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TuxMachines: Tell the FCC: Net Neutrality is crucial to free software

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 08:37:16 AM

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) needs to be convinced that Net Neutrality is worth saving.

The agency has asked members of the public, along with industry leaders and entrepreneurs, to tell it why Internet Service Providers should be banned from traffic discrimination. This comment window is one of the best opportunities we've had to make an impact. Comments are due July 15, 2014. Submit your statement in support of Net Neutrality right away using the Electronic Frontier Foundation's free software commenting tool.

Net neutrality, the principle that all traffic on the Internet should be treated equally, should be a basic right for Internet users. It's also crucial for free software's continued growth and success.

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Reddit: This is bad, guys...

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 08:18:51 AM

Look, I'm tired of people calling this "Linux". I mean, Android is Linux. I don't have a problem with Android at all, or Google's control over it. Google is not that much worse than Red Hat or Novell or Canonical.

I do have a problem with users not having control over their software. That is the whole point of Free software. And this isn't it. This is worse than Windows, most of the time, over the past decade. When I installed Linux on a Windows computer five years ago, it took less than two hours and I pressed a couple buttons. I didn't have to wait six months for a bunch of reverse-engineers to figure out some sort of awful DRM-ified firmware, I just stuck a disc in a drive and it worked, because even Microsoft wasn't this evil.

Today, I can buy a computer with "Linux". Supposedly. How refreshing. Ooh, and it asks for my Gmail account when I turn it on.

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LXer: Last but not least, Linux support arrives for Chrome Remote Desktop

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 08:11:41 AM
After pushing Chrome Remote Desktop to mobile, Google has finally announced official beta Linux support for its remote access and administration product. Earlier this year, Chrome Remote Desktop support was extended from Windows and OS X to Android, allowing users of the extension to get remote access to their Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops from the Chrome browser. But while Google promised that iOS support would come later this year, at the time there was no mention of equivalent support for remote access from a Linux machine.

TuxMachines: Is Firefox in a Fix?

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 07:41:34 AM

"The ousting of Eich, the DRM problem -- all those imbroglios have tarnished the image of Firefox," said Google+ blogger Alessandrom Ebersol. So, on one side, "agnostic users left Firefox because they were told its new CEO was a conservative bigot. The folks who care about freedom, privacy and open Internet left Firefox because of the DRM module to play Netflix.

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LXer: HandyLinux 1.6 Screenshot Tour

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 07:14:30 AM
HandyLinux 1.6 has been released. HandyLinux is a Debian-based distribution that features a novice-friendly start menu with application launchers and Internet bookmarks. The just-announced version 1.6 is the project's first release that merges the French and English flavours into one download, available for the i486 and i686 (PAE) architectures.

TuxMachines: Best Linux Desktop, FreeDOS Still Matters, and Darksiders

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 07:14:09 AM

In today's Linux news, Matt Hartley looks at 10 Linux distributions he likes and recommends. says DOS still matters and speaks with those still working on FreeDOS. Chin Wong rediscovers Opera and Jim Whitehurst discusses Red Hat. Raspberry Pi introduces a new board and Darksiders is rumored to heading to Linux. This and more awaits inside.

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TuxMachines: halting problem :: codes of conduct

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 07:11:49 AM

You would think that, in 2014, implementing a code of conduct for conferences or conventions would not be a controversial topic. sadly, you'd also be mistaken. there are various contrarian positions about implementing anti-harassment policies; most, if not all of those positions are wrong.

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TuxMachines: Fermilab Releases Scientific Linux 7.0 Alpha 2

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 07:06:03 AM

The second Alpha version of Scientific Linux 7.0, a recompiled Red Hat Enterprise Linux put together by various labs and universities around the world, is now available for download and testing.

The developers of Scientific Linux 7.0 have moved very fast and, just a week after the first Release Candidate, a new development release has been made available. Given the short development period since the first Alpha, it's actually surprising that the devs managed to get all those changes and improvements in.

“Fermilab's intention is to continue the development and support of Scientific Linux and refine its focus as an operating system for scientific computing. Today we are announcing an alpha release of Scientific Linux 7. We continue to develop a stable process for generating and distributing Scientific Linux, with the intent that Scientific Linux remains the same high quality operating system the community has come to expect.”

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TuxMachines: 4MLinux Allinone Edition 9.1 Beta Has Everything You Need

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 07:03:37 AM

4MLinux Allinone Edition 9.1 Beta, a Linux distro focusing on the Maintenance (system rescue Live CD), Multimedia (e.g. playing video DVDs), Miniserver (using the inetd daemon), and Mystery (Linux games) 4M editions, is now available for download and testing.

