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Reddit: Why does Ubuntu get such a bad rap?

Sunday 10th of July 2016 01:39:01 PM

Hello all,

Just had a thought and was curious. Why does the Ubuntu Distribution get such a bad reputation from users in the Linux Community? I get the fact that it's backed by a corporation which can go against the idea of a community driven project, but why do people dislike it so much? I've personally been using it since Ubuntu 8.04 (on and off) and I enjoy it. I've also used Debian play around with Arch a bit (unsuccessfully).

What is your take on it?

If you use Ubuntu, why do you prefer it?

If you're not an Ubuntu user what distro do you prefer to it, and why?

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LXer: Top-5 Method to find your server Shared or public IP address

Sunday 10th of July 2016 12:52:54 PM
We can find our shared or public IP address using below five methods, most of the Linux server Admin use “ifconfig” command to check the server shared or public IP address. But if we use ifconfig command to any hardware firewall or NAT set-up server, we can find only local(LAN) IP instead of public IP.

Phoronix: X Developer Keith Packard's ChaosKey Hardware RNG Is Almost Here

Sunday 10th of July 2016 12:48:13 PM
Veteran X.Org/X developer Keith Packard along with well known open-source advocate Bdale Garbee have been working on an "inexpensive yet robust" USB-based hardware random number generator...

Phoronix: Mesa Is Almost Back Up To 1.9 Million Lines Of Code

Sunday 10th of July 2016 12:22:43 PM
Being half-way through the year now and also given the recent Mesa 12.0 release I decided to run some Git statistics on Mesa to see how this year is panning out for its development...

Phoronix: Ubuntu's Unity Desktop Can Now Run Natively On Windows

Sunday 10th of July 2016 11:46:33 AM
It's possible to run the Unity desktop with Compiz window manager atop Windows 10...

LXer: Mesa 12 released, Vulkan for Intel, OpenGL 4.3 and more for open source graphics users

Sunday 10th of July 2016 11:04:16 AM
Wow, Mesa 12 has officially been released and it's a huge release for them! Intel now supports Vulkan, their OpenGL is up to 4.3 and more.

LXer: Poppins 0.2 beta released

Sunday 10th of July 2016 09:15:37 AM
We are proud to announce the new release of Poppins 0.2 beta. This release is a big improvement including new features and bug fixing. Poppins is a command line backup utility for Linux, written in PHP! It is based on the awsome rsync and handles backup rotation with either hardlinks or BTRFS/ZFS snapshots.

TuxMachines: today's leftovers

Sunday 10th of July 2016 09:14:13 AM
  • Download Linux Voice issue 20

    Issue 20 of Linux Voice is nine months old, so we’re releasing it under the Creative Commons BY-SA license. You can share and modify all content from the magazine (apart from adverts), providing you credit Linux Voice as the original source and retain the same license.

  • Linux Desktop Operating System Share Crosses 2% For The First Time Ever [Ed: Linux at 2% is nonsense, especially if one counts everything (like ChromeOS). Microsoft connections to the source noteworthy.]

    According to the latest June 2016 numbers released by a data analytics firm, for the first time ever, Linux distributions have crossed 2% marketshare on the desktop. While this number remain controversial, it’s no denying the fact that Linux is continuously gaining ground and making new users.

  • A checklist for Docker in the Enterprise

    Docker is extremely popular with developers, having gone as a product from zero to pretty much everywhere in a few years.

    I started tinkering with Docker three years ago, got it going in a relatively small corp (700 employees) in a relatively unregulated environment. This was great fun: we set up our own registry, installed Docker on our development servers, installed Jenkins plugins to use Docker containers in our CI pipeline, even wrote our own build tool to get over the limitations of Dockerfiles.

    I now work for an organisation working in arguably the most heavily regulated industry, with over 100K employees. The IT security department itself is bigger than the entire company I used to work for.

