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LinuxToday: 4 open source tools for doing online surveys

Monday 13th of February 2017 03:00:00 PM

Let's take a look at four open source survey tools that can suit your needs, no matter how simple or complex those needs are. Growing Your Open Source Community With Twitter

Monday 13th of February 2017 02:45:01 PM
Title: Growing Your Open Source Community With Twitter13 FebLearn more Taming the Mesos Bleeding Edge with DC/OS

Monday 13th of February 2017 02:00:20 PM

Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, famously said: "Every business will become a software business, build applications, use advanced analytics and provide Saas services." That's a bold prediction. Aaron Williams, Head of Advocacy and DC/OS at Mesosphere, believes it's true and that DC/OS is the bridge to this new world. He tells us why at MesosCon Asia 2016.

Reddit: Why is it that Android phones can function fine for months but our modems need to be reset regularly?

Monday 13th of February 2017 01:50:12 PM

This is what I mean by resetting the modem. Apparently, its the software at fault. From what I know, modems use Linux as their OS. Android is also Linux. But it can go months without needing a reset.

submitted by /u/iBzOtaku
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LXer: Review: KDE neon 5.9.1

Monday 13th of February 2017 01:46:12 PM
As a showcase for KDE, it's pretty good, but as an everyday distribution for newbies, its configuration and hardware recognition fall short.

Reddit: Anybody remember smit?

Monday 13th of February 2017 01:07:14 PM

It was a curses based AIX system administrator tool that showed the command lines it was executed to effect the configuration change.

Do any Linux distros have something similar?

submitted by /u/bushwacker
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LinuxToday: Linuxbrew - A Common Package Manager For Linux And Mac OS X

Monday 13th of February 2017 01:00:00 PM

ostechnix: If you have used Mac OS, you will certainly have known about Homebrew, a package manager that allows you to install, remove, and update Unix tools and open source applications and packages.

Reddit: 4 Command-Line Graphics Tools for Linux

Monday 13th of February 2017 12:10:59 PM

Phoronix: WireGuard Is Still Looking Good As A Linux VPN Tunnel

Monday 13th of February 2017 12:09:25 PM
We've been talking about WireGuard for months and it's hoping to go mainline in the Linux kernel this calendar year. Earlier this month at FOSDEM was a status update on the project...

LXer: Don't ignore these early warning signs that your IT project is going awry

Monday 13th of February 2017 11:17:31 AM
When do you save an IT project that's going off track, and when do you kill it and move on? CIO of Okta shares his thoughts.

Phoronix: Clangd: LLVM's Clang Gets A Server

Monday 13th of February 2017 11:15:24 AM
An early feature for LLVM Clang 5.0 is a prototype implementation of clangd, a server component for the compiler...

LXer: The Best Operating System for Linux Gaming: Which One Do You Use and Why?

Monday 13th of February 2017 10:03:11 AM
In the last few months, we tried multiple GNU/Linux distributions for gaming purposes, and we have arrived at the conclusion that there's no perfect operating system out there designed for Linux gaming.

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FreeBSD-Based TrueOS Operating System Gets New Jail Tools, Automounting Feature

The developers of the FreeBSD-based TrueOS operating system (formerly PC-BSD) announced the release and general availability of a new stable build versioned 2017-02-22. Read more

Calamares 3.1 Distribution-Independent Linux Installer Officially Released

The Calamares open-source universal installer framework for Linux-based operating systems has been updated recently to version 3.1, a major release the users of the KaOS GNU/Linux distribution can already enjoy if they download the latest ISO snapshot. Read more

Reiser4 Updated For The Linux 4.10 Kernel

The out-of-tree Reiser4 file-system has been updated for the Linux 4.10 kernel. Reiser4 for the Linux 4.10.0 kernel is available as of earlier this week, managing to release their updated file-system driver code quite promptly. This port to Linux 4.10 yielded a few changes to the Reiser4 code as they re-based to this Linux kernel with the ->readlink() of inode operations being removed as well as the WRITE_FLUSH_FUA flag being removed. Read more