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TuxMachines: FreeBSD 10.2 Gets Ready for Production Use, Release Candidate 1 Out for Testing

Saturday 25th of July 2015 08:59:17 AM

The FreeBSD Project announced a few minutes ago that the first Release Candidate (RC) version of the upcoming FreeBSD 10.2 operating system is now available for download and testing through the usual channels.

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TuxMachines: Linux Mint: Monthly News – July 2015

Saturday 25th of July 2015 08:53:50 AM

We’re now in the RC phase for the Xfce and KDE editions. So far most of the bugs were either minor or cosmetic. The upgrade paths for these two editions were also successfully tested and will be open to 17 and 17.1 users at around the same time as the stable releases, around the end of the month.

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TuxMachines: Hadoop Summit 2015

Saturday 25th of July 2015 08:51:50 AM
  • Getting friendly with open source: Big Data firm liberates proprietary chokeholds

    Enterprise customers could consider open source as the solution to their problems. According to Anand Venugopal, Impetus’ head of real-time stream analytics platform StreamAnalytix, “People have become so friendly to open source, and they have been waiting to be liberated from the hold of proprietary vendors that they are positively biased toward open source-oriented technology.”

    Discussing a recent use-case scenario, Kankariya said, “The guy was looking for his problem to be solved; he doesn’t care if it’s Hadoop or NoSQL or whatever.” This openness has allowed Impetus to become a trusted partner and advisor for customers that want to “cross-learn from across the ecosystem.”

  • Squeezing more value out of data

    Cloudera, Inc.’s Todd Laurence, director, global partner sales, and Michael Crutcher, director of product management, joined theCUBE, SiliconANGLE’s Media team, at Hadoop Summit 2015 to discuss how Cloudera’s close relationship with EMC is benefiting its Isilon scale-out NAS storage customers and “bringing analytics to data where it lives today in EMC Isilon.”

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TuxMachines: KDE's Plasma Phone UI Runs on Top of Wayland, Ubuntu Touch, and Kubuntu - Video

Saturday 25th of July 2015 08:51:05 AM

It was recently brought to our attention that the KDE developers are hard at work these days preparing a new user interface (UI) for mobile devices running on top of the Ubuntu Touch and Kubuntu operating system, as well as on the next-generation Wayland display server.

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TuxMachines: Enlightenment 0.19.6 Desktop Environment Arrives with Over 45 Bugfixes

Saturday 25th of July 2015 08:48:34 AM

The developers behind the modern and beautiful Enlightenment desktop environment used in countless distributions of GNU/Linux have announced recently the immediate availability of the sixth maintenance release of Enlightenment 0.19.

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TuxMachines: KDE Arrives in A Coruña for Akademy

Saturday 25th of July 2015 08:44:44 AM

KDE is de-camping to the far west of Europe today to A Coruña in Galicia. In this north west corner of the Iberian Peninsula the sun is warm and the air is fresh. KDE contributors of all varieties will be spending a week in talks, discussions, hacking, renewing old friendships and getting to know people new to our KDE Community.

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TuxMachines: Full-Featured Mir 0.14 Update Finally Lands in Ubuntu Touch, Notes App Updated

Saturday 25th of July 2015 08:44:12 AM

On July 24, Canonical's Łukasz Zemczak sent in his daily report on the work done by the Ubuntu Touch developers in the last 24 hours, informing us all that the full-featured Mir 0.14 display server update landed in the devel branch of Ubuntu Touch.

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TuxMachines: We need the power of corporates, says OpenStack exec

Saturday 25th of July 2015 08:40:57 AM

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Reddit: Why do we rename common utilities when we add some function?

Saturday 25th of July 2015 08:39:09 AM

I love Linux and open source. The challenge of learning has been great. But one of my biggest problems is the way some thing constantly change. And not the design or underlying architecture. It's that the basic names of things that change and they're the same darned thing. There is a theoretical amount of data the human brain can store. Names of people, work assignments, need to pay bills at a specific time etc. So why does every new variation of a program have change the name of program?

Programmer1: "Oh hey guys, I made a program that manages packages, I'm going to call it RPM."

Programmer2 5 years later: "I added the ability for package management to happen via the network, but effectively it does something similar. I'll call it yum."