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LXer: Initiate Redhat installation remotely via VNC

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 06:17:19 AM
Apart of the regular local Redhat's installation, the Redhat system allows admin to modify boot options to temporarily setup network interface and instruct the installation program Anaconda to initiate installation via VNC. In this article we will modify default Redhat's boot options to initiate remote installation using VNC.

Reddit: How to uninstall Linux?

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 05:38:41 AM

I know, I know, I shouldn't. But I want to play a few games on it, and I don't want to mess around with wine. I tried it, but it's not for me. But now that I have windows 8.1 on my USB stick and I want to install it it says Windows 8.1 cannot be installed on this partition, the same partition where the linux is... So how do I remove Linux to be able to install Win 8? Thank you

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LXer: “World’s first” iris recognition smartwatch runs Android

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 05:20:08 AM
IriTech has launched an Indiegogo project for an Android-based “Fidelys” smartwatch with iris recognition technology and a rotating-clicking bezel for I/O. The main draw of the Fidelys is its “military grade” iris recognition technology, which avoids the need for vulnerable, inconvenient, hard to remember passwords, says IriTech. By visually verifying one’s iris, the technology can […]

LXer: 5 reasons why software bugs still plague us

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 04:22:57 AM
Another month, another few dozen patches to install -- it's never-ending. It's frustrating. Software coding tools supposedly have security built in by default. We have "safe" programming languages. We have programmers using SDL (security development lifecycle) coding tools and techniques. We have operating systems with more secure defaults and vendors that fuzz and attack their own software with a vengeance to find holes. We have companies spending billions of dollars to eliminate software bugs.

LXer: Android Candy: Repix, Not Just Another Photo App

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 03:25:46 AM
Apps like Instagram have made photo filters commonplace. I actually don't mind the vintage look for quick cell-phone snapshots, but a filter can do only so much. At first glance, Repix is another one of those "make your photo cool" apps that does little more than add a border and change saturation levels.

Reddit: Duplicated VM in VMware vSphere 5.5 - Duplicated VM won't correctly see/use its FQDN

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 03:02:31 AM

We built a file server on CentOS in our VMware environment for students to use to serve home directories, and once we got it configured to our liking, we duplicated it in VMware and changed its IP for faculty use. It all seems to be working, except if you ask the duplicated VM what its FQDN is, it reports:

# hostname --fqdn localhost.localdomain

hostname -f -v reports:

# hostname -v -f gethostname()=`<correct shortname>' Resolving `<correct shortname>' ... Result: h_name=`localhost.localdomain' Result: h_aliases=`localhost.localdomain' Result: h_aliases=`localhost4' Result: h_aliases=`localhost4.localdomain4' Result: h_aliases=`localhost' Result: h_aliases=`<correct shortname>' Result: h_aliases=`localhost.localdomain' Result: h_aliases=`localhost6' Result: h_aliases=`localhost6.localdomain6' Result: h_aliases=`localhost' Result: h_aliases=`<correct shortname>' Result: h_aliases=`<correct shortname>' Result: h_aliases=`<correct FQDN>' Result: h_addr_list=`' Result: h_addr_list=`' Result: h_addr_list=`' localhost.localdomain

I've manually added the FQDN to /etc/hosts, I can set it with "hostname" but it reverts after a reboot. The other server just picked up its hostname and FQDN from DNS automatically, no configuration on our part required. I did have to do some work to get the duplicated VM on the network, since it seemed to really want its network card to be that of the original VM, but I'm not sure where else in the bowels of CentOS I should be looking to correct this.

I'd appreciate any insights!

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LinuxInsider: Is Firefox in a Fix?

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 02:39:28 AM
It's been difficult to hear ourselves think here in the Linux blogosphere lately, what with all the distractions that have been thrown our way. We've had the NSA casting aspersions on Linux users; we've had the IRS looking askance at FOSS. We've even had the well-respected Tor Project sucked into a lawsuit over revenge porn, of all things. Ready for the latest? None other than this: "Is Firefox dying a slow death?" That, indeed, was the headline over at ITworld, and variations on the theme could be heard elsewhere in the blogosphere as well.

LXer: Is making your product free and open source crazy talk?

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 02:28:35 AM
Making money from open source. To many in the corporate world, that seems like a contradiction in terms. How are you supposed to make money from something that you give away? they ask. It can be done. A number of companies, large and small, have done quite well in the open source space over the years.