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LXer: Top 5: Linux on a Chromebook, building DNS servers, VoIP on Raspberry Pi, and more

Monday 17th of April 2017 02:30:35 AM
In this week's Top 5, we highlight putting Linux on a Chromebook, building your own DNS name servers, creating a VoIP (voice over IP) solution on a Raspberry Pi, comparing Python and Ruby for web development, and the top five programming languages for DevOps.

Reddit: Run this command and post the result

Monday 17th of April 2017 02:07:46 AM

history | awk '{CMD[$2]++;count++;}END { for (a in CMD)print CMD[a] " " CMD[a]/count*100 "% " a;}' | grep -v "./" | column -c3 -s " " -t | sort -nr | nl | head -n10

or if you're using zsh:

history 1 | awk '{CMD[$2]++;count++;}END { for (a in CMD)print CMD[a] " " CMD[a]/count*100 "% " a;}' | grep -v "./" | column -c3 -s " " -t | sort -nr | nl | head -n10

I thought that it would be cool to see how differently use the shell. Maybe we'll all learn some new tricks :)

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LinuxToday: Linux 4.11 rc7

Monday 17th of April 2017 01:00:00 AM

Linus Torvalds: We're in the late rc phase, and this may be the last rc if nothing surprising happens.

LXer: How to Install and Use MySQL Workbench As Your Database GUI

Monday 17th of April 2017 12:36:13 AM
This article will walk you through the installation of MySQL Workbench as well as the steps necessary on your MySQL servers to enable connection from the new tool. I’ll be demonstrating this on a Ubuntu 16.10 desktop connecting to a Ubuntu 16.04 server.

Reddit: Global menu for XFCE4 panel (on Fedora)

Monday 17th of April 2017 12:16:42 AM

Provides a "global menu" for your applications in an XFCE4 panel plugin. Works with GTK2, GTK3, wxGTK, QT4 and QT5 applications, as well as LibreOffice and Chromium.

submitted by /u/jcornuz
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Reddit: Manjaro touchpad options greyed out.

Sunday 16th of April 2017 11:27:17 PM

I just install Manjaro KDE and the opions to tweak the touchpad sensetivity, scroll, etc. are all greyed out. Mouse-click point emulation is enabled. Turning it off or on has no effect. The packages xf86-input-libinput and libinput are installed.

submitted by /u/AmateurLlama
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Reddit: Disappointed....

Sunday 16th of April 2017 11:14:13 PM

Switching from Windows 10 to Linux was going to be my stand of defiance. Now, I am immensely regretting my rash decision. It seems you trade privacy for ease-of-use. Anyway, getting to the issue I need some help with: My CPU NEVER runs at its max frequency and I've found this is probably due to the frequency governor that is inherent in my Linux Mint 18 OS. Despite the 50+ google threads I've followed on how to enable performance mode in order to get the max frequency from my processor...I cannot. There seems to be no straight forward answer and I might honestly just remain with Windows 10 and deal with the fact that I'm being spied on in order to get the full performance of my machine. (Why don't I just use on demand over performance and save myself the stress? Because it's horrifically slow to respond to loads on Windows or Linux and my workflow demands response.) Any help would be greatly appreciated as Google Fu turns up many threads that do not seem to work on Linux Mint 18. Something that W10 and lower could do in a single click...change from on demand (balanced) to performance mode is something that seems to takes a damn computer science major on Linux. Maybe I'm wrong, again, any help would be greatly appreciated.

submitted by /u/Radioactive_Bud
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LXer: Canonical Founder Mark Shuttleworth to Return as CEO, Jane Silber Stepping Down

Sunday 16th of April 2017 10:41:51 PM
Canonical CEO Jane Silber Steps announced that she's stepping down, passing the role of chief executive officer to Mark Shuttleworth.