  • Ubuntu on Macbook Black Screen
  • Monthly link collections with staticsite
  • SketchUp running on Ubuntu 16.04 - Tutorial

    Overall, I am pleased with this effort. PlayOnLinux has never really captivated my imagination and sympathy, but it does have its merits, and one of them is that it allows you, with a fairly okay level of certainty and stability, to run SketchUp in Linux. For those who seek this path to enlightenment, it's quite good.

    There are some small problems, and a random crash or two will always be your nemesis in a situation like this. All in all, you do have hardware acceleration, the functionality is just like in Windows, the performance is pretty good, and the program works fairly well. The setup is seamless, thanks to PlayOnLinux, and as a result of this guide, it has earned itself a second chance in the Dedoimedo testing furnace. I hope you find this little tutorial useful to your artistic needs. See you around, and do let me know if you have any other requests on testing Windows stuff on Linux, and similar tools and programs that can help us achieve this. Successfully, of course.

  • Alienware do a pretty nice job of advertising their Steam Machine & SteamOS in this new video

    A new promotional video from Alienware showing off their Steam Machine has surfaced recently and it's a pretty nice video.

    It does still highlight an issue with SteamOS showing non-SteamOS games on the store. Valve are being far too slow to act on this issue. It should show only SteamOS compatible games everywhere by default, Windows games should be the checkbox, not the other way around. I've mentioned this many times before, but it's a real shame it's still an issue.
    It's as dumb as showing Xbox games on a PS4, it just shouldn't happen.

    I do love the look of the Alienware Steam Machine, but their new editions are a bit on the pricey side.

  • How to recover deleted text messages on your Android smartphone
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Gets Android 6.1 Marshmallow Update
  • Nice Concept, Shame About The Hardware And Software

    Edsger Dijkstra (or Donald Knuth or maybe someone else) noted that testing can only confirm the presence of bugs. It has also been noted that software wears in rather than wears out. So, would you rather run software which was written last week by an obnoxious kid or would you rather run software which has been run on five million computers for 10 years? The latter reduces problems by at least a factor of 10. Although, the remainder can surprise. As examples, a critical Microsoft Windows bug was found after 15 years and a severe GNU bug was found after 18 years. Some of the innocuous but more numerous bugs may hang around for more than 25 years before being fixed.

  • Red Hat open source awards for two women

    Red Hat has made presentations to two women under its Women in Open Source Award initiative which was started by the company last year.

    This year's awards were given to Jessica McKellar, director of engineering and chief of staff to the vice-president of engineering at Dropbox, and Preeti Murthy, a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University.

  • DebConf17 Debian Conference to Take Place August 6-12, 2017 in Montréal, Canada

    Today, July 9, 2016, Laura Arjona Reina from the Debian Project informed the Debian GNU/Linux community that the DebConf16 developer conference is now over, and the dates for the next year's DebConf17 event have been set.

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TuxMachines: Leftovers: Software

Sunday 10th of July 2016 09:12:17 AM
  • OpenPHT 1.6.2 for Debian/sid

    I have updated the openpht repository with builds of OpenPHT 1.6.2 for Debian/sid for both amd64 and i386 architecture. For those who have forgotten it, OpenPHT is the open source fork of Plex Home Theater that is used on RasPlex, see my last post concerning OpenPHT for details.

  • procps 3.3.12

    The procps developers are happy to announce that version 3.3.12 of procps was released today. This version has a mixture of bug fixes and enhancements. This unfortunately means another API bump but we are hoping this will be fixed with the new library API coming soon.

  • 6 Excellent Linux Diff Tools

    File comparison compares the contents of computer files, finding their common contents and their differences. The result of the comparison is often known as a diff.

  • Linux debugging tools I love

    I gave a talk this weekend about debugging tools I love (here are the slides, such as they are). I think of these tools like a swiss army knife -- if something on your system is wrong or slow, in any programming language, knowing how to use them can really help you out. I've written pretty extensively on this, but I didn't have a central list to refer to. So! Here's the list of my current favorite tools. There are only 5! I've used all of them (except opensnoop) to debug actual problems.

    tcpdump and wireshark and opensnoop are also things that you can have on OS X.

