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Reddit: What software does the arch wiki run off of?

Thursday 17th of September 2015 12:17:22 AM

My university club is looking for a way to type up their documentation, and a wiki seems like a very good option. I know mediawiki is an option, but I was curious if the arch wiki ran off something different.

submitted by linuxblazer420
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LXer: Italian Ministry of Defense moves to LibreOffice

Thursday 17th of September 2015 12:06:08 AM
Another major government office moves to open-source software.

Reddit: KDE Connect 2nd anniversary and Beta program

Thursday 17th of September 2015 12:00:28 AM Disney Lights Up IoT Links With Linux Light Bulb

Wednesday 16th of September 2015 10:48:39 PM

Disney Research has demonstrated an LED-to-LED “Linux Light Bulb” networking technology that would let toys communicate with each other, thereby bringing us one step closer to the reality of Disney/Pixar's Toy Story. Instead of lip-syncing to the voice of Tom Hanks, however, Woody would argue with Buzz Lightyear with a flash of his eyes.

Phoronix: An Update On Atomic Mode-Setting For Linux

Wednesday 16th of September 2015 10:39:44 PM
There's an update on the state of atomic mode-setting for Linux, for those that didn't hear it earlier today at XDC2015 in Toronto...

LXer: Vendetta Online 1.8.350 3D Space Combat MMORPG Game Gets 21 New Missions

Wednesday 16th of September 2015 10:11:46 PM
Guild Software had the pleasure of announcing that their popular, cross-platform 3D space combat MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) game, Vendetta Online, has been updated to version 1.8.350.

Phoronix: Libratbag: A New Library For Configurable Mice On Linux

Wednesday 16th of September 2015 12:33:58 AM
With Libinput 1.0 having been released, Peter Hutterer has found himself working on another open-source Linux input project: libratbag. This new library is for interacting with configurable mice on Linux, as is common to gaming systems...

Reddit: Linux Server Build Advice

Wednesday 16th of September 2015 12:21:05 AM

First let me admit I am new to Linux after getting very interested in a privacy class I'm in that we use Linux in. I am interested in building a Linux server for my home. I plan to use it as a web server to host a simple website or two and a media server.

I am looking to spend 250 (less if possible) and want to assemble myself. Small form factor is important to me but if that explodes budget a larger box is not a deal breaker.

Can anyone recommend some components from newegg?


submitted by D1ckDasterdly
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LXer: A review of the Mageia 5 Linux distro

Wednesday 16th of September 2015 12:16:33 AM
In today's open source roundup: DistroWatch reviews Mageia 5. Plus: Linux Mint 17.3 will be named "Rosa." And Chromebooks are selling like hotcakes in the US Education market.

Reddit: How would I make the command 'curl' repeat every 1 minute with tmux?

Wednesday 16th of September 2015 12:00:29 AM

It's for my snapchat bot, I need to run a command similar to curl to look for new snaps.

submitted by HW73
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