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LXer: Wine 2.0 Gets One More Release Candidate, FIFA 2000 Demo Crash Has Been Patched

Sunday 22nd of January 2017 11:23:01 PM
The Wine 2.0 development cycle is not yet over, and, today, we see the release of another development release, the sixth in the series, which comes exactly one week after the previous one.

Reddit: Linux 4.10-rc5 release announcement

Sunday 22nd of January 2017 11:08:38 PM

TuxMachines: Netrunner Minor Update Release 17.01.2

Sunday 22nd of January 2017 11:02:38 PM

Today we released an updated Netrunner 17.01.2 Desktop ISO, which ships the just released version 3.0 of Calamares Installer and KPMCore 3.0.2.

This hopefully will fix the UEFI bootloader issues that some people reported, so if you experienced those with the previous ISO, this might fix it.

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Reddit: Is it possible to turn a hard drive with a disc image file into a true clone of the original image source?

Sunday 22nd of January 2017 09:59:01 PM

If I have a disc image file (for example created with ddrescue) on a hard drive, is it possible to convert this hard drive so that it becomes a direct copy of the original source so that you can mount it and make changes to it as with any other hard drive? In my specific scenario, the image file is more than 50% of the size of my hard drive.

Basically, what I'm trying to achieve is to set up a workflow where I can clone one of my hard drives to another hard drive without having write directly (sector for sector) to the new disc, but rather to an image file first. I want to have this workflow as a precaution and safeguard against me accidentally confusing the source with the destination and erase all my data.

submitted by /u/Speldosa
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Phoronix: Linux 4.10-rc5 Released, Now Codenamed "Anniversary Edition"

Sunday 22nd of January 2017 09:41:19 PM
Linus Torvalds has released the Linux 4.10 RC5 kernel...

LXer: Canonical launches Ubuntu Tutorials

Sunday 22nd of January 2017 09:28:39 PM
Linux is arguably the most successful open source project in all of history. The success of the kernel -- and operating systems that use it -- are not due to any one man or woman. Actually, the achievements are thanks to the Linux community. In other words, it is a team effort -- developers, users, and more.

Reddit: Convince Me to Stay on Linux

Sunday 22nd of January 2017 08:25:28 PM

Hello, I have been using Ubuntu 16.04 64 bit for the past few months. I switched away from Windows after it took a pretty big dump on me. Now having been using Linux for a bit I feel like switching back. Since using it I've encountered bugs (which I've fixed), what feels like a degradation in hardware, etc. I want to continue to use Linux but I'm not really seeing its benefits as of right now. Maybe you guys could convince me otherwise?

submitted by /u/macalonypeperoni
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Reddit: Should I use linux/ubuntu over winodws 7 for school work and programming?

Sunday 22nd of January 2017 08:10:12 PM

Hey guys

I am a 15yo high school student and I am using windows 7(windows 10 sucks in my opinion) but recently a thought of changing to linux came to my mind after reading a lot oarticles and watching some videos.

Some for reasons for that are:

-Windows 7 seems ugly and not clean at all

-Slow startup and its slow even if my pc is fairly good.

-I hate microsoft word and powerpoint its so clunky and ugly

Also i heard that linux is better for productivity,for school work and for programming (which i am learning).Also linux is clean and beatiful

I usually learn how to program on my pc,surf through social media,do school work (powerpoint and word) and I programm a lot.

Would you recommend me to change to linux? Or i should just stick to windows 7? My brother told me not to change

submitted by /u/Tigir24
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Reddit: Need a Wayland alternative to QuickTile

Sunday 22nd of January 2017 07:55:54 PM

I'm in desperate search of a Wayland alternative to wmctrl and/or QuickTile.

I need to switch between applications and move windows around via hotkeys, but with the advent of Wayland over X11 in Fedora I am left without a solution.

submitted by /u/needabelt99
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Reddit: Skype Solution?

Sunday 22nd of January 2017 07:54:48 PM

I have spent several hours this weekend migrating to a dual-boot situation (Win 10 & Ubuntu 16.04). I'm loving linux...especially for my dev work.

My company uses Skype though and there are some problems. The official skype app appears to be 3 years old. Messages don't go general it's complete shit.

Skype online sort of works but I can't do things like screenshare. Am I missing a more obvious solution or am I just kinda screwed here?


We actually aren't using Skype for business

submitted by /u/tspek
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Reddit: Ardour + Cinelerra + 4 Cams + Heavy Blues

Sunday 22nd of January 2017 07:35:40 PM

LXer: 5 Highly Promising Terminal Emulators

Sunday 22nd of January 2017 07:34:17 PM
The terminal emulator is a venerable but essential tool for computer users. The reason why Linux offers so much power is due to the command line. The Linux shell can do so much, and this power can be accessed on the desktop by using a terminal emulator. There are so many available for Linux that the choice is bewildering.