  • FreeType 2.6.4

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TuxMachines: OSS Leftover

Sunday 10th of July 2016 09:05:06 AM

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TuxMachines: Dominant Brands in Iran’s Android Market

Sunday 10th of July 2016 08:24:07 AM

It doesn’t matter where you look, if you don’t speak English in Iran, it’s hard for you to use Google Play and believe me not all the android users in the country speak Engish. The other factor is the developers and companies which are developing Farsi apps for the domestic Market. Many of the applications in Google Play are not designed for the culture and Iranians needs. And if there is an app which Iranian users could use it’s probably in English so it becomes obsolete for the users. And apart from that Cafe Bazaar is an android app market designed for the Iranians. You might say that Iranian developers could submit their app in Google Play, keep in mind that we live in Iran so we don’t have an international payment system. And if developers want to submit their apps on Google Play they have to acquire a credit card or even open a pseudo company in another country to make everything legal to launch their app on Google Play. And imagine they do, who’s going to use that? I guess not every Iranian, because we don’t have a credit card to purchase apps or make in-App-Purchases from Google Play. So with all these facts in mind Cafe Bazaar is the only solution for Iranian android app market. And with their recent contracts with Supercell and many other major companies, Iranians can now use in-App-Purchase with the Rial currency, and their bank debit cards online. Not to mention that recently even Clash of Clans launched their game in Farsi language for Iranian users. With these initiatives, we guess Iran is a good market for foreign companies to work with Iranian android marketplaces for their payment system, and even to launch their product in Farsi language to generate more revenue from Iran’s market. 29M android users only in Cafe Bazaar is a big number for any company in the world.

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LXer: Chromium OS for SBCs Project Needs Your Help to Continue Full-Scale Work

Sunday 10th of July 2016 07:26:58 AM
Softpedia was informed today by Dylan Callahan from the Chromium OS for SBCs (Single-Board Computers) project that they are looking for new team members to continue full-scale work.

Reddit: How to get linux on Dell chromebook(2015)

Sunday 10th of July 2016 06:47:39 AM

I have removed the write protect screw and set the chrome book to developer mode. When trying to load custom bios i get write protect fail. Any help?

submitted by /u/Tech_Nerd92
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LXer: 6 Excellent Linux Diff Tools

Sunday 10th of July 2016 05:38:19 AM
File comparison compares the contents of computer files, finding their common contents and their differences. The result of the comparison is often known as a diff.

Reddit: Ubuntu running on the Fairphone 2

Sunday 10th of July 2016 04:07:00 AM

Reddit: Linux User Debating A Switch.

Sunday 10th of July 2016 04:04:55 AM

I'm about to download ArchLinux to test in a VM, I use Linux Mint as my primary OS, I see people who've made the switch because Arch is "better". Can anybody give a valid reason as to why? On the surface from what I've seen they're essentially the same OS, can somebody tell me the differences?

submitted by /u/TylerIsKingYT
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Fedora: The Latest

  • New "remi-php71" repository
  • PHP on the road to the 7.1.0 release
  • First round of Fedora 24 Updated Lives now available. (torrents expected later this week)
    As noted by my colleague on his blog the first round of F24 Updated Lives are now available and carry the date 20160720, Also as mentioned last week on his blog F23 Respins are not going to be actively made, however we and the rest of the volunteer team will field off-off requests as time and resources permit. We are considering a new/second tracker for the Updated Spins but as of today there are only .ISO files available at [shortlink] F24 Live-Respins . The F24 respins carry the 4.6.4-200 Kernel and roughly ~500M of updates since the Gold ISOs were released just 5 weeks ago. (some ISOs have more updates, some less)