Reddit: Elementary OS on Surface Book, black screen after waking from sleep

Sunday 16th of April 2017 10:21:13 PM

I've just installed Elementary OS on my Surface Book, and anytime I put it to sleep then wake it up, the keyboard lights up, but the screen stays black and I have to restart my device in order for it to work again. I've tried a few things I've found online but so far nothing has worked. Anyone have any fix?

submitted by /u/XingXManGuy
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TuxMachines: today's howtos/technical

Sunday 16th of April 2017 10:09:29 PM

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Reddit: How bug fixing feels like :P [xkcd]

Sunday 16th of April 2017 09:58:41 PM

TuxMachines: Graphics in Linux

Sunday 16th of April 2017 09:09:53 PM
  • Trying AMDGPU-PRO 17.10 On Ubuntu 17.04

    In early April AMD released the AMDGPU-PRO 17.10 driver as their first hybrid proprietary driver update in some time. With this update came support for Ubuntu 16.04.2 (and also 16.10, unofficially) but to little surprise it doesn't work out-of-the-box with this week's Ubuntu 17.04 release. But it can be made to work.

  • RadeonSI Polaris: Mesa 12.0 vs. 13.0 vs. 17.0 vs. 17.1 Git

    With Mesa 17.1 branching this weekend I figured it would be a fun Easter running benchmarks of Mesa Git compared to previous branches with a Radeon RX 470 Polaris graphics card. Here are these Mesa 17.1 benchmarks while other tests and on more GPUs is forthcoming.

  • Nouveau In Linux 4.13 Will Support HDMI Stereo 3D
  • Vulkan 1.0.48 Released

    There's another weekly update available to the Vulkan API, but this Easter update is on the small side.

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TuxMachines: Development News

Sunday 16th of April 2017 09:09:14 PM
  • Comprehend X86 Assembly Language with Open Source Books

    An assembly language is a low-level programming language for a computer, or other programmable device. Assembly language is used by almost all modern desktop and laptop computers. It is as close to writing machine code without writing in pure hexadecimal. It is converted into executable machine code by a utility program referred to as an assembler.

  • Xfce Session Manager 4.13 Released, Ported To GTK3

    An updated version of the Xfce4 session manager was released this Easter weekend.

    The xfce4-session 4.13.0 package was released today and it's a significant step forward for Xfce's session manager.

  • Relm: A GTK-Based GUI Library In Rust For Async GUI Apps

    With there being many Rustlang fans reading Phoronix, many of you will probably be interested in Relm: a new GUI library for Rust.

    Relm is a new crate/library for developing asynchronous GUI applications in Rust. Using GTK up to now in Rust looks rather messy, but Relm aims to change that and also make the applications more responsive by making the user-interface asynchronous and makes use of the language's futures capability.

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TuxMachines: Linux 4.11-rc7

Sunday 16th of April 2017 09:06:25 PM
  • Linux 4.11-rc7

    You all know the drill by now. We're in the late rc phase, and this
    may be the last rc if nothing surprising happens.

    Things have been pretty calm this past week (the beginning of the week
    seemed particularly calm, and then as usual Friday happened..). We
    have a number of reverts for things that didn't work out and aren't
    worth trying to fix at this point, that's also normal (and people will
    look at it for the next version instead).

    So not too big, and things look very normal with two thirds of the
    changes being to drivers, and the rest being a mixture of arch updates
    (arm, x86, ia64, parisc), networking and filesystems (btrfs, cifs,
    orangefs). With a smattering of other stuff (tooling, header files,
    core kernel).

  • Linux 4.11-rc7 Kernel Released: Final Might Come Next Week

    Linus Torvalds has announced the seventh weekly test build of the upcoming Linux 4.11 kernel.

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TuxMachines: Devil-Linux 1.8.0 released

Sunday 16th of April 2017 09:00:08 PM

Devil-Linux 1.8.0 has been released! This is a major overhaul of Devil-Linux. Most programs and libraries have been updated and unmaintained ones have been removed. The main file system has been switched to squashfs, to further reduce the iso size. See the changelog for additional details.

