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Reddit: Is AMD going to release an open source vulkan driver ?

Sunday 14th of August 2016 03:52:22 PM

I had heard that they were going to but is it still on ?

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LXer: Mirantis and SUSE support multiple Linux OpenStack clouds

Sunday 14th of August 2016 02:11:50 PM
OpenStack runs on Linux, but it has many moving parts. SUSE and Mirantis want to be your cloud integrator.

Reddit: full stack developer

Sunday 14th of August 2016 01:44:28 PM

Phoronix: OpenSK Hopes To Be The Vulkan Of Audio/Multimedia

Sunday 14th of August 2016 12:57:16 PM
OpenSK (Open Stream Kit) is a project driven by a Microsoft engineer that aims to be "a cross-platform low-level sound library inspired by the Vulkan API."..

Phoronix: Libweston-Desktop Added To Wayland's Weston

Sunday 14th of August 2016 12:44:49 PM
For the past two years already there has been an effort going of building libweston, effectively punting much of the Weston code off into a library that can then be re-used by other Wayland compositors. Libweston provides most of the basic Wayland protocol components and other low-level functionality so it becomes easier for developers to build full-featured Wayland compositors. Now part of the family is Libweston-Desktop...

Reddit: PAmix - pavucontrol like Terminal PulseAudio mixer

Sunday 14th of August 2016 12:40:07 PM

Supports tabs for Playback, Recording, Output/Input Devices

Get it here:


submitted by /u/patroclos_
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Phoronix: ModernGL: Improving The OpenGL Bindings For Python

Sunday 14th of August 2016 12:21:51 PM
For those looking to make use of OpenGL from Python, the ModernGL project aims to provide better GL bindings for the language...

LXer: Scaling Out with SwarmKit

Sunday 14th of August 2016 12:17:28 PM
At LinuxCon+ContainerCon North America this month, Jérôme Petazzoni of Docker will present a free, all-day tutorial “Orchestrating Containers in Production at Scale with Docker Swarm.” As a preview to that talk, this article takes a look specifically at SwarmKit, an open source toolkit used to build multi-node systems.

TuxMachines: today's leftovers

Sunday 14th of August 2016 10:59:38 AM
  • A Proper Linux Workstation

    The software I rely on daily includes LibreOffice Writer, Thunderbird, Audacity, SimpleScreenRecorder and Kdenlive. Accessibility applications I rely on include redshift-gtk and Workrave.

  • Download Linux Voice issue 21

    Issue 21 of Linux Voice is nine months old, so we’re releasing it under the Creative Commons BY-SA license. You can share and modify all content from the magazine (apart from adverts), providing you credit Linux Voice as the original source and retain the same license.

  • 5 Best Modern Linux ‘init’ Systems (1992-2015)

    Over the years, many init systems have emerged in major Linux distributions and in this guide, we shall take a look at some of the best init systems you can work with on the Linux operating system.

  • git-pbuilder 1.42

    A minor update to my glue script for building software with pdebuild and git-buildpackage. (Yes, still needs to get rewritten in Python.)

    This release stops using the old backport location for oldstable builds since oldstable is now wheezy, which merged the backports archive into the regular archive location. The old location is still there for squeeze just in case anyone needs it.

  • Atmospheric, Limbo-esque platformer 'Selma and the Wisp' is released for Linux on Steam

    Honestly, I've never heard of this game before, so I can't give an opinion about it, but I do think that its aesthetics and background score look pretty interesting. The creators clearly state they took inspiration from Limbo, but also some comparisons with Fran Bow can be made: besides the obvious fact that one of the lead characters is a little girl, the story is put in motion by an horrendous event in her house, as it's told in the following link (check second paragraph).

  • Multilib updates: gcc and glibc for slackware-current
  • The Onion Omega2 lets you add Linux to your hardware projects

    Need a tiny, $5 computer to build a robot that will bring you your slippers, initiate a massage chair session, and pour out your daily dose of bourbon?
    The Onion Omega2 can do all that and more.

    This tiny board is Arduino-compatible but also runs Linux natively. This means you can plug it in and get a command line or access the system via a desktop-like web interface. It has Wi-Fi built in and can be expanded to support cellular, Bluebooth, and GPS connections.

  • DataWind Launches Linux based PocketSurfer GZ Smartphone For Rs. 1499 With Free Internet For 1 Year

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TuxMachines: Red Hat and Fedora

Sunday 14th of August 2016 10:56:59 AM

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TuxMachines: Leftovers: Ubuntu

Sunday 14th of August 2016 10:55:32 AM

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TuxMachines: Android Leftovers

Sunday 14th of August 2016 10:53:59 AM

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TuxMachines: Leftovers: OSS

Sunday 14th of August 2016 10:53:09 AM

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LXer: ExLight Linux Is Now Based on Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS and Debian GNU/Linux 8.5

Sunday 14th of August 2016 10:23:06 AM
GNU/Linux developer Arne Exton informs us about the availability of a new build of his very popular ExLight Linux Live DVD operating system based on the latest Ubuntu and Debian technologies.

LXer: This Week in Open Source News: The White House Releases Code Policy, Linux Security Threats Pose Wide Risk, & More

Sunday 14th of August 2016 08:28:44 AM
A roundup of this week in Open Source News.

TuxMachines: GNOME News

Sunday 14th of August 2016 08:25:43 AM
  • Noam use Gnome

    I don't quite remember when I read John Goerzen's post about teaching a 4 year old to use the linux command line with audio on planet Debian. According to the byline it was published nearly 2 years before Noam was born, but I seem to remember reading it in the weeks after his birth when I was both thrilled at the prospect of teaching my kid to use the command line and, in my sleepless stupor, not entirely convinced he would ever be old enough.

  • GUADEC 2016
  • GUADEC 2016.
  • Last phase of project
  • Xfce goings on (Gtk+3 port etc.)

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