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Updated: 44 min 45 sec ago Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator: Elyasin Shaladi

Wednesday 13th of July 2016 02:00:01 PM
Title: Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator: Elyasin Shaladi13 JulLearn more

LXer: 22 open source tools for creatives

Wednesday 13th of July 2016 01:01:15 PM
Whether it's visuals, audio, writing, or design, there's an open source tool out there to help get the job done."It's absolutely possible to go from concept to finished, polished products, using free and open source software," said Jason.In this lightning talk, community moderator Jason van Gumster shares 22 open source tools for creatives:read more

Reddit: Automating scp file transfer between 2 Linux machines?

Wednesday 13th of July 2016 12:38:12 PM

Hi all, I have a task I need to accomplish and am very inexperienced with Linux OS. I have two Linux OS that are able to ping each other and I need to complete a relatively simple task.

I need to develop a .sh script that when run, will copy files from one machine's directory to another machine. It just needs to be completed whenever I choose to run the script.

submitted by /u/newwenha
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Reddit: Xbox One Elite support

Wednesday 13th of July 2016 12:13:52 PM

Hello reddit!! I have had problems since Christmas when I got my $150 Xbox One Elite Controller. It works fine, just not on Linux... I tried just to just plug it in and play but it didn't work, I tried installing Xpad with an epic failure when copy-pasting the github commands ("git command not found") and I'm at a dead end... I'm on Linux Mint 17.3. So does anyone know how I might solve this problem? Any help will be appreciated

submitted by /u/Exos9
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Phoronix: Intel's Mesa On-Disk Shader Cache Maturing, Radeon Devs Not Yet Convinced

Wednesday 13th of July 2016 12:12:52 PM
For quite a while now Intel and Collabora developers have been working on an on-disk shader cache similar to what's offered by the NVIDIA proprietary driver for allowing GLSL shaders to be compiled and then cached on-disk, making it quicker to load the shaders in the future. It's looking like the Intel shader cache implementation may soon be ready for Git...

Phoronix: A Video Of X11 Apps Running On Mir With Ubuntu 16.10 Using Libertine

Wednesday 13th of July 2016 12:01:17 PM
Libertine is the new Ubuntu/Canonical project for running X11 Debian packages on the next-gen Ubuntu desktop powered by Mir and Unity 8. There's now a video of showing off their new tech for running X11 apps under Unity 8...

LinuxInsider: SiFive Launches Freedom FOSS SoC Platforms

Wednesday 13th of July 2016 12:00:00 PM
SiFive on Monday announced its flagship Freedom family of system on a chip platforms. The platforms are based on the free and open source RISC-V instruction set architecture that several of the company's founders created at the University of California at Berkeley. SiFive's Freedom U500 and E300 platforms take a new approach to SoCs, redefining traditional silicon business models and reversing the industry's increasingly high licensing, design and implementation costs.

LinuxToday: Mozilla begins process of letting Firefox rust

Wednesday 13th of July 2016 12:00:00 PM

ZDnet: In August, Firefox will ship its first feature across all desktop platforms built using its Rust language.

TuxMachines: Inside the PocketCHIP, a $49 Portable Linux Computer

Wednesday 13th of July 2016 11:26:54 AM

Since the launch of the Raspberry Pi in 2012, the hobbyist community centered on low-cost, open-source, ARM-based computers has exploded dramatically. Every year, these small, hackable devices get cheaper and more powerful. In 2015, Oakland-based Next Thing Co. upped the ante by successfully Kickstarting a $9 computer it called “CHIP” to the tune of $2 million in funding. As part of its pitch, Next Thing Co. also showcased the PocketCHIP, a handheld version of the CHIP with a built-in keyboard and touchscreen display.

The PocketCHIP includes a 1GHz ARM CPU (with a Mali 400 GPU), 4GB of flash storage, 512MB of RAM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a 4.3-inch touchscreen display, a primitive keyboard, and a five-hour LiPo battery. With this device now shipping to Kickstarter backers, I thought it would be helpful to take a closer look at the gadget on my trusty workbench, and document my findings in this slideshow.

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TuxMachines: Best Linux distros for small businesses

Wednesday 13th of July 2016 11:01:29 AM

GNU Linux started as one man's personal project – it's now one of the most popular operating system bases in the world. But unlike macOS and Windows, there's not just one Linux OS. There are hundreds of individual platforms assembled from components and built upon the Linux kernel. Different distributions (distros) can vary wildly from one another.

