be handed over to existing Red Hat Canada partners to close the deal, and will be fulfilled through Tech Data.
  • Gulf Air creates private cloud to support open-source big data engine
    Bahrain’s national carrier is using Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, and Red Hat Storage as a platform for its Arabic Sentiment Analysis system, which monitors people’s comments through their social media posts.
  • Fedora Pune meetup April 2016
    I actually never even announced the April meetup, but we had in total 13 people showing up for the meet. We moved the meet to my office from our usual space as I wanted to use the white board. At beginning I showed some example code about how to write unittests, and how are we using Python3 unittests in our Fedora Cloud/Atomic images automatically. Anwesha arranged some soft drinks, and snacks for everyone.

Android Leftovers

“LEDE” OpenWrt fork promises greater openness

A “Linux Embedded Development Environment” (LEDE) fork of the lightweight, router-oriented OpenWrt Linux distribution vows greater transparency and inclusiveness. Some core developers of the OpenWrt community has forked off into a Linux Embedded Development Environment (LEDE) group. LEDE is billed as both a “reboot” and “spinoff” of the lightweight, router-focused distribution that aims to build an open source embedded Linux distro that “makes it easy for developers, system administrators or other Linux enthusiasts to build and customize software for embedded devices, especially wireless routers.” Read more

Neptune 4.5.1 ISOs are available now

Neptune 4.5.1 ISOs are available for download now and update the system since the Neptune 4.5 release to the state of 3. May 2016. The biggest issue fixed in this release is the usb booting from USB 3 ports. Besides that this new maintainance release features KDE SC 4.14.16 as desktop. Read more