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TuxMachines: New Plasma brings a cleaner interface on top of a new graphics stack

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 01:41:07 PM

Plasma 5.0
Plasma 5.0
July 15, 2014. KDE proudly announces the immediate availability of Plasma 5.0, providing a visually updated core desktop experience that is easy to use and familiar to the user. Plasma 5.0 introduces a new major version of KDE's workspace offering. The new Breeze artwork concept introduces cleaner visuals and improved readability. Central work-flows have been streamlined, while well-known overarching interaction patterns are left intact. Plasma 5.0 improves support for high-DPI displays and ships a converged shell, able to switch between user experiences for different target devices. Changes under the hood include the migration to a new, fully hardware-accelerated graphics stack centered around an OpenGL(ES) scenegraph. Plasma is built using Qt 5 and Frameworks 5.

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TuxMachines: OpenWRT 14.07 RC1 Brings Native IPv6 Support, New Init System

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 01:35:42 PM

The first release candidate to OpenWRT "Barrier Breaker" 14.07 is now available with a large number of changes to this popular embedded Linux distribution primarily for routers and other network devices.

Among the highlights for OpenWRT 14.07 RC1 "Barrier Breaker" is an update against the Linux 3.10 kernel, a new preinit/init/hot-plug/event system (their own Procd custom creation), native IPv6 support, file-system improvements, configuration improvements, numerous networking enhancements, initial support for the Musl C standard library, support for DNSSEC validation, and a wide assortment of other improvements for this embedded Linux platform.

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TuxMachines: New AMD Catalyst 14.6 Beta Video Driver for Linux Now Out

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 01:30:12 PM

It's been quite a while since the previous driver release by AMD for the Linux platform and it looks like the company still isn't ready to promote a stable version. This means that the Linux users will have to contend with yet another Beta. At least it comes with a few fixes.

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Reddit: Learn tmux with minimul

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 01:16:23 PM

LXer: A call to arms for open source!

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 12:47:24 PM
For both my friend and me, open source has been critical to how we live our lives. It's not a job or a career, but a more

LXer: Raspberry Pi supercomputer tutorial

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 11:50:13 AM
Now that you have built your own Raspberry Pi-based supercomputer, learn the basics of how to write Python code to take advantage of all of this power

TuxMachines: Apple iPhone 6 Clone Surfaces in China as CCTV Cautions Against iPhone Usage, Fearing NSA Spying

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 11:19:54 AM

However, it's still believed to be Android at play here that has been tweaked enough to offer an iOS like UI, claims 9to5Mac.

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LinuxToday: Raspberry Pi 2 expected in 2017, Foundation focussed on software for now

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 11:00:00 AM

 RaspberryPi Today: Raspberry Pi Foundation founder Eben Upton revealed that they plan to release a higher performance Raspberry Pi in 2017.

Reddit: How to use EAP with radius and to manage self-signed CA

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 10:45:39 AM


Sometime ago I had a task to authenticate wi-fi users via EAP and radius.
First of all you need CA to sign, revoke and manage certs.
Of course we have openssl but you need keep all set of commands in mind.
So I decided to write tool which can help me.
And now I can share my work with community. If you find it useful I will be glad.

Welcome any feedback
Thank you.

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TuxMachines: Microsoft Said to Announce Job Cuts as Soon as This Week

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 09:04:42 AM

The restructuring may end up being the biggest in Microsoft history, topping the 5,800 jobs cut in 2009, two of the people said. Some details are still being worked out, two of the people said.

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TuxMachines: Tell the FCC: Net Neutrality is crucial to free software

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 08:37:16 AM

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) needs to be convinced that Net Neutrality is worth saving.

The agency has asked members of the public, along with industry leaders and entrepreneurs, to tell it why Internet Service Providers should be banned from traffic discrimination. This comment window is one of the best opportunities we've had to make an impact. Comments are due July 15, 2014. Submit your statement in support of Net Neutrality right away using the Electronic Frontier Foundation's free software commenting tool.

Net neutrality, the principle that all traffic on the Internet should be treated equally, should be a basic right for Internet users. It's also crucial for free software's continued growth and success.

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Reddit: This is bad, guys...

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 08:18:51 AM

Look, I'm tired of people calling this "Linux". I mean, Android is Linux. I don't have a problem with Android at all, or Google's control over it. Google is not that much worse than Red Hat or Novell or Canonical.

I do have a problem with users not having control over their software. That is the whole point of Free software. And this isn't it. This is worse than Windows, most of the time, over the past decade. When I installed Linux on a Windows computer five years ago, it took less than two hours and I pressed a couple buttons. I didn't have to wait six months for a bunch of reverse-engineers to figure out some sort of awful DRM-ified firmware, I just stuck a disc in a drive and it worked, because even Microsoft wasn't this evil.

Today, I can buy a computer with "Linux". Supposedly. How refreshing. Ooh, and it asks for my Gmail account when I turn it on.

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LXer: Last but not least, Linux support arrives for Chrome Remote Desktop

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 08:11:41 AM
After pushing Chrome Remote Desktop to mobile, Google has finally announced official beta Linux support for its remote access and administration product. Earlier this year, Chrome Remote Desktop support was extended from Windows and OS X to Android, allowing users of the extension to get remote access to their Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops from the Chrome browser. But while Google promised that iOS support would come later this year, at the time there was no mention of equivalent support for remote access from a Linux machine.

TuxMachines: Is Firefox in a Fix?

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 07:41:34 AM

"The ousting of Eich, the DRM problem -- all those imbroglios have tarnished the image of Firefox," said Google+ blogger Alessandrom Ebersol. So, on one side, "agnostic users left Firefox because they were told its new CEO was a conservative bigot. The folks who care about freedom, privacy and open Internet left Firefox because of the DRM module to play Netflix.

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LXer: HandyLinux 1.6 Screenshot Tour

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 07:14:30 AM
HandyLinux 1.6 has been released. HandyLinux is a Debian-based distribution that features a novice-friendly start menu with application launchers and Internet bookmarks. The just-announced version 1.6 is the project's first release that merges the French and English flavours into one download, available for the i486 and i686 (PAE) architectures.

TuxMachines: Best Linux Desktop, FreeDOS Still Matters, and Darksiders

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 07:14:09 AM

In today's Linux news, Matt Hartley looks at 10 Linux distributions he likes and recommends. says DOS still matters and speaks with those still working on FreeDOS. Chin Wong rediscovers Opera and Jim Whitehurst discusses Red Hat. Raspberry Pi introduces a new board and Darksiders is rumored to heading to Linux. This and more awaits inside.

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TuxMachines: halting problem :: codes of conduct

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 07:11:49 AM

You would think that, in 2014, implementing a code of conduct for conferences or conventions would not be a controversial topic. sadly, you'd also be mistaken. there are various contrarian positions about implementing anti-harassment policies; most, if not all of those positions are wrong.

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