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TuxMachines: Freedom Doesn’t Have to Be Free: Revenue and Open Source

Sunday 16th of April 2017 08:53:43 PM

In 1983, Richard Stallman kicked off the free software movement with the launch of the GNU Project. From that point onwards, free software was commonly associated with being free in the monetary sense as well.

Most all open source projects, especially those in the world of Linux are available free of charge. And while this is very nice in itself, it can result in developers not being able to fully commit to their projects.

In turn fantastic open source projects going nowhere in development when the lives of the maintainers catch up to them. But there is another way to go about open source!

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TuxMachines: Could A New Linux Base For Tablets/Smartphones Succeed In 2017?

Sunday 16th of April 2017 08:48:13 PM

Over the years we have seen many mobile/smartphone focused Linux efforts come and go from OpenMoko, Moblin/MeeGo, webOS, Firefox OS, and most recently Ubuntu Touch while others like Sailfish OS and Plasma Mobile appear to be somewhat stagnate or at least not gaining much marketshare nor advancing rapidly. But what if more of these mobile Linux efforts were to collaborate on a common base? There's a new effort being worked on in this area.

A Phoronix reader involved with this new project codenamed HALIUM shared with us some early details on the work. This open-source project is trying to pool resources and developers from UBports (one of the groups forking Unity 8), Sailfish OS community developers, the open webOS Lune OS project, and KDE Plasma Mobile contributors, among other developers.

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LXer: Going to ApacheCon? Check out TomcatCon, a Mini-Conference Featuring Apache Tomcat

Sunday 16th of April 2017 08:47:29 PM
ApacheCon North America is only a few weeks away and will be happening May 16-18, 2017, in Miami. It’s particularly exciting this year because ApacheCon is going to be a little different. For one thing, there is a series of mini-conferences running in and around ApacheCon that you will not want to miss.

More in Tux Machines

R1Soft's Backup Backport, TrustZone CryptoCell in Linux

  • CloudLinux 6 Gets New Beta Kernel to Backport a Fix for R1Soft's Backup Solution
    After announcing earlier this week the availability of a new Beta kernel for CloudLinux 7 and CloudLinux 6 Hybrid users, CloudLinux's Mykola Naugolnyi is now informing us about the release of a Beta kernel for CloudLinux 6 users. The updated CloudLinux 6 Beta kernel is tagged as build 2.6.32-673.26.1.lve1.4.26 and it's here to replace kernel 2.6.32-673.26.1.lve1.4.25. It is available right now for download from CloudLinux's updates-testing repository and backports a fix (CKSIX-109) for R1Soft's backup solution from CloudLinux 7's kernel.
  • Linux 4.12 To Begin Supporting TrustZone CryptoCell
    The upcoming Linux 4.12 kernel cycle plans to introduce support for CryptoCell hardware within ARM's TrustZone.

Lakka 2.0 stable release!

After 6 months of community testing, we are proud to announce Lakka 2.0! This new version of Lakka is based on LibreELEC instead of OpenELEC. Almost every package has been updated! We are now using RetroArch 1.5.0, which includes so many changes that listing everything in a single blogpost is rather difficult. Read more Also: LibreELEC-Based Lakka 2.0 Officially Released with Raspberry Pi Zero W Support

Leftovers: Gaming

SparkyLinux Now Powered by Linux 4.10.13, Budgie Desktop Removed from Repos

The Polish developers of the Debian-based SparkyLinux operating system are ending the month of April by informing the community about everything good or bad that happened to their open-source project during the last few weeks. First thing first, the distribution is now powered by the latest stable kernel, Linux 4.10.13, so you are urged to update your SparkyLinux installation as soon as possible, and remember to reboot the machine after installing the new kernel. Enlightenment's EFL libraries were also updated, to version 1.19.0. Read more