Programmer3 5 years later: "I fixed package management and made conflicts resolve better. I'll call it dnf."

And this same exact behavior is repeated over and over in different areas. "Oh you fixed networking and made it better, now I have to learn the name of 5 new tools and their output and options..... well thanks!"

And if your in-between systems or support multiple versions you have to remember not only the 5 different versions of the same function (package management), but the different distros variation of the same function.

If we compare this to the real world, it's like if the postman's title changed every couple of years. 5 years ago, he was the postman. Now he's called mc (mail career). 5 years he's be the lcp (letter carrier person.) And that's fine and all. But if you need to interact with him and address him by his title (because he doesn't work otherwise) it gets a bit loathsome to deal with him. "You know what, screw the mail guy or whatever you call him. I'm just going to fax my letters!"

Could we just agree on some basic names for specific functionality and then just call it that one thing? Have the same output and parameters, and then incrementally change them or add features? And something similar in the GUI too. I don't need totem, vlc, player, kplayer, ..... I need something called video player, and it plays videos. What program actually does that? Well who gives a flying fig? And if you do, make it change. But video player is thing that plays videos.


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LXer: A quiz to gauge your commitment to open source

Friday 24th of July 2015 12:57:25 PM
At OSCON this year, Jared Smith of Bluehost spoke about how our companies can become good open source citizens. At ByWater Solutions, my job involves engaging in community outreach and getting everyone more involved, so this was a great session for me to more

TuxMachines: Oracle tries to beef up copyright case against Android

Friday 24th of July 2015 12:35:56 PM

With Oracle and Google headed back to court soon to resume their dispute over Android, Oracle is seeking to update its lawsuit to reflect the huge gains Android has made in the five years since the case began.

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Phoronix: Linux 4.3 Will Have Many Intel Graphics Improvements, Better For Skylake

Friday 24th of July 2015 12:28:00 PM
Daniel Vetter of Intel's Open-Source Technology Center has sent in many Intel DRM driver changes to be queued up in DRM-Next for the Linux 4.3 kernel...

Phoronix: Intel's Mesa DRI Driver Now Supports Shader Subroutines

Friday 24th of July 2015 12:04:00 PM
This week Mesa development is very exciting with OpenGL 4.0~4.1 support being reached and the open-source hardware drivers now just filling in their gaps. Intel's Mesa i965 DRI driver is getting ready to declare OpenGL 4.0 compliance...

LXer: Ubuntu Touch Transforms into a PC with Just a Bluetooth Mouse

Friday 24th of July 2015 12:00:14 PM
Canonical has been talking about convergence for a long time, and we've had some examples along the way, like apps that work both on mobile and PC desktops. It's now possible to observe convergence at a much deeper level, for the entire operating system.

Reddit: You rarely see these..

Friday 24th of July 2015 02:48:40 AM

Reddit: FreeIPA Version 4.2 Released

Friday 24th of July 2015 02:40:37 AM

LXer: Synfig Studio Open-Source 2D Animation App Gets Minor Improvements and Bugfixes

Friday 24th of July 2015 02:28:24 AM
Konstantin Dmitriev announced the release of the first maintenance release for Synfig Studio, an open source, industrial-strength vector-based 2D animation software that can be used for producing feature-film quality animations.

Reddit: Borked bootloader?

Friday 24th of July 2015 02:24:04 AM

Hey guys, this might be the wrong win but I'm not sure where else to turn.

I had a damaged installation of kali linux, along with an old ubuntu-mate. Accodentally overwrote ubuntu rather than kali while trying to fix the old kali. No big loss, mostly just...extremely obnoxious.

No, the bigger problem is that every freaking time I install linux on this system (which also has a windows partition as its primary, and which is on a different physical drive from either of the others) the bootloader/mbr gets trashed. Usually leading to a many-day quest to repair the damn thing and I am tired of that quest (especially since my old methods dont seem to work anymore).

So. How do I make it so I /don't/ need to fix the bootloader after an install? And can anyone here give me instructions on how to do the fixing? Traditionally, I've fixed grub by reinstalling it- and I'm now reloading ubuntu and intending to follow the instructions on the ubuntu sure if it's still messed up.


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