Reddit: Why Open Source Ransomware is Such a Problem

Sunday 22nd of January 2017 06:18:17 PM

Reddit: Trying to get reacquainted with Linux

Sunday 22nd of January 2017 05:54:13 PM

Hey, I took a class in undergrad on operating systems. We used virtualbox to try out the different operating systems and do basic maintenance and tweaking of preferences.

I don't remember much of it (it was maybe 8 years ago), so I'm asking what Linux version I should try just to get my feet wet again. Hopefully I can familiarize myself with the basics of just using it, before trying console commands further down the road (possibly with a different version if and when I get to that point).

submitted by /u/AlphaKiloCarrillo
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Reddit: Sеx withоut love relаtion. Onlу Sеx with girls

Sunday 22nd of January 2017 05:48:51 PM

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submitted by /u/Coltonleucue
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Reddit: Lightest GUI Installable Linux?

Sunday 22nd of January 2017 05:23:17 PM

I have a netbook with an Atom N450 (1C/2T) @ 1.66Ghz and 1GB DDR2 with an Atheros wifi chip. What is the lightest linux that I can actually install to the disk without having to do weird things. I have tried lubuntu, but even that performs crap on this. All I want it to do is do semi-smooth internet browsing which lubuntu failed to do regardless of browser. I would use Puppy or DSL but they dont really like to install sadly.

submitted by /u/boredherobrine13
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Phoronix: ArrayFire OpenCL Benchmarks On NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 1050/1060/1070/1080 Pascal

Sunday 22nd of January 2017 05:12:00 PM
With now having a test profile for the ArrayFire GPU library, here is the start of some benchmarks of a Linux OpenCL comparison using this advanced library. For your viewing pleasure this Sunday morning are the results for the complete GeForce GTX 1000 "Pascal" line-up to date...

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  • Open-source oriented RISELab emerges at UC Berkeley to make apps smarter & more secure
    UC Berkeley on Monday launched a five-year research collaborative dubbed RISELab that will focus on enabling apps and machines that can interact with the environment around them securely and in real-time. The RISELab (Real-time Intelligence with Secure Execution) is backed by a slew of big name tech and financial firms: Amazon Web Services, Ant Financial, Capital One, Ericsson, GE Digital, Google, Huawei, Intel, IBM, Microsoft and VMWare.
  • Telecom organizations boosting support for open source
    Organizational support for open source initiatives is easing the integration of platforms into the telecom world. One key challenge for growing the support of open source into the telecommunications space is through various organizations that are looking to either bolster the use of open source or build platforms based on open source specifications. These efforts are seen as beneficial to operators and vendors looking to take advantage of open source platforms.
  • Google's Draco: Another Open Source Tool That Can Boost Virtual Reality Apps
    With 2017 ramping up, there is no doubt that cloud computing and Big Data analytics would probably come to mind if you had to consider the hot technology categories that will spread out this year. However, Google is on an absolute tear as it open sources a series of 3D graphics and virtual reality toolsets. Last week, we covered the arrival of Google's Tilt Brush apps and virtual reality toolsets. Now, Google has delivered a set of open source libraries that boost the storage and transmission of 3D graphics, which can help deliver more detailed 3D apps. "Draco" is an open source compression library, and here are more details.
  • Unpicking the community leader
    Today is Community Manager Appreciation Day. Now, I have to admit, I don't usually partake in the day all that much. The skeptic in me thinks doing so could be a little self-indulgent and the optimist thinks that we should appreciate great community leaders every day, not merely one day a year. Regardless, in respect of the occasion, I want to delve a little into why I think this work is so important, particularly in the way it empowers people from all walks of life. In 2006 I joined Canonical as the Ubuntu Community Manager. A few months into my new role I got an email from a kid based in Africa. He shared with me that he loved Ubuntu and the traditional African philosophy of Ubuntu, which translated to "humanity towards others," and this made his interest in the nascent Linux operating system particularly meaningful.
  • Open Source Mahara Opens Moodle Further Into Social Learning
    Designers, managers and other professionals are fond of Open Source, digital portfolio solution Mahara. Even students are incorporating their progress on specific competency frameworks, to show learning evidence. Mahara and Moodle have a long and durable relationship spanning years, ―so much so that the internet has nicknamed the super couple as “Mahoodle“―. A recent post on Moodlerooms’ E-Learn Magazine documents the fruitful partnership as it adds value to New Zealander Catalyst IT’s offerings.
  • U.S. policy on open source software carries IP risks [Ed: Latest FUD from law firm against Free software as if proprietary software is risk-free licensing-wise?]

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Q&A with Arpit Joshipura, Head of Networking for The Linux Foundation

Arpit Joshipura became the Linux Foundation’s new general manager for networking and orchestration in December 2016. He’s tasked with a pretty tall order. He needs to harmonize all the different Linux Foundation open source groups that are working on aspects of network virtualization. Joshipura may be the right person for the job as his 30 years of experience is broad — ranging from engineering, to management, to chief marketing officer (CMO) roles. Most recently he was VP of marketing with Prevoty, an application security company. Prior to that he served as VP of marketing at Dell after the company acquired Force10 Networks, where he had been CMO. Read more