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LXer: Intense Gameplay? Try these 13 Roguelike games

Wednesday 3rd of December 2014 11:43:26 PM
This article compiles a good selection of roguelike games available for Linux. If you enjoy intense, addictive gameplay, try these 13 games. Don't be put off by the primitive graphics, you'll soon forget the visuals once you get immersed. All of them are available to download without charge, and almost all are released under an open source license.

TuxMachines: today's howtos

Wednesday 3rd of December 2014 11:43:00 PM

Reddit: [Hadoop]If I want to run in pseudo distributed mode, how do I ssh to different hosts/usernames on the same Linux server?

Wednesday 3rd of December 2014 11:31:43 PM

HNData 1, 2, 3. How would I SSH into a 'different' box while running one virtualbox image of mint linux?

Or do I have to open other virtualboxes and somehow, when they are inactive, be able to ssh into them? Can I even do that?

submitted by zetsui
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TuxMachines: First Stable Opera 26 for Linux Is Out, Features Best Possible HiDPI Support

Wednesday 3rd of December 2014 11:30:12 PM

The stable version of the Opera browser has finally been released for the Linux platform and it looks like Google Chrome and Firefox will get some serious competition.

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TuxMachines: How Can We Get Business to Care about Freedom, Openness and Interoperability?

Wednesday 3rd of December 2014 11:23:07 PM

At this point in history, arguments for using Linux, FOSS (free and open-source software) and the Internet make themselves. Yet the virtues behind those things—freedom, openness, compatibility, interoperability, substitutability—still tend to be ignored by commercial builders of new stuff.

For example, US health care, like pretty much every business category, is full of Linux and FOSS, and is to some degree connected on the Net. Yet, it remains a vast feudal system of suppliers that nearly all work to lock doctors, hospitals and labs into dependency on closed, proprietary, incompatible, non-interoperable and non-substitutable systems. I've witnessed these up close as a patient. In one case, diagnostic scans by one machine and software system couldn't be read by computers with software designed to read the output of a different company's scans. In another case, records kept by one specialty failed to inform another specialty in the same hospital. The first one gave me a case of pancreatitis, and the second one gave my mother a fatal stroke.

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TuxMachines: Kodi 14.0 Prepares for Massive Release, XBMC to Be Finally Replaced

Wednesday 3rd of December 2014 11:17:57 PM

Kodi 14.0 RC, the successor of the current XBMC project, has been released and is now available for testing. The famous media hub is preparing for a major name change, but the devs also plan to make the 14.0 branch the best one so far.

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TuxMachines: Help us for a New Unified Graphics for GCompris

Wednesday 3rd of December 2014 11:17:32 PM

Currently the graphics are one of the weakest part of GCompris, as they were mostly done by the developers, using free graphics assets and sparse graphic artist contributions.

To address this problem, we found Timothée Giet, a talented graphic artist interested in working on a complete graphics redesign. He is a long standing Free-Software contributor, active member of the Krita team and so part of the KDE community. Making new graphics for more than 100 activities is a big work, so we need your help to achieve this goal.

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TuxMachines: Calligra 2.8.7 Released

Wednesday 3rd of December 2014 11:13:19 PM

This supplementary release 2.8.7 marks the end of Calligra Suite, and Calligra Active 2.8 series. If you update to 2.8.7 (and you should), you’ll receive over 20 improvements, mostly in Kexi and Krita.

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Reddit: GCompris: New Unified Graphics Fundraiser

Wednesday 3rd of December 2014 09:49:19 PM

LXer: Linux Foundation finds enterprise Linux growing at Windows' expense

Wednesday 3rd of December 2014 09:49:04 PM
According to a new report from The Linux Foundation, Linux is leading Windows on both the cloud and in enterprise application deployments.

Reddit: Creating a Debian/Ubuntu mirror

Wednesday 3rd of December 2014 09:37:32 PM

Reddit: Script for monitoring temps in a remote headless server (xpost from archlinux)

Wednesday 3rd of December 2014 09:36:21 PM

I have a home media/LAMP/etc. server. I recently upgraded the hardware, and I have an overclocked G3258 in the machine. I have some concerns about CPU temps, and have been looking into how I can monitor and get alerts if temps are too high (I eventually would like to add an option to scale-back cores if certain conditions are met). I'm currently running it as a cron job, but will eventually migrate to systemd, and maybe even submit it to AUR if I can work out the bugs and figure out a means to make a config based on hardware so that anyone can use it. So I guess I have a question, followed by a request: first, is all this work unnecessary/is there another way of going about this of which I am unaware? And secondly, I would appreciate if anyone would be willing to check out the Github repo and provide any feedback.

submitted by my_blue_snog_box
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TuxMachines: Canonical Is Porting The modRana Navigation Software For Its Ubuntu Touch

Wednesday 3rd of December 2014 09:22:45 PM

Mike Sheldon, one of the Canonical developers has started porting modRana navigation software for Ubuntu Touch. Mike has chosen modRana because it is open-source and is already available on Sailfish OS, Jolla’s Linux based mobile operating system.

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TuxMachines: Meet Mutate, a Spotlight Alternative for Ubuntu Systems That's Blazing Fast

Wednesday 3rd of December 2014 09:03:37 PM

The Spotlight feature on Mac OS X has drawn the Linux community’s attention and it looks that at least one developer has tried to replicate its functionality and feel. It works very well in Ubuntu, but the source is provided so it should work just as well in other distros.

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TuxMachines: Openwashing: adopter beware

Wednesday 3rd of December 2014 08:52:55 PM

It's great to see where open source software and the communities that support it are today. Many of those who have worked over the years to develop feature-rich applications and enterprise ready systems, that not only compare to, but exceed proprietary options, must feel like pinching themselves.

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LXer: Data-sharing projects awarded by Netherlands research group

Wednesday 3rd of December 2014 08:51:53 PM
Do you know about the Dutch Data Prize?From the Research Data Netherlands (RDNL) website:The Dutch Data Prize expresses appreciation for researchers or research groups that make an additional contribution to science by making their research data available for new or further research. There is a prize for the humanities and social sciences as well as a prize for the exact and technical sciences. The Dutch Data Prize is initiated by Research Data Netherlands (RDNL).read more

Reddit: Tor Browser 4.0.2 is released

Wednesday 3rd of December 2014 08:49:02 PM

Reddit: Is it worth running my own mail server?

Wednesday 3rd of December 2014 08:41:57 PM

I've had my own domain name for just under a year now, and today I've been tidying it up to run a public facing blog.

I was wondering if it's actually worth running my own mail server. I've looked it up and it's not a 5 minute job I can just test out, so I'm looking for some opinions. Realistically I'd have it set up so I can access (send and recieve) from my gmail account.

Am I going to have my email rejected by all the major providers (outlook/gmail) becuase I'm on a non-standard domain?

I like the idea of having multiple accounts for different uses (,

Is it worth the effort of setting it up, and will it survive me having a dynamic dns (ddclient updates namecheap, the ip change isn't very regular (once a month maybe))


submitted by PsychoMario
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LXer: With Btrfs the default on openSUSE, when will other distros follow suit

Wednesday 3rd of December 2014 07:54:42 PM
One change that was implemented in openSUSE 13.2 makes Btrfs the default file system for the root (main) partition. That makes openSUSE the first desktop distribution to use Btrfs as a default file system for any partition.

Reddit: The 5-Minute Essential Shell Tutorial

Wednesday 3rd of December 2014 07:40:42 PM

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