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Reddit: VeraCrypt: Secure Your Data On An Encrypted Volume

Monday 16th of February 2015 04:05:03 PM

Reddit: Ubuntu 14.04 clean up / tweak script

Monday 16th of February 2015 04:01:12 PM

LXer: SCALE 13x: My Dance Card

Monday 16th of February 2015 03:54:54 PM
There are about 130 sessions at SCALE 13x and a great majority of them are of interest to the beginner and/or intermediate user. A rule of thumb in attending a session is that if you’ve never heard of the software and/or you’d never have a reason to use it, you’re probably not a sysadmin and don’t need to attend. That’s of little consolation to most, because of the packed schedule.

LinuxToday: 5 Reasons To Use Linux Mint And Not Ubuntu

Monday 16th of February 2015 03:00:00 PM

 EveryDayLinux: If you are new to Linux then choosing the right distribution isn't easy.

LXer: Black Lab Linux MATE 6.1 released

Monday 16th of February 2015 02:57:43 PM
Today we are pleased to announce the release of Black Lab Linux MATE 6.1. Black Lab Linux MATE 6.1 is a distribution of Black Lab Linux that utilizes the Mate Desktop environment.

Phoronix: CrunchBang Linux Revived As CrunchBang++

Monday 16th of February 2015 02:54:26 PM
Earlier this month we wrote how CrunchBang Linux was winding down with its lead developer halting development of this Debian-based distribution. However, there's new developers now forming the CrunchBang++ project...

Reddit: Why did Adobe cut their updates to flash for Linux?

Monday 16th of February 2015 02:48:02 PM

I was working on a flash project in 11.5 and I cannot use it on my portable Linux machine because Adobe cut updates after 11.2... why is this?

submitted by LeroyGankins
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Phoronix: The Community Really Wants To See Linux 4.0

Monday 16th of February 2015 02:42:19 PM
Linus Torvalds has yet to reveal whether Linux 3.20 will be re-branded as Linux 4.0, but it seems the community at least really wants this version bump to happen...

Phoronix: The DRM Graphics Changes Submitted For Linux 3.20

Monday 16th of February 2015 02:13:20 PM
The most recent pull request for the already very exciting Linux 3.20 / 4.0 kernel is the DRM graphics driver changes, which of course excite us a lot. This DRM pull request is another fairly heavy pull request with a number of end-user features for the popular open-source graphics drivers...

LXer: Redesigning the Linux video system from the ground up

Monday 16th of February 2015 02:00:32 PM
Being a good open source citizen—that's where it starts. For Jon Cruz, navigating various technical opportunities over the years eventually led him there. Jon recently started working in the Open Source Group at Samsung where he works on the Wayland project as well as IoTivity, an infrastructure for the Internet of more

Phoronix: Kdenlive KDE Video Editor Is Still Progressing

Monday 16th of February 2015 01:41:49 PM
Last week after wondering the state of OpenShot 2.0, there was a long overdue update on OpenShot, a promising open-source video editor that hasn't seen a major release in years. Today there's an update to share on Kdenlive, the open-source KDE video editor...

Reddit: What exactly does iotop log?

Monday 16th of February 2015 01:00:47 PM


I'm trying to quantify the amount of I/O in a server, but iotop tells me there's a big write rate and I can't find why.

  • Does iotop log only writing/reading files? Or does it log, for exemple, writing to sockets?

  • How can I know which files are written/read by a process?

Thanks for your help

submitted by MonsieurBanana
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TuxMachines: Black Lab Linux Introduces Its First MATE Edition - Screenshot Tour

Monday 16th of February 2015 01:00:32 PM

Roberto J. Dohnert, lead developer and project lead of Black Lab Linux, had the pleasure of announcing Softpedia earlier today, February 16, about the immediate availability for download of the Black Lab Linux MATE computer operating system, based on Ubuntu Linux and the MATE desktop environment.

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LinuxToday: Fed up with systemd and Linux? Why not try PC-BSD?

Monday 16th of February 2015 01:00:00 PM

 ITwire: With the growing adoption of systemd, dissatisfaction with Linux has reached proportions not seen in recent years, to the extent that people have started talking of switching to FreeBSD

TuxMachines: Bridge Linux KDE Is an Arch Linux Distribution with a Nice KDE Setup - Screenshot Tour

Monday 16th of February 2015 12:55:43 PM

A brand-new release of the Bridge Linux computer operating system arrived this past weekend, version 2015.02, which uses the latest ArchBang sources to provide a user-friendly Arch Linux distribution for those who want to easily install the acclaimed OS on their computers. The release is distributed in four editions, with the KDE, GNOME, Xfce, and LXDE desktop environments.

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TuxMachines: Meizu teases Ubuntu phone ahead of MWC event

Monday 16th of February 2015 12:52:04 PM

Ubuntu on mobile phones has been a long standing project for Canonical and quite an ambitious one. Much like Microsoft and its new One Windows ideology, Canonical hatched the scheme for a unified cross-device application ecosystem long ago, but progress has been rather slow.
Meizu has been a vital part of the new OS development with various demo builds and rumor of Ubuntu-powered Meizu handset popping up ever since the MX 3 was the company's flagship offer. Today the Chinese smartphone maker posted a rather interesting teaser on Facebook. The image hints at a new OS, which will join the ranks of Flyme and YunOS and probably be unveiled at this year's MWC.

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XFCE 4.12 Released With Several Changes, Install In Ubuntu

xfce 4.12 released install in ubuntu

Xfce is a lightweight desktop environment for UNIX-like operating systems. It aims to be fast and low on system resources, while still being visually appealing and user friendly. After two years and 10 months Xfce sees a newreleaseXfce 4.12 with so many changes.

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Linux Kernel Developer Work Spaces Video: Tejun Heo, Red Hat

Tejun Heo is a Linux kernel developer and a principal software engineer at Red Hat. In this video he takes us on a tour of his home office and answers a few questions about his work as a kernel subsystem maintainer. Read more

Xfce 4.12 Has Been Officially Released

After two years of hard work, the Xfce development team had the pleasure of announcing a few minutes ago, February 28, the immediate and general availability of the highly anticipated Xfce 4.12 desktop environment for GNU/Linux distributions. Read more

New Tizen Tools Version Released (15.01)

A new version of the Tizen development tools has been released, version 15.01, and it is available on, including the following: GBS 0.23.2 MIC 0.24.4 REPA 0.3 BMAP-TOOLS 3.3 Read more