So what's the best choice for your small business? We've approached this selection with a few criteria in mind. Stability is first and foremost, because if you're putting a distro to work, uptime is critical, and solid support provision comes a close second.

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LXer: Android Nougat may contain traces of NOT for users of custom CAs

Wednesday 13th of July 2016 10:27:14 AM
Google's new cert policy should make it harder to chew through its mobile OSGoogle will sweeten the forthcoming Nougat release of Android by changing the way apps work with certificate authorities (CAs) and simplifying APIs.…

TuxMachines: today's leftovers

Wednesday 13th of July 2016 10:25:28 AM
  • GUI comes in For Proxies

    My last post was an overview of how this project is designed to offer proxy features through NetworkManager. NM is the server part (which configures PacRunner) and PacRunner is there inside to act as an engine for doing all stuff (Interpreting, downloading PAC File etc) Applications can call FindProxyForURL() DBus method on PacRunner DBus interface org.pacrunner.Client .

  • Pulp 2.9.0 Generally Available
  • 22 open source tools for creatives

    Whether it's visuals, audio, writing, or design, there's an open source tool out there to help get the job done.

    "It's absolutely possible to go from concept to finished, polished products, using free and open source software," said Jason.

  • Tackling spam comments on SUSE Gallery
  • Slackware notes

    This is mostly a followup to my earlier post on testing Slackware 14.2. Since then, I have spent a little time using the installed slackware. So here are some of my notes.

  • Debian: Reproducible builds, Outreachy, and I

    As some of you are aware, my world has had some significant changes since I began my Outreachy adventure.

read more

TuxMachines: Server Administration

Wednesday 13th of July 2016 10:25:05 AM
  • AT&T Releases Virtualization Playbook Into Open Source

    AT&T today committed to releasing into open source the software platform that powers our software-defined network (SDN). Making our current Enhanced Control, Orchestration, Management and Policy (ECOMP) platform available in open source will enable global service providers and cloud developers to meet non-stop network demands as data-hungry technologies like autonomous cars, augmented and virtual reality, 4K video and the Internet of Things (IoT) take off.

  • The Long March to SDN Transformation
  • 10 Myths About NFV (Mostly) Dispelled

    The transition toward network functions virtualization (NFV) is in progress and, as with any technology transition, companies are proceeding with caution. The trick is figuring out which anticipated hazards are real, if any of those have already been cleared, and making sure you don't get frozen by hazards you anticipated but which failed to materialize.

  • What is DevOps? Mark Imbriaco Explains

    Mark Imbriaco has spent the past 20 years working at some of the most interesting and innovative companies in the industry, including 37Signals, GitHub, and DigitalOcean before moving on to become Co-Founder and CEO at Operable. You can also find him talking about various DevOps topics at conferences and elsewhere online.

  • #HugOps in Practice: Empathy Skills for DevOps

    We think we’re doing the whole DevOps thing right — new hires can deploy on day one, Travis CI is humming along, and we own the code we ship. But then something breaks, something doesn’t go according to plan, tempers flare up, and all that warm, fuzzy collaboration seems to evaporate. What’s going on? What happened to #HugOps?

  • NGINX Is the Most Popular Docker Container App [VIDEO]

    There are a lot of different applications that are available on the Docker Hub repository for containerized applications, but none is more popular than the open-source Nginx web server.

    In a video interview interview, Gus Robertson, CEO of NGINX discusses his firm's Docker popularity and why OpenStack isn't all that far behind.

    "Typically Nginx and containers go together very closely," Robertson said.

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Women In Tech: Jane Silber, CEO Of Canonical

When I sat down to interview Jane Silber, CEO of Canonical, I don’t think it was lost on either of us that our ability to chat freely even though I was in my office in the middle of the U.S. and she was in her office in London, England had everything to do with cloud computing, an area in which her company does brisk business. Silber has been running Canonical (maker of Ubuntu, among a great many other software products) in one form or another for well over a decade at this point, first as COO and now CEO. She answers questions thoughtfully, with carefully chosen words; even though I’m sure I’m not the first journalist to ask her some of the below questions (maybe not even the first one this week), she had no canned responses, and she never veered off course to discuss her own agenda. There were no preset talking points; simply, I asked questions, and she answered them. Read more

Chakra GNU/Linux Users Get KDE Plasma 5.7.2, Qt 5.7 and KDE Applications 16.04.3

Chakra GNU/Linux developer Neofytos Kolokotronis today, July 25, 2016, announced the release of the latest KDE and Qt technologies, along with new software versions in the main repositories of the Linux kernel-based operating system. Read more