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Reddit: Sync multiple imaps and deliver to an mda

Saturday 17th of January 2015 08:35:01 PM

TuxMachines: Castilla-La Mancha nurtures open source sector

Saturday 17th of January 2015 08:25:41 PM

The government of Castilla-La Mancha (Spain) continues to strengthen the region’s free and open source ICT service providers. The region’s Technology Support Centre (BILIB) is helping companies pilot cloud solutions based on this type of software.

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TuxMachines: Android Lollipop vs. Android KitKat: New Features & Material Design Explored

Saturday 17th of January 2015 08:11:53 PM

Android Lollipop is a HUGE update that sees Google taking its already mature platform several steps further. The Big G has tightened up nearly every element of its mobile platform, refining the look and feel of Android across the board, as well as touching up back-end tools and protocols to make the platform even more efficient.

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Reddit: What graphical editor to create professional tables with pre-defined layouts?

Saturday 17th of January 2015 07:52:05 PM

Dear fellow writers,

What graphical editor can you recommend me to create professional tables particularly for the usage in academic papers and technical reports?

See this example table taken from an academic paper:

  • I don't want to write code (for instance LaTeX)
  • I don't want to take care of the design but choose from pre-defined layouts
  • I want a simple interface allowing me to focus on the core process of entering data into cells, columns and rows.
  • Despite that wish for a simple to user interface I want to be able to create complex table layouts if necessary

Thank you for your advice!

submitted by orschiro
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Reddit: 2015 keynote: Linus Torvalds

Saturday 17th of January 2015 07:45:23 PM

Reddit: Directx9 install problems

Saturday 17th of January 2015 07:37:37 PM

im trying to install directx9 on my linux wine so i can play my hoard of games for windows but it says that my version of windows is not compatible how can i fix this?

submitted by hthor35
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LXer: Linus Torvalds responds to Ars about diversity, niceness in open source

Saturday 17th of January 2015 07:01:58 PM
On Thursday, Linux legend Linus Torvalds sent a lengthy statement to Ars Technica responding to statements he made in Auckland, New Zealand earlier that day about diversity and "niceness" in the open source sector.

Phoronix: Many Linux Desktop 2D Benchmarks Of NVIDIA vs. AMD Drivers

Saturday 17th of January 2015 07:00:00 PM
This week on Phoronix were many Linux graphics tests from Unreal Engine 4 to Metro Redux with twenty-two AMD Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards. Yesterday was also a 22-way GPU Linux OpenCL comparison. For your weekend viewing pleasure are now 2D desktop benchmarks from all of these GeForce and Radeon graphics cards atop Ubuntu Linux.

Reddit: .exe

Saturday 17th of January 2015 05:24:08 PM

So I wanted to download something on Linux. On Windows their applications extensoin is .exe what is that on linux?

submitted by Miaterria
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TuxMachines: today's howtos

Saturday 17th of January 2015 05:11:34 PM

TuxMachines: Leftovers: Gaming

Saturday 17th of January 2015 05:10:50 PM

LXer: Dear Computer Makers: I Want an Ubuntu Notebook!

Saturday 17th of January 2015 05:10:41 PM
An open letter to computer makers about how I want an Ubuntu notebook. I want to buy an inexpensive, low to medium-end notebook that comes preinstalled with Ubuntu. I want it to look nice. I want it to cost $300 to $450.

TuxMachines: Systemd-Import Expands Its Container Capabilities

Saturday 17th of January 2015 04:35:12 PM

The systemd-import command is now more powerful after the latest batch of changes committed by Lennart Poettering prior to starting the weekend.

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Reddit: spotifyd - A spotify daemon in the spirit of MPD

Saturday 17th of January 2015 04:14:22 PM

Slashdot: Linus On Diversity and Niceness In Open Source

Saturday 17th of January 2015 04:07:00 PM
An anonymous reader writes "Linus Torvalds has sent a lengthy statement to Ars Technica responding to statements he made in a conference in New Zealand. One of his classic comments in NZ was: "I'm not a nice person, and I don't care about you. I care about the technology and the kernel — that's what's important to me." On diversity, he said that "the most important part of open source is that people are allowed to do what they are good at" and "all that stuff is just details and not really important." Now he writes: "What I wanted to say — and clearly must have done very badly — is that one of the great things about open source is exactly the fact that different people are so different", and that "I don't know where you happen to be based, but this 'you have to be nice' seems to be very popular in the US," calling the concept of being nice an "ideology"."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Phoronix: Wayland 1.7 Alpha Released Along With Updated Weston Compositor

Saturday 17th of January 2015 03:57:54 PM
Bryce Harrington has released the first development version of the forthcoming Wayland 1.7 along with the adjoining Weston reference compositor...

LXer: Top 5: A world record, tools for project management, and more

Saturday 17th of January 2015 03:16:19 PM
Welcome to the weekly Top 5! Every week, I check out the stats and chatter to see what stories have been most popular with our readers this week. Last week, we filmed a short preview video that we shared on social media to give you a prep for the full-length video that is on our YouTube channel.

TuxMachines: 22-Way AMD/NVIDIA OpenCL Linux Benchmarks To Start Off 2015

Saturday 17th of January 2015 02:56:05 PM

In having 22 graphics cards out for testing and swapping them all in the same system for the recent Unreal Engine 4 Linux benchmarking and 22-Way AMD+NVIDIA Graphics Card Tests With Metro Redux On Steam For Linux, I ran some OpenCL tests on all of the graphics cards.

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TuxMachines: Collabora Improves Linux Support For Tegra-Based Chromebooks

Saturday 17th of January 2015 02:51:37 PM

Collabora has been making improvements to the Tegra-based Chromebooks for running the non-ChromeOS Linux desktop.

The Nyan Blaze and Big Tegra K1 powered Chromebooks should now work nicely with Linux given the eleven new patches done by Tomeu Vizoso of consulting firm Collabora.

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Phoronix: Mageia 5 Beta 2 Finally Released, Mageia 5 Delayed To March

Saturday 17th of January 2015 02:37:44 PM
After being challenged by delays, Mageia 5 Beta 2 was officially released on Friday. A revised release date for the Mageia 5 official ISOs has also been determined...

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